OLTL Update Wednesday 10/26/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/26/11

Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Tina closes the door at Viki’s house after Cutter shows up asking about a girl.

Stacy (who thinks she is Gigi) sits in the cemetery looking at Gigi’s grave stone.

Rex explains to Aubrey that he misses Gigi; he says “I need to be around her, I am going to visit her grave”. A picture of Gigi is shown on a table.

Stacy talks to herself at Gigi’s grave and is now positive that she is Gigi.

Jack on the other side of the cemetery talks to Victor’s grave. Jack says “Just because I did not see him shoot you does not mean he didn’t do it”. A flash back to Todd shooting Victor is shown.

Viki asks Todd if he is alright as he stairs off into space, while they are both in the kitchen.

Blair here’s the doorbell ring and runs down the stairs to find out it is Tomas, she slams the door in his face.

Viki makes candy bags for Halloween; Todd explains to Viki that she is a very good person. He then says “It’s very nice of you to let me stay here, especially after what I have done.” Viki asks what he has done.

Blair starts to walk away from the door when Tomas starts banging on the door and ringing it franticly. Tomas walks in without asking and explains that he wants forgiveness for what he has done; otherwise he does not deserve Blair.

Todd goes over the events of what has transpired with him. Viki says “You do did not kill Victor, that’s all that matters.”

Jack is found by a worker at the cemetery who assumes he is there to cause destruction to the graves. Especially after what happened to Gigi Morasco's grave. 

Tina wonders who Cutter is looking for. Cutter shows a picture of Stacy on his phone. Tina says she was here, but does not think it is possible because she claimed to be Gigi Morasco.

Stacy pinches herself to try to wake up from a dream she thinks she is having. She now feels that there is no way she is not Gigi, she wonders who is buried in the grave.

Aubrey tells Rex that he should go to the cemetery. Rex feels he is closest with Gigi at the cemetery. Shane walks down stairs wondering if he has to wear a costume to Natalie’s engagement party.

Stacy tries to put together how any of this would make sense. Jack sees Stacy and Stacy sees Jack they both stare at each other in shock. Stacy asks Jack who she is.

Tina explains the events of when Stacy came to the house and how she may have gone to the cemetery. Cutter runs off to go to the cemetery.

Aubrey walks in on Rex and Shane trying to think of a Halloween costume for him to wear to Natalie’s engagement.

Viki says “You’re free, you’re free of Victor” Viki tries to explain to Todd that he is important.

Tomas tries to get a second shot with Blair. Blair lists the things he did to screw up their relationship. Tomas begs for a second chance.

Jack runs off screaming after seeing Stacy who looks like Gigi.

Rex tries to get Shane to allow Aubrey to be part of their costume for Halloween. Rex attempts to tell Shane it would be ok for them to have fun during Halloween.

Jack runs to Victor’s grave and tells the grave that Gigi is back.

Cutter finds Stacy at Gigi’s grave. Stacy says “I don’t know who I am, I don’t know anything.”  Cutter says she is Stacy.

Blair and Tomas go into the living room. Tomas tries to get Blair to understand that he had to confess for hurting Todd all those years. Tomas asks if Todd is still a factor in Blair’s love life. Blair denies this.

Viki tries to help Todd start over. Todd explains that people are not willing to allow him in their lives and how he has nothing because Victor stole it all and gave it all to Irene. Viki explains that Irene is dead. Tina walks in and says “So I guess it all belongs to me.”

Jack runs into the living room freaked out and out of breath, Blair is concerned.

Stacy finds it hard to believe that she could be Stacy and not Gigi. Cutter tries to explain why it is possible.

Shane decides it is ok with Aubrey dressing up with them for Halloween.

Tina explains that the money will go to her because Todd is legally dead. Viki says the lawyers will decide who gets the money. Tina tries to get them all to get along.

Blair tries to find out why Jack is scared. Jack denies being scared about anything. Jack then leaves the living room and contemplates if it actually was Gigi he saw.

Aubrey agrees to be part of the Halloween costume, she then leaves the room. Rex wants to know if Shane is ok. Shane tells Rex he is.

Stacy wants to know why she would get surgery. Cutter tells Stacy about how Kim saved her. Stacy wants to know why she would ever want to replace Gigi.

Rex and Shane decide to go to the cemetery. Shane says he is over Jack.

Blair is worried about Jack. Tomas tells Blair that there is no way Todd does not want Blair. Blair asks Tomas to leave.

Viki wants to know why it is her fault that Tina is there. Viki tells Todd there is enough money for all of them. Todd decides he wants everything he lost especially Blair.

Blair and Tomas kiss.

Stacy wants to know what is so special about Rex. Cutter tries to get Stacy to eat something so she does not get hurt again. Stacy puts a flower on Gigi’s grave. Jack comes back to Victor’s grave and says he will find out if it was Gigi.

Shane and Rex go to Gigi’s grave, and they notice the flower Stacy put on her grave. They pass Victor’s grave.

Rex says that Gigi is always watching them. Jack peeks out in the background.

Tomas explains he kissed Blair to find out if there is still a spark. He tells Blair “I love you and I am not giving up on you.”

Todd tries to explain why he still loves Blair; he says that Blair is the one. Viki says Blair is in love with Tomas. Todd says “It’s like you said, things change.”

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