OLTL Update Wednesday 11/23/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/23/11


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Matthew is shown sleeping in his coma; his voice is heard discussing how he got in the coma. Bo and Nora walk in and wish him a Happy Thanksgiving. Nora explains she has turkey sandwiches as she did not have enough time to make anything else. Bo says this is fine. Matthew from his head says ďNow where would we be without family today?Ē 

Jessica and Bree give ford a cheer.

Brody goes back to St. Annís Matthew explains in his head that Brody really wanted a family.

Shane and Viki are in the kitchen cooking dinner. Nigel walks in doing his job and Roxy walks in and tells Nigel to sit down because he shouldnít be doing anything that could harm him. Clint walks down stairs and asks what he can do to help. Roxy asks Clint to demand Nigel to stay off his feet. Clint responds with thatís impossible. Viki tells Clint that there daughter and grandson will be there and they have a lot to be thankful for.

Jessica, John and Liam walk in the front door of Vikiís house and Natalie explains how she is so happy they were able to get Liam back.

Matthew is shown again and in his head he explains that it will be one Thanksgiving no one will forget and that he can promise.

Nora reads a letter from Rachel. Bo explains to Matthew that he lost his job and that Nora hit the mayor to defend her. Nora explains the mayor deserved it she then has a thought of what if the mayor ends up like Matthew.

Brody in the hospital talks to someone he knew in the hospital.

Bree asks Jessica why she kissed Ford. Jessica tells her because Ford is her brotherís father. Ford explains that people only kiss each other when they really like each other. Jessica explains that she is going to take Bree over to Vikiís house to see Natalie and Liam. Bree asks if she is still mad at Natalie. Jessica does not have an answer.

Natalie watches John hold Liam. Natalie is not sure if she is ready to see her family, she then asks if John still plans to leave town.

Clint wonders where Natalie is with the baby. Shane asks Roxy if Rex was in Rio to find Liam then why isnít he back.

John explains he is not leaving Liam and then Viki and Clint walk in the living room. Viki and Clint make a huge fuss over the baby.

Nora asks what she was thinking. Bo says he has a way to make Nora feel better.

Shane asks Roxy if he wants to spend Thanksgiving with them. Roxy tells Shane he does but he couldnít get a plane. Shane says itís too warm for bad weather. Roxy says the volcano is the issue. Nigel asks why Roxy would keep lying. Roxy says that he thinks he saw Gigi again.

Natalie asks how Nigel is to Viki, Viki explains he is good. Natalie then asks if Jessica is coming. Viki explains she does not know, Bree then walks in and asks if Liam has come home yet. Jessica says she is glad Liam is ok; Natalie asks if she can talk to her for a minute. Everyone leave the room but Ford and the two girls. Natalie says she is sorry for not believing Jessica, and asks if Jessica can ever forgive her.

Nora talks on the phone with the mayor, telling her to get medical attention to make sure she is ok then tells her to go to hell.

Jessica tells Natalie she did not believe her. Natalie tells Jessica it was a very hard to believe story. Jessica asks how they got Liam back; Natalie says Brody just gave up.

Clint walks down the front stairs to find Shane sitting sad, Clint asks what is bothering him. Shane says that Roxy lied to him about where his dad was he is afraid Rex cannot get over Gigiís death. Clint tells Shane that Buchananís are stubborn and it takes them a while to get over things.

Natalie tells Jessica that Brody is at St. Annís.

Clint says that Rex wants to hold on to anything and everything to keep Gigi alive. Shane asks if this will go on forever. Clint says it will eventually stop. Clint apologizes for not being a good grandfather to Shane.

Jessica walks outside; Ford follows and asks if Jessica is ok. Jessica says she is not she is worried about Brody because they met at St. Annís on thanksgiving three years ago. Ford says itís ok if she wants to go visit him.

Nigel says sorry for not being able to protect the baby. John tells him it is fine he did everything he could. Nigel then leaves to set the dining room table. Roxy tells John he looks so much like Liam. Roxy asks what happened when John told Natalie he loves her. John says he didnít and Roxy asks if he is going to.

Viki asks Natalie if she worked things out with Natalie. Natalie explains she is still not sure where she stands.

Roxy wants to know why John has said nothing and demands John go tell Natalie he loves her.

Jessica walks in to find Brody at the hospital. Brody wants to know why he is not there. Jessica says because she remembered when they met.

Bo talks on the phone with David, and asks David to talk on the phone with Matthew because he was the one to have him wake up the first time. Bo says that Matthew is not responding, and tells him good bye. Bo asks Nora if she is ok. Nora says yes but she it is just hard because of the holidays.

John tells Roxy it is not simple just to tell Natalie he loves her.

Natalie tells Viki ever since they found Liam he has not said anything about them. Viki explains they have not even had enough time to absorb this and that they all need to take some time to get used to the situation.

Clint tells Shane that he did not treat Shane right and he regrets it. Viki walks in and listens in. Clint tells Shane he is going to do better and be a father to Rex and grandfather to Shane. Viki asks Clint if he is ready for dinner.

Viki walks in the living room again and asks where Jessica is. Ford says with Brody. Viki tells Ford she is so happy that he is going to have dinner with them.

Jessica tells Brody he lost more than one child. Brody says that Jessica does not have to do this. Jessica tells Brody that he has been her rock.

Viki tells Nigel they are going to eat in the living room. Clint tells Nigel that he is not going to serve them after what he had did, but they are going to serve him. Viki thanks everyone for being there for different reasons and says there are some people who should be there but they are missed. And the only person who should be her but is not is Gigi because she brought them her heart and thanks her. She wishes everyone a happy thanks giving.

Bo makes a toast with Nora about everything that is going on in their life.

Ford puts Bree to sleep on the couch. Jessica walks in.

Shane shows a picture of Brody to Brody and Brody thanks Shane for coming.

Viki holds the wish bone and Clint and her then start to break it.

John tells Natalie she is happy to have seen Liam fall asleep again and that now is the time to talk.

Nora tells Matthew he loves him, Bo says he will see him soon. Bo and Nora then start to walk out of the room when Matthew dies.

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