OLTL Update Wednesday 12/7/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/7/11

Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Viki walks in the Buenos Dias and Noelle asks whatís wrong. Viki explains it is Clint. Noelle asks what he had done this time. Viki explains that he kissed her.

Clint walks into Vikiís living room and asks Nigel where Viki is. Nigel does not tell him, and explains that he is sick. Clint asks if it is serious. Nigel explains he is at heart and holds up a copy of Soap Opera Weekly that says Fraternity Row is canceled.

Roxy reading the same magazine is crying her eyes out. Rama tries to help Roxy though it. Roxy refuses to be ok with it because it was more than a show to her due to the fact it is like family to her.

Neela asks Shane why he would want her to go out with Jack. Shane explains that Neela can get the truth out of Jack

In the Kentucky prison that Kim is at, Rex demands the full story from her. Kim tells Rex that she will tell him everything as soon as Aubrey gets the proof that will get her out of jail. Rex wonders how Kim would be able to know where Stacy is. Kim explains that she knows how Stacy thinks and where she would go.

In Paris, Texas Gigi and Cutter are at the Bon Jour where Gigi explains that she has been to this place. Cutter tells Gigi that she must just remember the Buenos Dias in Llanview. Gigi (who thinks she is Stacy still) insists she has been here before.

Kim asks how long it will take Aubrey to get the proof to get her out. Rex tells Kim that she will get it quickly.

Rama continues to console Roxy of the shows cancelation and offers to fix Roxy a drink. Roxy does not accept the drink because she has to stop the cancelation. Rama tells Roxy she has four appointments that afternoon. Roxy tells her to reschedule and storms out still in dismay.

Clint assures Nigel that the cancelation is just a rumor and that it will all change before next week. Nigel feels that all good things can come to an end. Clint tells him not to say that because it is Vikiís favorite show and she has been watching since Megan was on. Nigel then asks if they can throw a party celebrating the farewell of Fraternity Row. Clint thinks it is a good idea however feels that Viki would not want him there because he kissed her.

Viki complains about Clint to Noelle, Noelle assumes it had to have been a really bad kiss. Viki says that it was a very nice kiss at the time but only because Clint could not have Kim.

Rex tells Kim that he is going to have Stacy get plastic surgery if she wants it or not because no one will go around with her Gigiís face. Kim says Stacy has some problems and then is interrupted by Rex who yells out Stacy is a freak. Kim explains how she had no idea that Stacy was even alive until she came back to the spotted pony.

Aubrey finds Rama at Roxyís salon and asks Rama to help catch Stacy Morasco.

Cutter asks what he remembers about this place. Gigi says it is because she knew where the ketchup was and was able to answer the phone properly, she has a waitress come over and asks if she knows who she looks like the waitress says ďoh my god itís you.Ē 

Neela tells Shane that she will not get in between Jack and him. Neela feels bad for what Shane but does not think she can help.

Rama asks how can she catch a Stacy Morasco. Aubrey explains that itís not a disease but a person. Rama wonders how she can help find someone she has never met. Aubrey explains that she may not know her but she knows Kim who knew Stacy and Rama had black mailed Kim to go to jail.

Rex asks Kim if she really had nothing to do with what Stacy had done. Kim wonders Rex would think she would ever go along with anything that crazy. Rex wonders if Stacy thought that because she looked like Gigi that she would have Rex fall for her. Kim tells Rex she thought that if he thought she was Gigi that he would.

The waitress thinks Gigi is a celebrity from a reality show. Gigi asks if she knows of a Stacy Morasco. The waitress explains that she has not worked there that long however the owners might as they are returning for a pie contest.

Noelle takes a pie out of the oven. Viki tries to get some but Noelle refuses to give her any until she hears the whole story about Clint.

Nigel asks if Clint really kissed Viki. Clint tells Nigel to not even think about it because he knows Nigel would be happy if Kim was out of the way. Clint explains everything started watching their soap.

Viki explains it all started they were reminiscing over when they had started watching the show years ago.

Clint talks about how they had started watching because Megan was on it and that he was happy and that one thing led to another.

Viki tells Noelle they were not even talking about Megan or the soap anymore but about each other and then Clint got close to Viki and gave a look to Viki she has not seen in years.

Clint says that is when he kissed her.

Viki explains thatís when she kissed him back and they then talked about their future together and about Kim.

Clint says she misinterpreted everything. Nigel asks if there is any truth to him still having feeling for Kim.

Rama tries to deny her knowing about what happened to Kim. Aubrey fills Rama in that she knows everything. Rama questions how she knows. Aubrey explains that she needs to get Kim out of jail. Rama wonders why it would matter so much to her. Aubrey says she is not but Rex is.

Kim tells Rex she is not going to let anything terrible happen to Stacy, but that she has already headed to Llanview the day that Rex was supposed to marry Gigi and that Stacy was also there that day.

The waitress comes back over to Gigi and Cutter to tell them that they are hiring.

Clint explains that there is no way Viki would be a consolation prize. Nigel then wonders if he has said that he would love Viki regardless, Nigel tells Clint to tell her.

Roxy runs in out of breath telling Clint that she needs him to be her hero.

Viki feels she should not have to fight for Clint. Viki thinks it is too late for anything between the two of them.

Roxy wants Clint to save the soap. Clint explains that BE no longer owns the soap. Roxy explains that the show is an enterprise, and that everyone needs to unite for the show that has been on for 43 years.

Gigi and Cutter get jobs as a waitress and a dish washer and Gigi has another memory come back to her.

Rex confirms Stacy was there when she was with Gigi in the room. Kim explains the story behind it and that she knew nothing new about it until now.

Aubrey ties to get the photo form Rama who is the only way she only way they will be able to get Kim out of jail.

Neela calls Jack and Neela tells Jack that she will go out with him.

Clint tells Roxy he is sorry, but there is no way he would make any money off the show. Roxy calls Clint a son of a bitch and claims she will save the show on her own and storms out.

Viki tells Noelle that her pie is the best she has ever tasted and she tells Noelle that she is going to come with them to help support. Noelle explains she claims she heard Gigiís voice on the phone.

The waitress gives Gigi and Cutter the jobs and gives them uniforms to wear.

Neela gets Jack to go out on the date so she can black male him.

Rama does not feel she should have to help Kim because she is a bad person.

Rex shows Kim the photo that will free Kim and Rex is going to go after Stacy (Whoís actually Gigi).

Neela asks if they can hang out still with Jack and he says it is ok.

Aubrey and Rex talk on the phone. Rex thanks Aubrey and calls her a really great friend. Aubrey hangs up the phone. And Rama explains that she is sending Cutter to jail now.

The waitress gives Gigi a name tag while Gigi walks out in her old uniform.

Kim is to go back to her jail cell she tells the guard that she will be getting out soon. And that she is going to confront Clint.

Viki walks in the house and Clint tells her they need to talk but Viki does not want to listen.

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