OLTL Update Monday 11/7/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/7/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Vimal goes looking for Neela and calling for her when she’s with Jack at the docks. He urges Jack to hide her before her brother makes her a bride.

When Jessica goes to Roxy’s salon to drop the bombshell upon Natalie, Natalie is friendly to her sister and tells hr. she wants Jessica to stand up at her we4dding. But Jessica tells Natalie after she hears what Jessica has to say, Natalie might decide differently.

John tells Bo he is resigning and offers his letter of resignation.

When Todd is talking privately to Louie and urging him to hand over the gun, Tomas enters to interrupt them. Todd gruffly demands that he lets them talk in private and that this must wait. Tomas tells him he won’t wait. This is on behalf of Tomas’ sister, the mother of Todd’s child.

Right then, Tea looks at the results of the home pregnancy test.

Neela and jack hear Vimal calling and looking for her with Rama. She tells him he is her only hope for preventing her from having her life ruined as a teenage bride. Jack then runs with her. Right then, Vimal runs and stumbles over a log and falls into the river. Rama observes and screams.

Blair and Sam go to see Tea and Sam runs up to tea and thanks her. She asks for what. He tells her she gave him his daddy back.

Tomas tells Louie that he is there because his sister’s husband was shot to death. The killer has yet to be found. And he promised his sister he’d get to the bottom of it. Todd tells Tomas anything he says he can say in front of his trusted associate. Tomas tells Todd ok. He needs to know how the gun disappeared from Dorian's home where Todd was last seen with it.

John tells Bo that he has no issues with his job and Bo has been good to him. But he’s moving to Seattle. Bo asks if he has another job lined up there. John tells him that Michael and Marcie are going to have another baby and he needs to move on and be closer to his family. Hearing that, Bo asks if that is the only reason.

Jessica tells Natalie that she cannot say yes or know to standing up at Natalie’s wedding until Natalie hears what she has to say. Natalie asks her about what. Jessica then tells her that her family with Brody and Liam and John. Natalie asks what about it. Jessica then admits to her sister that John “might” be Liam’s father.

Bo asks John if Natalie knows he’s leaving. John evades the question and only remarks that Natalie is getting married. He talks about how Michael and Marcie “need” him. Bo tells him if his brother and sister in law knew that he was using them as an excuse, they’d have his head on a platter. He tells John he can leave if he wants. But Bois concerned if the primary reason is because he does not want to be there when Natalie marries Brody.

After Jessica tells Natalie it’s “entirely possible” that Liam is John’s, Natalie angrily tells her sister that she is bluffing because she wants to vilify Natalie and is jealous that Natalie slept with Brody. Jessica tells Natalie she is not making this up and does not mean to cause trouble. But Natalie tells her sister she knows she is just telling her this to hurt her because Jessica is a manipulative spiteful bitch.

When Blair and Sam come to visit Tea, Blair has the little boy show his step mother the picture he drew of her and his dad and declares that she is his 2nd mom. Blair then asks Sam to go in the other room and play while she talks to tea alone and remarks to Tea that she’s concerned that Tea is a bit “off”. Tea does not admit to Blair what is going on. But Blair asks if it might have something to do with Tomas’ suspicion of Todd.

Tomas tells Todd he finds it not entirely credible that Todd disposed of the gun and just gave it to a homeless man at the docks. The only reason the charges were dropped is because the DA’s office and cops did not have enough evidence and not because he was innocent.

Blair tells Tea that they both know that Tomas is hell bent on suspecting Todd. She tells Tea she does not believe that Todd did it. He would not hurt Sam like that. Todd has a very special connection to that boy. He made it clear on Halloween. He may hate Victor but has grown to love Victor’s child. Right then, tea runs up the stair unable to deal with this conversation. Blair calls after her but she does not respond.

Jessica affirms to Natalie that she is telling the truth. Natalie tells her she is not. She is telling Natalie what she wants to be true. She is angry with the fact that Natalie is with Brody. But Jessica asks her if she thinks that she would come there and tell her if she did not have evidence that this is true. Natalie then tells Jessica in that case, she would love to see some proof. Jessica then admits that she wishes more than anything she could show her the document that names John instead of Brody as Liam’s father.

Bo tells John he happens to know that not long ago, John admitted that he was still in love with Natalie. John tells Bo that the last thing he wants is to cause any more trouble for Natalie and Brody. Bo reminds John that he has a murder investigation that he’s failed to uncover. He reminds John that the polls open tomorrow. And if he does not do what the mayor needs him to do, she will give him the axe. Hearing that, John tells Bo that the mayor will not get his vote. But they both know that Bo needs more than to have one person voting against the mayor. He needs an experienced police Lieutenant to help him. So John tells Bo that they need to get to work.

Jack talks to Neela about how he understands all too well what it’s like when one has parents who want to control them. Remembering what he said before, she asks if he just tells them to shove it. He affirms all the time. She laughs.

Todd tells Tomas that what they know is the FEDs let Irene go. So who’s to say they would not let Baker go also. Tomas admits that’s entirely possible but what motive would Baker have to kill Victor. Todd tells Tomas he needs him to explore other leads. Tomas then leaves. Alone with Todd, Louie demands to know why he did not show Tomas the gun that can clear him if he knows he’s innocent. Todd then admits because he knows he’s not. He is in fact guilty of murder.

Tea comes down the stairs looking stunned and spooked when she sees Sam who somehow knows that she is carrying his little half brother or sister.

Bo tells john he knows that John considered Brody as a suspect for killing Victor and asks what possible motive Brody would have to do that. John replies he spoke to a witness who overheard Brody threaten Victor’s life and it was in regards to Liam.

When Natalie asks Jessica why she does not have the “proof” that John could be Liam’s father, Jessica admits she does not have it. Tina’s dog has it. Hearing that, Natalie asks Jessica if she knows how insane she sounds. Does Tess or Bess or some alter of Jessica’s “know” something that Jessica cannot prove. Jessica grimly admits to Natalie it has nothing to do with that. She just doesn’t have it.

Louie then asks Todd why it is that he has lied. Does he really actually remember going to blow victor away? Todd admits that he was drugged, beaten and given brain washing shock treatment for 8 years and really doesn’t know whether he did it or not.

Tea then admits to Blair that she has just taken a pregnancy test.

Todd admits to Louie that he does remember determining that he had to kill victor before Victor killed him. But it’s not like he had a choice. But Louie tells Todd he did have a choice.

Jessica protests to Natalie that she is not making up a story about John being Liam’s father in order to hurt her. If she was going to do that, wouldn’t she come up with a more plausible story? Natalie replies she doesn’t know. But she does know that they want very different things. She knows that Jessica wants to bully and intimidate her and prevent her from being happy, being with Brody and having his child.

Vimal tells Rama he is very worried about what could have happened to his sister. She could have been kidnapped or sold into slavery. That happens to foreign girls when they come to America. She tells him that there is only one way to find out.

While with Jack, Neela remembers telling her brother that although she has yet to meet the "right" boy for her, she can envision him. But she knows that he a handsome, rich American boy with curly hair and a great body. She stares at him stunned and he asks her what is on her mind. Right then, she gets a call on her cell from Rama.

Todd tells Louie that she cannot face Sam believing it’s entirely he killed that kid’s father. But there’s another part of him that has other feelings. It’s just like war. Louie tells him he knows how war affects one’s brain and mental health. He was in the war. You have to live with things that will either kill you or which you will forgive yourself for. Or in some cases you just live. He asks Todd to look at him and tells Todd he forgives him.

John tells Bo that he finds it odd that nobody has seen or heard from Louie. He has not shown up dead and it’s kind of odd that he’s just disappeared.

Louie tells Todd he knows guys like Todd from being in the service. Guys who did things and who got used, damaged and discarded and ended up with nothing. And he tells Todd he cannot let that happen to him or to anyone else.

When Neela’s phone rings, Jack asks her what she’s going to do. She picks up the phone and Rama asks her where she is. She tells her sister in law she’s “with a friend”. Rama tells her that’s good that she’s making new friends. She asks if Neela would like to talk to Vimal. Neela firmly tells her no. Her brother only wants to marry her off to a “reptile”. She then hangs up on them. Jack observes and tells her that’s cool that she stood up to her family. He then tells her it’s late. He has to get to bed. But she asks him to wait and admits she doesn’t even know his name. He tells her Jack manning. She tells him her name is Neela Patel. Hearing that, he asks her if she’s related to Vimal. She replies he’s her brother. He tells her that her brother used to work for his dad.

Natalie furiously tells Jessica she is done with her and her lies. And she’s glad that Jessica came by and proved to her once and for all that she is not worth it. So Jessica may take her act somewhere eels to someone who cares. Jessica then tells her sister that she wants her to get her own DNA test. Natalie tells her that she will do no such thing. Jessica better leave her alone and not dare to show up at her wedding. Because if she sees Jessica’s face, she will beat it in.

John admits to Bo that he will stay on for 2 more weeks and help him with the murder investigation of Victor. Bo admits to John that when Nora married Clint, he wanted very much to disappear but couldn’t because he had a son and could not leave him. John tells Bo he knows. Bo then tells John as much as he hates to say it, if John wants today to be his last day, then he has Bo’s blessing. John then thanks Bo and tells him he thinks he will take him up on it.

Natalie then stands alone in front of the mirror and declares that tomorrow she will be Mrs. Brody Lovett. She and Brody and Liam will be a family. But she is not smiling. She says no matter what lied Jessica tells, nothing will change it.

Louie concludes to Todd that he will give Todd the gun under one condition. And it’s not that he wants Todd’s money. He wants Todd to get some help. Todd tells him that throughout his whole life, people have told him that. But it’s only now that he believes it’s true. Louie tells him that if Todd does not fix himself, he might end up “fixing” someone else like his brother. And he tells Todd one last thing. He must watch out for “that Delgado guy”.

Right then, we see Tomas walking after taking a picture of Todd and Louie together. He declares that he’s about to find out about this mysterious friend of Todd’s.

Todd then stares at his gun alone and declares that he is a genius as he’s once again gotten away with murder.

Tea cries and declares to Blair that she is pregnant with victor’s baby. How can he not be there to see his child? Blair holds Tea in her arms.

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