OLTL Update Monday 12/5/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/5/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex reveals to Aubrey that it’s entirely possible that the “woman in question” (Gigi/Stacy who’s with Cutter) is Gigi’s sister, Stacy.

Gigi/Stacy is with Cutter after they’ve found out that the doctor who treated her for plastic surgery may really know who she is better than they do. He has just told Cutter the he knows, with certainty, that he never performed surgery on this woman. That’s her original face and she is not Stacy Morasco

At the high school, Shane can sense that Neela might very well know more about Jack that she is letting on. And he urges her to please let him know what she knows reminding her that Jack killed his mom and it’s not fair that someone else takes the blame for yet another crime that Jack committed. And right then, jack walks in and overhears their conversation. Neela looks at him and then at Shane not knowing what to say or do.

Starr gets served a notice that she’s been sued by Rick. Dani stands by her and asks if Rick could be serious in holding her responsible because he is a klutz. The guy seems to also know that Dani is with her and serves her also with a “message” from Rick that she is being sued.

At the station, Blair asks John just want he has found out. He informs her that they have found Tomas’ friend Claude who might have some information about Tomas. Todd is nearby overhearing. John informs Claude that they have tried to contact him but knows he’s been ignoring his voice mail messages and turned off his GPS. And John asks him to talk about Tomas Delgado.

Shaun goes to find Vivian at the hospital and surprises. They talk about the situation with his family at their Thanksgiving dinner and tells her he wants to make it up to her with flowers.

At the station, Tea, Todd and Blair find Claude and tell him they need to find out where Tomas is.

Starr and Dani see that Rick has sued them for damages, emotional distress, pain and suffering and for each bone they broke. He wants them to pay for each charge and he does not just name them. Their boyfriends have also been served.

Jack finds Neela talking to Shane and asks why the two of them are alone in the classroom talking alone. She admits that they were talking about Shane’s mother and how she died.

After Rex and Aubrey have gotten the information that Stacy is alive, he tells her he finds it very hard to believe that Stacy would survive after falling through the ice of a frozen lake.

Meanwhile, the plastic surgeon tells Cutter that he absolutely knows that the woman in question (Gigi/Stacy) is not Stacy having plastic surgery to look like her sister. She is absolutely and unequivocally not Stacy Morasco. But Cutter asks how that could possibly be. He cannot believe that the woman he’s been with is not Stacy. She really is Gigi. Right then, she enters and informs Cutter that “something” is going on.

At the station, tea tells John that she is Tomas’ lawyer of record and is entitled to any statements about her client. He tells her only in “discovery”. Blair tells John that neither she nor Tea is going anywhere. But John escorts Todd out. He sits the two women down with Claude and admits that “they” are all very concerned about Tomas. So he’d like to Claude to reveal when he last spoke to Tomas. Claude appears to be evasive and Blair demands he tells her what he and Tomas spoke up. Outside John’s office, Todd calls Baker and demands to know how Claude could have showed up out of nowhere and is now in the police station talking to John McBain.

When Jack comes by to overhear Shane and Neela talking at the high school, he asks what is going on. Shane re-confirms that his mom is dead because of Jack. And he walks out the room leaving Jack and Neela alone. Neela tells Jack that seemed so “tense”. Jack admits that he and Shane are not the best of friends and he bets that Shane said “a bunch of stuff” about him. She asks Jack why he would think that.

Gigi asks Cutter what he and the doctor were talking about. Cutter answers that there has been a “slight” complication and they won’t be able to do her surgery. She asks why not.

When Aubrey asks Rex to explain the story of Gigi and her little sister, he starts from the beginning about how Stacy used to be sort of a “geek” as a child. In high school, she didn’t have a lot of friends. Apparently, he was nice to her once. He did not remember it. But Stacy got this idea that they were meant to be together. So a few years ago, she appeared in Llanview ready to take him from her sister. She managed to break up him and Gigi for a while and he got her pregnant. But, she somehow lost the baby and got another guy to knock her up so she could pass off the baby as his. Aubrey assesses that Stacy lied about the paternity of the baby. So did Natalie. But not many people have their face altered to steal their sister’s identity. He tells her that’s only part of what Stacy is capable. A while back, Shane got leukemia. And she was the only person with the stem cells to save him but held it over their heads. And, Rex admits, he’s horrified that she may still be around and Cutter is helping her.

At the station, John asks Claude just what he discussed with Tomas at the docks. He heard that Tomas wanted to find a way to get rid of Victor and John asks Claude if he knows anything about Victor’s murder. Claude then reveals that he knows exactly who killed Victor Lord Jr.

Aubrey tells Rex that he believes Stacy is capable of doing what they suspect. But the timing is wrong. She does specifically remember, off hand, that she and Cutter were plotting their plan with Joey right when Gigi was in Paris and nobody knew that Rex could have been a Buchanan yet. So Cutter could not have been in on it then and had nothing to do with the plastic surgery when it was originally done. Somebody else was behind it. She concludes that maybe Stacy did it on her own. But what “incentive” would she have to include Cutter in the “proceeds” of what she can make for her scheme. What could he have on her?

Right then, when Gigi/Stacy demands that Cutter tells her why the doctor told him that they can’t do the surgery, and he remembers feeling inspired by her to be a better man, he tells her the reason is because of her health. Hearing that, she demands to know what they are talking about. The doctor has operated on her before. But Cutter tells her that’s before she was in the basement. And the carbon monoxide poisoning put her at too much of a risk. So it’s going to be a no go.

At the high school, Jack admits to Neela that he was “kind of” mean to Shane last year. She asks if he’s proud of that. He tells her no. And he wished he had known that it was not the right thing to do before things got out of hand.

Starr, Dani, James and Nate read the law suit that Rick is giving to all of them. It’s a lengthy report about all of the damages, injuries, pain and suffering and the fact that since it was on Starr’s property, she is legally liable. Dani tells the other she knows a lot about law suits by having a lawyer for a mom and they ask her if she can get her mom to help them. But she knows that now is not the time to ask her mom for any help.

At the station, Claude informs John, Tea and Blair that Tomas killed Victor Lord.

Dani tells the others that her uncle Tomas is missing and he’s a suspect with the cops. So her mom has been up the entire night trying to find evidence to clear her uncle. And she knows this is not good when her mom is pregnant. The others agree to leave Tea out of this. But they think of another plan.

When Todd is spying upon John, Blair and Tea listening to Claude’s confession in John’s office, a uniform cop comes by and asks Todd: “Can I help you?” Todd replies that he could use a chicken salad sandwich and some ice tea. The cop walks away. Inside, Tea concludes that she knows Tomas did not lie about this. She can tell when her brother lies to her. But Claude clarifies that Tomas was a professional liar. That is what they do. John again asks him where Tomas is. And he can hold Tomas until he tells him. Claude tells John he does not know. But Tomas is a good man and was influenced by brainwashing.

Shaun informs Vivian that Tea was really shaken up and afraid that something might have been wrong with her baby and he assumes Vivian knew but could not tell because of doctor/patient confidentiality. He tells her that he apologizes for getting her into the brawl with his parents over Thanksgiving. She tells him it’s ok but she wants him to understand where she’s coming from. She had to grow up with her parents constantly fighting. And her not wanting to marry him does not mean that she loves him any less.

Rex concludes to Aubrey that he is certain that the person who has been helping Stacy and Cutter would be Kimberly Andrews, Stacy’s best friend. She’s been scheming and plotting plans to do many things, one of which was marrying Clint to take his money. Aubrey then reveals to Rex that Kim Andrews’ real name is Aubrey Wentworth. And she is Cutter’s sister.

Jack attempts to “down play” what he and his friends did to Shane. And he tells her this is a new year and he is a new person. She tells him she needs to find her next class and leaves away. Not far away Jack is waiting for her and tells her he doesn’t mean to stalk her but wanted to find out what Jack said about what he did to Shane’s mom. He wants to find out if Jack can confess. She tells Shane that maybe he “wants” to believe terrible things about Jack and wants to get back at him for how he treated Shane. But Shane tells her he remembers the look on her face when he informed her that Jack had his mom killed. He knows that she knew something else about jack that she is not revealing and he urges her to tell him what she knows.

At the station, John has Claude taken into custody for obstruction of justice and accessory to murder.

James and Nate have a plan that maybe Starr should “convince” Rick that she and Nate are hooking up. Even if she does not like the idea, they have to think of something with all the money Rick is suing them for.

Aubrey informs Rex that she has not seen “Kim” since she was in Kentucky. At that point, Rex is able to confirm that he knows that Cutter and his sister were in a scheme together at the Painted Pony in Anchorage right where he found Kim.

Cutter then convinces Gigi/Stacy that they don’t need to stay where they are nor go back to Llanview. So he finds a globe and they close their eyes to select a place to move to. And it just happens to be Paris, TX, where, due to her amnesia, Gigi/Stacy has no memory of ever living.

At the high school, Neela tells Shane that she knows that Jack was cruel to him a year ago. But she believes he’s genuinely sorry and sees Jack as her prince. The man who would take her away from her life. She knows it’s a fairy tale but it seemed like her life. In response to that, he tells her he does not believe in fairy tales. He writes comics and creates his own super heroes. But it’s all a fantasy. IN the real world, there are terrible people. Jack is one. He murdered Shane’s mom. He tells her for her own good, she needs to know what kind of a guy Jack is.

Shaun tells Vivian he understands where she’s coming from. Marriage is not for her. She tells him she hopes that knowing that they love each other is enough for them. She then gets a page to deliver twins and tells him she is glad he’s ok with their not getting married. Yet, he admits he never said he was.

James tells the others that he and his brother Robert live paycheck to paycheck. Nate and his mom don’t have any money that Rick would want. Starr’s family may have money but she tells them that Rick is not getting a dime from her family. They did not do anything. Nate concludes exactly the point. Starr then reveals that she has a secret plan. And it might involve her dad as they all agree that one does not want to be on Todd Manning’s bad side.

Todd asks Claude just what he said and did in John’s office. Claude tells Todd that he is protecting Tomas and also protecting Todd.

Jack asks Neela if she’d like to go out with him some time to a movie or something. She replies that may not be a good idea. Vimal might not want her going out with some boy. He reminds her that he’s not just “some boy”. Vimal must know that he saved Vimal’s life.

Rex then concludes to Aubrey that they have to find Kim although she knows that Cutter has not seen or heard from his sister in a long time. Yet Rex somehow knows how to track her down.

Cutter concludes to Gigi/Stacy that the two of them have nothing to lose and they are ready to move to Paris, TX.

Rex tells Aubrey they must get ready to go to find Kim. (who is really Cutter’s sister Aubrey Wentworth).

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