OLTL Update Friday 11/11/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/11/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tina goes to see Natalie and tells her she was afraid Natalie was going to miss the happiest day of her life. Natalie clearly does not look happy.

Bo is alone in the church telling God he knows that he does not talk to Him often and realizes He might wonder what kind of nerve Bo has to be asking Him for favors. So even if He can’t do it for Bo, He can do it for Bo’s wife. Bo wants his son back so that Nora can have her life back.

Shaun and Vivian are getting ready to attend the wedding.

Jessica goes to see Robert Ford apologizing for taking up his time but admitting that he is the only person she can talk to about the paternity

Tina asks Natalie what is wrong, seeing her niece is not ok. Natalie admits she is not over John.

Nora comes into the church and asks Bo if he was talking about her behind her back. He tells her that she knows it’s been a long time since she’s been at the synagogue. And she realizes He must have forgotten her. They both reflect that all they want is for their son to open his eyes. He talks about how they were standing up on that alter not long ago. And now they are facing Matthew in the hospital and a grandchild about to be born.

Shaun asks Vivian if she’s considered their getting married at some point. She admits that she is happy with the way things are between them. So maybe they should get to the church. But he asks her why every time he talks about getting married, she changes the subject. She asks if this is a proposal. He asks if it was what she would say. She replies she’d probably say no.

Clint tells Rex that he’d like a favor from him. He would like nothing more than to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away. But since he cannot and he knows how close Natalie and Rex are, he’d like Rex to instead. Viki  enters and tells Clint that he need not ask Rex to give Natalie away.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she had a nasty confrontation not only with Natalie threatening her but Brody told her she was crazy.

Brody  demands that the dog finds the document and when he sounds “threatening” calling Tina’s dog a nasty little mutt, Cord asks him what is up. They talk about the dog chewing things up. But Cord can sense that Brody is uneasy and has something else on his mind.

Tina tells Natalie that there has been a lot of planning going into this wedding. They have to stay on schedule. And she asks Natalie what happened between her and John regarding the fact that she is marrying Brody. Natalie admits that she is not ok with never seeing John again.

Roxy ask John if he wants to be her “date” to her daughter’s wedding. She tells him that she wants to give him a front row seat for when he admits that he is in love with Natalie. He tells her sorry. He cannot make it. He has a plane to catch. She asks him if he’s going on vacation. He tells her no. he’s moving to Seattle.

When Tina finds out that John is moving to Seattle, she asks Natalie why he would do that. Natalie admits that it seems John would not be going to such extreme measures if he did not have feelings for her. Tina asks her niece if she has not considered that. Natalie admits to her aunt that she should not care. She is moving on and marrying someone else. But Tina tells her it’s not too late. If she wants to call off the wedding and is having second thoughts, she can do that.

Bo tells Nora that maybe they have to accept the fact that there is nothing they can do for Matthew. But she does not want to give up hope.

Roxy tells John he cannot just end his job. What will Bo say? She also asks him about his apartment as he knows her policy of no rent credit if he moves. But he tells her he will have to live with that. She asks what about Natalie. Doesn’t he know that she is going to flip? He tells her that they have to face that Natalie is marrying someone else.

Brody tells Cord that it took so much time and work to get where they are. He and Natalie have had so much stuff involving Jessica and the baby and everything. And he just doesn’t want to deal with any more “stuff”. Cord tells him he agrees.

Robert Ford asks Jessica if Natalie really threatened her. She remarks that it was so weird that when she went to see Natalie, Natalie was nice and actually wanted to forgive her and have Jessica stand up at her wedding. But as soon as she told Natalie that she saw proof that Liam is John’s and not Brody’s, Natalie called her a liar and went off on her. Hearing that, Robert admits that if only that dog had not destroyed their evidence.

Natalie admits to Tina that she is having some serious issues with Jessica. Tina asks her niece what about. Natalie informs Tina that Jessica had the gall to make up some absurd story that John is Liam’s father instead of Brody. Hearing that, Tina “agrees” that that is absurd and how could Jessica tell her such a thing. But then, the dog barks loudly at them. Tina turns around and asks “David Vickers” to please calm down and not interrupt them. But the dog protests (in a human voice) that they need to know that Jessica is telling the truth about Liam being John’s child.  Natalie and Tina do not hear her however.

Vivian admits to Shaun that she does have issues with the thought of marrying anyone right now. She tells him it’s not him. It’s her parents. They are always bickering and complaining and so unhappy with each other yet stay married because of their kids.  She wishes they would not and never wants to end up like them. He protests that they don’t have to be like her parents. She tells him she knows and wants it to stay that way and has never been happier than she has been with him. So why do they have to change anything? He tells her they don’t “have to” but he hoped she’d want to. He asks her if this means that if she does not get on board with marriage that he will leave her. He tells her he did not say that. She tells him she does not need a ceremony or proposal to prove how they feel. And she reminds him that when his sister has her baby, she needs them to be stable and there for her. Shaun tells her he can accept it that way for now.

Bo tells Nora he just remembered that he is still a lucky husband and soon to be grandpa. So he calls her “granny” and asks if they can have a little dance together. They laugh together and he tells her he loves her as much as he ever did. Just as much as when they boogied down the aisle together in their younger days.  He tells her he loves her and will never stop. She tells him she will not. Unless of course, she tells him, he calls her granny again, in which case she will kill him with her bare hands.

Viki announces to Clint and to Rex that strings have been pulled for Clint to attend Natalie’s wedding. And Rex has helped with that. Clint is very happy with his son and Rex is gracious knowing this is what Natalie wants.

Robert Ford protests to Jessica that Natalie and Brody are way out of line to doubt her and disrespect her. He knows she is not crazy. She is one of the strongest and most incredible women he knows and he does not want to let her feel bad about herself because of them.

Cord tells Brody that he and Natalie already have a “jump start” with that beautiful baby. Viki  comes in to inform them that Dorian has pulled strings so that Clint can attend Natalie’s wedding. She admits that it’s a long story but everybody is happy. She asks if she can talk to Brody alone and tells him she believes he is a great husband for Natalie, a great son in law for her and a great father for her grandson, even if this is not the “Wedding she expected”.

When Roxy protests to John that he has abandoned Natalie, he tells her that Natalie and Brody have chosen to get married and have a baby together so he has to accept that and leave it alone.

The dog attempts to tell Tina and Natalie that they need to stop being so clueless and realize that Jessica was correct.  Natalie did see a paternity test. It was taken from Victor Lord’s home. And the dog admits that she has it and goes to get it. Tina asks Natalie what Jessica’s explanation could be for believing that John was the father of Natalie’s baby. Natalie is ready to tell her it was non other than the dog. And at that point, Tina knows that the dog that’s been overhearing this very conversation and barking at them has gone.

Roxy tells John that he cannot believe that he does not have the right to interfere. He’s a guy in love who has “rights up the wazoo”. She tells him he is making a serious mistake if he goes through with moving to Seattle.

Rex observes Bo and Nora happily together and tells them he’s sorry to interrupt but reflects that he’s happy that they are so happy. And he misses Gigi. Nora  takes him aside and asks if he’s really up to this; going to a wedding so soon after he’s lost Gigi. He tells her he wants to be there for Natalie.

Clint gets into his tuxedo and remarks to Viki that his ankle bracelet has been reset so alarms don’t go off at his daughter’s wedding. He tells her that he has Dorian to thank for the fact that he doesn’t have to rely on a video cam to watch on his laptop. But more than anything, he has Viki to thank.

Roxy wants to propose a toast with John. She tells him she wants him to hate Seattle and come right back. But she tells him she wants him to have a good life. She wants him to meet a great woman and have great kids. He thanks her. But, she tells him, he will never find a girl like her Natalie.

Tina panics when she is unable to find her dog. Natalie tells her she’s sure the dog will be ok. But Natalie gets a call. She seems to realize however, that she cannot leave Tina alone until she finds David Vickers. Tina tells her niece she will be ok. But Natalie tells her aunt after all she’s done, Tina deserves to have everything right and be able to find her dog. She tells Tina that she will go and find another maid of honor and Tina can find her little dog.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that when she admitted to Natalie and to Brody that she had no proof because the dog destroyed the document, she realizes that that sounds borderline delusional. But he tells her they both know that she told the truth.

Clint finds Bo and Nora at the church and admits that he has Bo’s daughter in law to thank for that. They are amazed that Dorian would help him get clearance to attend the wedding. Clint also happily tells his brother and sister-in-law that he has not brought a shot gun.

Roxy greets her son and asks where Shane is. He tells her Shane has gone to a concert with friends. Roxy notices Shaun and Vivian and asks when they are going to get married which makes them uncomfortable.

Alone, John envisions being with Natalie.

Natalie is pleasantly surprised to see that her father has been able to attend her wedding. Roxy and Viki surround Natalie but Viki asks where Tina is. Natalie replies long story but they will start without her. Roxy tells Natalie no. they cannot start without Natalie’s maid of honor.

Tina goes looking for her dog and begs her to come back. We  see the dog saying she hopes the paternity test is right where she left it.  But it appears to be out of her reach. Tina  gets a call from Cord asking her why she’s not there. She tells him her little dog is missing. He asks her if she’s ever seen a leash. She tells him she doesn’t want to miss the wedding, but she can’t leave her poor little dog. The dog rushes up the stairs to find it.

When Natalie is without a maid of honor, Viki suggests that Roxy be her maid of honor.

Jessica tells Robert that she does believe that John has the right to know that he has a son. Robert can’t argue with that given his own situation with finding out that Ryder is his. But, she asks Robert, what if it’s true? What if Brody has to find out that Liam is not his? He asks her what if that happens.

Natalie’s wedding is underway. The reverend is ready to do the honors.

John is alone in his apartment when he gets a phone call from Jessica.

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