OLTL Update Wednesday 11/30/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/30/11

Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Matthew in the hospital asks Destiny if she and Darren have gotten back together. Destiny explains that she has not gotten back together with Darren and has not gone out with anyone. Matthew wonders who's the father of Destiny's baby. She then tells Matthew that he is.

Clint is in Viki’s living room on the phone with Bo when he is told that Matthew is awake. He hangs up the phone happy and started yelling “Yes, yes” as Natalie walks in wondering what is going on. Clint tells Natalie that Matthew is back.

Back at the hospital, Nora tries to calm down Matthew who is breathing heavily. Matthew then says “I am going to be a father.” 

Todd asks Viki what she would think if she was the one to find the gun in Tomás’ room. Viki asks why Todd wants Tomás to be the one who killed Victor.

At the police station, John explains to Tea and Blair that the gun used to kill Victor does not belong to Tomás but to Dorian. Blair and Tea make sure that John is saying that the gun is the murder weapon. John explains yes and they need to figure out why Tomás had it.

Clint tells Natalie how Matthew woke up and is talking. Natalie is excited over the news. Clint explains that this is the best Thanksgiving in years. Clint then wants to throw a party and walks out to go tell Viki the good news. Roxy walks in thinking John talked to Natalie. Natalie asks Roxy what John was going to tell her.

John explains that it clearly looks like Tomás killed Victor. Tea and Blair demand they find Tomás before he is accused. John explains that he has the best of the LPD out there looking for Tomás and that it would help if they knew if he was innocent or not.

Viki explains that Todd would feel better if the blame for Victor's murder fell upon someone else and that is why he is blaming Tomás. Todd accuses Viki of thinking he did it. Viki says she is not and asks Todd if he notices that if Tomás did it, then everyone would be mad at him and it would help Todd out in the long run. Viki explains that Todd is capable of anything.

Nora asks Matthew is he is all right. Matthew wants to know why Nora would tell him that Destiny is getting fat. Nora says she was just trying to keep Matthew ok. Matthew asks Destiny about the pregnancy. Destiny explains that she told everyone that she was going to end the pregnancy. Matthew wonders why she changed her mind. Nora says she made Destiny change her mind so that she would have piece of Matthew if he'd died. Matthew tells Nora that thanks to her, he and Destiny now have to be parents.

Viki answers the phone and it is for Todd. Todd does not answer and Viki takes a message. Todd asks what it was about. Viki tells him that John wants to ask him some questions at the station. Clint walks in saying he has good news.

Natalie wonders what Roxy is talking about. Roxy thought she heard Clint say something about a party. Natalie explains Matthew woke up and asks what she thought Natalie had meant. Roxy thought John and Natalie talked. Natalie wants to know what Roxy knows. Roxy explains that its not her business but accidently tells Natalie that John still loves her.

Matthew tells Nora he is going to have a kid. Nora explains that everyone is there to help raise the baby. Matthew wants to know if Destiny thinks things are ok. Matthew who is mad at Nora now tells her that thanks to her they have a child after having sex only once. Nora thinks he should have thought about that before he had unprotected sex.”

Clint explains that they do not know how Matthew woke up and is so happy that he is all right. Viki and Clint hug.

Todd walks into the police station. John explains what happened. Todd answers everything with very short questions wondering if he had anything to do with it.

Natalie, who is smiling, asks Roxy what she just said. Roxy gets mad at herself for telling Natalie because Rex told her not to. Natalie asks if Rex knew too and also did not tell her. Roxy tells Natalie she was under a lot of stress but everything is going to turn out well. She then tries to run out but Natalie follows her and demands she tell the whole story. Roxy relates the time when Natalie had overheard John talking about their relationship. Natalie remembers this was months ago and that no one has told her until now. Roxy explains John did not tell her because of her relationship with Brody, but that everything can be good now. Natalie says that this is not good at all.

Viki and Clint almost kiss but she goes up stairs to call her other children about Matthew.

Natalie claims to have maybe rethought things if John had said something but he did not. Roxy explains that John was trying to respect her wishes. Natalie says that John still blames her for everything involving Liam.

Todd says he has told him everything and could not do anything to him. John asks how Tomás could have got the gun then and about how Irene knew all this if she was in jail. Todd asks if any fingerprints were found. Tea says the only finger prints found were Tomás’. Todd asks if this means Tomás killed his brother.

Nora says that it is fine that Matthew is upset, but it's his fault Destiny is pregnant, since both were not ready. Matthew explains that he did not come to her about Eddie Ford because he knew this is exactly how she would react.

Roxy explains that this is not how she pictured things happening. Natalie tells Roxy that John acts a certain way towards things. Roxy explains that John is a man of few words. Natalie then storms out angry. Roxy goes to talk to Viki about the issue.

Viki peeks out from the stairs at Clint and then tells him that the other children are thrilled to hear about Matthew. Clint wants to know what is bothering her. Viki explains that she is concerned with Victor's murderer.

Todd says that Tomás had an alibi on the night of Victor's murder. Todd asks Blair if she wants a ride home and they leave. Tea stays back.

Destiny tells Matthew he was hard on his mother. Matthew apologizes for what Nora did to her. Destiny explains that its ok. Matthew feels that she should have made the decision. Destiny tells Matthew that this is all real and she is ok and that she has moved back in with her parents. She tells Matthew that she is going to raise the baby and that he does not have to help. Matthew explains nothing has changed in their relationship.

Tea tells John they she is going to search the house. John tells her to get rest and that he is going to try to find her brother. Natalie walks in and stands silently in front of John. John wonders what is wrong.

Destiny tells Matthew that she is going to go call her parents and leaves the room. Nora says she is sorry for what happened and she loves him very much. Matthew says he loves her too.

Destiny is on the phone with her mother explaining the situation and justifies how things are going with him.

Blair and Todd walk to the front of Dorian's house. Todd explains things will work out. Blair tells Todd that she is sure that Tomás is innocent and that she is scared for him.

Clint takes Thanksgiving leftovers out of the oven for them to enjoy, he then pours wine and they toast to it. They discuss how everything is back to normal for the most part. Roxy almost walks in but sees Viki and Clint are happy and decides not to do anything to ruin the moment.

Natalie explains she is glad to see Liam because he is all that matters, and that them being good parents is all that matters. Natalie then tells John that they should just leave things the way they are. 

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