OLTL Update Tuesday 11/8/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/8/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Vimal goes looking for Neela and is very worried that his sister could be in danger. Rama tells her husband that he need not worry. Neela is a teenage girl. If she’s with a boy whom she likes, more than likely, they need not worry.

Neela gets calls form Vimal which she does not answer and declares she is not going to let him take her back. Not now. Not after she’s met Jack.

Clint looks at his phone remembering talking to Natalie about how she realizes that everybody thinks it’s unforgivable what he did to Rex and Jessica. But she told her father that with what she’s done herself, she hardly has room to judge. Viki then enters the room with Clint’s breakfast. He remarks that their daughter really has grown up since she’s had Liam and he really wishes he could be there for Natalie at her wedding. He then remembers that he can get webcam coverage and be able to watch it. Alone, Viki gets on her phone admitting that she is in need of an answer regarding “something”

Tomas is on the phone with Blair about his investigation of the murder of victor. He tells her that he wants to be able to get a lead but wants to talk to her about something besides work. He plans to pick her up and take her out tonight. Right then, David enters and remarks that she looks “horrible’. But not to worry. “Uncle David” is there and can fix anything.

Clint asks Viki what she thinks of the camera on the alter facing Natalie while she takes her vows. She tells him she doubts they will let him do that. He remembers that the last time he took his two daughters down the aisle, everything went to hell. So maybe it's just as well he cannot be there in person. Viki then indicates she may have something else on her mind. Her doorbell rings and a woman has Clint’s tuxedo. Clint asks his ex-wife why she’d have it dry-cleaned when he cannot go to the wedding while on house arrest.

Vimal tries and fails to contact his sister but manages to call his father who wonders where Neela is if she’s not on the plane. Vimal tries to find an excuse and his father knows that they have the correct flight. Neela was not on it. But Vimal lies to his father. His father demands to know why his sister is not back if she’s not in trouble.

Jack asks Neela if she slept ok. She replies like an angel and thanks him for hiding her somewhere where she will not be found. He tells her if she does not have extra clothes to wear, he can find something of his sisters’. She then indicates that she wants to stay in America and maybe marry a boy like him.

Tea finds Todd and informs him that she is pregnant. He tells her congratulations. She tells him she realizes it will not bring Victor back but may give her a part of him. It at least gives her a reason to wake up in the morning. It will give Dani some hope. Todd then tells her that maybe it will motivate Tomas to drop the suspicion of murder charges against Todd.

Tomas’ friend, Claude comes to see him and tells him that he knows a few weeks ago, Tomas was willing to go to prison for Todd and now wants to convict him. Is it possible that the motive is personal involving the fact that with Todd out of the way, Tomas will have a shot with Blair.

Blair tells David that she does not see him as her uncle. He tells her that Dorian has sent him to make sure she votes for her aunt and that Todd Manning stays out of Blair’s life forever.

When Clint asks why Viki suddenly got his tux dry-cleaned, she tells him stories he does not believe. She then admits that she did not want to tell him this, not wanting him to be disappointed. But a while back, she asked Tea to petition for a special request for him to be at Natalie’s wedding. And they have yet to know the answer.

Rama talks to Vimal’s father and makes up excuses for why Neela will be delayed in coming home telling him the flight is overbooked and she will be late. But he tells her she needs to put Neela on the phone and she cannot.

Neela tells Jack that her father always gets his way. He tells her he knows all too well regarding “scar face” taking over his dad’s paper. He took over his real father’s life and the face his dad used to have. Hearing that, Neela remarks that “scar face” sounds like an evil man.

At The Sun, Todd tells Tea that he knows that her brother just wants him out of the way. He wants to date Blair, have Todd out of the way and sees Todd as a threat.

Tea cries and tells Viki she misses Victor so much and knows that Viki understands. Clint then enters as Tea is leaving and assumes that she must have come there to confirm that he is going to the wedding.

Rama goes to find Neela at Dorian’s home and asks whom that boy is that Neela was talking about. Neela smiles and tells her sister in law he is great. His name is Jack manning and is the man of her dreams. Hearing that and remembering who Jack Manning is, Rama frowns asking if she heard correctly the name of the boy Neela is interested in. Neela tells her that Jack is “so smoking hot”. Right then, when Jack is alone, he’s up to no good and appears to be on a mission to go after Todd.

When Todd goes to see Blair, David tells him that Blair has gone to find Tomas to tell him she loves him.

Tomas is then alone in Todd’s office finding a way to unlock the safe. When he hears someone enter, he puts the picture back up on the wall to hide the safe he’s been trying to open. Blair enters assuming she will see Todd and wonders what Tomas is doing in his office.

David tells Blair that Dorian is concerned that she’s going to get back with Todd. She tells him she is now dating Tomas. He tells her if she’s done with Todd, then they are done there. But she admits to David it’s not that simple. Blair then remembers wanting Todd to bond with Sam and her family. She then admits to David that Todd may still have feelings for her and she is interested. But David tells her that maybe she needs to forget Todd and move forward with Tomas.

Viki tells Clint she is a bit concerned that they should have gotten an answer by now. He tells her they know how backed up the courts are and Delgado is the best. She tells him she had to be prepared “just in case”. He tells her he is going to go and say the perfect toast and get it right.

Vimal and Neela’s father tells Rama that he needs to talk to his daughter. She and Vimal find excuses telling him that Neela is sleeping. But they will let their parents know when they find out more. They terminate the conversation and Vimal tells his wife they must now save Neela.

Neela tells Jack that she wonders what he can do given the fact that this man, Todd Manning owns the newspaper. He tells her there’s a lot he can do.

Tea admits to Todd that Blair is dating her brother and given her history with Todd, Tea is rooting for Blair to be with Tomas instead of with Todd.

Claude tells Tomas that he knows that Tomas’ suspicion about Todd is related to his wanting to be with Blair. Tomas tells him that he met Todd’s friend, Louie and heard that Louie has kept the gun for Todd and there is a secret between them. Claude mentions that he knows about Louis Dupree.

David tells Blair that he needs to write that she has admitted that he is right that she needs to get over Todd and commit to Tomas. But she indicates that is not the case. She needs to find out how Todd really feels. She tells David she can’t move on with anybody until she has closure with Todd. He tells her she’s making a mistake not to see Todd for who he is. She tells David her aunt has made a much bigger mistake with him. Yet David does not want to let Blair go through with talking to Todd and considering getting back with him.

Todd declares to Tea that Sam will have a little brother or sister. She concludes that he will have a little niece or nephew. He then remembers walking into Victor’s home and shooting him.

Tomas declares to Claude that he knows the reason Todd had to keep his secret with Louie is because Todd used the gun to kill Todd. And he’s not going to be afraid of Todd.

Vimal asks Rama what if Neela’s “captors” forced her to tell them she is ok. She tells him she’s sure his sister is not in any danger. He needs to chill and realize she is a teenager. But Vimal has to go and find his sister. He gets on the elevator.

Neela sits in front of the mirror when she gets a call from Rama who tells her she wants to help her.

Tea goes to see Viki and tells her she’s sorry to have to tell her that the judge denied their request to let Clint attend Natalie’s wedding.

Rama tells Neela she wants to talk to her alone without Vimal and asks where she is. Neela replies she’s at a big house called La Bollay

Alone, Todd assesses that all he needs to do now is get back circulation of the paper and win back Blair before Tomas gets his hands on her.

Tea tells Viki she is really sorry. Viki invites her in and tells her it’s not her fault and she realizes the judicial system has been very lenient with Clint letting him stay at her home. Tea assumes that at least Clint need not ever find out that they put in the request so he can’t get his hopes up. But Viki informs her that she had to tell him when his dry-cleaning came back. Tea then informs Viki she has some good news. She is pregnant with Victor’s baby. Viki hugs her and is happy.

Tomas then appears to be on the warpath as he gets off the elevator of The Sun while Todd leaves his office. When Todd is out of the office, Tomas enters alone and goes to investigate. He opens the desk drawers looking for the gun.

Blair pushes David out the door but he tells her he cannot let her get back with Todd. Dorian will kill him or worse, she will refuse to have sex with him. Right then, David gets a call from Dorian after Blair has slammed the door in his face.

Tomas finds Todd’s secret safe and attempts to open it.

Viki tells tea she is so happy for her. Tea tells Viki it’s a miracle remembering that she believed that Dani was his but later found out that she’s Todd’s. Now she will always have a part of Victor.

Todd goes to find Blair when David is in the house. David asks him what he wants with Blair. Todd tells her that he and Blair started a conversation over Halloween that he was afraid to finish. And he is there because he wants Blair back.

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