OLTL Update Tuesday 12/6/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/6/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Noelle is waitressing at Buenos Dias while Shane is visiting with her. And she appears to be so engrossed in the soap net show that she is unaware that she’s pouring water into a glass that’s spilling all over the floor.

When Gigi/Stacy and Cutter arrive at their new destination, she remarks that it’s unbelievable that flights take up to 22 hours. He tells her at least she can now say that she’s been to a new geographic region. She asks how airlines can get away with holding people up at the airport. They realize that they have spun a globe and randomly selected Paris, TX for the next place to move to. They stand outside the Bon Jour Café. And she appears to somehow have a “déjà vu”

It seems many people are engrossed by Sorority Row including Rex and Aubrey as well as Viki and Clint. Noelle is freaked out to find out that two characters who have been sleeping together are family members. In Roxy’s salon, the very same “bombshell” shocks Shaun, Destiny, Neela and Rama. Roxy admits that she loves this show.

Starr and Jack are in the living room arguing while she engrosses in it. It appears Jack used to watch the show and he surprises his sister by revealing that he happens to know that their cousin Megan, Aunt Viki’s daughter played a character who’s now gone who he misses on the show.

Viki asks Clint if it’s true that he is now a fan of Fraternity Row. But he obviously does not want to admit and “explains” to his ex-wife that he intended to watch the finance channel but hit the wrong button. He tells her she needs a new remote. But he turns it off before she can find out of Brandon and Rhiannon are really brother and sister, which she wants to find out. She tells him he can watch the finance channel elsewhere in her home since there are many televisions available in her home and this one is reserved for the show she wants to see.

At Roxy’s, Shaun remarks that it would be absolutely gross to find out those two characters are brother and sister with the way they were kissing. Destiny reveals that she’s gotten hooked on similar shows as does Roxy. And Neela wants to know all about the “American cultures” that they indulge in. Shaun wants to deny that he can’t miss an episode of this silly show.

Starr asks a “denying” Jack just how he knows so much about the casting of characters on this show. He replies that the girls at school watch it. She asks if they physically force him to watch it with them. He tells her that he watches it because maybe it’s “easier to get in” with the girls. Starr asks her brother if he wants to get in with girls in general or just a particular one.

Destiny asks Neela if she’s made any friends in her new school. Neela replies that she “thought” she did. Hearing that, Destiny is interested in just whom, from her high school Neela may have met.

At Buenos Dias, Noelle tells Shane she intends to get back her crown as the pie making champion in Paris, TX.

Meanwhile, Cutter and Gigi/Stacy enter the Bon Jour Café where Gigi used to work. Yet it’s Cutter who remarks that this place is like déjà vu all over again.

At Buenos Dias, Noelle asks Shane what he thinks of the smell of the pie she’s making in her oven but she almost forgets that she has to get it out of the oven before it burns when Sorority Row is on. Right then, Rex gets a call from Shane promising to come home soon yet not revealing to his son where he is or what he is doing.

Rex and Aubrey go to the jail to talk to Kimberly Andrews. He knows that she must know something about Cutter and/or about his scheme involving the Gigi lookalike whom he keeps seeing. The guard reveals that even cell mates take their time about watching Fraternity Row and leaves them to their visit. Kim asks how they found her. She tells them they have to help her since Clint “blew her off” and no longer wants to help her.

Viki reveals to Clint that she has a secret habit of watching Fraternity Row as he does also. She reminds him that her daughter, Megan got a daisy award not long ago. Clint remembers that Viki was also on the show and that she should have gotten an award also. They talk about how Megan talked her into that and was so persuasive. Clint remarks that Megan had her mom wrapped around her finger just like Viki had him wrapped around her finger.

At Roxy’s salon, Destiny reveals to Neela that she is going to have a baby and the father has just awoken from a coma. Rama remarks it’s great that Matthew will be ok. Neela reveals that she met a boy who asked her out on a date. They are very amazed that she’s already met a boy having been in the school for such a short time. She reveals that her new “friend” is Jack Manning. When Roxy and Shaun overhear that, they are not “enchanted”. She does admit that there are a lot of rumors going around about Jack including that he killed someone. Overhearing that, Roxy firmly tells her that is no rumor. That really happened..

Right then, Starr asks Jack just who this “new girl” is whom he is interested in. He is not certain how to answer when he remembers hiding Neela. But Starr already knows about her brother’s secret and promises not to tell their parents. She tells him she won’t but wants her brother to “use caution” with this new girl. Jack tells his sister he doubts that will be a “problem”. He’s not even sure the girl likes him. Not since Shane Morasco opened his big mouth.

At Buenos Dias, Shane asks Noelle why she needs another blue ribbon to prove that she’s the best pie baker. She then reveals to him that she has a new pie that will revolutionize pie making. She describes how perfect it is with taste, texture and inspiration. And she admits that she calls it the Gigi Morasco Special.

Gigi asks Cutter why, if he’s never been to Paris, TX, he would be having déjà vu. He replies that there is a place in Llanview that looks exactly like the inside of this place. She tells him it may be a chain.

At the jail, Rex tells Kimberly that maybe Clint would not have abandoned her if she had not kept all her secrets. But, he tells her, he and Aubrey are not there to play match maker for her and Clint. They are there to find Stacy. They know that Kimberly knows where she is and she better tell them.

At Roxy’s salon, she informs Neela for the first time that Jack killed her grandson’s mother. She is Shane’s grandma even if she looks more like his sister, she tells Neela. And that’s beside the point, she tells her. What matters is that a beautiful and wonder girl is dead because of Jack. Neela looks away not knowing what to say or do.

Starr asks Jack what Shane might have said to this girl. He admits he does not know and wonders why girls are so weird where first this girl is “so into” him. Then she treats him like he has a disease. Starr asks her brother what he thinks Shane might have told the girl. He replies probably something about Shane’s mom. Starr reminds her brother that the girl is probably going to find out about it eventually anyway. She tells Jack that maybe the best thing to do is to tell her the truth about Gigi.

Noelle talks to Shane about she wants to give his mom justice and misses her so much. She really admired how Gigi was unafraid to give Mo guff and wishes she was a fearless as his mom was. They reminisce about all of their memories of Gigi.

While Cutter and Stacy/Gigi are ready to order at the Bon Jour Café, the waitress admits she was distracted watching Fraternity Row and asks how Gigi/Stacy could possibly not know about the show. When Cutter informs her that Gigi/Stacy has amnesia, the waitress talks about the same thing happening to a character on the show which reveals Cutter knows the story and watches it also although he denies it.

Although Kim tells Rex and Aubrey she does not what they are talking about regarding knowing that “Stacy” is in the hospital in Anchorage, KY, she reveals that she knows she was there but needs to know where “Stacy” (who we know as the woman with amnesia who looks just like Gigi and is with Cutter) went if she’s no longer in the hospital. Rex replies that he does not have to tell her when she is not willing to help him with what he needs. He then asks Aubrey to leave with him. But Kim tells them she knows how he can find Stacy but won’t tell him until he helps her get out of there so she can go and find Clint.

Viki tells Clint it’s ridiculous for him to say that she had him wrapped around her little finger. He tells her he saw that she is so like Megan who has the power of persuasion. Viki asks her ex-husband just what he believes she’s persuasive about as it’s sure not getting him to do his physical therapy. He then chuckles and clarifies to her that he is not talking about physical therapy. She asks just what, then, he is talking about. He replies by kissing Viki. He looks at her and tells her she mustn’t tell him that she did not see that coming. She admits she kind of did but didn’t think anything would happen between them since they’ve been going their separate ways for so long. But he tells her that he now feels the very same things he felt when they first fell in love an when they were together raising the kids. And he remarks that now that Kimberly is “out of his life” there is nothing to stop him from considering getting back with Viki. But when she hears that, she is very disenchanted to find out that maybe the reason why Clint kissed her was not because of his feelings for her but because he “can’t have Kim”.

Kim reads to Rex and Aubrey a “good bye” letter that Clint “supposedly” wrote to her just like the one he read to Viki that he believes she wrote to him. Hearing that, Rex reminds her again that he is not there to help her get back with Clint. He needs to find out the answer to this mystery involving Stacy still being alive. She tells him that she can tell him what he needs to know about Stacy and about Gigi under the condition that he gets her out of the jail cell. She can tell him what really happened to Gigi in that basement if he can help her with what she needs.

While at The Bon Jour Café, in Paris, TX, Cutter talks to Gigi/Stacy about how the two of them get jobs and put down roots in “this old town”, she notices the Eiffel Tower embroidery on the uniforms. She tells him she somehow knows that she can trust this town and they will be safe there.

At Buenos Dias, Noelle assures Shane that everybody misses his mom and believes she was taken too soon. He tells her that he cannot have peace with Jack Manning walking around free and not having to accept responsibility for it. Hearing that, she is shocked to find out that people know yet don’t talk about it and urges Shane to let people know how his mom died. He tells her that he did tell one person. This new girl he met in school. He likes her but he’s afraid that she “likes” jack and doesn’t want to believe such a thing. Noelle then remarks to Shane that if this girl is worth anything, she will see right through Jack Manning.

Neela tells Roxy she is sorry and agrees what happened to her family is a tragedy but cannot yet condemn Jack Manning. Roxy then asks her if she’d like to ask Destiny who tells Neela she doesn’t know all the information about Gigi’s death but knows Jack really tormented Shane. Roxy asks Shaun to “corroborate” but he tells her what he knows about jack and his family is “privileged information”. Destiny tells Neela that she does not wish to judge Jack and would like to see the good in him but has yet to find out where there is a good person in Jack.

Jack tells Starr that he will never see “their dad” as their uncle Victor. But he needs to change his ways and not be hostile to everybody because of the loss of his father. He asks her why he should trust and take advice from her when she’s cheating on her boyfriend with his little brother. Hearing that, Starr protests to her brother that he must know that that his not true. Rick Powers made up a vicious rumor. Jack then asks his sister, why then, doesn’t she sue him? She tells Jack that Rick is suing her but hopefully that will be over soon. Jack concludes to his sister that he can take care of himself and get the girl on his own.

Neela concludes to Roxy and Destiny that maybe Roxy is right and she should stay away from Jack. Roxy tells her she is a smart girl and goes to watch Fraternity Row with Destiny in the other room. She then goes out the door. Shane is outside the door and asks what she’s doing there. She informs him that his grandmother just informed her that Jack killed his mom. That is not ok and she does not intend to have any further contact with jack.

Viki asks Clint if he had not received the letter from Kimberly claiming she has zero interest for Clint, where would the two of them (Viki and Clint) be right now? Watching Fraternity Row in separate rooms? Was he simply “out of options” and she was just conveniently there for him? He asks her if they cannot just turn on Fraternity Row and watch it together in peace. She angrily tells him no and walks away sounding like she is crying.

Kim tells Rex if he gets her out of there, she can tell him all about what really happened to Gigi. When Rex is silent, Aubrey demands that he not listen to Kim. She cannot be trusted. But Kim lashes back telling Aubrey she knows that Aubrey only wants to “cozy up” to Rex so she can get her hands on Clint’s money. But Rex tells Kim he doubts that since, unknown to her, he no longer has Clint’s money nor any “incentive” for anybody to use him. Aubrey tells Rex he must know he cannot trust anybody who’s Stacy’s best friend. They have to get out of there. But Kim asks Rex what might kill him first; trusting Aubrey or knowing that Stacy is out there somewhere and he will never know how to find her or confront her for what she did. Rex then concludes that they have a deal.

At Buenos Dias in Llanview, Noelle is on the phone with Moe who is apparently back at The Bon Jour in Paris, TX.

While Gigi/Stacy is with Cutter at The Bon Jour and the waitress does not bring her what she wants, she goes to get it. The phone then rings. Gigi answers it. Noelle is calling and wonders who this would be that answered the phone, knowing that this is a “familiar voice”.

Neela confirms to Shane, outside of the Buenos Dias, that she does not trust Jack and won’t be going out with him anymore.

Jack then tells Starr that regardless of what people think or what they want, he’s going to prove himself to this girl no matter what Shane Morasco tells her.

Shane then tells Neela that maybe she “should” go out with Jack.

Rex tells Kim he will do what she wants but she must give him the answers he needs about Gigi and about Stacy.

When Noelle calls the Bon Jour Café and Gigi/Stacy (who looks and sounds exactly like Gigi) answers the phone, Noelle tells her she is the owner of the Bon Jour Café and need to know whom she is speaking to. Gigi/Stacy then appears stunned and puts the phone down. Noelle concludes that that “almost sounded like…..”

Gigi/Stacy sits back down and confirms to Cutter that she knows she has been in this place before.

Viki furiously walks into The Buenos Dias when Noelle asks her what is wrong. Viki angrily and tearfully replies two words; Clint Buchanan.

Clint is then alone in Viki’s home watching the show but is distracted

Roxy then sees the headline in the Sun announcing that Fraternity Row has been cancelled and screams as though she’s seen a dead body.

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