OLTL Update Friday 11/18/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/18/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Aubrey accompanies Rex on his flight to “find” Gigi and chase after Cutter. He wonders why she wants to get involved. But she is confident that she can make herself useful.

Right then, at the plastic surgery clinic, Cutter is stunned to see Alexandra Olinoff. Gigi/Stacy asks what is up. He tells her that that is his mother who abandoned him when he was a kid.

John and Natalie are at the station, on the computer in an attempt to find Brody.

Brody then arrives in Niles, MI in what appears to be his family’s home, with baby Liam.

Tomas is on the phone attempting to “investigate” Todd.

Todd then goes to the docks to meet Baker. Baker appears and tells him he has a plan in motion that will get Tomas Delgado “out of the way”.

Tea walks in on Tomas while he’s on the phone and tells her brother she knows what that phone call was about.

Todd tells baker he doesn’t want Tomas dead but wants him out of the way and believes Baker knows how to do that as Baker assures Todd he can.

Tea tells Tomas she notices that his bed was not slept in last night. And she reveals that his “secret” is that he spent the night with Blair. She tells him she’s glad he got what he wanted and that Blair chose him.

Rex asks Aubrey why she wants to help him and how much this may have cost her. She tells him she has enough frequent flyer miles. He tells her that he knows that she knows better than anyone what Cutter is capable of. She tells him that one reason she is doing this is because of Roxy who told him that friends don’t let friends go and chase ghosts all by themselves. She and Rex are friends and she’s worried about him.

Gigi/Stacy asks Cutter if he is seriously telling him that his long lost mom is actually in this room standing right in front of her. He tells her he can tell regardless of what the plastic surgeon did that she is his mom. We then see Alex angrily threatening to throw a law suit on the doctor who ruined her face. Right then, Cutter approaches her and tells her she is not going anywhere. She asks who the hell he is. He replies he’s her son.

Brody holds baby Liam and tells him they cannot let anybody find them. He realizes the baby misses his mom and admits he misses Natalie too. But Cutter inquires what choice he had after learning about the paternity test. Yet he knows that the test means nothing. Right then, out of nowhere, it appears somebody is standing over Brody and ready to knock him out. And he tackles them to the ground.

At the station, John accesses Brody’s bank records while Natalie remembers the plan he had to save up first to buy a house with Jessica and then later with her. And they see that he’s accessed $45,000. They recall that he grew up in Niles, MI. His family lives there and Nadine owns a house there. Natalie recalls that last she heard, Nadine was in prison so how could she own a house?

Nadine has found her brother and is ready to hit him over the head with a cast iron pan before discovering that he’s not an intruder. She welcomes him and the baby home and appears courteous but he remembers she “should” be in jail. She then remembers that her brother was supposed to be getting married a day ago and asks him where his bride is.

At the clinic, when Cutter finds his mother, Alex, she tells him he must be mistaken that she’d be anywhere near old enough to have a son his age. But he remembers that she abandoned his father when he was a child and took off with all of his father’s cash, got into her red convertible and drove off into the sunset. At that point, she appears worried and tells the staff that they need to activate the panic button because they have a “very unstable young man” here.

On the flight to find Gigi/Stacy and Cutter, Rex tells Aubrey that at the airport, right before he saw “Gigi”, he also saw a message on a video screen that he keeps seeing and that a psychic told him she was saying to him that was: “Don’t give up”. He asks her if she thinks he’s crazy. She tells him no. what she thinks is that he’s in love.

Tea tells Tomas that what she thinks about his seeing Blair is that she’s happy for them and approves but she knows there might be issues with Todd being “jealous”.

At the docks, Baker tells Todd that they have found the perfect person to help them do what they want to do to Tomas Delgado. And right then, the guards bring in Tomas’ friend, Claude looking as though they’ve beaten him up in order to “motivate” him to cooperate with them.

While talking to Tea, Tomas reveals that he does not want her to “feel sorry” for Todd. She asks him what that is supposed to mean.

At the station, John and Natalie brainstorm about what could be involved in Brody and the money and meeting up with Nadine in the house that she owns.

At the house, Brody explains to his sister that he just wanted to get to the house right away before the pipes freeze up. And Natalie encouraged him to go ahead without her and would later meet up with him in Chicago. She find it odd however that he’d have his honeymoon with a baby, tells him she knows he’s lying and asks him what he is not telling her.

On the flight, Rex tells Aubrey that there’s no way anybody could look that much like Gigi and not be her nor is there an explanation why he keeps seeing the message: “don’t give up”. But she tells him there might very well be an answer they can find out as soon as they find Cutter.

Alex tells Cutter that she thinks he’s a very attractive but a very troubled and delusional young man. She’s sure that he and his sister and “that man” whom he says she abandoned are doing ok. He then informs her that his father blew his brains out. At that point, she breaks down crying and confirms that she is his mother.

Tomas tells tea he finds it funny that Todd believes the only reason he wants to find Victor’s killer is because he’s afraid Todd is interfering in Tomas’ love life. He then tells his sister that he is committed to finding her husband’s killer. She then remembers that she has yet to tell him she is pregnant with his new niece or nephew and Victor’s baby. He’s happy while she cries and tells shim that Victor is gone but will live on through this child. Tomas hugs his sister.

At the docks, Baker’s men surround Claude to get him to tell them information about Tomas that Todd wants.

At Nadine’s home, there’s a knock on the door. Brody urges his sister not to give him up. But she reminds her brother that she just got out of jail and the cops can make a lot of trouble for her if they find out she’s hiding him. He goes to another room with the baby. Nadine opens the door. The cops identify her and ask if she’s seen or heard from her brother.

At that point, John and Natalie leave together ready to pursue their lead with Nadine and the house in Niles, MI. She tells the cops that she has not seen or heard from Brody and believes he would never come here with a baby as that is the last thing he’d do if he was in trouble. IN response to that, they tell her if she hears from her brother to contact them. They leave. Brody has overheard and tells his sister how grateful he to her for that. She angrily tells him she does not want to do this and demands to know what has happened to him. She never thought he’d stoop so low as to kidnap a baby.

John and Natalie board a plane where she tells him she’s been having a recurring dream where she gets up and finds an envelope on her kitchen table that tells her that he, instead of Brody, is Liam’s father.

Rex tells Aubrey that the odds that they will find Cutter are pretty remote. But she tells him she’s confident that they will. Right then, she asks a stewardess for some cards. She shuffles while Rex asks her why she wants to play cards. It seems she has a plan.

Alex attempts to tell Cutter that she had her reasons for doing what she did and always cared about him. But he tells her he knows she never once checked in on the family she abandoned. She admits she never knew that his dad, Willie, shot himself. He tells her that she never made any attempt to check in on his dad or her own son or daughter. She asks about “Aubrey”. Overhearing that, Gigi/Stacy asks if Cutter was not sleeping with Aubrey. Alex then cries and asks if she has caused her kids to commit incest. He tells her no. Aubrey was his sister and not his girlfriend.

At the docks, Todd silently listens to Baker telling Claude that he’s going to make a phone call to his friend, Tomas Delgado. Tomas asks what if he refuses. Todd comes over and tells Claude he needs to make the phone call and Bakers tells Claude that’s good advice. He should listen to Todd.

Tea tells Tomas that she only found out she was pregnant days ago, still has not told Dani and still cannot believe it’s real. He tells her even if this child’s father is gone, he will be there for him or her and for her. And, he tells his sister, he wants to celebrate. She laughs and tells her brother she will then get a bottle of champagne for him and a non-alcoholic beverage for her. As soon as he is alone, his phone rings. Claude tells him he needs to meet him at the docks. But Claude warns him to “be careful”. The captors overhear that and demand to know if Claude wants to rat them out. Todd sides with Baker and the captors. But Claude tells him both he and Tomas know that Todd killed his brother and are now setting a trap for Tomas. Todd asks the captors to get Claude out of there. Bakers stands beside Todd and they are “partners in crime”.

At the house, Tomas tells tea that he got a lead and has to leave. They will celebrate some other time. He then gives her a baby bracelet that they both remember they got from their parents as a good luck charm to protect them from evil. He happily tells her that he knows her baby will have all the luck needed. He tells her he will see her soon and goes out the door.

On the flight to find Brody, Natalie tells John that she feels responsible for all that has happened. But he tells her she cannot blame herself, reminds her they are almost in MI and promises they will get their little boy back. She puts her head on his shoulder and he holds her.

Brody protests to Nadine that he does not want to involve her in this. But he’s in a desperate situation where people are threatening to take his child from him. She tells him she feels for him. But there’s only so much she can do when the cops could nail her if they ever found out she’s aided and abetted him. She tells him if he goes now, she will tell them she’s never seen him. He tells his sister he never meant to put her in this position. She asks what about Liam’s mother. Is he sure he wants to take her kid from her. He tells her he never intended to hurt Natalie. She tells him she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She will go out and get cigarettes and needs him to be gone when she gets back.

On the flight, while playing cards with Aubrey, Rex admits that she’s “good”. She tells him she thinks they both have all the skills and savvy they need to find out what Cutter is up to and unravel this whole mystery about this woman Rex has been seeing who looks just like Gigi.

At the plastic surgery clinic, Alex urges Cutter to know that she did not mean to abandon him. She tells her son that she believes that he and his sister were better off without her. He asks her if she really believes that he and Aubrey were better off unloved and penniless and unable to even get their dad’s life insurance since he committed suicide. She tells him she would like to make it up to him and wishes he would let her tell him about the difficult life she’s had. She thanks him graciously and goes out the door. Gigi/Stacy then asks him if he’s really sure he wants to go through with this.

Alone in the house, Tea observes the charm bracelet that hers’ and Tomas’ father gave them as a good luck charm. She remembers that their father was never superstitious and never believed anybody needed luck.

Tomas enters the docks where Todd is and asks somebody to come out. Everybody else is good but Todd appears and faces him.

Alone in the clinic after Cutter’s mom has left them alone, Gigi/Stacy tells him she will be there for him in case he needs back up. He tells her that he’s waited for this moment for a long time and then goes to talk alone with his mom. He tells her that the reason he wants to talk to her is not to let her apologize and make it up to him but for something else. And he attempts to choke her.

Rex and Aubrey arrive not far away and she tips him off that she knows when Cutter flies and takes a cab, he always finds the oldest cab driver figuring that they will be least likely to remember anything. And they somehow know they will find Cutter and the “mysterious woman” somewhere in a clinic. But they wonder why.

Brody is alone in Nadine’s home after she’s left and tells baby Liam that they have to find somewhere safe where nobody will find him. They come face to face with “somebody” who catches them.

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