OLTL Update Monday 11/21/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/21/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brody is on the run with baby Liam ready to leave his sister’s home after she’s told him he better be gone before she gets back. He gets ready to go out the door and flee to Canada, but John and Natalie appear. She is very happy to see the baby is ok, but John tells Brody it’s “over now”.

Rex and Aubrey are flying to Rio de Janeiro where Cutter and “Gigi/Stacy” have gone.

Cutter runs into his long lost mom, Alex Olanov. When she attempts to “explain” to her son why she abandoned him and his sister and ruined their lives, he is ready to strangle her in Dr. Fascinella's clinic.

Dani and Tea are talking about the fact that Jack has taken over The Sun and is going too far.

Blair is on the phone affirming to a “pleased” Dorian that it’s official. She and Tomas are together. Starr walks in to overhear her mom and is shocked.

Tomas goes to the docks after hearing that Louie wanted to meet him. He calls for Louie but sees Todd. He asks Todd if he killed Louie like he killed Victor.

Brody pulls a gun on John and Natalie and tells them nobody is going to take his son away from him. No one. John tells Brody he’s not going to hurt anyone and urges him to put the gun down. Brody holds baby Liam while John tells him he knows that Brody would never want to hurt the little boy in his arms. Brody says yes. He loves his son and his son needs him. Natalie tells him that his son needs his mother and urges Brody to give Liam to her. He tells her he knows if he puts his gun down, John will take Liam from him. John tells Brody that he will remove his gun from his pocket and tells Brody he will put it down on the table and now needs Brody to do the same.

Gigi/Stacy finds Cutter attempting to strangle his mom and tries to stop him.

Tea is working up to telling her daughter that she is pregnant when Dani guesses it. She asks if her mother might be “seeing” someone right after her dad died. Tea tells her daughter no. She’s 3 months pregnant with Victor’s baby. She did not tell anyone because she first did not believe it when she was late and wasn’t certain how she would tell anyone.

Starr demands to know when she would tell Starr or her dad that she plans to see Tomas. Starr asks her mom if she even attempted to talk to Todd and give him a chance before going forward without telling him. Blair tells her daughter she attempted to but Todd got angry and flew off the handle telling her that Tomas wants to frame him for the murder of Victor. She tells Starr that Todd should realize that nobody is making that accusation of him. She has been dealing with Todd’s anger and rage and irrational behavior for too long and can’t go back to dealing with it again. So she has chosen Tomas. Starr asks her mom if she really knows if she’s doing the right thing.

At the docks, Tomas tells Todd he knows that Todd killed Victor and made the gun disappear by throwing it in the Llantano River. Todd then pulls out the very gun in question and asks Tomas if he means that gun. He tells Tomas that this gun is registered to former Mayor Dorian Lord. Tomas tells Todd he knows. Todd took it from Dorian’s safe and took it to shoot his brother to death. Todd asks Tomas what is wrong with him. Is torturing him for 8 years and keeping him away from his family enough? He knows that Tomas wants him out of the way so that Tomas can have Blair all to himself.

Starr angrily asks her mom why she did not have the courtesy to even tell her dad that she plans to start seeing Tomas and not consider him. Blair tells her daughter it was none of Todd’s business. She has made her decision. But Starr and her dad will have to accept it.

When Dani finds out that her mom is pregnant by Victor, they both cry happily now that it’s like having Victor back.

Rex and Aubrey arrive at the clinic and he tells her he bets that Cutter put this woman up to having surgery to look just like Gigi. She tells him she doubts that Cutter would have any “incentive” to do that and why if he did, would he go somewhere with someone who looks just like Gigi instead of persuading her to stay in Llanview where he could “use” her the way Cutter likes to use people as she knows all too well.

John persuades Brody to put his gun away. Brody tells John that this does not mean that he’s going to give up his son. John tells him he knows but would like to talk. Brody asks about what. John replies about Liam. Brody tells John that Liam is a miracle. Liam saved him. When he “lost” Ryder, he wanted to die and the only thing that kept him sane was Liam... He never meant to hurt Natalie. When he heard the tape of Marty saying that Liam was not his, it knocked the wind out of him and very near killed him. So he erased the tape and destroyed the evidence. But he found out that Victor knew and threatened to expose the secret. Brody tells them he remembered Blair asking him for police protection to Victor since Todd was threatening to kill him. And all the while, he wanted to do the same thing Todd wanted to do and wondered which of them would do it first.

Todd tells Tomas that he knows that Blair only wants him (himself). Nothing has changed. He and Blair have a history and kids together. Tomas tells him he does not plan to take Todd’s kids. Todd tells Tomas he won’t take anything from Todd. The only reason Blair slept with Tomas is because she wanted to be distracted. And, he tells Tomas, after tonight, he (Tomas) will be “off the case”.

Blair asks Starr if she has a problem with Tomas. Starr tells her mom now. He’s nice and smart and cute and loves Tea and Dani. But whenever she sees him, she thinks of the man who kept her father away from her for 8 years. Blair tells Starr she knows and understands but wants to move forward with Tomas.

Tea and Dani cry together about “keeping her dad alive” through her mom’s new baby.

At the clinic, Alex asks Cutter what he and Gigi/Stacy are doing there. She tells him he does not need to “settle the score” with her and tells her she knows that he’s done very well for himself. But he tells her he will not let her get away with what she did to him.

In the other room, Aubrey asks Rex why Cutter would want to take a woman who looks just like Gigi all the way out there. What good would she be to him there? Rex then tells Aubrey that he’s been believing a hoax since Gigi has been dead. He even got her grave dug up. But she encourages Rex to believe that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel with this. Right then, Cutter and Gigi/Stacy walk out the door to see that Rex and Aubrey are right behind them and he wants to make certain that Aubrey does not see him and Rex does not see Gigi/Stacy. Cutter then pulls Gigi/Stacy back in the room so that they cannot be seen. But she panics wondering how or why Rex and Aubrey would be there to find them. Cutter then tells his mother if she wants to make it up to him, here is her “chance”.

Rex tells Aubrey that he keeps seeing too many messages telling him “Don’t Give Up” that have nothing to do with Cutter. So, he’s afraid he could still be losing his mind. She tells him that she does not think he’s crazy but knows when someone loses someone they love as much as he loves Gigi, it might cause him to take drastic measures.

Brody tells Natalie and John that he thought that he could live with the lie and have the life that they both deserved. He would have her and his son. When she walked down the aisle, he tells her, she looked so beautiful. He felt like he worked so hard and went through so much to finally have what he’s always wanted. But then Tina had to rush in and show them the document that ruined everything. And then when everybody got distracted, he snuck back to the house and Nigel caught him with the baby. He had to do something so he regretfully knocked Nigel out because he did not know what else to do. He feels terrible. Nigel is the nicest guy. He asks them if they forgive him. She tells Brody of course she knows he’d never mean to hurt anyone.

Tomas reminds Todd that he cannot justify or minimize the fact that Todd killed his brother. This is murder. Todd tells Tomas that everything is great in his life. The only problem he has is him (Tomas).

Natalie tells Brody she cannot judge him since she’s been in his shoes. When she got the paternity results that said he was Liam’s father, she did not tell anyone. Not him. Not Jessica. Not John. She was afraid if she’d “told John the truth”, she’d lose him. She was afraid that Jessica would never forgive her. She justified herself that all the lies were out of love. But in the end, she realized she just did it for herself. She tells Brody he is a terrific guy and she knows he’s been hurt. She knows that they can get past this. He asks her if she really can forgive him for what he did.

Cutter tells his mom that he is afraid that Rex Balsam and Cutter’s ex-girlfriend are on the warpath for him. She tells him she knows Rex Balsam and does not think highly of him. He tells her if she really wants to make things up to him, she will help him and his friend get out of this place before Rex and Aubrey catch them.

Blair tells Starr that she feels good about her choice to move on with Tomas. Starr asks her mom if she still loves her dad.

Dani tells her mom that Jack was just “being Jack” talking about “scar face” killing her dad. Tea tells her daughter she knows that it's not true and would have never defended Todd in court if she believed that. Jack is just missing Victor. Dani tells her mom she just wishes they found out who really did it. Tea tells her daughter that her uncle Tomas believes he “has a lead”.

Todd tells Tomas that he thinks Tomas knows what he’s willing to do in order to protect himself and protect the people who love him. Tomas asks Todd if he plans to shoot him. Todd tells Tomas no. He does not plan to shoot Tomas. And he doesn’t know why they are having this conversation since he did not kill Victor.

Brody confesses to John that they were friends. Yet he lied to John’s face and wanted to keep the truth from him and Natalie. John then confesses to John that he behaved in a similarly irrational way when he go the test results that said Liam was Brody’s. He shut Natalie out and would never forgive her nor admit that he loved her and drank and got himself very emotionally messed up. So he knows what Brody is going through.

Blair tells Starr she will always love Starr’s dad because he gave her Starr. Starr adds that he also gave her Jack. They realize that Jack has problems and Blair reminds her daughter that Jack would go off the wall if she got back with Todd. Starr tells her mom that maybe if she got back with Todd, it would “force” Jack to change his ways. Blair tells her daughter that she is not seeing Tomas as a way to motivate anybody to see or do anything and wishes that her daughter could be happy for her.

Tomas asks Todd why he thinks he’ll get away with murder after the police find the murder weapon and talk to Louie. Todd reminds Tomas that that won’t lead them to Todd. Tomas asks Todd then what is his explanation for how Victor got killed. Todd tells Tomas that he (Tomas) killed Victor. He knows that Tomas is the killer.

Cutter and Alex are brainstorming a way to escape from Rex and find a way to pull off the scam he wants to pull off. She seems to want to help her son. In the other room, Aubrey is determined to help Rex find the answers he wants.

Brody cannot let go of Liam, telling Natalie and John that all he ever wanted was a family. He keeps trying and trying. But it never happens. He cries when he reflects that he lost Shane. He lost Ryder. And he will lose Liam too. He holds his infant son and tells him that he’s afraid he’s failed him. He sobs and realizes he has to let Liam go. He tells Liam he will always love him but realizes Liam is not his. He faces John and acknowledges that John is Liam’s father. He then gives Liam to John who holds him. Brody appears distraught while Natalie and John happily hold their baby.

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