OLTL Update Tuesday 11/29/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/29/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While John has gone to help Blair find Tomas and Natalie is alone in the house with Viki, she expresses her concerns to her mom that John might get back with Blair especially now if Tomas is out of the picture. And she believes it’s entirely certain that it was Todd who made Tomas disappear. Viki tells her daughter she thinks that both of those theories are a bit of a “stretch”.

Right then, while Blair is alone and afraid of Tomas being gone for good, Todd takes the perfect opportunity to go and see her and attempt to console her. She cries on his shoulder. Yet he reveals to her that he “knows” something about Tomas that he doesn’t want her to know he knows. She demands to know what he just said. First he “promised” her that everything will be ok. Then he tells her that it’s entirely possible that a professional assassin did in fact kill Tomas. He talks to her about his theories. She tells him she can see that he’s being very supportive and asks why.

Natalie tells her mom they both know that Todd has been known to go to drastic measures not to lose Blair. He shot his own mother because of it. Viki tells her daughter that was completely different. It was self-defense. But Natalie remarks that there are too many coincidences that point to Todd.

When Matthew awakens in his hospital bed and notices that destiny looks pregnant, Bo and Nora attempt to distract him and not let him see or think that. Right then, the doctor enters and asks how things are. Nora then tells her son that she will give him and the doctor some privacy and leads Destiny out the door with Bo. Facing the two of them, Destiny asks them just what she should plan to do with telling Matthew the truth.

Starr, James, Dani and Nate are not far away in the hospital after hearing that Rick has been “injured” by them. They stand outside the door wondering what could have happened and concluding that it’s probably something minor and not worth worrying about. But when they walk in the door, they see Rick entirely covered in white bandages like a mummy. Nate wants to get out of there realizing they might be in “trouble” if they’re seen anywhere nearby. But Starr urges them all to face it. He sees them and yells that they have broken him and he may never walk again because of them. He has a neck brace and bandages all over his body as he yells to them that he will call the cops and a nurse walks in to hear him yelling that these 4 people tried to kill him and they should go to jail.

Destiny tells Bo and Nora that she thinks they should tell Matthew the truth. This is his baby. Doesn’t he have the right to know? Nora tells her of course and he will but he’s just woken up from a 6 month coma. So she doesn’t want anything to shock him. The last time a trauma occurred, this occurred for her son so she has to put his medical needs first until he’s out of the woods. But, Destiny asks Nora if the reason she is hesitating is because she doesn’t want Matthew to find out that she is the reason why Destiny is having this baby.

Tea admits to the cops that she feels a little queasy and tells John she wishes she had answers to his questions. She has no idea why Tomas might have hid the murder weapon in his drawers. But she tells John there is no way her brother would kill Victor. He would never do that to her.

Todd talks to Blair about how he’s turned over a “new leaf”. He tells her he’s actually turned over a “new branch”. He tells her although he does not care about Tomas, he cares about her. And he cares about Tea. He then distracts her and tells her that the two of them are tied together, if for nothing else, for the fact that they have children. He tells her if she cares about Tomas, then he does too and she must believe him.

Viki asks Natalie if it’s possible that she might be just a tiny bit biased. Natalie tells her mom she believes she’s being objective. Viki reminds her daughter that they will agree that Natalie does not like Todd. And given that Natalie is a forensics expert, she must know that you cannot accuse without evidence. Natalie tells her mom that may be but the timing is so coincidental regarding Tomas’ disappearance and Todd’s strange behavior and many other things that point to Todd. She tells Viki she hopes she’s right that Todd is innocent.

Tea tells John she needs to go with him to the station because she will not let her brother be railroaded for a crime he did not commit. John tells her ok and gets on his phone.

Natalie is in the kitchen telling her mom she knows that she loves her brother but wants Viki to be prepared just in case. She then gets a call from John asking her if she could meet him at the station. He informs her he’s found the murder weapon but has no further information for anyone. He leaves with Tea telling her that they need to find out who murdered Victor and testing the gun might get them closer to doing just that.

Starr protests to the bandaged (but completely lucent and chattering) Rick that the four of them had every right to do what they did after publishing all of the trash about them and the nerve of his alleging that she is sleeping with Nate. He tells her excuse him for making her look “interesting”. And he adds, it not as if he has much to work with. He talks about how he is ruined and may be impotent. Hearing that, James tells him he may relax as he knows Rick could not be as he slams a metal case on Rick’s “area” to see if he has any feelings there. They tell him that they did not touch him. But we see a “vision” of the four of them going after him with weapons and assaulting him. He demands that the nurse gives him a phone with a speaker on it so he can call 911 and get them arrested. But Dani asks what he plans to say about them when none of it is true.

Bo and Nora tell Destiny that their sole reason for waiting to tell Matthew that she’s pregnant is because Matthew needs some time to recover first. She tells them she understands. But Matthew needs to know that he’s going to be having a baby.

Todd asks Blair where the kids are and tells her that maybe they don’t want to be disturbed while watching a DVD since they’ve been without him for so many years. He then encourages her to go with him to Rodi's and maybe to their old snowy hill. We then relive an old scene, many years ago, when they got together one Christmas and argued while having fun on a snowy hill in the woods one night. She sounds like she has fond memories but tells him she needs to call Tea. Tea is at the police station with John when her phone rings and she informs Blair that although they did not find Tomas, they found a gun hidden in his room that is exactly like the one used to kill Victor.

John informs Natalie that he found a gun that is very much like the one used to call Victor in Tomas’ bedroom drawer. She goes to do the forensics check but John tells her they still have to talk. Alone with John, tea tells him she knows her brother did not do this.

Blair tells Todd she needs to go to the station to find out if the cops have found Tomas or what has happened. He asks if he can drive her. She tells him no. She will drive herself and be back soon. And he is ready to “plant the seed” in her mind that Tomas may have shot Victor and his hiding for that reason.

John notices the charm bracelet that he gave to Tea to ward off evil spirits. And she informs him for the first time that they are for the baby as she is pregnant with Victor’s child. He congratulates her and tells her that maybe he should take her home. But she tells him she needs him to realize that Tomas was very happy to find out about her baby and give her the charm bracelet for good luck. She knows that he would not kill Victor. What he wanted to do was find out who killed Victor. Right then, Blair enters and tells John maybe he needs to get back on the force, find Victor’s killer and realize they need him.

Viki asks Todd just what is up with him, knowing he has a secret.

The doctor informs Bo, Nora and Destiny that things look good for Matthew. More than likely, he will be back as good as new before too long. Destiny comes back inside and Matthew apologizes to her for “hurting her feelings”. He did not mean to imply that she looked like she “put on weight”. She looks great. He tells them that he recalls the story of rip van winkle. He remembers just about everything, he tells them, except what happened before he got hit. We hen relive, Nate walking into Matthew’s apartment after finding out that Mathew let him take the rap for killing Eddie when Matthew did it, decking Matthew and seeing Matthew fall to the floor.

Starr, James, Dani and Nate surround Rick in his hospital bed and tell him that they did not touch him. He’s lying. But, we see the “vision” of the four of them coming after him and trying to kill him. And he tells them that this is a conspiracy. A lawyer would love to go after them. And when he’s done, he will own Starr’s home and take all of their money. He later reconsiders and Starr attempts to persuade him to retract his story.

Right then, Matthew recalls to his parents that he now remembers Nate hit him. He hit his head and that’s why he’s in there. But Bo encourages his son to breathe and confirms, with Nora that they know all about it. Nate came to them and said he was very sorry so they agreed not to press charges. And Nora informs Matthew that they really could not press charges because if they did, then everything would come out about the very reason why Nate hit him. He was upset about his father. Matthew then remembers that he killed Eddie and is so sorry for putting his parents in that position. Destiny stands by while Bo and Nora tell Matthew that they don’t want to get him stressed, want him to rest and will talk more about everything and tell him everything later. They have to get on the phone and tell everybody the good news. Destiny then tells Matthew she needs to get going also. But he wants to talk to her and find out what has been going on at school. And right then he can see that “something” is moving in her stomach and she is, in fact, pregnant. She then confirms that yes she is.

At the police station, Blair and Tea admit that it’s odd that Tomas did not turn the gun into the police. But before they can continue their conversation, John appears and tells them he’s back on the force yet still has no answers.

Viki tells Todd that she’s heard that Tomas is a very reputable fellow. But Todd smugly tells his sister that Tomas is pretty shady, while he helps himself to food from her refrigerator. He reminds her that he worked with Irene and reminds her that he’s “tried” to give Tomas a free pass and the benefit of the doubt. But too many things are leading to Tomas with the gun found in his dresser drawer.

At the police station, Natalie announces to Blair and Tea that she ran the forensics check on the gun and found out that the gun was registered and used by Tomas Delgado. She tells them there is no mistake, she double checked. But Tea tells her there must be something wrong. Her brother is not a murderer. So she wants to go home to her baby but John tells her they want to talk. Right then, John gets notification that the trace report indicates the gun does not belong to Tomas. It belongs to Dorian. So it’s the one that Todd took from Dorian’s safe the night Victor got killed.

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