OLTL Update Thursday 11/3/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/3/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tina talks to Viki about helping with Natalie’s wedding. Viki tells her she never thought she’d see the day when her sister could give away millions and still be happy. Tina tells her sister that she realizes all that has happened to Todd. And she has her family and Cord and all is well in her life. But Viki is less convinced of that than her.

In the living room, Jessica talks to Tina’s dog about the document almost as if the dog knows the significance and demands an answer from her about what she should do. She tells the dog she did not try to find it. She did not ask to see it nor know that John is Liam’s father instead of Brody. So what is she supposed to do?

Destiny is at Buenos Dias and having a craving for a cheeseburger and fries. Marcie McBain enters and sees a “pregnant woman” whom she assumes she does not know, from the back and remarks that she knows all too well what it’s like to get pregnancy cravings. But when she identifies her former student, she is stunned to see that quite a lot has changed in Destiny’s life since she left her job as a Llanview High School teacher.

Dani admits to her mom that she is beginning to doubt Todd. But Tea urges her daughter not to listen to Jack. He misses his father and is falsely accusing Todd of shooting him. She tells her that she knows Dani gave Victor a chance to be her father. So, she asks her to please try to do the same for Todd. Dani tells her mom she will try. Tea asks her to try to let him be her father. He is her real father. And she asks her daughter to promise not to treat him the way Jack is.

Todd enters The Sun office and Jack expects to see “his dad”. But he tells Todd he cannot be there. Todd attempts to get his son to realize that this is his company. Yet he would love for his son to still work there. But Jack could care less about whether the company was given to Todd or not and tell shim to go to hell.

Vimal is on the phone with Rama and unexpectedly runs into an “old acquaintance”.

Destiny tells Marcie that she is scared to death about having a baby.

John is on the phone to Roxy who has called him and is demanding that he realizes that Natalie’s and Brody’s wedding is tomorrow. So he has one chance to tell Natalie how he feels about her. She reminds him that she has promised Rex and promised Natalie to stay out of it. But he has not made any such promise. John tells her he has to go. She then gets off the phone while at her salon and Natalie asks her what she was talking to John about.

Marcie tells Destiny that although labor is not fun, see will see that having a baby is the best feeling on earth. John enters to overhear them.

Viki and Tina go outside while Robert Ford brings baby Ryder inside. Tina remarks that Robert Ford is handsome and may be giving her more grandchildren. Viki tells her sister that Robert is Ryder’s father but that does not mean that he’s going to have a relationship with Jessica. Tina tells her sister she should not assume it won’t happen. Robert then enters to see Jessica talking to Tina’s dog and reminds her that wither her sister’s wedding goes off without a hitch is “up to her”.

Dani notices that her mom is not dressed and ready to work today. Tea tells her daughter she will probably just work from home today. Dani tells her she can stay home from school if her mom needs anything. She tells her that she has to grieve in her own way and cannot even think about Todd until she does. And does that make sense? Tea tells her daughter of course it does and hugs her daughter.

Todd tells Jack that he understands all too well how writing these nasty articles in The Sun is the perfect way to sell and make money. He would have done the same thing at Jack’s age. So they are more alike than Jack realizes. And, he tells his son, he has been out of the loop for the last 8 years and is not “up with the times” and all the technological and internet advances that the younger generation is experienced with. So he can use his son’s help just like his son needs him for a job. But jack asks him if he thought for one minute that he would work with the bastard who killed his father.

John talks to Marcie at Buenos Dias and clearly indicates he is “incomplete” about something.

Viki and Tina go to Roxy’s salon and Roxy wants to help Viki with Natalie’s wedding dress in the other room. Alone with Natalie, Tina tells her sister she remembers all too well what it’s like to “almost marry the wrong guy”.

Jack again asks Todd if he seriously thinks that he would want to spend time and work side by side with him when he killed his father. Todd then remembers firing his gun and shooting Victor to death. But he reminds his son, again, that he knows that Jack lied to the cops and he did not do it. He urges Jack to let him make up for the years he’s been away.

Dani tells her mom that they both miss Victor so they are in this together. And she asks her if she thinks it will make them feel better when they find out who really killed Victor. Tea admits she does not know but Tomas is ready to go and investigate. And anything is better than having no clue who killed him.

Todd admits to Jack that throughout this whole time he spent wondering when Jack was off of training wheels, whether he was mouthing off to his teachers. What kind of kid he turned into. And now Jack is almost a grown man. Jack then asks his father if he wants to get to know him, Jack needs to know him and he needs to look his son in the eye and tell Jack he did not kill his father.

Tina admits to Natalie that she once falsely believed that she was in love with Max. But it was only denial. She says not to get her wrong. Max was a great guy. But he was not the one for her. But she lied to herself until the truth came out at her wedding and she slipped and said: “I take thee, Cord”. Natalie, at that point, sounds like she wants to know more. But when Tina talks all about when a woman marries the “wrong guy” because she wants to believe he is and wishes she could deny who is really the right one. But at that point, Natalie abruptly tells Tina to shut up and walks away. Right then, Viki and Roxy walk out and are surprised to hear Natalie angry at Tina.

At Buenos Dias, Marcie tells John that he really needs to own up to his true feelings about Natalie before it’s too late.

Viki takes her daughter aside who tells her that Tina drives her up a wall. She just yacks away and does not shut up and is terribly annoying. But, it appears Viki knows the real reason why Natalie is not ok about something.

While Robert talks to Jessica about how good it is to be bonding with his son, she realizes that she cannot keep letting John or Brody or Natalie to keep living a lie about Liam. He asks her if she’s going to reveal the truth about Liam and what has caused her to change her mind. She replies Ryder. She sees that he has the right to know his child. And so does John. He asks her what about Brody. She admits she does not know and it’s so cruel. Brody has finally gotten the family that he wants. But the truth has to prevail. He asks her what about Natalie. She tells him that Natalie also deserves to know the truth.

At Buenos Dias, John tells Marcie that he and Natalie parted ways and moved on. She tells him that they believed that they had Liam together. But, John reminds her, that was a lie. She then admits to her brother in law, that he has good reason to be angry with Natalie. But there is a such thing as forgiveness. She reminds him that Michael lied to her about Sam. Yet they got past that. And he can still have his family with Liam and be happy. But John reminds her that unlike her and Michael, he has to face the reality that Natalie is marrying somebody else tomorrow and has his child.

Natalie asks her mom if Brody is her Max Holden. Viki tells her no. Natalie realizes that John is by no means her “Cord”. He has not been there for her and forgiven her the way Cord has forgiven Tina all those times. He does not love her. But Brody does. They have a son together. And that’s the way it’s going to be.

Inside, Tina concludes that Brody is max and John is Cord. Roxy responds well to seeing that Tina knows what she is talking about regarding Natalie’s life. Natalie and Viki enter. Tina goes with Natalie to help her put on her dress. Roxy admits to Viki that they all know that John is the man for Natalie and not Brody.

Vimal’s teenage sister comes to visit her brother at The Sun and talks about how she is “pressured” to marry a man who is not right for her just because their parents want her to. She tells him she cannot get married because this man is not the boy of her dreams. She does not know exactly who is. But she somehow knows he is American with curly hair and a great body and is also very ambitious. Hearing that, he tells her that maybe this imaginary boy is just that; in her dreams.

Jack then tantrums while Todd tells him he swears to him that he did not kill Jack’s father.

Vimal’s teenage sister urges him to let her live with him. She can’t let her parents force her to marry the wrong guy. But he tells her he can’t let her stay there until she is 18. She then goes outside and cries in the corner. Jack then walks outside, sees her and asks if she is ok. She then raises her head to see the “good looking curly haired American boy” and declares that she’s finally found him.

Natalie comes out in her wedding dress where Viki, Roxy and Tina all remark how great she looks. But Roxy remembers how her daughter almost married John not long ago.

John tells Marcie that Brody is a great guy and Natalie could do a lot worse. She tells him Natalie could do a lot better. He tells her, again, that he and Natalie are through and there’s nothing he can do about it. But she urges him not to give up.

Jessica then affirms to Robert, that she cannot let her sister falsely believing she’s having Brody’s baby when she is not.

Roxy then realizes that she has to “take care of some business” and asks her daughter to excuse her and that she will be right back.

Marcie tells John that he needs to know that they are all there for him. And maybe someday, he can bring Natalie to Seattle with him for a visit. She hugs him and gets ready to leave. He encourages her to “take care of this little miracle”. She leaves and John appears lost in thought again. Right then, Roxy finds him. Seeing her, he tells her he swears he is going to get a restraining order and demands to know what she wants. She tells him it’s not what she wants. It’s what he wants. She informs him that her daughter is all alone at the hair haven. This may be the last chance he gets so he better seize the moment.

Todd is alone at The Sun affirming that it appears hopeless since Jack hates his guts and has good reason to. Right then, an unseen person appears through the door and Todd acknowledges them

Tea suspects she might be pregnant.

At Roxy’s salon, Natalie stands by the mirror in her wedding dress looking less than complete. She recites that she, Natalie takes thee… But she cannot say their name. And right then, John appears in the mirror and stands beside her.

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