OLTL Update Tuesday 11/1/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/1/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr walks into the room and observes her mom staring at her wedding photo of herself and Todd many years ago which Tomas panted from. Starr asks Blair if Tomas told her he was in love with her. Blair replies yes. Starr asks her mom what about her dad.

Tomas is in his room engrossed in painting a picture of Blair. Tea walks in to observe her brother lost in thought and asks him what is going on. He admits to his sister that he was willing to throw away a future with her and go to prison for murder. Tea acknowledges that maybe her brother is not ready to commit to Blair. He tells her he’s afraid she’s not over her ex-husband.

Inside the living room, Starr discusses the same thing with her mom.

Todd is sitting outside Viki’s home silent and appearing depressed. Viki asks her brother if he is still in love with Blair. Todd replies yes. Viki then asks why he did not tell her. Todd does not answer but remembers shooting Victor.

Nigel talks to Clint about whether he’s going to return to his home or let Rex and Shane stay there or what will happen.

We then see Cutter staring at the envelope that Kimberly sent to Clint. We then see Gigi alone in the bed appearing to be having “dreams” and possibly regaining her memory of Rex.

Right then, Rex goes into Clint’s hay barn assuming that Cutter is in there. He tells Cutter after the stunt he pulled last night, he won’t’ be afraid to hurt Cutter. He hears there is someone hiding in the hay and tells Cutter he better come out or Rex will take this pitch fork and shove it somewhere. But he notices that Cutter is not there. Only Tina and Cord are found asleep together in the hay loft.

We then see a vision of Rex removing Gigi’s mask and declaring his love for her. She is sleeping peacefully. Cutter opens the letter that Kimberly wrote to Clint and tears it up knowing his sister is in prison and has no power. Gigi/Stacy then awakens and tells Cutter she knows he is hiding something from her. And if he does not tell her the whole truth right now, she will go straight to Rex.

When Rex discovers Tina and Cord, he apologizes for his “threat”. They tell him maybe they should be apologizing. Not wanting them to know what he was afraid of, he tells them he was just afraid the horses would have gotten spooked form what happened last night. Her leaves the two of them alone. Tina asks Cord if they should tell Viki and the others that they are “back together again”. But he is not ready to go public or to get back together with her just because they made love the previous night.

Aubrey brings coffee into the room for Rex and he tells her that he found a naked couple sleeping in the stables and went after them assuming they were Cutter. She tells him she’s sorry that Cutter got inside unknown and unseen. And they wonder what happened to the mysterious woman who came with him. They talk about Shane grieving the loss of his mom and not only blame Cutter but Rex talks about “what kind of a woman” would remind a grieving kid about his mother.

Cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that he is now going to declare the truth. All of it.

Clint tells Nigel he realizes that Nigel does not care for Kimberly Andrews and assumes she’s after Clint’s money. But, Clint reminds him, Kimberly left him without taking his money. He now just wants to help her since she has a friend in the hospital. Nigel tells Clint that it’s pretty obviously that Kimberly’s friend was not sick after all> this is an obvious scheme to take money from Clint. And as soon as Kim realized Clint is no longer wealthy, she has no more use for him. They both notice that Kim has “disappeared”. He tells Clint that in his humble opinion Clint should forget about Kimberly. In response to that, Clint declares to his butler that he is fired.

Viki tells Todd she needs to know what happened and why he could not tell Blair that he loves her. Todd replies that “somebody scared him”. Hearing that, Viki asks who. Todd bluffs to his sister telling him it was Sam. Viki seems to know that a little boy would not prevent Todd from declaring his love for Blair. She asks if he’s sure it’s not someone else. Could it be Tomas? Todd replies it’s not Tomas.

Tea tells Tomas that she came in to collect and give Victor’s things to the kids. He tells her hat she doesn’t have to do all of this alone. He is there and needs her to let him be a good brother for once.

Starr tells her mom that she knows that she is not over Todd nor he-her. Blair keeps telling her daughter that it’s not what she thinks. But Starr seems to know better and tells her mom she knows that something happened. She tells her mom that no matter how bad things get or what happens between her parents, Blair and Todd have always had a connection and she knows it’s still there.

Tina tells Cord that he needs to know that they are together. What happened last night was more than just lust. She knows that he cannot honestly tell her that he’s ever loved anybody the way he loves her. He tells her be that as it may, whenever he’s fallen for her in the past, he’s been left high and dry. He reminds her that maybe their history is in the past. They are getting older now. Hearing that, she asks if he just used her for sex last night.

Cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that he knows she wanted to replace Gigi and he thought he’d help her with that. Not remembering anything about Rex nor being Stacy, she demands to know just what he planned to do in order to help her. He tells her that he was going to keep her secret. She tells him she knows that he was going to blackmail her in order to get what he wants. He’s nothing more than a user. She does not trust him. He’s just a sleazy disgusting loser. She goes out the door. But he admits to her that everything she said about him is right.

Starr asks her mom why she cannot tell her that she’s wrong about Blair’s future with Todd. Blair admits to her daughter that they planned to go trick or treating with Sam and then spend the evening together. But Todd somehow got moody and had to cancel on her. She knows that Todd has something going on and is withholding and is not going to keep trying to figure out what it is nor try to get back with Todd. Starr wants to continue talking but Blair wants to terminate the conversation.

Todd tells an “encouraging” Viki that her belief that his son’s need him is not true. They need their dad and he’s the “reason why” their dad is dead.

Gigi/Stacy asks Cutter if he is admitting that he’s a lying con artist. He tells her that’s correct. She then asks why she should not tell Rex right now what he is up to. He replies because she is the same as he is. Having no memory of being Stacy, she asks what he is talking about. He asks her if she knows how many surgeries and effort it took for her to look just like Gigi. It shows that she will stop at nothing in order to make Rex believe she’s Gigi. She tells him she does not trust him and is going to leave. But he reminds her she has nowhere to go, no money and no friends. And he reminds her that she may not want to show up on Rex’s doorstep with Gig’s face.

Right then, Rex picks up the Halloween eye mask which Gigi/Stacy left behind. Aubrey tells him that maybe she can get rid of it for him. She doesn’t want him to let Cutter and that woman upset him. But he somehow knows he cannot do that. She tells him she needs to forget about two sick little cons that cannot be trusted and who cannot hurt him unless he allows them to. She then reflects that not long ago, she was the same kind of person as they are and has similarly been seen as toxic waste. But Rex looks at her and affirms to her that she is not that kind of person.

Cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that he knows that she is in love with Rex and wants to be the woman he loves and now she can be. She tells him she knows he does not care about hers’ or Rex's or anyone’s feelings. He just wants money. He tells her that may be true. But it will also benefit her and is worth her while. He then remembers there’s somewhere he has to go. She asks what if when he returns she refuses to do what he wants. He tells her if she does, he will declare she is crazy. But he will not hold her there against her will.

Tina tells Cord that he needs to know that everything is different. She is different. She has won Viki over after so many years and has the capacity to love him and be a good person. But he tells her he’s trusted and believed in her too many times only to get his heart broken. And how can he trust that it will not happen again.

Blair goes to see Tea and notices Tomas at the door. She remarks that Tea is lucky to have her brother helping her out with things. He then leads her into the bedroom to see the picture he has drawn of her. He tells her that this woman is wiser now than she as and may be ready for a new chapter in her life. He reminds Blair that he’s already told her how he felt but she has yet to answer him.

Viki tells Todd that even though Victor is the only dad that Jack remembers, that doesn’t mean he should feel guilty or give up on his son. But he tells her that if he could go back in time and change things, he would but it’s too late. He can’t change the things he’s already done.

Tina declares to Todd that everything is different. He asks her in that case, why she came back to town after all these years. Hearing that, she tells him she can see that he is suspected her, just like everyone else is, if coming back to town to get her brother’s money. But she’s there for Viki. She knows her sister needs her. Viki has been through a lot and needs her sister whether she realizes it or not. She has messed up in the past. But she’s not going to give up on him or on Viki until she can prove it. She tells Cord she knows that he makes her a better person.

Viki asks Todd if he is really having second thoughts about coming back to Llanview. He wants to evade her question but she wants to talk about how she knows that he wants to reunite with Blair. He tells her if they are on the subject of relationships, then maybe she can tell him about her plans regarding Clint.

Inside the living room, Nigel tells Clint that he cannot accept his choice of caring about Kimberly Andrews. But Clint tells him he knows that there is “something not right” about how Kim has suddenly disappeared. Nigel tells Clint if he wants, he can investigate where Kim might have gone but warns Clint that he may not like the answer. Clint then asks Nigel if he is really serious about leaving and no longer working for Clint. Nigel evades the question but indicates he’s not going anywhere.

Inside Cutter’s room at The Minuteman, after he levels with Gigi/Stacy, she thanks him for being straight with her. He leaves. From around the corner, Rex watches Cutter unseen although he cannot see the woman inside the room. He then goes to pound on the door telling her that he knows she’s in there and is staying with Cutter. He knows she’s now alone in the room and needs her to open up because he has some questions for her.

Clint then reads a letter “supposedly” written by Kimberly telling him that she has chosen to leave him and he need not try to find her. And the letter has obviously been written by Cutter.

Blair tells Tomas that she knows they have a connection. But she is so confused and feels she is being pulled eight different ways by her family and her children and by all that has happened. He tells her he realizes she has taken a big step after being through a lot and can wait. But he can’t wait forever. She tells him she has to go and asks him if he could have Tea call her. She goes out the door and Tomas is clearly incomplete. Tea then comes down the stairs talking on the phone to someone in forensics and finds out that Bo and the cops have found no evidence and they are letting the killer get away with cold blooded murder.

Todd then tells Viki that maybe the two of them need to make a pact about both of their personal stuff where they share secrets that nobody else can ever know. If she wants him to keep his mouth shut about her person life and/or Clint, he needs her to do the same regarding getting Blair back. Viki then agrees that they have a deal. Nigel then comes outside to give them both some documents that are marked as urgent. And he remarks there is also one for Tina.

Starr tells her mom she can see that she is not complete regarding whether to date Tomas or get back with Todd. Blair admits to her daughter that she is in a mess not knowing what to do with her past, present or future with men.

In the other room, after Tea informs Todd that the cops have all but given up on finding Victor’s killer, he tells his sister that she needs to let him help her. He has FBI and CIA training and resources and maybe can find out things the police cannot.

Tina goes in to see Clint and asks her former father in law why he thinks he’s better than she is. He has heard that he has done some pretty dishonorable things in the last year. And he has less of an excuse than she has. He was born rich and has everything he needs. So, she tells Clint, she has “news for him”. Right then, Viki and Todd come in through the door. And Viki tells her sister that they have “news for her” also.

When Gigi/Stacy refuses to respond to Rex, he goes inside the door and is stunned at what he sees.

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