OLTL Update Friday 10/28/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/28/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex and Shane are planning for a Halloween party and thinking about Gigi.

Cutter returns to The Minute Man to see Gigi/Stacy waiting. He tells her that he has heard that Rex Balsam is hosting a Halloween party and she needs to attend.

Aubrey is helping Rex and Shane with the party and is mindful that it’s also a wedding party.

Brody tells Natalie he still cannot believe that they are getting married. She laughs and asks why not. He tells her that he has wanted this for so long. And tonight, it’s official. Her brother is throwing an engagement party for them.

A child comes to trick or treat at Clint’s house and Cord is with him handing out candy. After the child leaves, Clint tells his son that he is a bit concerned about Tina wanting Cord back. Cord tells his dad he may relax as it’s not like he and Tina are getting married again. Right then, Tina comes down the stairs dressed in a wedding gown and asks her ex-husband and father in law what they think.

Brody asks Natalie what she and Roxy were talking about before he entered and she clearly does not want to answer or think about it.

Roxy comes to visit John and is surprised to see Michael. She hugs him and asks where Marcie is. She tells him that she has some news for John that this going to rock his world. John appears incomplete and depressed as if something is not right for him.

Shane pulls out a skeleton that his mom loved that they used to put out every year. Aubrey remarks that they are in a new house with new traditions. Rex makes it clear that his mind is elsewhere. Shane and Aubrey are getting to know each other and getting along but Rex is incomplete knowing that he will never see Gigi again.

Gigi/Stacy asks Cutter what is up with the fact that Rex is rich but her “sister” had to work as a waitress. Cutter tells her hat was before Rex struck it rich. She asks why she wants to see Rex when she’s already seen him in pictures. He tells her she has to see him in person and have him unable to recognize her when she’s in costume. But she asks why Rex cannot see her.

Viki enters and wonders where Tina found the bridal gown ad notices she has a groom’s tuxedo for Cord to wear as a Halloween costume. Clint tells her that he is a bit uneasy for her to be wearing a wedding dress. Viki tells her sister that maybe what Clint “meant” is that it might not be appropriate for her to be wearing a bridal gown when Natalie and Brody are getting married. In response to that, Tina tells her sister she ”gets” it and assumes that maybe Viki and Clint should be wearing the wedding costumes instead.

Roxy informs Michael that she happens to know that his brother is still in love with Natalie and she with him. Michael is intrigued and surprised to hear that.

Natalie evades Brody's question about what she ad Roxy are discussing.

John is silent while Roxy and Michael talk about his “future” that should be with Natalie and the fact that Brody is not the right man for her.

Shane pulls out a box with Gigi’s voice wishing him a happy Halloween and it makes him depressed to hear his mom’s voice but know she is not there. Aubrey smiles and tells him that he had a great mom and she will always love him. So he can put it somewhere safe so that he can hear her whenever he wants.

Cutter remembers figuring out how to jog Gigi/Stacy’s memory while making certain that Rex does not recognize her. She asks why she can’t let people know she’s there. He tells her because it would ruin everything. She asks what he means and for whom would everything be ruined.

Tina tells Clint he has to come with them to attend his daughter’s wedding party. But he tells her he can’t since he’s on house arrest. So he will stay there and babysit his grandson>L she asks if he could also offer her dog more attention. Viki pushes her sister out the door. Clint tells Cord he knows that it’s “happening” again. Cord asks his dad what. He replies that before Natalie and Brody even walk down the aisle, Tina is going to have Cord hog-tied once again.

Natalie brings out baby Liam in a Halloween costume and takes a picture of Brody holding him. She remarks that she knows he has his dad’s Navy SEAL genes. Brody smiles but appears empty knowing that Liam is not his child.

Roxy tells John that he has to “get over it” and realize that Natalie is his soul mate. He knows it. She knows it. Michael knows it. Right then, Shaun enters in a costume and wants to congratulate Natalie and Brody. Hearing that, John asks what he is talking about. Roxy reminds him that he needs to know that it’s their engagement party.

Tina tells Viki she still does not see why she cannot wear the wedding dress as a Halloween costume. Viki tells her sister she realizes that she wants to rekindle things with Cord but she cannot push it. She tells Viki this has nothing to do with Cord. And why can’t she peruse her dreams? Viki reminds Tina that she needs to realize that Cord is still very gun-shy around her. Tina reminds her sister that she knows that maybe she should get back with Clint. Viki tells her that she and Clint are not getting back together and as far as she knows, Clint is not over his most recent ex-wife, Kimberly Andrews.

Cutter attempts to work on Gigi/Stacy about “meeting” Rex again at the Halloween party and that Rex might see her as a ghost.

Rex plays the card with Gigi’s voice from last year wishing a happy Halloween to “her favorite guys”. Aubrey tells him that in time, he will be able to remember all the good times without hurting. Rex remarks that maybe that will be better than chasing all over town seeing and looking for her ghost.

Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter that she hates that she was so hung up on Rex that she had to carve up her face to go after her sister’s man. It’s cruel that she would do that. It’s sick and she is not going. But Cutter knows he has to convince her to go.

Brody is alone in the room wearing a sailor’s uniform and holding baby Liam who’s wearing a Seal’s costume. He tells her infant son that he can’t let him go and nobody must ever reveal that John is his real daddy.

Roxy tells John and Michael that Rex urged her to keep her mouth shut to Natalie about getting back with John and realizing that Brody is not the one for her. She remarks that Rex has no choice except to get over Gigi. But Natalie and John are both alive. So John needs to “get over himself” and realize that Natalie is the one for him.

Natalie is dressed as a Navy nurse and tells her fiancé and baby that Roxy has some “opinions” which she is not interested in. Because nobody and nothing is going to spoil their fun tonight.

Roxy urges John to not let her break her promise to Rex. She promised him she’d stay out of it and keep her mouth shut. So John has to tell Natalie that he loves her.

Cutter shows Gigi/Stacy a picture of Stacy with Kim whom Gigi/Stacy does not remember. And they talk about Kim stealing money to get plastic surgery.

Natalie and Brody leave baby Liam with Clint alone in the house. Knowing that her dad is alone without anybody to help take care of the two children and may be coming down with something, she suggests that they find a sitter. It’s too late however and Viki offers to stay with Liam, Ryder and their grandpa and miss the party.

Michael and John are playing a board game but Michael cannot give a rest to asking his brother if he’s really ok with Natalie marrying another guy. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. Kids are at the door in costume trick or treating.

Natalie, Brody and Liam leave Viki and Clint alone in the house with their two infant grandsons. Clint holds baby Liam and takes him to find blocks. Viki goes into the room to look at her mail and it appears she will find something significant.

Gigi/Stacy does not see anything suspicious about Cutter. But he tells her he realizes she remembers nothing. She admits that she’s not sure she really wants to know anything from what she is hearing. He tells her that she did not mean to hurt anybody by stealing her sister’s face. She as in love with Rex and that can’t make her a bad person.

Rex and Shane have 3 musketeer costumes and Aubrey joins them in place of Gigi. Shane seems to get along with Aubrey and she is welcome to join them although they are missing Gigi. The doorbell rings. Aubrey gets it.

Gigi/Stacy reminds Cutter that if she was going to “replace “her sister, it almost sounds like she was planning on “doing something” to her. But he tells her that it was merely an accident that Gigi died of carbon monoxide poisoning. It was not her fault. And they cannot just stay stuck there in the motel. He wants her to come out with him and half fun. And if after they come back, she still wants to beat up on herself, she may. But she has to see what it’s like to get out there. She then agrees to go to Rex’s party.

Tina finds new costumers for herself and Cord as a cowboy and cowgirl. Natalie and Brody face them but before they can say anything, Roxy goes to find her daughter and tells her she has to go and talk to John.

John as no candy for the kids and gives them some money instead. Michael is concerned about his brother and asks if he’s going to forgive Natalie. From what he heard, John and Natalie were broken up after Natalie and Brody had just that one time together. John reminds his brother that Natalie and Brody are living together and getting married. But Michael remarks that he’s stubborn. And the two brothers engross and avoid by playing the board game.

Rex finds Natalie at the party and tells her he urges her not to listen to Roxy. But it appears that Natalie might be doing just that. Tina then appears and notices that Brody is not nearby.

Cutter has a plan about himself and Gigi/Stacy going to the party.

A very “noteworthy” letter for Clint is on the table while Viki and Clint are with their infant grandson.

Cutter is dressed in a mummy costume and talking to the porcupine about how he’s not “all bad”. At least he will reunite Rex with the woman he loves and help Gigi/Stacy. She reminds him they are going to be late. He follows her out the door appearing reluctant.

While Clint and Viki are alone in the house with the babies, he remarks that he is so glad she is there with him.

Cutter is getting Gigi/Stacy ready to hide herself and appears at the party just the way he wants.

While Natalie joins Rex and Shane, she recognizes Gig’s favorite Halloween decoration.

John and Michael stay home together.

While Rex, Shane and Aubrey are together and happy at the party and admitting it to Natalie and Brody, Cutter gets Gigi/Stacy ready to hide her face. Tina notices her and remarks that she looks just like “the dead girl” when she sees her from outside. Right then, Rex opens the door to see Gigi/Stacy wearing her eye mask with Cutter.

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