OLTL Update Monday 12/12/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/12/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Gigi/Stacy is busy working at The Bon Jour Café, still without her memory yet somehow knowing she “belongs” there. Right then, a voice that may sound familiar welcomes a customer to the Bon Jour. It’s Noelle.

Cutter is then alone in the hotel and afraid that his new “girlfriend” will soon return and get her memory back to remember she’s Gigi.

When Gigi/Stacy is waitressing, Rex walks in the door behind her. She somehow knows that she has to stop what she’s doing.

Roxy calls Destiny and Shaun and other friends to campaign to prevent Fraternity Row from getting cancelled.

Natalie brings baby Liam to the station to give him back to John, being “cooperative” about giving him equal time with their son and telling him he needs a break from the Victor Lord case. Yet she doesn’t seem to feel (or want to feel) anything else for John.

While Todd has found Blair in a vulnerable state of mind after she’s “lost “ Tomas and feels betrayed, Tea enters the house to tell her they need to have a very important discussion about Victor Lord’s murder.

Nigel joins Roxy, Destiny and Shaun and asks Roxy why John and Natalie are not back together now that John has discovered he’s Liam’s father. Roxy admits she is very disenchanted by the situation.

John asks Natalie if there is anything he should know about Liam’s feedings and bed times. She tells him about their son’s favorite bedtime stories and his cutting a tooth. He tells her if that is it, he does not want to keep her. She tells him that’s all and kisses her baby good night. Alone with the baby John is clearly not complete.

Blair asks tea what John had to say about Victor’s murder. Noticing Todd is there, Tea tells Blair that maybe she should talk to Blair privately. Todd tells Tea anything she has to say to Blair, he can hear. Blair again asks Tea what John told her. Tea then remembers John warning her that if she tells B lair that Todd is now the prime suspect and has probably framed Tomas, Blair will enable Todd to get away with all he’s done. So tea “lies” to Blair and Todd informing them that John believes Tomas is a suspect and no one else.

Rex and Viki sit at a table at The Bon Jour café remembering how they both miss Gigi. Little do they know she’s not far away.

Clint reads the letter that Kimberly “wrote” to him right when she comes to the door having no clue that “somebody” has written him a rejection letter. She is shocked and protests that she never wrote that. There’s nobody she met except for prison guards. But she happens to know that he blew her off. Hearing that, Clint is equally shocked and tells her he never wrote her the rejection letter she reads to him where he allegedly tells her he can’t help her and is washing his hands to her. He also protests that he never wrote her a rejection letter.

Gigi/Stacy is in the kitchen hiding form Rex and Viki and calls Cutter on the cell phone. She informs him they have a problem. Rex walked in the door. He did not see her. But he’s there with “some lady”. Cutter is shocked to hear that. She tells him that maybe Rex’s being there is like a sign and maybe she needs to confront Rex right now.

Clint protests to Kim that he would never treat her like that if she were asking for help. And she is equally baffled how he believes she wrote to him that she found someone else. They then inquire just who would have written both of those letters and she immediately concludes it must be Cutter.

Cutter is then panicking when Gigi/Stacy informs him that she saw Rex and is ready to come face to face with him.

While Rex and Viki are at the table, he tells her that he could “almost see” Gigi walking out of the door and putting Moe in his place. Viki laughs and agrees that she remembers Gigi also. Yet little do they know that she has just walked through that very door and seen them.

Roxy tells Destiny about how there was a startling discovery at Natalie’s and Brody’s wedding that Liam is John’s and not Brody’s. Everything would have been great except John and Natalie do not want to admit that they love each other.

Blair informs Tea that Tomas just admitted that he killed Victor. She cannot believe he did it and was so happy to see that Tomas was alive. But then he said hose horrible things. Tea then remembers John telling her he believes it’s very possible that Todd is holding Tomas hostage somewhere. She then asks Blair if she could see or know anything about where Tomas might have contacted her from. Blair tells her that he did not say much except that he just needed to protect her and Dani so he had to stay away. Realizing that Todd has very likely done some terrible things, Tea reveals that she does not trust Todd anywhere near her. Blair then remarks to Tea that she cannot blame Todd for everything. But Todd tells her “it’s alright”. It appears he’s completely fooled Blair into believing that Tomas has betrayed and deceived everyone. Tea then asks Todd if he might have happened to see any of Tomas on Blair’s webcam. Blair replies no. Todd just walked in after Tomas ended the conversation. But, Blair declares, this was completely real.

At Bon Jour, Rex tells Viki about how he found Gigi after all those years when they had not spoken since high school. She was so beautiful. And what a coincidence that they met so far away. From inside the kitchen, Gigi/Stacy overhears their conversation. Viki then admits to Rex that she’s heard from Natalie and from Shane that he’s “seen” Gigi. She tells him that she is concerned and understands all too well what “grief” can do to someone.

Cutter is then “on the prowl” to take Gigi/Stacy away from the restaurant before Rex and Viki see her.

Natalie returns to the house and is outraged to see Kimberly. She demands that she gets out and leaves Natalya’s father alone. But Clint urges his daughter to calm down and not do this.

John walks into his apartment with baby Liam and demands to know what Roxy and he friends are doing regarding getting Fraternity Row back. And he knows there was a “secret” that he overheard about “he knows” and “she knows”. Roxy does not want to honestly answer that question and tells him they were just talking about Brandon and Briana from Fraternity Row.

Blair indicates to Todd that she completely buys what he wants her to buy about Tomas. Tea then gets out of earshot of them and calls John to inform him that she was ready to spill the beans to Blair but realized he may be correct that it’s not the thing to do so she didn’t. He tells her he still believes that it’s very possible that Todd put Tomas up to contacting Blair and telling her what Todd wanted him to tell her and Tomas is being threatened by trained assassins that Todd knows and has contact with. When Todd stands beside her to hear her conversation, she tells John that she wants Tomas to be found and arrested for murdering her husband. And John knows that Todd is standing beside her.

Destiny holds baby Liam and remarks that she cannot believe that she will have a baby soon. Roxy remarks that she knows that Destiny is a “natural”. John takes the baby and tells Roxy as much as he appreciates whatever she’s doing there, he’d like a little alone-time with his son. They then conclude that they need to get out of his apartment.

Natalie tells her dad he cannot be serious to be seeing Kimberly. Clint firmly tells his daughter that Kimberly is a guest in this house. She asks if he’s going to get suckered into this again. Clint tells her what he does is none of her business. Natalie leaves the room and Clint asks Kimberly just why she suspects Cutter. She then informs him, for the first time, that Cutter is her brother. Having never heard that before, he asks in that case, who is she? She then replies that she knows he is not going to “like this”. But she is the “real” Aubrey Wentworth. But she protests that she never intended to scam him and did not want to help her brother nor knew about any of his scams. She concludes that Cutter wanted them both to believe that the other had rejected them and this would be the perfect way to do that. Clint concludes that that would make perfect sense in explaining this. They agree that her brother is some con artist. He’s a cheat, a forger, a liar and worse.

At The Bon Jour, Rex informs Viki for the first time, that he heard that Gigi’s sister Stacy apparently got plastic surgery to look just like her sister so she could fool him into believing she was Gigi and so she could take Gigi’s life. Hearing about that for the first time, Viki tells Rex she is horrified to think someone as wonderful as Gigi could have someone as despicable as Stacy doing something like that when she died. Gigi/Stacy is then stunned, speechless and completely distracted observing and overhearing them. A waitress walks by and tells her if she’s just going to stand there and expect all her coworkers to do all her work, then they have problems.

Back at the motel, Cutter somehow knows he has to “think of something” to prevent the “inevitable” from happening at The Bon Jour.

Clint agrees with Kim that they want to get past this and not have any “bad blood” between them. But, he tells her, he still has a question regarding this girl whom she told him about who’s in a hospital in Kentucky and needed to pay a hospital bill that Kim could not afford. She then confesses to Clint that her best friend, Stacy is alive.

Cutter finds a way to bring a guy into the Bon Jour to sing and distract the employees and customers while he sneaks Gigi/Stacy out the door unseen. The guy stands beside Viki and Rex who “bribe” him to leave them alone. The waitress then tells them she’s so sorry about hat and dessert is on the house. Viki then tells Rex that she thinks she recognizes that guy form when she lived there a while back. Rex talks to a waitress who informs them that “that girl” (Gigi/Stacy) who was supposed to wait on them was “not all there”. So they are short one waitress and are looking for another. Viki then concludes that she used to work in this very place as a waitress and can take over for them. Rex asks her if she’s sure she wants to do this. She tells him of course she is and he may go and get Shane and she will help run the Bon Jour just like she did during some of the happiest times of her life when she was there and first met Gigi.

John is alone with the baby telling him that he is disappointed that his mom doesn’t want to get back with his dad. He tells Liam the important thing is he got him back. And he tells him maybe one of these days, Natalie might…. And right then, there’s a knock on the door. He puts Liam on the couch and asks him to please not place any long distance calls. He opens the door to see Natalie.

Tea fools Blair and Todd into believing that she believes that Tomas murdered Victor and lied to them all. Todd tells her he is really sorry for her to find this out. She then angrily tells him that it is devastating for her to find out someone she loved and trusted and represented could do this to her and her daughter. Right then a guy comes to see Blair telling her that Lieutenant McBain asked to check her computer for evidence about Tomas Delgado. She shows him in and lets him access all that is needed. In the other room, alone with Todd, Tea tells Todd she is “really glad” that the cops are finally going to find out “the truth” about Tomas. And maybe now “her husband’s killer” will be justly charged with murder. Todd avoids her eye while she asks him if he does not agree that that is “really good news”.

Nigel takes Destiny, Shaun and Roxy to Viki’s home with their “Fraternity Row” campaign.

Natalie sits on John’s couch with the baby revealing that she’s only there because she forgot his favorite blanket. John asks her to stay. But she tells him she knows he’s missed a lot of time with his son so she will let them be alone.

Tea looks like she’s ready to leave Blair alone with Todd although Blair urges her to stay. She then tells Blair that maybe the two of them could have some “girl time”. Todd, however, tells her he thinks it’s time for her to leave. He thinks he knows how to comfort his “wife”. Tea leaves. Todd holds Blair in his arms on the couch and she plays right into his hands the way he wants.

Viki gets dressed into her waitress uniform that she used to wear when she was living in Paris, TX. She’s ready to take a customer’s order. And she’s shocked and stunned to see a man who looks just like Charlie Banks, when she first met him at this very place.

Rex is ready to check into the upstairs motel. Little does he know that Gigi/Stacy and Cutter are not far away.

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