OLTL Update Thursday 12/8/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/8/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Bo goes to see John in his office and tells John it’s god to see him back on the job. John tells Bo he needs to see his boss back also. Bo tells him that he is happy that Matthew is back and that he and Nora got their miracle.

Natalie goes to Roxy’s salon and notices her mom distraught as if someone has been killed or there’s been a terrible tragedy. Roxy reveals that Fraternity Row is going off the air. How is she going to find out of Brianna and Brandon get back together. But Natalie reminds her mother it’s not as if these fictional characters are real. Roxy reminds her daughter that anybody can come back from the dead and she won’t be able to see if they come back. Natalie tells her that she’s sorry that the show is cancelled and she’s enjoyed it too. Roxy then tells her daughter that she has to give her some good news. Natalie has to tell her that she and John are getting back together.

Bo notices that John has investigated where Tomas Delgado went and had been questioning Claude Calmar. He asks John if he believes that Tomas killed Victor and asks if John still believes that Todd killed his brother.

Todd is in his office ready to convict Tomas for the murder of Victor when Blair enters and tells him she does not believe for a moment that Tomas did it.

Shane is on the phone to Neela urging her to get the truth out of Jack about killing Shane’s mom and about the fire while she stands outside Jack’s door. When Shane gets off the phone, he is startled when he runs into his dad at Buenos Dias.

Neela rings Jack’s doorbell and he invites her in.

Gigi/Stacy is now starting her “new” job as a waitress at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, TX while Cutter starts his new job as a dishwasher. When she goes off to the kitchen, a customer comes up and tells Cutter that she looks just like Gigi Morasco who was his favorite waitress. At that point, cutter concludes that that’s why everybody knows her and it will be just a matter of time before someone tells her the truth that she is Gigi and not her sister.

Natalie tells Roxy that she and John are through. Roxy tells her daughter she just needs to tell John he made a big mistake to do what he did and then kiss and make up. But Natalie tells her mom that is not going to happen. They are going to co-parent Liam and be civil and that is it. She reminds Roxy that the guy will never forgive her for being with Brody. John has had many chances to get her back and has not made her a priority. Roxy tells her she cannot wimp out. She has to take life with two hands. Life can just change in a heartbeat. She asks Natalie if she wants John to give up on her. Natalie tells her mom if that is what he does, then maybe it’s not meant to be. Roxy asks if she’s just going to wait for John to beat down her door. Natalie replies no. what she plans to do is raise her son and keep her job and put her previous relationship with John behind her. IN response to that, Roxy tells Natalie if she won’t take action then her mom will.

Bo asks John why a pro like Claude would volunteer information. If he made himself an accessory, he must have an agenda. It must be related to Todd having “something” on Claude. And Bo concludes to John that that is why the cops need John back on the job.

Blair tells Todd they need to dig up some information on that French guy, Claude Calmar. He looks suspicious. But, she concludes to Todd, she can see that he believes that Tomas is guilty.

Neela tells Jack that maybe instead of studying, they can talk and get to know each other a little better.

When Rex appears back at the Buenos Dias, Shane angrily tells his dad he knows he lied to him by telling him he went to South America to find Liam. Rex then admits to his son that he has been having a rough time and has been “seeing” Shane’s mom. He admits that he saw a woman in the airport who looked just like her.

Cutter remarks that out of all of the places that could have been randomly selected for the two of them to move to, it has to be the very place where Gigi Morasco lived and worked before she moved to Llanview. He then confesses to her that the reason the surgeon could not perform the plastic surgery is because he never altered her face in the first place. She tells him of course she did. But Cutter tells her no. The reason the surgeon could not “make” her look like neither Gigi nor reverse the surgery is because she really is Gigi.

Roxy tells Natalie that she may not be a miracle worker with hair. But there are two very important things that she won’t compromise or give up on; and that is her family and her show. She won’t let Fraternity Row go off the air, and she will not let her daughter give up on the man she loves. She tells Natalie she better not cross her although Natalie challenges her.

Bo tells John that if Todd threatened Tomas’ life, then it might “motivate” Calmar to point the finger at Tomas.

Todd reminds Blair that Tomas’ friend, Calmar believes that Tomas killed Victor after taking Louie’s gone. But she tells Todd she knows better.

When Neela goes to see Jack, she tells him that she makes her own decisions and doesn’t let her father or Shane or anyone tell her who she can see and who she can’t. Jack then remarks that he likes the fact that she’s tough and nobody can push her around. She then asks him about the previous year when he picked on Shane and if he might want to talk about it. And she’d like to know what he meant about Shane’s mom’s death as well as about the fire at The Sun.

At Buenos Dias, Rex confesses for the first time, that he has to go and find Stacy and heard that wherever she is, she might know why he is seeing this woman who looks just like Gigi.

At the Buenos Dias, Cutter envisions what would happen when he confesses to Gigi/Stacy that the plastic surgeon convinced him that she has never had plastic surgery. And the face she has is the face she’s had for her entire life. He has found out that something happened in the basement that enabled her to get out when people mistakenly thought she died. She then demands to know what type of scam he’s been trying to pull. She tells him he has lied to her although eh protests that he cares about her and wants her to be Stacy. But she tells him she has to get back to her life with her son and her fiancé. He protests that she can’t even remember her life. But she tells him as soon as she sees her son and her fiancé, she will remember. He calls her Stacy but she tells him that is not his name. And then we see that it’s just a “vision” that Cutter is having about the outcome of his telling Gigi/Stacy the truth. He is actually sitting at the table with her where she has no clue what the secret is that he’s keeping and she is not angry at him nor ready to reclaim her life with Rex and Shane.

At Buenos Dias, Shane tells his dad that he needs to wake up and realize that his mom is till dead. He has to live with the fact that Jack Manning killed her. There is nowhere anybody can go nor anything anyone can do that’s going to bring her back. And he vows to his dad that Jack manning must pay. But when Rex hears that he urges his son not to get this idea of “revenge” in his head.

Jack admits to Neela that he and his friends picked on Shane Morasco and last year, Shane tried to kill himself. And if Shane had done it, it would have been jack’s fault. So that is what Jack meant be how he “could have” been responsible if someone had died. And at this point, he has not confessed anything about Gigi dying in the basement.

When Cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that they need to move out of this tiny town, she asks him why. He tells her they need more options like perhaps finding the real Eiffel Tower. So he encourages her to leave with him.

Blair tells Todd that she has made a lot of bad decisions with men in the past and jumped in without thinking. But she knows she did not do that with Tomas. And she admits that she knows she made the right decision to choose Tomas over Todd.

When Bo and John are talking about their murder investigation and the disappearance of Tomas, at the station, Roxy comes in and tells them she has something urgent to talk to them about and this is a matter of “love and death”.

Neela tells Jack she has to “go” and turns on her tape recorder in her purse knowing he will urge her not to leave. He attempts to convince her that he’s no longer the guy who tortured Shane the night before. She tells him she knows but walks out.

At Buenos Dias, Shane tells his dad that Noelle was just there and created a new pie called the Gigi Morasco special. Rex tries it and wants to compliment Noelle when Shane tells him she went back to Paris, TX. Rex then recalls that that is where he first found Gigi.

Cutter urges Gigi/Stacy to leave this place. They have no future there although she somehow knows she belongs there.

Blair remembers many years ago when he tried to take her son when Jack was a baby when he was a baby and wanted to sell him to strangers. He asks her if she made a great decision falling for a serial killer not long ago. She tells him that Eli seemed like a perfect gentleman compared to him. He asks her about the guy she’s now seeing who kept Todd locked up and away from his kids for 8 years ago. But Blair tells Todd that she loves and trusts Tomas. He loves her. He loves Tea and he loves Dani. And she knows that Tomas would not just disappear without telling them. She just knows

When Roxy goes to talk to Bo and John and Natalie assumes she’s there to tell John that Natalie wants him back, Natalie goes to find her, pulls her out into the hallway and tells her if she breathes a word of this to John, she will never see her grandson again. Roxy protests that Natalie can’t do that. Natalie tells her oh yes she can. She tells Roxy she better “get in there and fix this”. Roxy then goes back in the room and tells Bo and John that she has some news that just can’t wait. They are cancelling her favorite show, Fraternity Row. She is protesting and needs the two of them to go online and petition. John tells Roxy he’s sorry. He doesn’t watch a lot of television. She protests to John maybe he should. It could teach him a lot about love. Bo tells Roxy that he’s no longer into the show. She reminds Bo that his brother said the same thing. But if they can’t help her, she will take matters into her own hands. She leaves and Natalie follows her. Alone with John, Bo remarks that maybe now that Liam is back, John could consider getting back with Natalie. John replies that he’s been thinking about the same thing.

Neela goes to meet Shane after going to see if Jack could confess what he did to Shane's mom when she meets Rex for the first time and Rex remarks to his son that while he's been gone, Shane's made a new friend who's both pretty and polite. Alone with Shane, Neela tells him that she could not get Jack to confess what he did to Shane’s mom so she wants to give him back his tape recorder. But he tells her she may keep it because she needs to beware of Jack Manning. Right then, Rex is alone at Buenos Dias remembering all of the struggles he’s had with getting back with Gigi.

At Bon Jour in Paris, TX, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter that she doesn’t want to keep him from leaving if this place is not his cup of tea. He’s a great guy, she tells him and she’s very grateful. She wants to stay here but he can go wherever he wants. He tells her he doesn’t want to go anywhere without her.

When Todd appears to be down and out about getting Blair back, he goes into the other room and notices how determined she is to get Tomas back.

Shane asks Neela to promise she won’t give up trying. It’s the only way to get to the truth. She promises to think about it. Rex then finds his son and admits that he needs to track down Stacy and Cutter and maybe he and his son can go on a trip down to Paris, TX and visit Noelle and Mo and attend her pie bake off contest. Maybe it will be a memorial to Gigi.

Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter she doesn’t want him to think she doesn’t like him. She does but is not ready to change her plans for anyone. So she can’t leave with him.

Neela gets a call from Jack inviting her to hang out with him again some time. She tells him she’d like that and they agree to see each other in school. She then looks through the window at Shane with his dad and finds herself in a dilemma.

At the station, John informs Bo that he has tried to get back with Natalie but she does not want to talk or consider getting back with him.

Roxy tells Natalie that she is not just playing with her own life. She is playing with her baby boy’s life. Natalie needs to realize that life is not always perfect and she needs to get over the wrong doings that John did and forgive him.

Bo tells John he wants to see Victor Jr.’s killer brought to justice as much as John does and needs John’s help in the investigation. John tells Bo he wants him back and offers his best to Matthew. Bo thanks him and goes out the door.

Alone in the Sun office, Todd is still not giving up on Blair.

Blair returns home and right when she’s ready to give up, she sees Tomas on her webcam screen and rejoices.

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