OLTL Update Thursday 11/10/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/10/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr is singing the One Life To Live song. And we see a video with her and James. Right then, Nate and Robert observe and congratulate them. But Rick tells them that was the biggest piece of crap he’s ever seen.

Natalie goes to the police station to see John as he’s cleaning out his office and ready to leave.

Jessica confronts Tina’s dog for taking the very important document which gives her no credibility. Right then, Brody enters and asks her whom she is talking to.

Outside The Sun office, Jack is ready to set the place on fire and affirming that no one will get hurt, except of course, for Todd.

Inside, Rama tells Vimal she cannot let him send his sister back to India to be forced to marry a boy she does not love. He tells her that Neela’s fate is not up to them. She tells him it’s not up to his parents either. But, he reminds her that she has run away to a foreign country and could be in danger right now.

Right then, Neela is hiding at Jack’s home wondering how long it will take for someone to find her and wondering where Jack is.

Jack then lights a match and says: “Say goodbye to your pride and joy, Scar face”. Little does he know that Vimal and Rama are right inside the office.

Blair is ready to move on with Tomas. Right then, Todd is outside watching them and appearing angry. She tells Tomas that Dorian opened her eyes to make her see what she really wants. And she wants Tomas.

Rick tells Starr and the brothers that this is amateur hour. Robert confronts him and tells him it’s art. But he tells them it’s bubble gum and in order to have fame and fortune, they need nudity. And he has a new idea for “Starr’s next single”. He gives them all a copy of his new work that he calls Jail Bait.

Brody ells Jessica that Natalie has told him all about her alleging that Tina’s dog has run away with the paternity test.

John tells Natalie that he’s wanted to leave for a long time and does she really need an explanation. She tells him no but she’d like one. She admits that she still hopes they mean something to each other and if he’d just left without telling her, it would hurt her. He informs her that Michael and Marcie are having another baby. He wanted to get to know Gabe a little better before the new kid comes. She asks what about his job. Is he going to leave while Victor’s killer is still on the loose?

Todd observes and overhears Blair declaring that she wants to be with Tomas. He declares that it’s a lie. She wants him. Tomas asks Blair what it was that made her decide that this is what she wanted and admits that he was starting to think there was no future for them. She admits that Dorian told her that she had to find out.

Jack returns to Neela and tells him she was so worried that her brother and sister in law would ship her back to India. She asks him if he’s ok and remarks he’s been gone a long time. She remembers when they last spoke, he talked about getting revenge upon scar face. And, she tells him, she hopes he didn’t do anything crazy.

Vimal asks Rama if she thinks that they could be able to live with his sister in their home. They have enough on their plate as it is. He tells her that even if she does not realize it, everything would “go up in smoke”. Right then, unknown to them, fire and smoke is surrounding the outside of the office. And there is no smoke alarm.

James and Nate read the script that Rick has written for his porn flick called jailbait and tell him this is filthy trash. But he asks Starr to tell them that this was her brain child.

Natalie asks John if she had not shown up when she did, would he have just left without saying goodbye and he’d never see him again. He tells her he has to start over again. He admits it was all his own doing. But he can’t have the life he wants if he can’t have her.

Jessica tells Brody she guesses Natalie told her about their altercation regarding the document. He tells her that Natalie wanted to call a truce with her. But she had the gall to make up this story that Liam was not his son. And she needs to take that back.

Rama tells Vimal that the two of them are fortunate enough to be happy together. But they both know all too well how many of their friends are not happy after being forced to marry people they didn’t want that their parents chose for them. And she reveals that she knows that Neela has met a boy whom they both know.

Neela asks Jack where he went and noticed he is evading the question. He tells her he just had to go and blow up some seam. She asks if he feels better now. He tells her he’s getting there and pretty soon he will be great.

Tomas asks Blair if she is implying that she is only with him because she cannot have Todd. She tells him she cannot help the fact that that was once the case. And because of that, she didn’t think it was fair to Tomas to be with him when she was not yet over Todd. She admits that she actually “saw” something Halloween. When Todd was there, it appeared he wanted to say something important. But he didn’t. So she wanted to give Todd a chance to tell her what has going on. But he didn’t. Todd overhears and responds that the reason he didn’t was because his psycho other, Irene was there. Right then, he hears Irene’s voice saying “You called?”

Starr admits that she and Sebastian were just clowning around and did the “jail bait” rap song once but didn’t think anybody would ever record or know about it. But he tells her that Sebastian did in fact attempt to get it promoted. Robert steps in and tells him if he is the producer, he won’t let “jail bait” be produced. But Rick tells him he does not have a choice. This is going to sell. James tells Rick that this is not who Starr is. Rick tells the three brothers that they either honor their contracts and put out a sexy steamy video or else, Starr’s One Life To Live video is cancelled.

Brody asks Jessica if she wants him and Natalie to “know” that Liam is John’s child so that she can break them up. She tells him if he is really certain that it’s not true and is confident that he and Natalie cannot be broken up, he needs to at least get Liam tested once more.

Natalie then admits to John that she really wanted Liam to be his son. He tells her so did he but maybe some things aren’t meant to be. She tells him that maybe living in Seattle will be right for him. She remarks that it always rains there. They talk about the football teams and the possibility of his putting a jazz band together there. They smile and laugh. He admits he will miss Llanivew.

Neela asks Jack what he is “looking for” in the paper. He tells her he was just looking at the news. And at that point, they wonder where her brother and sister in law are.

Rama admits to Vimal that Neela informed her that she is currently staying with jack Manning. Hearing that, Vimal is shocked and alarmed to find out that his sister has met his boss’s son. That bully? And right then, they smell smoke and discover that there’s a fire right outside the door.

Todd goes outside afraid of losing Blair to Tomas. Irene tells her son that women come and go but his mother will never go away.

Blair admits to Tomas that she is done with Todd. It’s like the last ember of a dying flame that died a long time ago. And she assures Tomas that she likes him and he is the man she loves. She kisses him.

Todd affirms that Blair loves him and is in their lying to Tomas Delgado and lying to herself. And, he tells Irene’s ghost, she’s the reason he’s too much of a coward to do something about it. She asks if it’s her fault that he is afraid to march right in there and tell Blair how he feels. He has mommy issues but cannot blame his impotence on her. If he was going to act on his feelings for Blair, he would have done it by now. He walks inside but sees Irene telling him when you snooze, you lose. Blair is inside kissing Tomas.

Robert tells Rick that nobody has promised that they will do Jail Bait. But he tells him that he has not agreed to do One Life To Live. He tells them that the only way they’re going to make any money is to get Jail Bait out. So it appears once again, he has power over all of them.

John tells Natalie good luck.

Brody tells Jessica that if she got the alleged paternity test from Victor, how does anybody know that Victor didn’t have one of his contacts falsify the whole thing. She asks if he thinks she’s lying. Brody tells her he doesn’t know what to think. She’s been against him and Natalie from the start. If the test is real, she needs to show it to him. She protests that she can’t because Tina’s dog destroyed it. IN response to that, he tells Jessica that all she’s doing is prolonging more agony for herself with this idea she has and convincing everybody how unstable she is. And he suggests she “gets some help”.

Irene asks Todd if he can hear her. He reminds her that Tomas and Blair are together and asks Todd where he thinks they have gone and what does he think they are doing. He replies that Blair probably told Tomas to go away. She tells him perhaps to get some contraceptives. They are upstairs making love and making a fool out of him, Irene tells him. She tells him if he’s not a coward, he better get up there before it’s too late. She tells him that Tomas is touching and kissing the woman Todd loves and the mother of Todd’s children. And if he allows this to go on one moment longer, Tomas Delgado will extinguish every memory Blair.

Neela tells Jack that she believes that people may be inside The Sun office. Not wanting to tell her what he’s just done, he panics and tells her that can’t be. He sent all employees an email telling them they could take the day off. But he’s afraid that maybe somebody is there so he runs off.

Vimal and Rama realize that there is a fire right outside the door and they are stuck inside. He tries and fails to open the door but sees it’s jammed. She panics and is afraid they are going to die. Vimal tries and fails to get a signal on his phone but discovers that the smoke and fire must have burned the fire optics. Rama is then afraid that they are going to die. Right then, Neela and Jack enter to unlock the door, put out the fire and save their lives. But is Jack going to get away with what he almost did?

Brody tells Jessica that the way she is behaving is “borderline delusional”. And he and everybody else who knows her does not want to see her relapse.

Robert confronts Rick who tells him that he needs Robert to work with him and not against him. He needs an experienced and competent producer to be a success. Outside the door, Starr tells James that although the video might be the only ticket they have to success and fame, she won’t do it if it makes him uncomfortable. Dani tells a similarly reluctant Nate that if they do “Jail Bait”, it will give them twice the exposure and opportunity that they need. James tells Starr that the one thing they know is that neither of her songs are going to be produced if this video is not done. She asks what he’s saying. He replies he’s saying he wants her to do it. He asks how bad it could be.

Right then, Rick has Nate dressed in a police uniform and has him wield a stick. James is not impressed or happy.

Irene asks Todd why he can’t go through with killing Tomas. He killed both her and his mother. She tells him that he can get his life straight again if he just removes Tomas Delgado. Todd envisions Tomas with Blair. Irene tells him he needs to end Tomas and then pick up the pieces. Todd then picks up the gun.

John tells Natalie he has a plane to catch and wishes her well on her wedding. Alone, she appears very empty.

Jessica goes to find Robert telling him that she attempted to confront Brody. But Brody does not believe her and tells her she’s crazy. Robert assures Jessica he knows she’s not crazy and consoles her by holding her in his arms.

Irene asks Todd if he’s not going to do anything. He tells her he is going to take care of Tomas without her. He will do it his way.

Tomas and Blair are in bed together.

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