OLTL Update Wednesday 11/9/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/9/11


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

John looks out the window in his office at the police station. Nadia walks in with boxes and is still puzzled over John’s resignation from the LPD and moving away. John tries to convince her it’s a good thing. She informs him that he is the best in the department.

Natalie, Brody, and their baby sit in bed. Brody asks Natalie if something is wrong. Natalie asks why he would say that. Brody thinks it has something to do with John.

John explains he is ready for a change. Vimal runs in saying it is an emergency.

Rama discusses with Vimal’s sister why she needed to run away and if Jack is really the boy of her dreams.

Jack is in his living room with a copy of “The Sun” holding a box of matches talking to himself about how Todd is now running the paper that he thinks Todd stole from Victor.

David tells Todd that Blair went to go find Tomás and tell him she loves him. Todd wonders how he knows this. David says Blair had told her and then runs out.

Tomás breaks into Todd’s safe at the paper. Blair walks in wondering why he is there. Tomás wonders the same thing about Blair.

Viki tries to apologies to Clint because he can’t go to the wedding. Clint explains that it is fine and the fact that she tried means everything in the world to him. David walks in and says “Well this better be a Joke.”

Tomás tells Blair he came to see Todd. Blair wonders why he is there without Todd then.

Tomás says he does not know. Blair wants to know why. Tomás tells her it is part of Victor’s murder investigation.

Todd wonders why Blair would choose Tomás over him. Jack walks in wondering who he is talking to and wondering why he is here.

Vimal shows a picture of his sister to John saying that she is lost. John explains that she is pretty guys would go after her. Vimal is worried that the boy she is with might be a predator or worst. John understands. Vimal says Neela has not picked up her phone yet after 27 calls. John wants an explanation.

Neela says that Jack said she could stay there as long as she needed. Rama wonders why a boy she has just met would do this for her. Neela explains that she has known Jack for years in her dreams and that she has to trust him because he is perfect. Neela begs to not be turned in. She asks Rama if she loved Vimal when she first was told they were to get married.

Vimal continues to tell John of how Neela got to the country and why. He assumes that because her suitcase is not with her, she was abducted and that he needs to have the dogs sniff it in order for them to track her scent. John says he can’t take the case because he does not work at LPD anymore.

Brody encourages Natalie to express what is on her mind. Natalie tells Brody what happened with Jessica the other day. Brody assumed that they were on good terms. Natalie confirms they were which is what made it so weird. Brody wonders what she said. Natalie tells him that Jessica had said that Brody was not Liam’s father but John is.

Clint wonders why David is there because he was supposed to be shooting his movie in Sweden. David explains production ended two days ago, and wanted to make sure Viki voted for Dorian. He starts to get an attitude with Clint. Viki says Natalie is getting married. David is happy for her. 

Blair wonders why Tomás would still be investigating Todd if he said he thinks he is innocent. Tomás explains that Baker was not a possible suspect.

Jack claims Todd killed his father and every time he lies he hates him more.

Neela explains she felt warm all over when Jack smiled for the first time. Rama explains that Vimal may not have been her dream man but she does love Vimal.

Vimal wonders why John would ever leave, and that if it has anything to do with Liam. Vimal thinking to himself wonders if him not telling John that his son is Liam has anything to do with Neela getting kidnapped.

Natalie explains that Jessica is not happy and that is the only reason she would say anything. Brody asks if she had any proof. Natalie tells him that she claimed to have had a paternity test.

Viki tells David that Clint is very unhappy. David then reminds Clint of when he ruined David’s wedding to Dorian. Clint walks off telling David he is emailing everyone he knows to vote for Dorian’s opponent. David Vickers, the dog, is seen with the paternity test.

Natalie says that Jessica found the test from Tina’s dog. Brody finds that crazy, and how she possibly found it.

Vimal contemplates the decisions he has made in the past and wonders if he should tell the truth.

Natalie says Brody can’t take Jessica seriously because the dog supposedly took the test back. Brody finds what she did very bad. Natalie says the two of them can not have any secrets.

Vimal continues to have flashbacks and wonders what to do. John walks in wondering if he is ok.

Jack burns one of the papers in the fire place.

Tomás thinks that Todd can take care of himself and asks why Blair is there. Blair says to talk to Todd. Tomás asks why. Todd walks in wondering what is going on.

John tells Vimal that Neela’s picture is in the system. Vimal says he is upset for a different reason.

Neela says that Rama’s is the closest thing to a sister she has ever had and that she can’t tell anyone where she is. Rama explains that she is just nervous.

Jack talks to Victor through the fire place explaining when he is done with him there will be nothing left.

Blair explains that Baker is no longer a suspect. Todd tells Tomás to stop investigating, and that Blair is falling for a fraud.

David thought he and Viki were friends. Vicki says they are. David asks why she would be all friendly with Clint then.

Clint talks to the dog, the dog walks off with the paternity test.

Natalie says that Roxy and Tina want to stop by and everything still needs to be taken care of. Brody says no one is going to stop them from becoming a family.

John tells Vimal to get what is bothering him off his chest. Vimal says he is right and if John is going to help him find his sister he needs to do something for him.

Viki understands why David is mad at Clint but he is trying change, David does not believe it. Viki thinks he deserves a second chance and that she has children with him so they will always be connected. Viki wonders how Dorian and David are doing. David says they are good and wonders if Tina is back in Llanview.

Blair thinks Todd is paranoid and tells Tomás to leave with him. Todd checks the safe and finds it is open he grabs the gun and walks out. Jack walks out from the elevator and goes into Todd’s office where he calls the office and tells them to all leave early for the day. He takes out a match.

Vimal says he needs to tell John something. Rama calls saying she found Neela. Vimal says thanks for everything and says as soon as he gets her on a plane, he is telling John about his son. Brody walks in.

Rama tells Neela to stay where she is. Neela thanks her and says she will.

Natalie talks to Liam about how John could not be his dad. Nadia calls from the station telling her that John is leaving town for good.

David asks if Viki really thinks he changed. Viki says he really has. The two tell each other they missed one another, David leaves.

John looks at a picture of Natalie as he packs he walks to the door to have Natalie show up.

Brody walks into paper and locks the doors so Rama and Vimal can’t get out. Jacks say’s to say good bye to the sun it is over.

Blair kisses Tomás, Todd sees this through the window and holds the gun.

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