OLTL Update Wednesday 11/16/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/16/11


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Blair and Tomás are in her room discussing the aftermath of their sexual encounter. Tomás wonders if Blair has any regrets. Blair responds with none. Tomás is now convinced that Blair loves him and lies in bed with her. Blair explains that Todd is nothing to her but the father of her children.

Todd stands at the dock to find the CIA agent he has blamed everything on.

At The Sun, Vimal wonders when he can leave after the fire has been put out. The officer explains that someone set the fire. Vimal gets confirmation from the fire fighter that The Sun building was deliberately burned down. Vimal wonders who would do this. The fire fighter explains says that Jack would know the answer.

Rex finds Stacy assuming it is Gigi at the airport. The flight attendant closes the door before he is able to talk to her. Stacy stands on the other side of the door with a sad look on her face.

Natalie and John walk down to the Lord house to find Nigel on the ground passed out but still breathing. Natalie runs into the nursery to discover that Liam has been taken from the crib. John wakes up Nigel and tries to find out where Liam is. Nigel explains that Brody did this.

Brody holds Liam at the airport and explains to him that they can go anywhere they want to, far away. Brody gets tickets for Liam and him to go to Sydney, Australia.

Cutter wonders what took Stacy so long to get on the plane. Stacy explains that Rex saw her. Cutter tries to figure out if Rex actually saw Stacy. Stacy explains there is no way he did not see her.

Rex begs the flight attendant to open the door so he can see Stacy who he is convinced is Gigi. Rex continues to try to get them to open the door.

Brody is stopped by a security guard. The security guard turns out to be an officer and needs assistance on handling Rex.

Nigel explains how Brody stole Liam, and how he would not allow him to do anything. John tries to find out where Brody is. Nigel wonders why Brody would confirm Liam being his son. Natalie says that's because Liam is not Brody's son.

Jack asks how the fire fighter would know if he burned down the office. Jack tells everyone he can go find his father if he has to. Rama explains that he is a hero. The fire fighter tells Vimal that someone might have been trying to kill him and Rama. The fire fighter asks if Vimal and Rama have enemies. They explain no one would harm them. Vimal then realizes there is one person.

Todd explains to Agent Baker that he could have killed him if he wanted to now and now that he has money he is ok. Baker tells Todd that Tomás is trying to take it all away from him.

Tomás tells someone on the phone that he needs proof that Todd killed Victor, Blair walks in. Blair sits on the bed and wonders who Tomás was talking to. Blair pours a glass of wine.

Rex tells Brody to open the door because Gigi is on the plane. Brody explains Gigi is not on the plane. Rex begs Brody to open the door. Brody explains that Rex will be let go but the plane has left. Brody finds that he is a flight risk and the flight attendant goes to find Security. Brody walks off. Rex apologizes to the flight attendant. He explains how he thought the person was Gigi. He then gets a ticket to Rio.

Stacy wonders what her old life was like when Cutter knows everything. Cutter explains that people are unreliable in his life. Cutter explains his family life to Stacy about how bad it is. And how his parents used up all there money going after each other and his father died from a broken heart and depression. Stacy wonders how Cutter dealt with his family after his father’s death. He explains how he would continue to find Kim time after time. Cutter explains you can't count on people.

Todd wonders why Baker assumes Tomás is coming after him. Todd then explains that he could have the funds to run the agency twice as well as when Irene was alive. Baker wants to know what Todd wants. Todd wants him to go after Tomás because he is going after Blair. Todd gives Baker a brief case full of money to kill Tomás.

Jack admits to Neela that he set the fire when he thought the building was empty.

John gets every police officer to look for Brody. Nigel apologizes for what happened with Liam. Natalie assures him that it is not his fault. John tells Natalie that Brody is wanted for questioning for setting fire to The Sun. John gets a call saying Brody is at the airport.

Rama and Vimal find his sister and says they can leave. Vimal explains to Neela that she cannot run away but she can stay with them. Rama tells Vimal not to call John until Brody is gone.

Blair wonders if they are at risk because of Todd. Tomás tells Blair to trust him. They then start to kiss.

Todd tells Baker not to kill Tomás. Baker wants to know what he wants him to do then. Todd makes the deal with Baker to get rid of Tomás.

Stacy apologizes to Cutter and wonders what happened to his mother. Cutter explains he does not know.

Rex finds out he will have to wait until tomorrow to get on the plane.

John and Natalie go after Brody. Brody walks into a door and tells Liam that he will find them a place to live.

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