OLTL Update Thursday 12/1/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/1/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John is on the phone with Tea attempting to assure her that the cops are working hard to find Tomas. But, he tells her, at this time, he has another case he’s working on. He3 goes inside St. Anne’s. Brody comes out to see him.

Natalie is alone with baby Liam telling her infant son that John will always be his daddy and he can see him whenever he wants. But maybe Mommy is better off without daddy since he will never forgive her. She wants to meet somebody who can make her happy. She tells Liam that she wants him to someday find the perfect woman who can love him and have the perfect relationship with. Right then, Shane enters, overhears the conversation and asks his aunt if perhaps the baby might be a bit young to be making these kinds of plans. And he admits he's clearly not ok to be seeing the obvious evidence that his dad lied about his reason for going to Brazil (finding Liam). He asks her if she has seen or heard from his dad. She admits that Rex is still gone and she is not sure where he is or what he is doing.

At the place where Gigi/Stacy is staying, she awakens from a dream startled when Cutter attempts to calm her and tells her she is just having a nightmare.

Rex is having a similar issue while sleeping with Aubrey awakens him and tells him all is well. But he knows that he has to call Shane right now.

Vimal and Rama are with Neela while she gets registered to take classes at the high school. She tells them she hopes that Jack manning will be taking them also.

While Shane is talking to Natalie in Viki’s kitchen, he tells her that he knows his dad was clearly lying to him by telling him he went to find Liam when Liam has been found. Right then, he gets a call from his dad who apologizes but tells his son he just didn’t want to get his son’s hopes up about something. He promises he will be back soon. Aubrey asks Rex if he’s ok. He tells her that Shane knows he’s still chasing after Gigi. But he knows there is some reason why he keeps having this dream.

Shane tells Natalie that whatever his dad is doing in Brazil will not bring his mom back nor make Jack Manning pay for what he did.

Todd enters Blair’s home and sees Jack coldly asking him why he’s there. He tells his dad that his mom has moved on with Tomas and nobody wants Todd there. Todd tells his son he knows that Jack not only wants to take over and ruin his business, he knows that Jack set the building on fire and could have killed people.

Vimal tells Rama that he is suspicious of Jack manning being around his niece. He knows that jack cannot be trusted. But she “reminds” him that Jack saved their lives when there was a fire. Neela then remembers Jack admitting to her that he did set the fire and asks them if they are really certain that Office Lovett and not someone else set the fire.

At St. Anne’s, Brody asks John if he’s doing police work to get Brody charged with kidnapping. John tells Brody he wants his former friend and former police colleague to get well first. Brody tells John that they both know that cops take an oath to uphold the law so he needs to know why John is really there. John tells him that the cops have ruled that the fire in Todd’s office was arson and Brody has been implicated.

Todd questions Jack telling him he knows what really happened. It’s not unlike Jack expecting his friend to take the rap for him for killing Gigi Morasco. He does not believe that Jack was the hero who saved people from the fire that someone else set to The Sun office.

Gigi awakens with Cutter near her bed and asks her if she wants to talk about the nightmare she had. She tells him she was stuck in a basement somewhere, yelling for help and no one answered. And when she tried to get help, the door was locked. And it got harder and harder to breathe. Hearing that, Cutter remarks (believing she’s Stacy) that that was not a dream. It really happened and it indicates she is getting her memory back.

Meanwhile, Rex admits to Aubrey that he’s been going over the hideous way jack and his friends trapped Gigi in a basement after luring Shane. She went in his place. The door was locked and it was too late when he got there to save her from carbon monoxide poisoning. She urges him not to torture himself with that. But he knows that there is something going on that is incomplete that he cannot give up on.

Gigi/Stacy looks just like Gigi and shows Cutter more and more that she has Gigi’s ethical and honest personality and not Stacy’s, feeling terrible for what Stacy has done to her sister and Rex.

Brody tells John he swears on Liam’s life that he did not set the fire. But John tells Brody that Vimal Patel suspects him and there is evidence stacked against Brody.

Meanwhile, Vimal tells Rama that he believes it was Brody who set the fire although she questions that.

Jack tells Todd he knows he wants to believe that Jack set the fire but he did not. And he knows that Tomas did not kill his dad even if Todd believes that Tomas did. Todd tells his son that even if he cannot prove that Tomas killed victor, they both know that Victor and their sick mother tortured and drugged him for 8 years ago and kept him from his family. And he wishes that his son would give him a break and stop blaming him for anything.

Natalie talks to Shane about the way things are going involving his dad and Jack Manning and the gun that he was going to use.

Brody admits to John that he had motives and was tempted to kill Victor. He believed that Todd did it and didn’t care what happened to Todd. But he would cause any human being to burn in a building no matter how much he dislikes them. And he urges John to believe him.

Todd asks Jack if he’s afraid of what he’s going to do with all the time he will have on his hands when he no longer spends it blaming Todd for everything. Jack tells him he needs to get to school. Todd suggests maybe when he’s done; he can come to The Sun and do some work for his dad. But jack tells him no way. He wants nothing to do with Todd and only sees him as the guy who killed his dad.

Shane tells Natalie that he is not ok with having to see Jack at school every day. Even though Jack is not bothering him anymore, it’s not ok with seeing that the guy who killed his mom is walking around free and uncaring. He tells her that nobody is harassing him anymore. Kids leave him alone and see him as a geek. She tells him he must know what they say about geeks that they will inherit the earth. She tells him that she knows his mom would want him to forgive the people who have done wrong. He admits that’s probably true. But he will never forgive Jack regardless.

Cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that she cannot trust Rex or Aubrey or Alex.

Rex tells Aubrey that wants Cutter to believe that he buys this crazy story that Alex told him that she is the Gigi lookalike. That way he can beat Cutter at his own game.

Cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that no matter what Alex intends to do to help him, he can never forgive her for abandoning him and his sister when they were children and causing his dad to blow his brains out. He regrets to her that this is the reason why he’s lead a life of being a con artist throughout his life. It was the only way to survive. She tells him she’s sorry and believes he deserves better than this.

When Rama and Vimal are talking about the very obvious possibility that jack could have started the fire, Jack and Neela talk alone. Remembering that he admitted it to her, he asks her if she really cares enough about him to promise not to ever tell the cops if they ever question her.

After Brody swears on Liam’s life that he would not start the fire and urges John to know he is not lying, John tells him he just wants him to take care of himself and hopes to see him again soon. Brody leaves. Right then, Natalie appears in front of John and they look at each other. She assumes he’s there to see Brody and tells him she wanted to visit him. He asks her how Liam is. She tells him he’s welcome to see Liam whenever he wants, but she does not know if she will be there. She walks away coldly.

At the police station, Rama talks to Aubrey on the phone asking her if she is hung up on Rex who is clearly not over his fiancé. She tells Rama that she realizes Rex is not ready for a relationship and they are just friends.

Gigi/Stacy tells cutter she knows he is a good guy even if he does not believe it. He wanted to help her when he did not have to do what he has done. Even if he had ulterior motives, he’s not like his mother. She knows he has a heart and knows that Aubrey broke it.

When Rex comes out of the bathroom and hears Aubrey hang up the phone to Rama after the discussion they had about him, he asks her if she is ok. She smiles and tells him she’s great although that might not be true.

John comes to meet with Vimal and Rama at the station and Vimal tells John that he has known for a long time that Liam was his and not Brody Lovett’s. He’s wanted to tell that to John for a long time, but Brody threatened him. And he believes that Brody had perfect motive to lock hi man drama in the building and set the fire. But John tells them he does not believe that Brody would have set the fire. Rama asks John in that case, who did? He replies that that is what he intends to find out.

At the high school, Jack urges Neela to know that he did set the fire but rescued Vimal and Rama and helped them get out. So, he urges her not to tell the cops he set the fire if they ask.

When Natalie goes to see Brody at St. Anne’s, he tells her how sorry he was. The last thing he wanted to do was lie to her. He wanted to start fresh. Yet when he found out Liam was not his, something inside of him just snapped. She tells him it’s ok. She understands but tells him it’s over between them. He tells her maybe for her it is but he is still in love with her.

At the station, John asks Vimal and Rama if they saw anyone else in the building before the fire. She replies yes. She saw Mr. Manning’s assistance and hopes that John will find out from her who really started the fire.

Jack tells Neela he is really glad she’s going to school at Llanview High.

Vimal and Rama leave John’s office. He thanks them for their assistance. Rama admits to John that Vimal is not the only one who owes him an apology for lying about the paternity test. She did too and needs to accept some responsibility and wishes John and his new family all the happiness they deserve. He thanks her for that.

John tells Natalie he knew that once she found out that John was Liam’s father, things would change so he does not expect her to return his feelings. But, he tells her, at least, maybe she and John can get back together. But she tells him that will not happen.

Neela meets Shane in their empty classroom. He notices she’s new and they talk courteously. But he reveals to her that if she is seen talking to him, she won’t’ be very popular because the kids see him as a geek. She tells him she doesn’t want him to feel that way. He tells her he hopes she makes new friends. She tells him she has already made friends with someone their age who goes to Llanview high. He asks her who. She replies Jack Manning. Hearing that, Shane is not happy.

When Todd’s assistant goes to the station, she informs Todd for the first time that Jack sent an email to the employees asking them to take the day off and leave the building. She does not suspect anything about Jack but clearly confirms to Todd that Jack did that before planning to start the fire.

At the high school, Neela tells Shane she believes that Jack manning is a good guy. But he tells her there is absolutely nothing “god” about Jack. She asks him why he says that. He tells her because Jack Manning killed his mother.

Aubrey attempts to help Rex get his shirt over his head. And they end up kissing.

When Gigi/Stacy encourages Cutter to know that he can be a good person and have reason to feel good about himself, he tells her he might be able to do it if she’s there for him. And they kiss.

Natalie tells Brody she and John know how much pain he’s in since he’s always wanted a family yet first lost Shane, then lost Ryder. Then he had to lose Liam. But he tells her that is still no excuse for what he did. He tells her that she cannot come by there to see him again. If he wants to start over, they have to say good bye.

John is then alone in his office remembering Natalie firmly telling him that they are through. They work together and have a son together. But that’s it.

Brody tells Natalie that she and John and Liam belong together and urges her to give Liam his family. She is not certain what to say or do hearing that.

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