OLTL Update Tuesday 11/22/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/22/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Todd gets Tomas to meet him at the docks and Tomas shows Todd the gun that he believes that Todd used to kill Victor, Todd smirks at him and agrees that that is the gun in question. But he (Todd) did not use it to kill Victor. Tomas asks him in that case who did. Todd replies that it was Tomas that killed victor. Tomas tells Todd they both know that is not true. He asks Todd if he’s thinking clearly realizing that everybody knows Todd has been through a lot of trauma. Todd reminds Tomas yes. Because of him. And, he tells Tomas, when Tomas’ fingerprints are found on this gun, everybody will know the truth.

Bo and Nora are happily together now that Natalie has found baby Liam. But the Mayor is on the warpath ready to get Bo fired and take Nora down with him.

At the clinic, Alex reminds Cutter that when he was a little boy she called him butterball. He does not want her to call him that and tells her they need to get out of there before Rex finds Stacy. IN the other room, Aubrey is urging hospital staff to give her vital records that she needs although it’s against hospital policy. From outside, Rex listens at the door.

Nate goes to see Dani telling her he hopes she does not “kill” him and tells her that this is not his fault.

Right then, James goes to see Starr. She’s happy but remarks that he looks like he’s going to kill someone. He admits that that is pretty well correct... He then shows her a tablet with Rick’s new sleazy porn video that it appears Starr has agreed or Rick wants her to agree to produce with him.

While Tea and Blair are at home waiting for their men, they realize that things might not go as smoothly as they hope regarding finding Victor’s killer.

Tomas pulls a gun on Todd after Todd tells him he knows that everything will work out “just great”.

Starr reads the review about how Rick made both her and Dani are producing sleazy videos and that Dani is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and ready to dump Nate ever since he made the porn video. They write that Starr is messing around with Nate, her baby sister’s boyfriend and characterizing Starr as a skank. And the article goes on to say that Dani and James are out in the cold while Starr and Nate are messing around behind their respective significant others’ backs.

Starr urges James to not believe that she could possibly cheat on him with his brother. Dani tells Nate she trusts him and doesn’t care if somebody would write untrue statements about him. He tells her he still feels disgusted. At that point, the 3 of them conclude that the only human being who would write something so sleazy would be Rick.

Alex tells her Cutter and Gigi/Stacy that she has no worries that she’ll be able to pull off whatever her son wants and remarks that compared to some of the “endeavors” she’s had in her life, this is Childs play.

In the other room, Aubrey tells the plastic surgery office manager/nurse that she wants to get a breast implant to surprise her boyfriend. And she’s heard that this doctor is the best. She asks if there is any literature to look at. And right when Aubrey manages to distract the woman, Rex attempts to pick the lock and find out what is going on behind the door.

The mayor announces to Bo that he is fired.

Tea admits to Blair that Tomas has not been exactly “forthright”. He has had some secrets and tells her he just wants her to be safe. Blair then admits that she had a similar conversation with Tomas. Hearing, that Tea remarks that she was surprised that Blair and Tomas were not “busy with other things”.

Tomas pulls the gun on Todd and tells him that this is all about what Todd did to Tomas’ sister’s husband. He tells Todd that nothing he can do is going to change anything. It will not get Tomas convicted and it will not get Todd Blair. So Todd better fess up, he tells Todd.

Aubrey consults with the employee about breast size recommendations when Rex makes enough noise to distract the woman and she goes to call the cops. Right then, Rex barges in the door to confront Cutter and demands some answers.

The mayor tells Bo and Nora that the LPD needs better police investigation than this failure to find Victor Lord’s killer. Nora tells the new mayor that Bo was the best thing that ever happened to the LPD. The mayor then tells Bo he can keep his job if he simply makes an arrest.

Tomas holds the gun on Todd and tells him that he knows that Baker won’t cooperate with him. But Todd tells Tomas that Baker won’t bite the hand that feeds him. Tomas holds the gun on Todd while Baker holds the gun on him.

Tea tells Blair she knows that Tomas has been spending the night with Blair and assumes that’s why her brother’s bed was not slept in the previous night. Blair confirms that she and Tomas have sorted things out. He’s been very patient. They finally made it official, Blair tells her. And she could not be happier.

Todd tells Tomas that he and Baker are asking nicely for Tomas to give Todd the gun. Tomas then drops it, Baker knocks him out and asks Todd if they should proceed.

Rick appears and tells Starr and James that he wrote this trash about the four of them. Dani and Nate rush in and demand to know what is up with that. Rick tells them he had to think of something besides waiting for “little miss goody two shoes” to do the film the way he wants. He then asks Nate and Dani if they are really breaking up as he hopes.

Tea affirms to Blair that she believes that any man would be lucky to have Blair. Blair asks her if she believes her brother is the exception. Tea tells Blair she wonders if Blair really wants her brother and won’t consider going back to Todd. Blair protests that she loves Tomas. But Tea questions whether that will last. She tells Blair she needs to admit that she loves Todd too.

After Baker has knocked Tomas out, Todd asks him what the hell he did that for. But he helps Baker tie Tomas’ hands behind his back. Tomas then asks Todd if he thinks that all Tomas brought for protection was a gun. He knows how to cover his tracks better than that.

The new mayor asks Bo what he has to say about getting his job back by making an arrest. Bo reminds her that her that if they do that again, they will fail in another murder investigation just like they did with Eddie Ford. She remarks that Nora is the reason Bo got fired. The DA’s office keeps preventing him from making an arrest. Nora then concludes to the mayor that the very reason why she wants to fire Bo has nothing to do with the Victor Lord murder investigation or her campaign. It’s because she’s always had a “thing” for Bo and is jealous of the fact that he chose Nora over her. She tells the mayor she’s a vengeful, uptight, lonely woman. The mayor then slaps Nora. Nora slaps her back.

Rex and Aubrey find Cutter who has hidden Gigi/Stacy as well as his mother. They tell him they know about his scheme with some woman who looks just like Gigi. Aubrey tells him she knows that he wants to tempt Rex into thinking he can get Gigi back so that Rex will fork over the Buchanan money to him. Cutter tells Aubrey one thing he always loved about her was her wild imagination. They notice “someone” with white bandages over her face and tell Cutter they are onto him and his “friend” who looks just like Gigi. Cutter protests that he will not let them upset this woman who is in a very “fragile state”. In response to that, Rex asks him if he means anything like the state of mind his son was in when Cutter and his friend who looked just like Shane’s mother showed up at their Halloween party and attempted to pull their little scam. Aubrey then asks Cutter to “allow her”. She goes over and unravels the white bandage from the woman’s face. Rex observes what is in front of him and is shocked. He notices Alex and is very surprised to see her in a wheelchair and asks if this is for real. Aubrey asks Rex who this woman is. He replies she’s Clint’s former mother in law and certifiable lunatic and demands to know what she’s doing there. Cutter then tells Rex and Aubrey that Alex is “phantom Gigi”. And she admits that she’s always wanted her share of the Buchanan money. She would have had her share if Rex had not cornered her and David Vickers a while back. And she tells Rex and Aubrey that she and Cutter were working together to scam the Buchanans by making Alex look like Gigi. Aubrey notices what she looks like and asks who in their right mind would believe that she’s Gigi. She asks Rex if he’d buy that for a moment. Rex does not know how to answer that. Gigi/Stacy then hides and overhears them.

When Bo and Nora are alone, she admits she cannot believe she “clocked” the mayor and wonders if the mayor will file assault charges against her. She tells Bo she feels responsible for losing him his job with that. But he tells her that his job was gone the moment that woman took over the mayor position and he’s not going to be angry.

Tea tells Blair that she thinks that she (Blair) should be able to answer the questions about whether she still has feelings for Todd. Blair protests that Todd is the father of her children and has been a very big part of her life for a long time. But it’s over. Tea tells her that her “enthusiasm” about Tomas is not entirely convincing. But Blair protests that they both know all too well that the last time Blair “trusted” and wanted to have a relationship with a man, he turned into a serial killer. So she asks Tea to excuse her if she wants to “take some time” before becoming emotionally committed to someone else she has known for only a short time. She tells her that she’s ready to start over and have a new beginning with Tomas. Tomas reminds Todd and Baker that Claude is a witness who knows what they did. Todd and Baker then inform Tomas how they “motivated” Claude to give them what they need. He first assumes they are lying but then demands to know what they did to his friend. Todd and Baker assure Tomas that Claude will be fine as long as he adapts to his “new life” as Baker’s “guest”.

Dani tells Rick that nobody is breaking up with anyone. He tells them that they can just do it temporarily. Starr tells him that they do not need the drama and the cause for gossip. But he tells them that people don’t want to see what is really happening in people’s lives or to know the truth. He asks if anything anybody sees in the media is real. He tells them that people crave a story and that is what they are going to serve them up. He tells them without a torrid tale of boyfriend swapping, then they will have to have some other crazy thing to cause Starr to have a breakdown. He tells her she should be grateful to a forward thinking producer like himself.

When Rex notices Alex, he sees that she looks similar to Gigi. He tells Aubrey he appreciates all of her help. But he realizes he’s been chasing after Gigi ever since she died. He was hoping he’d get some satisfaction from doing this. But these two losers are not worth confronting. He declares that he does not want to “see” Gigi ever again. From the other room, Gigi/Stacy listens and appears like she does not want that to happen/.

Bo gets ready to pack up his stuff and walk out of his station. She walks out with him. Outside his office, all the cops are standing in formation and salute him.

Starr declares to Rick that she’s so lucky to have a low life scum like him as her producers so she knows it cannot get worse. She then asks James, Dani and Nate to join her. They all grab household items to assault him with and run him out of the house.

The employee at the plastic surgery clinic calls the cops and have Rex, Aubrey, Cutter and Alex removed. Alex looks like Gigi. Cutter smirks. Aubrey tells Cutter she is not going to let him pull any more stunts. She takes Rex outside and tells him that he needs to know that this story that Cutter and Alex gave him sounds like total crap and if he buys it, they will just find another same to go after his family’s money. He tells her that he does not buy that but only wanted them to believe that he did. Inside the room, Alex tells Cutter and Gigi that she will be there for them if they need her and gives them a way to get in touch with her. Outside the room, Rex assures Aubrey that he doesn’t believe for a moment that Alex is the same “Gigi look alike” that he saw in the airport. Whoever that woman is, she is still there and probably in Llanview and he must find her.

Bo and Nora get ready to leave the station realizing that he is out of a job unless somebody finds a suspect. But that will not happen unless the murder weapon turns up all of a sudden.

Tea tells Blair she is sorry and did not mean to give her the third degree. She loves her brother but just hopes that he is incapable of hurting her the way he has hurt her and her family. Blair tells Tea that what Tomas did many years ago may be in the past and people change. Bu Tea tells her what she is saying is she wishes she could trust her brother.

Baker and Todd tie Tomas up. Todd tells Baker he needs proof that Tomas is alive or else the cash flow stops. Tomas tells Todd every time tea asks where he is, every time the cops doubt his guilt and every time Todd notices that Blair wants him (Tomas) instead of Todd, Todd will have to realize what he did. Todd concludes to Tomas that he can live with it. Tomas tells him he doesn’t have to. He can stop this right now. But Baker protests to Todd that if he does, it will mean Todd goes back to prison and he urges Todd not to listen to Tomas. Tomas tells Todd what he does now will define him for the rest of his life. He tells Todd that either he becomes the man that Viki, Blair, Starr and Tea want him to become or Todd proves that he is truly his mother’s son. Todd listens intently while Tomas tells him that he will become just like his psychopathic mother.

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