OLTL Update Wednesday 11/2/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/2/11


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

When Rex walks into Stacy and Cutter's room, Stacy hides in the bathroom.

While Cutter gets his nails done by Rama at Roxy’s salon, the two discuss the money and how Kim tried to send a letter to Clint only for Cutter to find it instead.

Tina walks into the living room and exclaims that the Buchanans are just as selfish and greedy as she is. Viki and Clint then walk in; Cord then walks in behind her. Viki explains that they have been summoned to court.

At the court house Tea runs into Nora. Tea asks how Mathew is doing Nora says ok, and asks what Tea is doing at the court house. Tea explains that she is here because of Victor’s death.

Tomas shows up on Blair’s front porch again. Blair opens the door to find Tomas and asks what he is doing there. Tomas says “I made a promise to Tea, I’m going to find out who's Victor's killer.” 

Viki tells everyone that Tea had gotten a judge to discuss Victor's will with the three. Tina is excited that she is included. Todd gets mad because everything Victor had was his. Tina says “Will just have to see what the judge has to say about that.”

Viki explains to Todd that Tina is right; no one knows what the judge will say. Todd claims that the will must be fake because Victor hated Irene. Viki wants proof first. Cord wants to talk to Clint, but Tina would rather go to court.

Tea tells Nora that she needs to get over her history with Todd.

Tomas says that he needs to talk to Jack. Blair wants to know why he would want to talk to Jack if everything he said was a lie.

Nora says that Tea is right -- there is no evidence but there is still a possibility.

Tea has Viki, Todd, and Tina go into the court room.

Cord apologizes for Tina’s behavior. Clint says it's fine except he got a letter from Kim that claims that she has found a new man. Clint tells Cord that he does not blame her.

Rama is not convinced Cutter’s plan will work. Cutter explains that he sent a letter to Kim saying that Clint is done with her. Rama is happy there is a plan but is still mad that she does not have the money that was promised to her. Cutter has a plan for that as well but won’t tell her and uses a metaphor that makes no sense.

Rex screams at Stacy through the bathroom door. Stacy listens to Rex yelling through the door. Rex says “There is only one Gigi in this world and it’s not you.”

Nora walks into the restaurant to find Destiny who is trying to write a college essay but has no idea what to write about other than being an unwed teenage mother.

Rex continues to talk about Gigi, saying that she was a wonderful mother, explaining that in order to be Gigi she has to try harder. Stacy frowns on the other side of the door.

Cutter claims he is a genius. Aubrey walks in and gets mad over Rama talking with Cutter, wondering what they were doing together.

Clint explains to Cord that it is obvious that Kim came back just for the money and not love. Cutter says he is sorry. Clint tells him not to be because at least it did not get serious. Cord tells him maybe it’s because he loves Viki. Cord says Tina and him slept together.

The judge tells Tea that he has considered the suit that she has brought him.

Tomas explains how Todd may not be innocent due to lack of evidence he is not.

The judge says that the will is valid and everything did go to Irene.

Aubrey wonders what Rama was talking about with Cutter and how he must be avoided at all costs because he is now trying to convince Rex that Gigi is still alive.

Rex tries to get Stacy to come out of the bathroom, Rex then brings up how Stacy was a terrible person. Cutter walks in.

Nora tells Destiny how much more she is then pregnant. Destiny says that the baby will take over her live she thinks maybe she won’t go to college. Nora says she has to go to college.

Blair brings up the fact that Irene shot Todd and he almost died because of her. Tomas knows. Blair thinks that Tomas is going after Todd because she may have feelings over him. Tomas claims this is not true.

The judge tells the three that Victor Sr. did not specify which male air he left the money too. Todd says that Victor Jr. did not even use his own name but Todd’s, Tina brings up the point that the she Irene is dead.

Cord tells Clint that Tina assumed they were back together, Cord did not want that. Clint says that it’s good. Cord says though that he thought things were going to be different and what if she meant it. Clint says that she did mean it until someone with more money comes to take her away.

The judge tells Tina to sit down; the judge tells the three that Irene’s will is meant for sharing. Tina says she deserves the money belongs to her because of all that Irene did. The judge says that all the money was left to Tina.

Tomas says he is asking questions not accusing anyone because the police have no leads.

Nora begs Destiny to go to college. Destiny wonders what will happen with the baby. Nora says that the baby will be proud of her if she goes to college.

Aubrey explains how Cutter and an unknown girl (Stacy) were at the Halloween party last night and were trying to scam Rex. Rama thinks that Aubrey is falling for Rex.

Cutter claims that Gigi is on the other side of that door but if he wants to see her then he has to pay. Rex storms out.

Tina wonders if Irene actually liked her. Todd says that it is still his money. Tina says that she was given nothing originally and that maybe she could run the newspaper and this is her one chance to prove herself.

Aubrey denies having feeling for Rex. Rama brings up things that would make sense for Aubrey to like Rex. Rama wonders if she is trading one Buchanan for another.

Cord wonders if it is his fault that Tina is the way she is.

Viki asks Tina if this is really what she wants to cut off Tea and the children. Tina asks why she is surprised, because everyone thinks she is selfish and claims that’s the way she is going to be from now on.

Cord says he has given her the benefit of the doubt time and time again.

Todd says he does not believe Tina has changed one bit. Tina says he is wrong and tells the judge that he wants to give all the money to Todd.

Cord thinks he has made a mistake.

Tina says all the money would go to Todd and says it is the right thing to do. The judge makes it official. Viki is shocked that she would do that and is proud of her. Todd thanks Tina. Tina and Viki walk out. Todd tells Tea to get Tina to sign the papers before she changes her mind.

Aubrey says Rex is not rich anymore just a plain old person Rama says he still has the house. Aubrey proclaims nothing between her and Rex, Rex walks in.

Stacy walks out of the bathroom. Cutter says sorry for Rex. Stacy says that Rex was saying Stacy is bad Gigi is good and that it all sound familiar but she does not remember anything. Cutter says she just needs to stick with the plan. Stacy decides to no longer be part of the plan and is out.

Destiny does not want her child to be ashamed with her. Nora wants to help Destiny with her essay.

Rex is looking for Roxy who is getting towels at the hotel. Aubrey hugs Rex because he could not find out who was at the hotel.

Stacy says she is going to undo the surgery and look like the old Stacy.

Cord says he will go after Tina and then tells Tina that he wants to give her a second chance. Viki explains what happened at court. Cord shocked wants to know why Tina would do this. Tina says “Because all I wanted was you.”

Blair apologizes to Tomas but still thinks that Todd is not the one he is looking for. Tomas wants Blair to go to dinner with him to help find a suspect. Blair agrees to it.

Tea congratulates Todd on getting it all back. Todd says that Tea and Dani will always be taken care of. Tea declines the offer as all she wants to know is who killed Victor and that Tomas is finding out who did it and she believes he will.

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