OLTL Update Monday 11/28/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/28/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John is ready to talk to Natalie after realizing it’s been a very long time. But he gets a call form Tea. He then concludes that it can wait. Tea is with Blair admitting that she needs to find Tomas. They know that he’s missing and must do something. B lair asks Tea what she thinks happened to Tomas.

Todd appears in Viki’s kitchen remembering confronting Tomas on the docks to tell him that he knows that Tomas killed Victor Lord. Tomas told Todd that he knows that Todd has been through a lot of trauma and might not be thinking clearly. But Todd told Tomas that the whole world knows that Tomas is a cold blooded killer and as soon as Tomas’ fingerprints are on the gun, it will be known that he killed Victor. Right then, Viki appears, notices her brother looking stunned and spooked and asks Todd what is going on.

Destiny is with her family for Thanksgiving. While her parents, Shaun and Vivian are all talking and happy, they see she is distracted and not talking. She tells them she was just texting Nora but has not gotten a response.

Right then, Bo and Nora are ready to leave Matthew’s hospital room but are shocked and horrified to see that the machine indicates their son is going into cardiac arrest and will die if something is not done right away. A nurse rushes in to attempt to revive him while Nora urges them not to give up on her son. She cries while Bo holds her. The medical staff rushes in their attempt to save Matthew although they are worried it could fail.

Mrs. Evans serves the Thanksgiving dinner to her husband, son and Vivian who are all responding. But Destiny knows that something is going on. Mrs. Evans says grace giving thanks to God for all he has given them and their family and most of all for the fact that He has brought their Destiny home. But Destiny whispers to her mom that they have to include Matthew. Her mom then asks God to bless the Buchanan family and protect their son, Matthew.

Right then, the doctors inform Bo and Nora that Matthew is back. They tell their still unconscious son that they won’t give up on him. While we hear Mrs. Evans acknowledging that Matthew needs to come back for his parents and for Destiny. But the doctor sees that there is a complication. Matthew has not responded to outside stimuli in months. But we hear Matthew call to his dad and open his eyes for the first time.

Tea tells Blair that Tomas left to follow a lead yet wouldn’t tell her anything else and she’s worried. She apologizes for snapping at Blair and asks if the kids are ok. Blair admits that Starr and Jack know something is going on and Sam is too young to discuss that with her. Tea knows there is something wrong with Tomas being out of contact for this long> Blair then concludes that she will call John knowing he will not ignore her phone calls.

Natalie tells John that she realizes that even if Liam is their son, she knows that it does not change things between them. She is not going to assume that they have a future together. But they do have a son and she believes they can raise him together without any drama. He then wants to say something but gets a call from Blair. Natalie encourages him to take it. Blair tells John she’s so sorry to be bothering him right after Thanksgiving but Tomas is missing.

Viki notices that her brother has broken a plate in her kitchen and he has not been there for dinner. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her that Tomas Delgado is what is wrong. She then asks her brother what is going on between himself and Tea’s brother. He does not answer but she tells him that they are not going to do this again remembering all too well the way Todd shuts down and hides things that are bothering him under the rug. She tells him he must know she’s not going to stop asking so he might as well tell her and she asks him what is up with Tomas. He replies that Tomas is with Blair. She asks how he knows that for sure. He then remembers overhearing Blair declaring that she wants Tomas and not him.

Blair tells Tea that John is on his way and everything will be ok. But Tea reminds Blair that John is no longer a cop and may not want to help them. But Blair tells tea they must know that John will come through. She reminds Tea she has to eat because she’s pregnant. Tea asks what kind of a life her child is going to have without a father or uncle if they are both dead before her baby is born. But Blair urges Tea not to think like that and have faith that Tomas is alive and well and will be home soon. But, she realizes she regrets waiting so long to declare her feelings for him.

When John ends his phone conversation with Blair, he declares to Natalie that he doesn’t want to leave her or Liam. But she tells him she will take care of Liam while he takes care of Blair. She will be fine. He leaves and Natalie indicates that she would still like to be a priority to John.

Vivian urges Shaun to eat his mom’s favorite pie. But Destiny asks to be excused even though she has not touched her desert. She reminds them that the next train to Philly leaves soon and she wants to catch Bo and Nora. But Shaun asks his sister why she didn’t tell him she wanted to go to Philly because he could have taken her. She admits she does not know but want to be close to Matthew.

Bo urges the doctor what they can realistically expect with Matthew. They’ve gotten their hopes up before for nothing when he’s woken up temporarily and Bo needs to know if they are going to lose their son again. The doctor admits to Bo that he cannot say at this point. They just need to do some tests and they will know more and must take it one step at a time. He then asks Matthew of he knows where he is, who he is and who is surrounding him. He seems lucid and aware of his parents, the doctor and the hospital bed. But the doctor realizes that since Matthew’s been asleep with his eyes closed for a long time, it will take a while to adjust to light. He tells Matthew to get some sleep. But Bo urges him to tell him what is happening. The doctor says there are no guarantees but things look good. Nora then encourages her son to know that this is the best doctor and the best facility he could ever be in. He asks them how long he was out. Bo then admits that he’s been unconscious for 6 months.

At the Evans house, Shaun and Vivian tell his parents about Tina and Cord getting married all of a sudden. Vivian informs Mrs. Evans that Viki and Dorian pulled strings. Shaun tells them that Tina and Cord have been together for many years and have kids together. They’re not rushing into anything. But Mrs. Evans talks about how the Buchanans jump in before thinking realizing that Natalie just jumped in with her engagement. She remarks that Shaun and Vivian have been together for a long time yet not ready to rush in too soon. Vivian then admits that she and Shaun had a long talk about marriage but she concluded it’s not for her. Mrs. Evans then asks her if she is not fully committed to her son or sees him as not good enough to marry.

Viki tells Todd she is so sorry and knows losing Blair to another man must be breaking his heart. He then remembers Tomas urging him to think about what he’s going to do because this moment will define him for the rest of his life. He can either become the man whom Viki, Starr, Tea and Blair want him to be or he can be his mother’s son; a true psychopathic murderer. Right then, Natalie comes down the stairs and tells them she’s just going to get a drink out of the refrigerator. Viki tells her daughter she thought that she and John were together. Natalie answers that they were until he got a call from Blair regarding Tomas Delgado being gone. Right then, Todd reveals his guilt and shame as he hears that.

John goes to meet with Blair and Tea who tell him they have not seen or heard from Tomas in days and have no way of knowing where he could be. John then remembers Bo telling him that there is suspicion that Todd is behind some of the secretive things that have been going on including this.

Viki is surprised to hear that Tomas is missing when Natalie informs her that Tea and Blair have called John. Todd tells his sister and niece that it doesn’t surprise him with Tomas’ shading dealings.

John asks Blair and Tea if they have contacted any of Tomas’ friends or family. Tea admits that they have contacted Sebastian but he has not heard from his father. Blair remembers contacting Tomas’ friend, Claude but only got his voice mail. Alone with John, Blair admits to John that she is worried and needs John to find him.

Vivian tells Mrs. Evans that her issues with marriage have nothing to do with marriage. She had these issues before they met. She is completely committed to Shaun and a ring and legal commitment won’t change it. And she tells her that her own parents had a miserable marriage and forced themselves to stay together. And she doesn’t want a situation like that. Mrs. Evans tells her then she must not create it and asks if Vivian is implying that couples who are married for a long time have bad marriages. She then gets into an argument with her husband who tells her that maybe Vivian has a point about not wanting to be pushed into marriage.

Bo and Nora attempt to get Matthew “up to speed” remembering all that has happened and assure their son that everything will be fine. Right then, Destiny walks in and is stunned to see that Matthew is awake. At that point, she drops a pie that she’s carrying, on the floor.

At the Evans household, they get into pie fights over their arguments about marriage.

Destiny rushes to surround Matthew with Bo and Nora. She tells him that his mom helped him with all of her college essays and was great. Nora tells her son that destiny is a fighter just like him. But they then realize that he has yet to know that he got Destiny pregnant.

Viki reflects that Tea must be worried about her brother. Natalie remarks that Blair appeared worried and demanded that John leaves. Todd overhears and walks out the door. Alone with Viki, Natalie tells her mom she’s “sorry” she ran Todd out. But she wants to get along with her uncle and everyone now that they are all going to be living together since she and Liam are back. Viki then admits to her daughter that Todd is upset because he wants Blair back and is afraid he’s lost his chance since she’s “officially” with Tomas. In response to that, Natalie concludes that now Tomas is “officially” missing, remarking what a coincidence that is.

John and a uniform cop go to look for clues in Tomas’ bed room. Blair waits alone on the steps in Dorian’s house. She relives sleeping with Tomas and declaring that she wants to start seeing Tomas and that he is the man she loves. She urges him to please come back to her. At that point, the doorbell rings. She rushes to get it but appears “disappointed” to see Todd at the door.

Destiny remarks that it’s hot in there and is ready to take off her coat but Bo and Nora realize that if she does that, their son will be able to see that she is pregnant. And sure enough, Matthew asks her just that.

At the Evans house, Mrs. Evans laughs and apologizes to her son and to Vivian for getting angry. And she concludes to Vivian that she (Vivian) has the right to make her decisions as she sees fit. That’s her business. She makes Shaun happy and that is all Mrs. Evans wants as well as grandchildren. She just wants her son and his girlfriend to be happy and come home every once in a while. Vivian concludes that she is comfortable with Shaun’s family realizing that they are a good family and not like the one she grew up with. They all laugh and admit they are happy.

Natalie tells her mom that she cannot deny it’s a very weird coincidence that just after Todd becomes devastated to have lost Blair to Tomas, Tomas suddenly disappears. Viki asks her daughter if she really believes that Todd would “do” something.

Todd goes to see Blair who tells him he is welcome to see the kids. But he knows she is upset about something and wants her to know if something hurts her, it hurts him too.

John and the uniform cop to through Tomas drawers to thoroughly inspect everything and uncover an odd looking object.

Blair tells Todd that Tea is worried about Tomas. And she knows that Tomas would not have chosen to disappear without contacting her first. She is worried that something could have happened to Tomas. And Todd holds her to console her.

Right in Tomas’ dresser drawer, John discovers the very gun that was used to kill Victor.

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