OLTL Update Monday 11/14/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/14/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Clint is ready to walk Natalie down the aisle. They are happy and everybody stands to watch them enter. We hear the music. And Clint gives her away to Brody. The priest starts to perform the ceremony. He asks if anyone there can show just cause for why the two of them should not be legally wed… We  see Roxy although she does not speak when she looks to Rex remembering that her son did not want her to do that.

Cutter goes to find Gigi/Stacy attempting to catch a flight at the airport after she’s stolen his credit card.

John gets ready to go out the door when Jessica is calling and he hears the phone ring. He stands still not knowing what to do when Jessica urges him to pick up.

At Viki’s home, Tina stays behind and tells Nigel she cannot go until she finds David Vickers. Hearing that, Nigel assumes she means David Vickers the human being who has married and gone to Washington DC with Dorian.

David Vickers the dog goes to find baby Liam and tells him that John is his daddy instead of Brody although Liam argues.

In the church, Roxy admits that she cannot hold her peace any longer remembering that John declared that he does love Natalie.

At the airport, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter she has to get to Reo to reverse the plastic surgery that she does not want that makes her look like her sister. After hearing she is supposed to be Stacy, she tells him that she cannot be falsifying who she is. It’s not fair to Gigi’s son or Rex for her to pretend to be Gigi.

David Vickers the dog urges Liam to know that he’s John’s son although we hear Liam’s voice telling the dog that Brody is a good guy and it would hurt him.

Roxy speaks up and interrupts Natalie’s wedding but remembers Rex telling her she do that and Natalie has the right to be happy with John. She then tells the priest and all the people that she just wanted to say she’s very grateful that her daughter chose for her to be the maid of honor in Tina’s absence. The priest continues. But Natalie remembers Jessica telling her that it’s entirely possible that John is Liam’s father.

The dog tells Liam he made the right decision to let the dog reach the document. Tina finds her dog and infant nephew. She tells her dog she has to get to Natalie’s wedding. But she notices the piece of paper, picks it up and reads it for the first time. And she is shocked. She realizes that this is the paternity test which Natalie talked about and which Jessica tried to convince her was real although she could not find it. She tells Liam this means that John McBain is his father instead of Brody. She admits she wants to keep the secret as she promised Cord she’s turn over a new leaf of telling the truth. But, she knows if she does that, she will ruin Natalie’s and Brody’s wedding. She picks up her dog and wonder what she’s going to do.

Natalie remembers Jessica urging her to get a paternity test of she does not take her sister’s word for it and Brody telling Natalie that he had a similar conversation with Jessica. Brody can see she is a million miles away. The priest asks Natalie if she takes Brody to be her lawfully wedded husband.

Jessica talks to Robert Ford at his home about her “options” after she’s tried and failed to reach John by phone. He tells her that she has to do something like perhaps a hair sample of Liam before she marries Brody. And, he reminds her, it won’t ruin her already damaged relationship with her sister.

After the priest asks Natalie if she takes Brody, Tina walks through the door with her dog and urges them to stop.

John goes to see baby Liam and tells him he just wanted to come and say good bye.

Natalie asks Tina what is up when she told her aunt that she could stay behind and find her dog. Tina protests that she has something very important to tell Natalie. Roxy tells her it’s too late. She has become Natalie’s maid of honor and won’t let anything prevent her daughter from getting married. Cord asks Tina if this can’t wait. Tina tells him no. She has something very important to give to her niece. She gives Natalie the document while Brody stands beside her. And Natalie reads it shocked.

When John is with baby Liam, Nigel “catches” him.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she feels bad about dragging him into yet another Buchanan family mess. He tells her that he is not judging her nor has any issues with her confiding in him about this.

At the airport, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter that if she did, in fact, intend to steal her sister’s life, that is not what she wants to do. He tells her that if she does not want to be Stacy, then maybe it will be beneficial for everyone to believe she is Gigi. But she tells him that scamming Rex and Shane into believing the real Gigi is alive when she’s not is a dishonorable thing to do. She tells him she must get the surgery to be who she really is and make things right.

After Tina tells Natalie and Brody that she discovered that her dog found the papers. And she remembered Natalie telling her that Jessica saw the very same document she now has. Viki admits she’s never heard of this. But Natalie confirms that Jessica told her that she had the document but Tina’s dog took it and this means that Jessica is evidently telling the truth. But Brody protests that they cannot let Jessica ruin their lives. She tells him at the very least, they need to get Liam tested. But he tells her over his dead body. But Natalie tells him they have no choice. They need to find out the truth. Clint tells Brody that he feels terrible for the stunt he pulled not long ago regarding this. But Brody has to do that. Bo tells them he will call the forensics labs and make certain that the test is done right. Brody tells them all that if the document was found in Victor’s home, it’s entirely falsified it just to be spiteful to John. Viki admits that Brody has a point. But Nora tells them that it makes no sense for Victor to have kept a false document that he was going to use to hurt John yet said nothing. Yet everyone except for Brody agrees that they have to get to the truth. Natalie puts two and two together and realizes that Brody must have known all along. That would explain the unanswered question of why he was overheard threatening to kill Victor and told Victor if he revealed a secret, Victor would “ruin Brody’s family”.

John tells Nigel that he is leaving town. There is nothing for him in Llanview. But he wanted to see the baby because this little guy is very important to him. Nigel lets him talk to Liam alone. He tells the infant boy that he has a plane to catch and says good bye.

At the airport, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter she is onto him. She knows that he wants her to pretend she is Gigi so that she can scam Rex and Shane and he can blackmail Rex. He tells her she is a hypocrite to have stolen his credit card in an attempt to go to South America and have the surgery. But she tells him regardless, she is not going to do what he wants.

Robert Ford tells Jessica that he has seen something in her ever since this whole thing with Liam came out. She asks if he means that he’s seen Tess. He tells her no. Not Tess. He has seen how strong and honorable she is. It would be so tempting to keep the lie between Natalie and Brody as angry as she has been to him. She did what was “right” and they both treat her like trash. Brody questions her sanity and Natalie threatens her. He tells her that he has seen up close what a wonderful sister, daughter and mother she is. She faces him and tells him she doesn’t think she could have done any of it without his help.

Natalie remembers John asking Brody and Brody being evasive about what Victor threatened to do to him that motivated him to threaten to kill Victor. She tells Brody he has to come clean because with or without his coming clean she is going to get Liam tested and he will be proven a liar right then and there. So, she urges him to have the decency to tell her the truth of whether he knew that John was Liam’s father yet intended to never let anybody know. He admits that that is correct. That is what he intended to do. She asks how he found out. Did Victor tell him? He replies that he heard the tape of Marty’s therapy session where she admitted that she happens to know that John is Liam’s father and she changed the results so that Brody appeared to be the father instead of John. The reason was that Marty wanted to break up Natalie and John and admitted that to her psychiatrist. Natalie asks if this is the same tape that they recovered from Gigi. Roxy remembers that Gigi had it in her possession when she was taken to the hospital right on the day she was going to marry Rex. Roxy saw the tape yet didn’t know what was on it. And by the time Brody got a hold of it, he erased it so that there was no evidence that John is Liam’s father.

At the airport, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter that she has to do this. She will pay him back in installments. He tells her she may use his credit card. But under one condition.

Jessica tells Robert Ford he’s not so bad himself. Considering the way they started out, it’s amazing. She now thinks of him as a friend. She admits that whenever she needs someone to talk to, he’s always there. He tells her he’s sure she has many other friends. But she tells him no. Kelly and Marty are gone. Her relationship with Natalie is damaged. She is not comfortable telling her parents many things. So right now, he’s the only friend she has.

Brody protests to Natalie that she must know what was happening at the time. She believed she’d lost John. He believed he’d lost Jessica. They were there for each other the way no one else was there for either of them. They grew close. He fell in love with her. And he loved Liam. Liam is his son. Losing Ryder just about killed him so he couldn’t lose Liam as well. But she tells him the fact that he knew the truth the whole while is unforgivable. He tells her that this can’t change anything between them. They still need to get married. She tells him no. Not after this. He protests that this doesn’t have to change anything. They can get past this. They can postpone the wedding and he can give her more time. She tells him that he lied to her. She thought that they’d both learned from their past mistakes. Yet he had to do this. So no. She cannot marry him, she tells him. It’s over.

Cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that he will agree to let her do what she wants to do. But he’s coming with him.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she really appreciates his friendship but has to get home. She has to face her family after they’ve gotten back from her sister’s wedding to her ex fiancé. She’s not comfortable with it but has to face it. Robert urges her not to go and kisses her.

Roxy and Rex surround Natalie and are shocked to find out that Brody could pull such a dishonorable stunt. Natalie realizes that John is about to catch a flight to Seattle. She has to stop him before it’s too late for him to know that Liam is his son.

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