OLTL Update Tuesday 10/25/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/25/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie answers the phone form the police station and finds out it’s Tina calling her and hoping to be her maid of honor. Natalie is buried in work but Tina tells her she must drop what she is doing because the wedding is not going to plan itself.

Jessica and Robert Ford return to Viki’s home and she seems happy to be with him and enthused to plan Ryder’s first Halloween party...

By Victor’s grave, Vimal tells the deceased Victor that he put Vimal in a very awkward position where he had to either be dishonorable keeping his mouth shut or destroying many lives if he tells the truth. Why did Victor put him in this position, he asks?

John is alone and buried in work at the station when he gets a surprise visit from his brother.

Rex is alone at Clint’s home when Aubrey comes by to see him and notices that he’s been in a brawl. He tells her that it’s obvious that Cutter went to see him. Not far away, cutter is on the prowl.

Stacy/Gigi finds her way to the carriage house, stands outside and questions whether this is really where she lives.

Vimal tells deceased Victor that he is keeping the secret because despite the fact that he and Brody have many differences, he can see how much the man cares about his son as he wishes he could love his child if and when he and Rama have a child. Yet, he’s been cursed having to know this “terrible secret”. Right then, Rama enters and scares him asking what secret.

John’s brother, Dr. Michael McBain and sister in law Marcy come to surprise him and see that she is pregnant with their 2nd child.

Natalie is on the phone with Tina while Brody listens in to her telling her aunt she is very busy with all the murder charges. Tina wants to put a higher priority on all the festivities and seating arrangements for her wedding. Natalie then pretends that Bo has called her away from the call and needs her to work and politely dismisses the call. Brody then tells her there are ways to say no to Tina. But she tells him there is no saying no to Tina when she wants to plan a party.

Jessica talks about the history she has had with all of the neighbors and their wild Halloween costumes and tells him that he and Ryder will have difficult competition for finding the most creative Halloween costume. She laughs and has fun with him while Tina comes in, tells them she’s sorry to interrupt and remarks that she did not know that Natalie had company.

Cutter goes to the Kentucky hospital and is furious to see that Stacy/Gigi has escaped and nobody knows where to find her.

Aubrey comes in to talk to Rex at Clint’s home and ask what happens, adding that it is kind of her business and responsibility since she “brought” Cutter to this town. He replies that Cutter was going to offer him a business deal where he wanted all of Clint’s wealth. She asks what Cutter was going to offer Rex in return. Rex replies Gigi.

Jessica and Robert Ford “awkwardly” thank Tina for helping them out by watching Ryder for them and remark they hope he wasn’t any trouble. She tells him that she and Cord remember what they did when they had infants. She remarks that Ryder is a sweet little guy and she and Cord had a ball. She tells Jessica that she knows that she has hurt may people when she’s visited her family before but wants to make it up to Viki and to her and the kids. And she assumes that Jessica already knew that she planned to be Natalie’s maid of honor. Right then, the doorbell rings so Tina goes to get that and excuse herself, concluding for the first time that Natalie has not yet told Jessica that she will be Natalie’s maid of honor because Natalie has not agreed to it. She right then, answers the door to see a strange young woman who is Stacy/Gigi at the door.

When Rama sneaks up on Vimal and scares him at Victor’s gravesite, she tells him she was able to tell him by noticing that he’s written that he’s there on MyFace. He wants to evade what she is asking him about Madame Delphina but she tell shim she knows he’s has some secret about something really bothering him about Victor Lord’s death and tells her hat they cannot keep any more secrets. He then blurts out to her that before victor died he informed Vimal that John McBain is the father of Natalie’s baby.

John hugs his sister in law Marcie and congratulates her for the new baby. He notices that she’s a few months pregnant and ask them why they are telling him this for the first time. Michael and Marcy reply that they just didn’t want to “rub it in” to him knowing that he lost Liam to Brody and does not have a child.

In the other room, Brody admits to Natalie that he’s “not ok” with Jessica and Robert Ford spending time together and getting along so well and she asks why that would bother him.

Jessica tells Robert that she is totally comfortable with the fact that she has absolutely nothing to do with her sister’s wedding. But he realizes that is not entirely true and asks if she’d like to talk about it. She admits that she cannot accurately say that she has “nothing to do” with her sister’s wedding knowing the secret she knows.

Cutter demands that the nurse at the Kentucky hosp8tal go and find Stacy/Gigi.

Aubrey tells Rex she’s sure that Cutter is scamming and manufacturing photos of Gigi. She knows from experience how skillful he is with that and assures Rex that he should not fall for Cutter’s scam. He tells her something kind of odd happened after his confrontation with Cutter and Cutter had to leave and go somewhere. Hearing that, she is curious as to where.

Stacy/Gigi sees Tina at the door not recognizing Tina or being recognized by her and tells her she “thinks” she might live there. Tina sounds courteous but tells her that could not be possible because this is her sister’s home. Stacy/Gigi then informs Tina she has lost her memory and hasn’t a clue whom she is or what is going on. Tina looks at her sympathetically and tells her that is terrible.

Brody admits to Natalie that it does bother him that Jessica and Robert Ford are spending time together. But it’s only because he can’t stand the guy and believes that Jessica could do a lot better. But she suspects that there may be more to it than that. He tells her that he feels somewhat responsible as if he “forced” the two of them together. He realizes, of course, that Jessica has every right to move on. She then tells him that she can assure him that he did not “force” Jessica and Robert together. They have a bond with their son, just like the two of them have. Brody then remembers being devastated to find out, for the first time that Liam is not his.

In John’s office, John lays down the law to Michael and Marcie that they need not “tip toe” over telling him important news regarding things like having a baby. He has fully accepted the fact that Liam is Brody’s and not his.

Vimal tells Rama that he has a terrible thing on his conscience regarding keeping a secret. She tells hi that she is keeping a horrible secret also.

Cutter is storming through the empty room where Stacy/Gigi has left looking all over for clues about where she might have gone.

Aubrey is brainstorming with Rex where Cutter might be going or what he is doing.

Stacy/Gigi asks Tina if she might have some clue about how she might know the people that live there. Tina admits she does not know Stacy/Gigi but realizes she (Tina) has not been in town for a long time and might be able to go in and asks her niece and find out some things and asks Stacy/Gigi to hold on while she goes into the other room to find Jessica.

Cutter then notices there is a post-it note where Stacy/Gigi wrote down something and he traces back the address where she may have gone in Llanview.

Jessica tells Robert that she and Natalie used to have a “psychic twin” thing. Yet now she has absolutely no clue what Natalie might say or do if she finds out about the test results. Right then, Tina enters and informs Jessica that there is a young woman at the door. Jessica asks who that might be. Tina tells her that she doesn’t know her. She’s about Jessica’s age and says her name is Gigi Morasco.

At the station, Marcie seems to assume that John and Natalie might be getting back together although Michael tells her maybe this isn’t the right time. But she tells John she knows that he’s hurt not unlike when she lost Sam to Victor. She and Michael split up and thought they’d never get back together. But they did. So is it so crazy for John and Natalie to get back together, she asks him? John then informs her that Natalie and Brody are getting married.

Brody talks about how he has missed Ryder since finding out that he is another man’s child. Hearing that, she asks if John similarly misses Liam. He then tells her that John had his chance but rejected Liam so he’s made his bed and must now slip in it.

Rama admits to Vimal that the “real” Aubrey Wentworth who stole money from her for plastic surgery just got sent to prison for the accidental death of a customer. Yet she’s not worried. Her brother, Cutter kind of set her up and she helped him. But she believes that justice is served. She also reveals to him that Aubrey Wentworth is not the real name of her best friend. She is the sister of Cutter.

Aubrey (the one we’ve known as Aubrey) wants to be supportive of Rex and plan the Halloween party. She goes to get her purse and he pours a drink still appearing incomplete. The picture of Gigi is still on the mantelpiece haunting him.

Stacy/Gigi is outside the door. Yet only Tina has seen her while Jessica informs her that she knows for a fact that Gigi Morasco is dead. She was at her gravesite. From outside the door Stacy (who looks just like Gigi) overhears.

Vimal tells Rama that he knows that John will not be ok with his keeping a secret even if he’s not breaking the law. They then agree that they have a bond of trust for one another. She then asks what they now do after they’ve spilled their guts. He replies they need to tell John McBain the truth.

After Michael and Marcie find out for the first time that Natalie is marrying Brody, they are surprised although John does not want to talk about it, tells them he needs to get some work done and gives them the keys to stay in his apartment for a while. They leave feeling embarrassed and awkward.

Outside, Brody tells Natalie they need not talk about John or Jessica or Robert Ford. There are other and better things they can think of like the big day coming up. And it appears she is less than excited.

Aubrey is going through all of the festivities for the wedding. But Rex’s is a million miles away lost in thought. She tells him it’s perfectly ok for him to be jealous of his sister and her man after losing Gigi. But Rex obviously has other things on his mind.

Tina tells Jessica that she absolutely knows with certainty that the woman at the door said she is Gigi Morasco. Jessica then walks out the door and sees that nobody is there. Tina wonders where she suddenly disappeared to since she was there just a moment ago.

Gigi/Stacy goes to the gravesite with Gigi’s gravestone and hears Vimal and Rama not far away near victor’s grave. She observes the graveside of Gigi Morasco and does not know what to say or do.

At the gravesite, after Vimal declares to Rama that he’s going to tell John the truth, she urges him to hold on and think more about their future.

At the station, Natalie “acts” excited about planning hers’ and Brody’s wedding.

Jessica returns to the room with Robert wondering what to do with the big secret regarding Liam. Tina is then in the other room and hears the doorbell ring again. She opens it to see another person she does not know and who does not know her. It’s Cutter. He tells her he’s “looking for someone”.

Rex admits to Aubrey that all of this stuff about wedding plans and the visit from Cutter reminds him of how much he misses Gigi. So he’s going to go to her grave.

The Gigi lookalike at Gigi Morasco’s grave does not know how to process what she sees.

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