OLTL Update Tuesday 11/15/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/15/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the airport, Cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that he knows she does to want to go to a foreign country and get cut up with more plastic surgery. But she asks if he cares about her or only want her to do what will be “profitable” for him. He tells her that maybe if he helps her get her face back, her memory of who she was (Stacy) will come back. He tells her he wants to reform his ways. But she does not seem to buy that.

At Natalie’s wedding, after the “bombshell” has been dropped about Brody lying to her about being Brody’s father when John is, she breaks down crying and telling her parents that it’s all a lie.

Brody goes to find baby Liam and holds his infant son. He tells him that he is not really his biological father and is not going to marry his mom. But he wants to take care of him and love him forever. But now it looks like John will be his father just like Robert Ford turned out to be Ryder’s.

Jessica talks to Robert Ford about her situation involving Natalie’s paternity test. He does not want her to leave and kisses her> but she admits she’s confused. She does like him and believes he’s a good guy, unlike the way he used to be. But she’s not sure what they should do regarding their “relationship."

Rex wants to take Natalie home or to find John before it’s too late. But Bo tells her that she needs to give John the document so that he has proof.

Right then, John is at the airport reliving when Natalie almost left and he prevented her from leaving by admitting that he loves her and they got back together. That was also the night they conceived Liam. John then hears the announcement that the flight to Seattle is leaving now.

Shaun holds Tina’s dog and talks to Vivian about how maybe they are making the right choice in taking their time.

Clint asks Tina why she feels “bad” for Brody when he lied to Clint’s daughter after cheating on his other daughter. She tells him that she knows Brody loves Natalie and loves Liam and this is a terrible thing that happened to him. Nora and Bo admit that they have mixed feelings remembering that there have been lies in their relationship. Viki admits that she’d like to wring Brody’s neck for lying to Natalie but she feels for him and understands that he did not set out to hurt anybody.

Robert Ford tells Jessica that they now have time to think. And that’s good. They can talk about this. He likes where things are now. They are going to be raising Ryder together for the rest of his life so he doesn’t want to risk their friendship and be unfair to their son. She admits that she is amazed that he is not pushing sex on her. He tells her that maybe it’s about Natalie and Brody and how they have a problem wither telling the truth.

Brody sits alone with baby Liam and tells him he knows that it was not cool for him to willfully lie to Jessica and tell her she’s crazy for seeing a document that he knows she saw and is true. But he does not care about DNA. He loves Liam and knows his son loves him regardless and that’s all that matters. So, he admits that maybe he wants them to “get out of there together”.

Tina, Cord, Viki, Clint, Bo, Nora and Roxy are together in the other room. Tina talks about all of the wedding preparations that are going to waste. She tells them she just wanted to make it up to Natalie and look what happened. Viki assures her sister she did the right thing to let Natalie know the truth. So they wonder if there will be a wedding after all.

Rex and Natalie go to the airport and he waits for her while she attempts to run after John. Not far away, Gigi/Stacy is ready to leave and Cutter is helping her do what she wants to do. Right then, Natalie rushes to call to John. He turns to see her and looks surprised.

Shaun and Vivian announce to Bo and Nora that they are taking off. He holds the dog and tells Nora that his sister, Destiny told him that she helped her with a college essay. He thanks her for her help with his sister. She tells them that she wants Destiny to have a good future and knows Matthew would want that also. He graciously tells her he knows her son will get better soon and he will welcome Matthew into his family.

Cord then gets down on one knee and proposes to Tina again while Viki, Clint, Bo, Nora, Shaun, Vivian and Roxy stand to hear them.

Cutter tells the ticket attendant that he and Gigi need two tickets to Rio Di Janeiro.

Robert Ford asks Jessica if she’s afraid that if they have sex, that Tess will come out and take over. She tells him no. But she remembers his telling her that he loves Tess. So she wants to know if she (Tess) is who he really wants and who he was kissing... He tells her that he fell for Tess and she has a very special place in his heart.

John asks Natalie how and where she suddenly got information that says that Liam is his son instead of Brody’s. Maybe the document that Tina’s dog dragged out of Victor’s home is inaccurate. But, she tells him, she knows that it’s true. Marty admitted to her shrink that she altered the DNA test to break up Natalie and John. Brody got a hold of the tape and erased it.

When Brody gets ready to take Liam away, he is seen by Nigel and tells him that he has to “get back to his bride”.

John is finally able to believe that the reason Brody threatened to kill Victor is because Victor threatened to expose to John that Liam is his instead of Brody’s. And that, thereby confirms to John that it’s true that Liam is his son and always was. And they hold each and kiss happily knowing that that is what they’ve both always wanted.

Not far away in the airport, Rex confronts Cutter but does not see Gigi/Stacy. He tells Cutter he hopes he never has to see him or his “little girlfriend” ever again. When Rex is out of view, Gigi/Stacy finds Cutter and admits she’s not sure if she wants to get the plastic surgery or not.

At the church, Tina and Cord call their kids, Sarah and TJ to announce that mom and dad are remarrying again. Roxy then comes inside and informs Viki that a messenger brought something for her. Viki opens an envelope to see that their “favorite Senator” came through again to authorize the marriage license for Tina and Cord. Tina then asks Viki if she will be her maid of honor. Viki smiles and tells her sister of course. Cord then asks Clint if he could be his son’s best man. Clint tells his son that he will, knowing that Tina makes his son happy. IN the other room, Bo tells Nora he cannot believe that Brody lied to Natalie. John could not forgive Natalie for lying to him until it was too late. But they both hope that Natalie and John will find their way back to each other.

Natalie and John confirm that Liam is his son.

Jessica and Robert Ford are ready to sleep together.

Natalie admits to John that Jessica tried to tell her about the paternity test and it sounded insane when there was no proof and she heard Jessica’s “story” about the dog hiding it. But now she knows hat her sister was telling the truth...

Nigel takes baby Liam from Brody and seems to know that Brody is behaving kind of strangely. But Brody tells him that Liam is his son and he is leaving. Nigel then gets on the phone to call Natalie to ask her if she would prefer that Nigel transports the baby instead of Brody.

Tina and Cord take their vows in the church with all of their friends and family surrounding them.

Rex walks through the airport and is stunned when he sees a video screen that says Don’t Give Up.

Roxy is alone at the church and goes to ask God to help Natalie to find the right man for her and to make her Rex happy.

Rex then turns to see Gigi right in front of him and freaks.

John returns with Natalie to find Nigel passed out on the floor and discover that Liam is gone.

Cord tells Tina that everybody is there and all of the resources right there to get married. Viki then finds the priest and informs him there is a change of plans and asks if he can marry her sister and her former and future brother in law.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she wasn’t sure that the two of them were coming from the right place and it was kind of scary. He tells her that he used to be a real dog and she’s worked really hard to get better. So they don’t want to mess that up by sleeping together. He asks her if she is just thinking about Natalie and Brody. She tells him no. She is also thinking about Tess.

Brody gets ready to take Liam away when Nigel catches him and asks him why he’s there with the baby when he and Natalie are supposed to be at the church getting married.

Natalie finds John and he asks her if she should not be at her wedding. She tells him it’s been called off. She does not intend to marry Brody. He asks her what about Liam. She then tells him that Liam is his son.

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