OLTL Update Thursday 10/27/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/27/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Michael and Marcie McBain are visiting Michael, she reminds her brother in law all about how she finds it kind of “odd” that Brody and Natalie would want to get married. Michael rationalizes that it’s kind of “to be expected” since he is the father of Natalie’s child.

Cutter has managed to get Stacy/Gigi to stay with him at The Minuteman. She awakens and suspects nothing about him but is not ok to know that she has been told that she was so obsessed about her sister’s fiancé that she wanted to get her face cut up to look like her sister. She demands that he tells her about the life she had. He wants her to trust him but obviously does not want to come clean with what he is doing.

Aubrey is with Rex planning for Brody and Natalie’s wedding. But she knows that Cutter has some sort of trick up his sleeve. She wonders what could possibly be “up” with his going to see Rex and telling him Gigi is alive if he cannot prove it. Rex does not want to talk about it and just plan the Halloween party and wedding shower for Natalie and Brody. But she goes to see Cutter in an attempt to find out what is going on.

Roxy goes to see Natalie to get her hair and nails done for the wedding. But she is committed to urging her daughter to realize that she is marrying the wrong guy. Natalie sees no point in continuing the conversation and tells her mom that she and John are through and she’s going to marry and make it work with Brody. But Roxy tells Natalie that she is lying to herself and to John as well as misleading Brody. She asks her what Brody would say or do if he knew that she said yes to his marriage proposal for the first time minutes after she got the “confirmation” that John did not love her. Natalie urges her mom not to interfere but Roxy wonders why she is so lacking in confidence in her relationship with Brody that she would have to keep secrets from him.

While Gigi/Stacy is in the shower and Cutter is alone, he is plotting a plan but notices that Aubrey is at the door. He sees her and smirks assuming she has “come back”. But she angrily tells him that will not happen. He asks her why she is acting friendly to Rex Balsam. She either wants to have sex with him to manipulate him after his fiancé has been gone or wants his money or has some trick up her sleeve. But she protests that she is working as a bartender and is going to make some money as a party planner for Rex. They are friends. He tells her that she needs to know that Rex is dishonorable just like he is. But she tells him Rex is not about to take money from Clint nor be part of a con or scheme and just wants to be a good father to his son. He’s not going to jump in the sack with someone he barely knows. They are just friends and Rex is not a low life piece of trash like Cutter is. She concludes that she is so glad she’s done with him. She tells him that no woman would ever want him. But right then, she hears a woman’s voice calling to Cutter from the bathroom. Cutter smirks in satisfaction.

Rick calls Robert Ford, James and Nate to the club and tells the three of them he has an opportunity they cannot pass up. They all angrily demands to know what his problem is and what he wants. He tells them he can make them all famous by casting them in a video. They all then instantly assume that he wants to do a porn flick. Robert tells rick he is not about to do any such thing now that he’s a father. He would rather dress up as a hot dog and make lousy money than do what Rick wants. Nate tells rick that he almost ruined Nate’s relationship with Dani but he now knows that it’s not worth it and he won’t fall for any of Rick's sleazy deals. Rick smiles and tells them that he is going to cast Starr Manning as a super vocalist. James tells him Starr has already made it clear that she is not going to break up with him nor give up her daughter. Rick tells them that that he knows she will come around.

Starr and Dani discover that Jack has written a slanderous article in The Sun about Starr being hounded by paparazzi and has written slanderous information about she and James assaulting someone. And they also know that Rick is behind the scheme and wants to get some publicity going around that she doesn’t want but which he does. Starr admits to Dani that she and Sebastian find themselves not having much alternative except doing what Rick wants and that he kind of “owns” them. But Dani tells Starr that even if he owns her music rights, he can’t get into her personal life, make her break up with James nor keep her from her daughter. She reminds Starr that Rick is just as dependent upon her as she is upon him. If he is so obsessed about making Starr a star, he has as much to lose if she cancels as she does. So, she motivates Starr, they have to go over and confront Rick and let him know that they will not fall for the sleazy way he does business. Yet Starr is lacking confidence in how she can “overthrow” him.

Rick tells the three brothers that the video he has in mind is not “that kind” of video. It’s a tasteful non x rated musical. He wants Starr and Sebastian to sing and play music. And he wants star with her “leading man”. Hearing that, they assume that he’s talking about tames and James reminds him that that sounds inconsistent with what he just said. But he tells them it’s not with James. It’s with Rick. Hearing that, James furiously tells him that Starr is his girlfriend. How dare he suggest such a thing. And it’s not going to happen. Nate tells him that Starr is his girlfriend’s sister. He and Dani are not going to be broken up again because of Rick. Robert, then gets on the phone to call Starr and informs her that maybe she needs to get to the club because his two brothers are having a “problem”.

Marcie reminds John that she remembers how unstable Brody was when she met him and he kidnapped Shane and had some delusion about making a child that was someone else’s his. He almost got Rex killed and endangered Gigi. And she’s a bit concerned. Also she knows that he was engaged and in love with Jessica right up until they found out that Ryder was not his and that he got Natalie pregnant. She urges John to know that she finds it very hard to believe that he and Natalie are through and that she’s better off with Brody.

Brody goes to see Rex while Aubrey has gone to see Cutter and tells him he appreciates his help in planning his wedding. Rex graciously tells Brody he realizes when they first met, they did not get off to a great start. But he now thinks very highly of Brody and cannot think of a better man for his sister to marry.

Roxy is then in Natalie’s apartment giving her daughter a manicure and finding herself in a terrible dilemma. She hears John telling her that he is in fact in love with Natalie yet is “helpless” to do anything about it because she is marrying Brody. She also hears Rex urging her to get over this obsession that Natalie needs to get back with John and that John does not love her and that she has the right to be happy and move on with Brody. Both Roxy and Natalie are completely distracted when Brody walks in. he somehow knows that he has “interrupted” something although neither of them can tell him anything.

Gigi/Stacy comes out of the bathroom and asks Cutter who was at the door, remarking that it sounded like a very “heated” conversation. He tells her it was just his “ex” giving him a hard time. She then concludes that if his ex-girlfriend came by and notices her coming out in just a towel, it would cause her to really get angry. He smirks and tells her that Aubrey is “not over” him. Knowing nothing about him or Aubrey, she does not dispute that. But she concludes that Cutter is probably was not faithful to his girlfriend.

Marcie tells Michael and John that she needs to go and visit her old friends. Alone with John, Michael tells his brother he knows that something is going on. John then recalls Marcie talking about how she remembered how unstable Brody once was regarding the “loss of a child” and how he had some delusion. And he remembered Brody acting irrational at the station, having some sort of secret, and the fact that Brody apparently threatened Victor’s life over a threat that Brody would “lose Liam”. They both wonder how Victor or anyone could take Brody’s child from him if he is Brody’s son. Yet they both know there is something “not right” either about Brody, about Brody and Natalie getting married, or about Brody’s threat of losing Liam.

Rick tells the three brothers that he can make it worthwhile to them all. He is not going to ask Robert to do a porn flick. But he knows that Robert has had a dream for a long time to be a world class film producer and he can make that happen for him. Robert tells Rick he does not trust him. But Rick tells Robert he will make good money, make himself famous and successful and he can’t possibly turn it down only to keep being a “wiener boy”. He turns to James and tells him he can make him rich also. He knows that James can’t afford school nor get a decent job nor has much of a future. James then asks him just how he’s going to make any money. Rick tells him he will pay him to “go quietly” and let Starr do a video with Nate as her “leading man”. Right then, Starr enters with Dani and tells Rick his ether accepts her with James or she will cancel. They all get into an argument but he reminds Robert that he knows he has the experience and the talent as a producer and needs money to provide for his kid. At that point, Robert reluctantly agrees. He manages to sound like he is respecting some of Starr’s terms and conditions and she reluctantly agrees to at least sing in the video. Yet Rick is clearly up to no good.

Aubrey returns to Rex and admits that she knows Cutter is up to something but she is not entirely certain what. Right then, he hear the doorbell ring and opens it to see Marcie. She smiles and asks if he’s just going to stand there or if she gets a hug. He notices that she is pregnant. She jokes about how he could get that idea. Aubrey then comes out and notices that Rex has been distracted. He introduces them. But Marcie is not ok to see that her friend Rex is trusting this scam artist who almost swindled Joey Buchanan with her low life con artist boyfriend. She demands to know what Rex is doing with her. He tells Marcie that he is not “seeing” Aubrey. She’s just helping to plan Brody and Natalie’s party with him. She’s a nice person, trying to clean up her act and they are just friends. Marcie then tells Rex she does not mean to be judgmental. But she is concerned about him after losing Gigi. She wishes that she could have come out sooner. But her little boy Gabrielle was sick. He couldn’t fly with her and Michael and they couldn’t leave him. He tells her it’s ok. She tells him that Gigi was such a heroic and giving friend to her. She remembers when she fled down south with baby Sam, Gigi took Marcie into her home and trusted her and cared for her. So she is very protective of Gigi. In their conversation, it seems they both somehow “sense” Gigi’s presence.

Alone at The Minute Man, Cutter concludes that even if he can convince the Gigi lookalike that she is Gigi, he needs to make her trust him. And he has to keep her away from Rex or else they have had it.

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