OLTL Update Friday 11/4/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/4/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Sun, Todd gets a visit from his old friend, Louie whom he met briefly when he was first in town and who saved his life.

Tea is alone on the stairs of her home crying and wondering what things will be like if she is pregnant by Victor.

Jack runs into Vimal’s teenage sister, Neela. He notices her crying and asks if she is ok but wonders why she wants to go somewhere with him when they do not know each other. They get on the elevator when Vimal is looking for her and cannot find her. He shares with her that he got on the elevator with her in order to “get away from Scarface”. Hearing that, she asks if Scarface is someone from a movie. He tells her it’s worse. He’s not a fictional character. He’s the real thing.

Jessica is with Robert Ford at Viki’s when she notices that the document that she knows was right in this room is now gone.

At Roxy’s salon, Natalie looks in the mirror wearing her wedding dress and “rehearses” her wedding vows to Brody but cannot say his name and instead says John. John enters. She asks why he’s there. He replies he heard she was there.

At Viki’s home, Robert helps Jessica look for the missing document knowing that it must be “somewhere”. And sure enough, in the other room, Tina’s dog is hiding under a table chewing on it.

John stands beside Natalie while she looks in the mirror and remarks that she looks pretty. He likes her dress and he remarks that he remembers her “other” wedding dress. She tells him she’s surprised he remembers and asks him if there is anything going on at the station. He confirms that this is not about work. This is personal. Rama enters and calls to Roxy as she gets ready to work.

Jessica wonders why it is that she knows she put the paternity test right on the table but it’s now gone. She tells Robert she needs to have it so that she can show it to Natalie before she marries Brody.

Tea is alone in her home “talking” to victor. Tomas enters and asks his sister whom she is talking to. She lies telling him she’s practicing her opening statement at her next trial. But he knows better.

After Vimal discovers his sister has disappeared, he wonders where she went.

In Todd’s office, he informs Louie that he knows that his mother sent the goons to try to kill him at the docks. Vimal interrupts Todd and informs him that his teenage sister is missing. Todd tells Vimal he has not seen her and needs Vimal to close the door on his way out and tells him he’s in a private meeting. Vimal then goes outside the door and admits that he can “see the resemblance” getting used to Todd being Victor’s brother.

Jack and Neela go to the docks together where he talks to her about “Scarface” having the mistaken idea that they are going to bond as father and son. When he talks to her about how absurd it is for him to accept Todd whom he doesn’t even know, she seems to “relate” to what he is saying and asks a similar question about her own situation. She asks why she should accept “the frog”. Hearing that, Jack asks her what she is talking about.

Vimal calls Rama while she’s working at Roxy’s and urges her to stop what she is doing because he needs her help now.

At Viki’s, Robert suggests to Jessica that perhaps the maid cleared off the table and got rid of the document. But she tells him no. They were the only “people” there. She concludes that it may have been the dog who is responsible for the fact that she cannot find the document. She wonders if the dog might have put it outside and buried it somewhere. Robert then asks where the dog went. They go looking for her and ask her where the paper is. But the dog ignores them. Robert then crouches down and asks the dog if she wants to cooperate or if she wants to be a toilet brush with legs. Jessica then smacks him and asks if that is not a bit harsh. But he tells her they need to get the dog to listen. He tells the dog they can do it the easy way or the hard way and asks her to sit and she obeys. Jessica observes him and smiles.

Tomas tells Tea that he intends to get some answers for her and maybe when she gets some justice for Victor, she will feel better. But he can see that his sister looks tired and stress and asks her just what the nature of her “conversation with Victor” was about. She does not tell him about the suspected pregnancy. He assures his sister that he intends to see it through until he gets to the bottom of it. Even if it causes Blair to never speak to him again. Hearing that, Tea asks her brother what Blair’s problem with that would be. He then admits that he still sees Todd as a suspect. Hearing that, Tea appears alarmed that there is still suspicion about Todd.

Louie tells Todd how he escaped being murdered by Irene by swimming to safety. He reflects how the “rescue team” probably thought he was some sickly old drunk who’d die underwater. The obviously didn’t know that he was a first rate captain in Viet Nam. He tells Todd the same thing that saved Todd saved him. The bullet proof vest Todd gave him kept him warm. He smiles and tells Todd he saw in the paper that Todd “landed” and did what he had to do to get his life back just like he says. Yet, Todd remembers, yet again, shooting Victor. And he repeats that he got his life back.

Vimal asks Rama to help him find his sister. He tells her that he left to make a call and asked her to wait for him. But when he came back, she was gone. Yet she left her suitcase behind. They both realize that no teenage girl leaves without her suitcase. She may not be far away. But if he does not find her, their parents will never forgive him.

At the docks, Neela confides in Jack about her parents wanting to arrange her marriage with a hideous man she does not want to marry and how she is not going to throw her life away with that. Hearing that, he is intrigued and shocked to hear that they could do that to her. He asks her what she’s going to do. She replies she came to America to live with her brother and his wife. But her brother is as bad as her parents and is calling them right now. He asks if they don’t even know she’s left. She tells him she is not about to marry a man she does not love.

While John goes to “find” Natalie before she marries Brody, he stumbles over his words not quite able to tell her how he really feels. He then gets a call. They both conclude that maybe he should answer it since it could be from the station regarding police matters. But we see that Roxy has left him a text demanding to know if he’s told her daughter his feelings for her before it’s too late.

Tina’s dog leads Jessica and Robert on a wild goose chase but has not led them to the document. They both try to “motivate” her with all the tactics and threats to see if she can find it for them. But they wonder if she might have eaten it and the evidence is destroyed. Jessica then wonders if she should go and spill the beans to John without the document or what she should do.

While John is still unable or unwilling to tell Natalie his feelings before it’s too late, he gets another text message. This time it’s from Marty with the same demand for an answer of whether he’s told Natalie how he feels. At that point, Natalie concludes to John that maybe if he’s getting calls from the station, he must get back to work. But he does not know how to respond to what she just said.

Vimal and Rama are wondering where to find his sister, Neela. She tells him she wholeheartedly agrees that she should not be forced to marry somebody she does not want.

Jack concludes that maybe Neela should tell her parents to shove it. That’s what he’d do. Hearing that, and not familiar with the “expression”, she tells him that maybe she should tell them to shove it. He tells her that he has similar desires to run away from “Scarface”. She asks why he hates this Scarface so much. He replies for one thing, he killed Jack’s father.

Louie tells Todd that he has hidden and did not want to be found after being shot. Todd tells him the cops looked but could not find him nor the gun. Louie then replies that is because he still has the gun. And he pulls it out of his pocket.

Vimal tells Rama he can’t believe that she would take his sister’s side and encourage her to date some American boy. She tells him he must know how frightening it is to be “promised off” to somebody. She then remembers that she was “promised off” to him. He asks her if she is sorry that they are married. She tells him that she is very happy to be married to him. At least the 2nd time they married, it was her own choice so she does not believe that it’s right for someone not to be able to choose who they marry. Yet they still cannot find her and Vimal is worried that maybe somebody kidnapped his sister.

Neela asks Jack if “Scarface” killed his father and now he wants to be his father. He tells her it’s beyond crazy. She asks why Scarface is not in jail if he committed murder. He tells her that everybody takes his side, makes excuses for him about how he had a hard time and don’t want to believe it. He tells her that Scarface killed his dad and is now taking all his dad’s stuff. She asks if that is not illegal. He tells her that now Scarface has taken over his dad’s newspaper and wants Jack to work for him. He concludes that he cannot let Scarface get away with this and has to make him pay. He gets up to leave. But she urges him to wait and asks what about her.

Louie explains to Todd that now that he has the goods and the gun, maybe he can get a reward from the cops. He tells Todd that maybe he can now prove that Todd did not use it to kill Victor. Todd is still doubtful and asks Louie if he can take the gun off of his hand for some money. Louie asks Todd why he wants the gun back so bad.

Tea asks Tomas why he still suspects Todd. He tells her that he has to look at anybody who’s a possible suspect for killing Victor. She tells him the cops have already done that and have closed the case against him. He tells her he knows and asks if she thinks they’ve done a good job when they’re still completely clueless who killed Victor. She tells her brother she realizes he’s right about that. He can see that she is stressed about something.

Robert tells the dog she is no help. He ask Jessica if she really wants to bail by letting Natalie and Brody get married and never telling them the truth. She tells him that she can’t exactly face them without solid proof. He then reminds her that she doesn’t even know if the document is not fake. She admits that’s true. He tells her all she has to do is tell them she saw a test and maybe Natalie should get another test done to confirm the true results. Jessica then concludes that he’s right. She will go and tell Natalie the truth and then let it be in her hands.

While Natalie is asking John what his “secret” is, Brody walks in and asks what they were talking about. She then panics that he cannot see her before the wedding because it’s “bad luck” and runs off. Brody can then sense that there is “something “ going on between the two of them. And he sounds like he’s warning John to “knock it off” and leave Natalie alone. John asks him what he is trying to say. Brody affirms that he does not know what he just walked in on but it sounded intense. He affirms to John that he (himself) and Natalie are getting married. So maybe John needs to leave the “personal stuff aside” and let it go. Natalie returns. John then concludes that maybe he should go. He wishes them a good wedding and a good life. But Natalie demands to know what he meant by that.

Robert tells Jessica maybe for what it’s worth, maybe she’s doing the right thing. He offers to come with her for back up since he is a witness having also seen the test. But she tells him she doesn’t want to get him involved in this. She thanks him for making her laugh and for making the dog sit realizing those are two difficult things to do lately. He asks if it’s ok for him to stay with Ryder while she’s gone. She tells him of course. She tells him that she really has appreciated his friendship realizing not long ago she saw him as the “baby daddy from hell” but she really respects and likes him now. She asks him to wish her luck and seems like she wants to get it over with soon and return to Robert.

John wishes Natalie and Brody good luck and leaves. Natalie asks Brody what that was about and if he and John got into a fight or something.

Tea is ready to do the pregnancy test.

Todd tells Louie the gun has been nothing but trouble for Louie. He almost got shot at. He tells him he will give him the money and take the gun off his hands. But Louie tells Todd that he wants to turn it in to McBain. He asks Todd why he looks so “shaky”. Is it true that he never fired it or if he did in fact use it to kill the guy who stole his life.

Brody tells Natalie that he and John did not fight. They just cleared some things up and it’s nothing to worry about. He just stopped by to see if she needed help with anything. He didn’t even “see” the wedding dress. She tells him good because she doesn’t need any more bad luck. He tells her he’s sorry that John came in and “bugged her”. She admits that she doesn't even know what John wanted. He concludes that from now on it’s all about the two of them and their son and nobody else.

Alone with the dog, Robert Ford confides in her that he is very disappointed that because of the dog, Jessica has to go and confront her sister, risking a lot of flack with no evidence to back her up for what she will tell her. He asks the dog to not ever tell anyone what he’s about to say. He says he knows that Jessica is not Tess. But she really is ok.

Jessica goes to find Natalie and Brody and tells them she did not mean to interrupt. He tells her he was just leaving and lets the two sisters talk. Jessica then tells Natalie then need to talk. Natalie tells her sister now is not a good time since she needs to get her fitting. But Jessica tells her this cannot fit.

While Neela is with Jack, she notices that her brother and his wife are nearby looking for her. And they hear Vimal and Rama call to her.

Alone, Tea asks Victor how she can have a baby without him.

Louie tells Todd if he has nothing to be afraid of, then the gun should clear him. But Todd tells him he does not want there to be any misunderstanding. So he demands that Louie gives him the gun although Louie tells him he doesn’t think so. Tomas enters to observe their interaction.

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