OLTL Update Monday 10/31/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/31/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair is alone in the house when she sees “somebody” with a costume covering his head. It's Todd. He tells her that he’s never too old for Halloween/.

At Viki’s home, Jessica, Robert Ford, Bree and Ryder return from their trick or treat. We see a letter from to Clint from Kimberly Andrews which nobody notices. Right then, Bree asks her mom if they can go to Aunt Natalie’s party. Jessica does not know what to say.

At the party, Roxy tells Natalie and Brody that at a party like this, people see all kinds of things and understand many mysteries. And people see dead people. Not far away, Tina tells Cord that she has noticed the picture Rex has of Gigi on the mantelpiece and has met this girl. He asks if she has been drinking too much witch’s brew. She tells him no. That very girl came to Llanview. She knows that “Gigi” is alive.

\Right then, outside the door, cutter tells Gigi/Stacy that he knows “she can do this”. She covers her face with her eye mask. Rex gets the door and does not seem to recognize her or Cutter. He asks if they are friends of the bride or groom or friends of his.

Todd comes to see Blair and tells her he wanted to see Hope’s costume. She tells him that she’s with Starr and James. He tells her he needs her to go and get Jack. But she tells him he needs to realize that Jack is not ready to accept him in his life. He still recognizes Victor as his father and the grieving process might take longer than Todd wants. Right then, Sam appears and says “hi” to “scar face”.

Rex invites the two “strange” people. Cutter has his face hidden looking like a mummy and Gigi’s eyes are covered. Inside, Roxy is drinking and Rex tells his mom he is worried about her spilling the beans about John and Natalie. He tells her she needs to know that his sister is marrying brody. Right then, brody appears, tells Rex “damn straight” and asks if there’s any reason why she wouldn’t.

In response to Bree asking to go to Aunt Natalie’s party, Jessica tells her daughter it’s only for grownups and bree needs to get to bed. Right then, Viki asks Bree to show her grandpa her Halloween candy while she takes Jessica aside to tell her she’d like her to go to her sister’s party while she and Clint watch Bree.

Natalie coldly asks Aubrey if she “needs something”. Aubrey smiles and tells Natalie that she (herself) is the hired help and Natalie can relax and enjoy the party> But Natalie tells Aubrey she does not trust her and if she thinks she’s going to “move in on “ Rex, she has another thing coming.

Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter that she “sensed something” about Rex. He tells her he will go and get them both some drinks. And he urges her not to take off that mask. But right then, when she’s alone, she opens up the card with Gigi’s voice wishing a “happy Halloween to her favorite guys”. She is stunned. Right then, Shane appears and tells her that “that is his mom”. She appears speechless and stunned.

Sam shows Todd his costume and Todd asks if he go a lot of candy. He tells Sam a secret about his mom not knowing where the good candy is. Sam calls Todd scar face remembering that’s what Jack calls him. Blair wants her little boy to be friends with Todd. Sam asks how he can be friends when he does not know Todd’s real name. And he remembers that his daddy was killed by a “bad man”.

Brody tells Rex he’d like him to stand up for him at the wedding. Tina right then enters and tells him he needs to realize he cannot be brody’s best man. That is Cord’s job.

In the living room, Robert attempts to “make conversation” with Clint about his heart attack and doctor’s regimen. But Clint coldly tells Robert he needs to shut up and know that he is not going to “buy into” anything Robert says or does. In the other room, Jessica tells her mom she is not ready to be out in a public function with Natalie and Brody and is afraid if she was there, she might say something she will regret.

Tina reminds Brody and Natalie that she has been working her tail off as maid of honor and would like to have some say in their wedding plans. But Rex is not ok with that and Roxy confronts her telling her that the wedding will go the way her daughter wants. Right then, Cutter falls over and the bandage over his body rips to expose his chest. Right then, Aubrey notices him and announces she “recognizes those nipples”.

Gigi/Stacy runs off alone into the hay barn after being seen by Shane and hearing “Gigi’s” voice.

When Aubrey catches Cutter, Shaun urges her to calm down. Inside, Tina tells Roxy if she insists on Rex being Brody’s best man, then Jessica might as well have Jessica as her maid of honor.

Clint tells Robert Ford he will never see him as anything more than the low life piece of trash who took advantage of Clint’s daughter. Robert tells Clint that he is a bitter nasty old man and needs to realize that Robert is his grandson’s father and Jessica’s friend. She’s gotten over their issues. Everybody else welcomes him in the house. Clint tells Robert that a three legged dog would be a better choice for his daughter than Robert.

Todd remembers shooting Victor while Blair and Sam talk about welcoming him into their home.

Robert tells Clint he may go ahead and make Robert’s life miserable as he wants to. Because while Clint becomes nasty and rude to him, he will be courteous and honorable and stop at nothing in order to make his son proud of him. And all it will show is that Clint is a nasty son of a bitch. Clint then admits that maybe Robert has a point and maybe he can “tolerate” Robert. Robert then tells Clint maybe he can tolerate him also. They shake hands. At that point Jessica and Viki stare at the two men in awe, concluding that if Clint can “make nice” to Ford, maybe the “impossible” can happen. And Jessica thereby becomes motivated to change her plans for the night.

After Gigi/Stacy runs off, Rex asks Shane what happened to “that woman” in the other room. Cutter goes after Gigi/Stacy trying to console her when she cries about that poor boy losing his mom. He urges her to go with him elsewhere. But right then, Aubrey removes the mask from his head and tells him she “knew it”.

Tina tells Cord that she has “made trouble” with Natalie, Brody, Roxy and Rex. He knows what she is trying to do there and it has nothing to do with her niece’s wedding. And she can keep her fantasy alive. As long as it “distracts her” from this “Gigi Morasco business". At that point, Tina remembers that she needs to find the woman with the mask who’s disappeared.

Natalie tells Brody it’s ok if he wants Rex instead of Cord to be his best man. But he tells her he is ok with doing what Tina wants.

Robert and Jessica stand outside the door of Rex’s home not certain whether they should go inside. Bree goes up to ring the bell. Rex, Natalie and Brody stare at them speechless and Bree says trick or treat.

Sam has now recognized Todd as “Uncle Todd” and tells his mom he wants him to come trick or treating with them. Sam goes to put in his costume. Blair thanks Todd for being so kind to Victor’s little boy. He then reflects that Sam is her little boy also. And he reveals that he might want Blair back.

While alone with Clint, Viki tells her ex-husband that he is “on a streak” being nice all of a sudden to Rex, then to Brody and now to Robert Ford. And maybe David Vickers is not far behind. He asks her if she thinks he’s losing his edge. She tells him that she would like to go back to when things were simpler. He reminds her that he remembers the wedding dress she wore. He tells her that it appears she has many chances and his question is when she is going to take them.

Todd is alone in the living room “rehearsing” what he’s going to say to Blair about all he’s gone through to get her back by staring at a pumpkin. He walks into the front entrance and gets the door. Right then Irene “appears” again to haunt him. She tells him that it’s not time for him to admit he loves Blair and wants her back. He shuts the door on her. But she appears again and asks if he thinks that Sam would be nice to him if he knew he killed Sam’s father. Would Blair take him back? They will both hate him. And she need not tell him about Jack. She tells him she won’t “say a word” because she will do all the work for him. He tells her will not listen to her. But she tells him he may do whatever he wants. He may go trick or treating and have a grand old time. It’s just a matter of time before they know that he’s a murderer. He tells her to go back to hell. But right then, she disappears and Blair and Sam come down the stairs.

Viki and Clint reminisce about old times and when he had his short career in journalism.

Jessica tells Brody and Natalie she appreciates their invitation to stay longer at Rex’s home. But she and Robert need to get home soon and take Bree home. They leave and Jessica thanks Robert for being there for her. And, again, we see the “urgent” envelope for Clint Buchanan.

Rex follows Aubrey into the hay barn after Cutter has followed Gigi/Stacy. Rex somehow knows “something” although he does not recognize Gigi/Stacy. In the other room, Gigi/Stacy asks Cutter what his little scheme is.

Cord asks Tina what is going on with pushing him off on Brody as his best man. Is it nothing more than her attempt to get to know Natalie and Brody better? She asks him if it would really be so bad if there were other reasons. And they kiss. But he pulls away telling her he cannot. He tells her this is “trouble” . But she reminds him that they always thrived on trouble. And she was always at her best around him. He can see right through her. So, she asks him to look into her eyes and tell her that she is lying when she says they can make this work and that they belong together. He kisses her again and they fall into the hay loft.

Robert and Jessica talk about the dilemma she has about whether to spill the beans to Natalie that Brody is not her child’s father. They part for the night.

Rex proposes a toast to Aubrey Wentworth for throwing this great party. And also to his sister and future brother in law. Brody and Natalie have finally found each other and he congratulates them.\

Viki tells Clint she’s going to check on the boys. He tells her he’s going to clean up the mail on the table. And he remarks that he’s looking for a letter he noticed that was addressed to him He knows he saw it but can swear that it’s gone.

Right then, Cutter picks up that very letter on the ground in the hay barn. Gigi/Stacy demands to know what type of game he is playing. He tells her he promises to tell her later but for now, they need to leave. She drops her mask on the ground. And Rex enters to see it and pick it up, as if he somehow knows the significance.

Todd declines Blair’s and Sam’s invitation to join them trick or treating. She asks if he’s “ok’. They leave. And when he’s alone, Irene appears again and tells her “son” he has made a good call. He has no business being with them and he knows it, she tells him.

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