OLTL Update Thursday 11/17/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/17/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica and Robert Ford have spent the night together in his apartment and look happy the following morning while in his kitchen. But he asks her if she really has no regrets.

Rex is at the airport with Natalie who has found and gone home with John. Rex has talked to Brody and is unaware that he’s kidnapped baby Liam. But right then, he comes face to face with Gigi and yells her name. Cutter is right then with Gigi/Stacy yet it appears she wonders if there is not “something” that will prevent her from leaving. Shane comes back from a trip and Aubrey is there to pick him up and take him home since, she tells him, his father was unable to and is busy. He asks her if “something happened” to his dad. She replies no. Everything is ok. She did not mean to scare him but needs him to gather his stuff and meet Roxy at Llanfair. But he tells her he knows that something is up and asks what it is. She then informs him it’s about his cousin Liam. Somebody has kidnapped him.

Natalie and John are then at the station where he is making calls to find Brody and the baby.

Clint is alone in the bedroom after finding out. Viki enters the room with baby Ryder and asks Clint what is up. He tells her it’s Liam. He’s gone.

Shaun meets with Destiny at the hospital and tells her all of the things she needs to do for her pregnancy including diet and sleep and many other things.

Jessica replies to Robert Ford that she has no regrets at all. She kisses him and confirms that last night was amazing. They get into talking about Clint finding out that they are together and her assuring him that he need not worry. But before they can finish talking, she gets an “alert” on her cell phone.

Viki gives baby Ryder to Clint who puts his infant grandson to bed. He assures the little one he will be safe and tells Viki it’s so great when they are young and innocent and haven’t a care in the world. She admits that she is stunned to find out that John is Brody’s father instead of Brody. That Brody has known about it yet lied. She wonders what could be going on with Brody with the fact that he has the baby. Clint admits he doesn’t want to imagine what Brody could be capable of after he knocked Nigel out.

Roxy is in the other room with Nigel taking care of him remarking about how it amazed her to find out that John was Natalie’s baby’s father and not Brody and talking about the crazy people involved in the lie about Liam like Marty and Brody. She tells him she has to stay there for when Shane comes home. She tells him he’s a hero and has guts to be unafraid of Brody. He tells her he does not feel like a hero to know that the baby has been taken. But she tells him he need not worry because John will bring him home soon.

John calls Rex to the station after finding out he’s seen Brody and asks him what happened. Rex replies that he did not see Liam with Brody but indicates that he had an “urgency” to get on a plane. Natalie is there in the room and asks her brother what is “up” with that. He tells her that he knows he “saw” Gigi in the airport read to get on a plane.

Right then, Cutter encourages “Stacy” to come out and remember who she was before she lost her memory.

Shaun notices that Destiny is eating burgers and junk food and asks her why. She tells him it’s “what the baby wants”. But he demands that she instead eats health food. He reminds her that she will soon be a mom and has to be more responsible.

Viki calls Jessica and urges her daughter to come home. Jessica asks her mom what is going on. Viki tells her she doesn’t want to discuss this on the phone but something terrible happened.

Roxy wants to take care of Nigel. He reminds her that the two of them haven’t spoken much. She tells him they talk all the time. But he tells her they have not spoken in a long time about “them”. She then casually tells him that they are “over”. She then reflects that that when they were together, she got a “sweet hotel” with the deal. She does not regret it.

Rex wants to help Natalie and John find Liam but Natalie knows that he wants to find the “mysterious woman” with Cutter.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she has to get back to her family. It appears that it’s “come out” that John is Liam’s father instead of Brody. Brody has freaked out and disappeared with the baby. And the thing that really worries her is that Brody did not “just find out”. He’s known that John is Liam’s father for quite some time.

Rex asks Natalie if she does not want his help finding her son. She tells him she just thinks he needs to take care of himself. He protests that he is not “sick”. But she tells her brother that she can clearly see he is distracted. She tells him that John and a team of cops are there and it’s not crucial that he helps them. And she asks him to tell her about “this woman” whom he saw with Cutter and whom he believes looks exactly like Gigi. She urges him to go and get some answers although he tells his sister he cannot leave her when her son is missing.

After Aubrey informs Shane that it appears Brody had kidnapped Liam, he recalls that not long ago Brody kidnapped him and accidentally shot Rex. At that time, he did not know that Rex was his dad at the time so he was only worried about Brody. He believed throughout his entire life that Brody was. Hearing that, Aubrey is listening intently and asks Shane just when he found out that Rex was his dad. He tells her not long ago. He realizes he was not courteous to Rex at first. And by the time he was able to tell his mom everything he wanted and needed to tell her, she was already brain dead and could not hear him. Aubrey then assures Shane that she knows that wherever his mom is, she heard him.

Gigi/Stacy and Cutter arrive at Dr. Fascinella's clinic but she tells him that nothing looks familiar. They then go into the room where an employee admits she did not work at the clinic when “Stacy” had her surgery. But when she looks at Stacy Morasco’s files, she appears to see something “noteworthy”.

Viki and Clint enter the room and Roxy asks what the word is. Viki admits that they have yet to find John. Clint tells Nigel he has to rest and does not expect Nigel to work. He reminds him that nobody can eat so Nigel better lie down and rest. He tells him that he is a member of the family and needs to know that. Viki and Roxy talk about the situation and Jessica encourages Viki to let Jessica be there for her sister.

When Robert Ford hears that Brody kidnapped Liam, he tells her he cannot picture Brody losing it and doing off the deep end. He always thought of Brody as being completely in control. She tells him that he is that way much of the time but she remembers when he was in crises, not long ago. That is when they met. She informs Robert for the first time that both she and Brody were at St. Anne’s. He was suffering from PTSD. He had just gotten back from Iraq and had this thing about wanting to protect a child because he was responsible for the death of a little boy. She tells Robert that she should have done something and been there to stop it since she knew about the DNA test. Hearing that, Robert tells her that it’s not her fault and there’s no way she could have known. He tells her that Nigel was there and got knocked out and if she was also there, she could have been in danger. He tells her she must know that this is not her fault and is one of those things that could not have been prevented. It sucks but it’s what one has to deal with. He assures her that sooner or later they will get Liam back and it will be ok.

Rex goes to the airport and tells Shane he needs to talk to Aubrey alone. He informs her that he saw Cutter on a flight to Brazil. She asks why Rex would want to follow him. He replies he saw Gigi with Cutter.

Gigi/Stacy and Cutter are in the waiting room hoping to see the doctor soon so that she can get the plastic surgery. A “notable” woman walks out of the room, sits beside Gigi/Stacy and remarks how Dr. Fascinella “ruined her face”. She shows her the scars and tells her she looks like the bride of Chucky. But Gigi/Stacy cannot see it and doesn’t see anything wrong. But the woman tells her that she knows that Cutter must be able to see how terrible it looks. Cutter looks at her and is speechless and stunned.

At the airport, Aubrey tells Rex that she does not believe there’s any way he could have seen Gigi. He knows that Cutter wants to scam him and Rex should not listen. Rex then finds Shane and tells him he needs to go away for a while and needs his son to stay with Roxy. Shane tells his dad ok but can clearly tell there is “something going on”.

At the hospital, Destiny protests to her brother that she does care about her baby and resents his telling her otherwise. He tells her he knows she will be a great mom. But, she tells him, with Matthew gone and having to do all this alone, it’s scary. He assures her she’s not alone. She has him and their parents. He has her back and they are all pulling for her.

Robert Ford declares to Jessica that she and Ryder mean the world to her.

Viki tells Roxy she wishes Natalie would come home. There’s only so much she can do at the police station. But Roxy reminds Viki that “their” daughter is made of something strong which she gets from Viki. Viki tells Roxy that Natalie gets her high spiritedness from Roxy. Roxy tells Viki she believes between the two of them, they made a “good kid”.

Natalie and John find out that they got a “false lead” on a child that in no way fits the description of Liam. She tells him that he must know that Brody is a masterful Navy SEAL who knows how to disappear and do a lot of things. What if they have lost Liam for good? He tells her they will find Liam. He tells her that nobody taught Brody how to go on the run with a child. John tells her that he (himself) was trained to fight anyone. He tells her she needs to go home and get some sleep. She asks if he believes she could sleep. He tells her that he has found Liam after he was kidnapped before. She tells him she cannot go home and be asked every second if she is ok because she is not and cannot go home until she can bring Liam home.

Jessica comes home with Robert Ford and tells her parents she wants to be there for them. Robert offers Viki his condolences. She is courteous to him. Jessica and Robert go up the stairs together to see Ryder. But Roxy is able to observe and bring to Viki’s attention that Jessica is wearing the same clothes she had on the previous day when she went to Robert’s apartment. Right then, Aubrey enters and Roxy demands to know what is going on with Rex. Aubrey tells her that Rex believed he saw Gigi with Cutter. Roxy asks if Cutter intends to set a trap for Rex and reminds Aubrey, coldly, that it was because of her that that scum, Cutter Wentworth came to town in the first place. Aubrey tells Roxy she knows and she is sorry. Roxy asks her if she can really say she’s sorry if she set Cutter loose and nobody can tell what kind of trouble Cutter can get into.

At the clinic, far away, the “mysterious woman” is very upset that she believes her surgery ruined her and makes her look terrible. She confronts the secretary about some criminal ruining everything. Cutter then admits to Gigi/Stacy that he thinks he knows that woman.

At Viki’s, Clint is on the phone demanding that contact do something to find his grandson. Right then, Shane enters and appears uncomfortable around Clint who attempts to be “friendly” to his grandson. Shane calls his “grandfather” Mr. Buchanan and tells him he need not talk to him. But Clint tells Shane he’d like him to call him grandpa or at least Clint. He tells his grandson that he is part of the family. And tells Shane maybe he can help him with something. Shane asks his grandfather what. Clint replies to his grandson that when Shane’s Aunt Natalie comes back, she will obviously be very upset. So he asks Shane what he thinks maybe they should do. Shane replies maybe put away things that could break. He knows Natalie likes to throw things. Clint affirms that he knows that about his daughter, Shane’s aunt and asks Shane what else he can think of and smiles.

Upstairs, Jessica and Robert are both so grateful to have their son safe and with them. She tells him she cannot imagine what John and Natalie are going through. He tells her neither can he.

At the station, John appears to have gotten a lead as to where Brody is.

Aubrey finds Rex at the airport and tells him she needs to come with him to help him with what he needs to do. He asks her what she thinks she can do. She replies that if he wants “answers” from Cutter, she is the only person who can help him.

At the clinic, Cutter and Gigi/Stacy find out that the woman he believes he knows is Alexandra Olanov. Cutter appears shocked and reveals that she is his mom.

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