OLTL Update Friday 12/9/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/9/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki comes home to Clint and tells him she’s going on vacation. She wants to get away from things for a while. He tells her he knows that she is leaving because of Kimberly.

Tea goes to the station and tells the cops that her brother did not kill anyone. And she can prove that.

Todd is alone in his office when baker comes to see him telling him he had to see him in person to talk about Tomas Delgado

Right then, Blair notices Tomas on her computer screen. She is happy to see him and is glad that he’s “ok” (so she assumes). But she sees that he is not talking and not appearing happy.

Clint tells Viki he is not mooning over Kimberly. He kissed her because he wanted to. She clarifies that he kissed her because he could not have Kimberly. She tells Clint she does not want to be plan B and is afraid that if Kimberly came through the door, he would want her.

Rex meets with Aubrey about the theory that Stacy wanted him to believe she is Gigi so that she could marry him on his wedding day instead of her sister. She tells him that now that they know what Stacy and Cutter are doing, they can go and get them. So what is he waiting for?

At the Bon Jour Café in Paris, TX, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter even if he wants to get out of this town, she somehow knows she belongs here. And being in this place is the key to getting her memory back, she tells him. But he asks what if he does not want her to get her memory back.

Tea tells John she can prove that her brother did not kill Victor. After hearing that Claude Calmar is in custody, she tells John she wants to talk to him and he will have to let her if she becomes his lawyer. She tells him that she thinks she can get the truth out of Calmar.

Blair tells Tomas that his “weasel friend” Calmar appears to have set him up for murder. He has to come back and straighten all of this out. But he tells her he cannot yet does not have a reason why.

Todd tells Baker he better have some “good news”

Tomas tells Blair that he is not coming back. She asks why. We then see him tied to a chair and looking like he’s going to be murdered and “under duress”. And he tells her the reason is he is guilty. He killed Victor.

While talking to Rex, Aubrey tells him that she did something very stupid by kissing him and she wants to evade the fact that she may have feelings for him. He tells her that he and Shane are going to go to Paris, TX to visit some old friends of Gigi’s whom he grew up with. And he informs Aubrey for the first time that Paris, TX is where he and Gigi found each other after all this time.

At the Bon Jour Café, Cutter admits to Gigi/Stacy that he wants her to be happy but not with Rex. He admits that he knows that she resorted to drastic measures to have Rex and he doesn’t want her to do it. He doesn’t want to lose her to Rex.

When Viki gets ready to out the door and be done with Clint, he tells her if she walks out the door right now, they will have lost everything they worked so hard to get back.

Tea tells John that if she is Claude Calmar’s lawyer, he will tell her things that he obviously will not tell the cops. She tells John she knows the reason he disapproves of her idea is because he believes that Tomas killed Victor.

On the webcam, Tomas tells Blair that it’s true even if she does not believe it. He did kill Victor. She can only see him although a gun is being pointed at him while he’s tied to a chair. He tells her that he did it and lied to her. He is sorry and he loves her but cannot string her along when he’s a murderer.

Todd tells baker that they have to get Tomas to convince Blair that he killed Victor. Baker tells Todd he can arrange for Tomas to get killed but realizes that convincing Blair what Todd wants to convince her may be easier said than done unless he’s dead.

Blair demands that Tomas looks her in the eye. He looks at her and does not respond. She then cries and concludes that he did it. He tells her that he did not want it to be this way. She walks away but he calls to her telling her he’s sorry.

Viki tells Clint she refuses to be his consolation prize. He tells her she is nobody’s consolation prize so she better stop accusing him of saying something he did not say. But she demands to know just what he’d do if Kimberly walked through that door right now. She then makes a remark that he sure likes them young. He then tells her she’s acting just like a child. She tells him she doesn’t know what she ever saw in him. He tells her she better not leave because he’s not through with her. She tells him she’s through with him. He tells her wherever she goes, he will find her. But she reminds him he cannot because if he goes outside this house, his ankle monitor will go off. She leaves and Clint realizes there’s nothing more he can say.

At The Bon Jour Café, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter she knows she has to stay there. But, she assures him, she is not going to obsess about Rex. He asks her why not. She tells him because she has feelings for him.

Tea tells John that he is not going to let him incriminate her brother. She will go public and expose the police station and him and stop at nothing in order to clear her brother’s name. In response to that, John asks her if she’s “done now”. Because, he tells her, he does not believe her brother killed Victor either.

Right then, Tomas knows he has to tell Blair they will never see each other again and he has murdered Victor. Yet she cannot see that a gun is being pointed at him to force him to say that. She pleads with him not to go and cries. And right then, in “perfect timing” Todd appears and asks his ex-wife what is wrong.

Right then, John admits to Tea that he believes that Tomas is being framed. But they both cannot figure out by whom. She urges John to help her and tell her what she is not seeing. What is she missing? When John does not say anything, she cries and tells him no. She knows who he suspects. He believes that Todd killed Victor and framed Tomas for it.

When Blair sees Todd walk in the door right after seeing Tomas on the webcam, she shuts the laptop closed. He asks her if she’s having computer problems and appears very casual and as if he hasn’t a clue what is going on. She informs him that she just talked to Tomas and he told her that he killed Victor in order to protect Tea.

When John indicates to Tea that he believes that Todd killed Victor and framed Tomas by not saying anything, she tells him that she knows how Todd pulled the whole thing off. She tells him that all of the circumstances and stories about giving his gun to Louie and the alibi about Tomas and Calmar that didn’t sound credible makes it obvious that Todd framed Tomas. His motive was to not have to take the rap for the murder of Victor and because Tomas was getting too close to Blair. It was so that Todd could kill two birds with one stone.

\When Rex is ready to go on a trip with Shane and doesn’t know how to “leave things” with Aubrey, he urges her not to walk away.

At the Bon Jour in Paris, TX, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter that she does not care what Stacy Morasco may have felt for Rex. That is not going to get in the way of herself and Cutter.

Clint urges Viki not to walk away and when she does, he walks after her and his ankle bracelet goes off.

Rex kisses Aubrey.

Gigi kisses Cutter.

Clint kisses Viki and demands she tells him that what he feels for her is not real. She tells him he may tell that to the police and walks off.

Gigi/Stacy asks Cutter if he really thinks she could forget all about him if she gets her memory back. So what does he say? Will he stay there with her?

Rex declares to Aubrey that now they are even because this time he kissed her. She smiles. He asks her if she has plans for Christmas. She jokingly replies that she’s heard The Minuteman puts tinsel on road kill, indicating she doesn’t have any plan and would like to spend it with him and Shane when he asks her.

Right then, Gigi/Stacy indicates to Cutter that she doesn’t want him to leave without her.

Tea cries and tells John she realizes he cannot tell her everything about Todd since it’s part of the confidential investigation, but she has the right to know if her brother is dead. She demands that he tells her what he knows about her brother. He then replies that Tomas is not dead. He admits he is not entirely certain exactly what is going on but would guess that Todd is somehow keeping Tomas alive.

When Blair has just gotten done hearing that Tomas is disappearing and has killed Victor, she tells Todd she knows he’d like nothing more than to tell her I told you so. Todd is very calm however and acts like he has no opinion about the situation.

John tells Tea that he knows that Tomas is of no use to Todd dead and Calmar would not have shown up out of nowhere if he was. So Tomas is definitely alive and it would make sense that Todd is holding him hostage somewhere.

Right then, Baker and the other captor remark to Tomas how he delivered an Oscar winning performance in convincing Blair what they wanted him to convince her. They are surprised that he’d be so cooperative. He tells them that he wants her to be safe. But, she and Tea and all the people who love him will find out what they and Todd have done. But they remind him if anybody finds out, then Blair, his sister and others will be in danger. As long as he has them believing what the captors want, no harm will come to them.

Tea furiously tells John that she is going to find Todd and when she gets done with that SOB and finds out where he stashed her brother, he will be sorry. But John tells her she cannot say a word about this to Todd.

Todd calmly tells Blair he’s “so sorry”. She asks if he believes his stupid ex-wife has fallen for a scam yet again. She tells him she is such an idiot. She should have run the second she found out that Tomas was from the CIA. But no. She was so convinced that Tomas was a good man. And he let her. Todd then tells her there she goes. It was his fault. But she asks how Tomas could have killed Victor and told her he loved her. He killed Victor then called her up and told her he loves her. Todd observes a vulnerable Blair “playing” right into what he wants.

John tells Tea he wants her to do him a favor. She needs to stop and think for a moment. If she goes and tells Todd what they just discussed, it will blow the entire investigation. He reminds her that at this time, he has no proof. For now, at least, Todd’s guard is down and has no clue what they suspect. But if she tips him off, Tomas could die and Todd knows how to escape from consequences. Tea tells john she does, at the very least, have to tell Blair. She has the right to know since she loves Tomas. She needs to know that he is not a murderer and Todd has set him up. John tells Tea that Blair will be worse than her by reacting without thinking> But Tea tells him Blair is not a child and needs to know. He tells her he just knows that Blair will go running to Todd not wanting to believe that about him and might help him get away with murder. He tells Tea that things run too deep with those two. He tells her that there is too much risk involved and if she wants her brother found and the killer brought to justice, she cannot tell anyone. Especially Blair.

Aubrey is happily alone knowing that Rex will spend Christmas with her.

Right then, Rex and Viki both arrive in Paris, TX outside of the Bon Jour Café. They both reflect that Llanview seems a million miles away. Little do they know, however, that right inside, a woman who looks exactly like Gigi (because she is Gigi with amnesia) is in full view waitressing and Cutter is with her. Viki asks Rex if he’s ok. He tells her yes. They can go inside now. She remarks that the “new” Bon Jour café looks just like the old one. And she looks inside the window.

Clint is then alone in the house after Viki’s left him. And to his surprise and disbelief, Kimberly appears at the door.

At The Bon Jour, Rex remarks to Viki that this is the perfect place to say good bye to Gigi since this is where they fond each other again. She then tells him she will get Shane settled in the hotel and encourages Rex to go inside and check out their new specials.

Inside Gigi/Stacy is pouring coffee for a customer who asks her her name. She replies Stacy. The guy tells her that he knows everything is friendly in this place. She seems to agree.

While Baker holds Tomas in captivity, he tells him he needs to face it that his life and his future is over. But when Baker leaves the room, Tomas kicks over the chair.

Blair is inside the living room crying on Todd’s shoulder. Tea appears outside the door. They notice her and are startled. She tells Blair, in a very grim tone, that she needs to speak to her now.

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