OLTL Update Monday 10/24/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/24/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Cutter goes to see Rex who is packing up and moving out of Clint’s office confident that although Rex may not want to see him, Rex will want to listen to him. Rex asks Cutter what he’s talking about. Cutter tells him he can find Gigi for him.

Stacy/Gigi is in her hospital room on the laptop looking up information that may lead her to the life and death of Stacy Morasco.

Clint is on the phone with a contact telling them that he really wants everything to be kept private and not go into any details regarding the fact that Rex has given him his company back but that he will let Rex and Shane stay at his home. Viki overhears and asks why he does not want to make it known that he’s done something really nice for his son and grandson.

Nora and Bo return to their office both ok with the fact that Starr got off with community service but Todd got away with murder. Nora tells Bo they must do something about the fact that Tomas Delgado has confessed to murdering Irene when everybody knows that he did not do it.

Right then, Todd walks into the courtroom after Tomas has pleaded guilty and the judge has sentence him to 20 years in Statesville. Although the judge tells him the ruling is final, Todd confesses that Tomas confessed to a crime he did not commit. He declares that he killed Irene. He then recalls shooting Victor after telling Victor that he will take his life after Victor has taken his life from him. And Todd admits that killing Irene is not all he has done. He insists that he will not let another person go to jail for a crime that he (Todd) committed.

Bo tells Nora he has not closed the book on the Victor Lord murder case. They will find the killer whoever it is. He tells Nora she is not the only person who is not ok with his letting Todd walk. The mayor is on their trail. She then declares that she is about to say something that he must never reveal that she has said and declares that she misses Dorian Lord as mayor. The new one is yanking Bo’s chain and has threatened to fire him. Bo then declares that she didn’t just threaten to do it. She did it.

The judge asks Todd why it is that after he left the courtroom a free man and he has heard Mr. Delgado confess to the crime, why is he objecting. Todd tells her he cannot let an innocent man take the rap for something he did. The judge then asks Tomas if this is true and if he was going to spend 20 years in Statesville for a murder he did not commit. Tomas is silent.

Clint evades Viki’s question about why he is not admitting to doing something nice to Rex but she demands that he discusses it. Is he afraid of what Kevin and Joey are going to think of him? She guarantees that his sons would have no problem with his being kind to his brother. She then concludes that this is all about him outsmarting Cutter Wentworth. Clint then admits his anger and intent to have Cutter out begging on the street.

Rex demands that Cutter tells him what is up with his telling Rex that he can find Gigi.

Clint tells Viki there is nothing to admit regarding being nice to Rex and Shane. She thinks that Kevin and Joey should know that. He tells her that sooner or later they will know and she just needs to give him time. But she demands an explanation remembering that he has been hateful to Rex from day one but is now being a father to his son.

Rex tells Cutter he is calling security. There’s no way that Cutter can convince him that Gigi is alive. She was buried in the ground after her heart was given to Clint Buchanan. So he pushes Cutter out the door. Cutter tells Rex that he does not want to miss out on seeing Gigi. If he doesn’t take this opportunity, he could lose her forever. Rex then remembers the “messages” he’s been given by Gigi to not give up. And he runs out the door after Cutter urging him to wait. Cutter smirks and tells Rex he’s glad he came around.

Nora admits to Bo that this is so personal and if the press ever found out about his previous involvement with her, and the fact that this is clearly about her election and the fact that his approval rating is so much better than hers’. He tells Nora he knows but regardless, the mayor told him if they could not find Victor Lord’s killer, she would fire him.

In the courtroom, Tomas confesses that he did in fact take the rap for Todd. But he had a reason for lying to the court. Todd manning had suffered enough not only because of his mother but because of Tomas helping her. And he wasn’t going to let Todd go to prison again. Tea then asks the judge to accept her client’s not-guilty plea and cancel his prison sentence. The judge reminds her that her client wasted valuable court time and committed perjury. However, she understands the extenuating circumstances and realizes that District Attorney’s office probably won’t be pressing charges against Mr. Delgado. She then declares that Tomas is free to go but asks if the commonwealth plans to pursue charges against Todd manning in the death of Irene Manning. The acting D.A. replies that he needs some time to consult with the D.A (Nora). The judge then rules they will take a brief recess. But she warns Todd not to go anywhere.

Bo then tells Nora that he and the cops plan to pursue Victor’s murder investigation. But, she remarks, he does not seem to believe that Todd is guilty. Right then, however, she gets a call informing her that Todd has finally confessed to murdering Irene. She happily leaves knowing she can now put Todd away.

Viki tells Clint she needs to know why he has wasted so much time rejecting Rex. He’s her son. She asks him if he has figured all of this out. He then concludes she is not going to let this go but he does not know. He remembers Rex’s scams when he came to town involving claiming to be Jessica’s father. They then find out that Mitch was Jessica’s father and thought he was Rex’s father. But they find out the other way around. She tells him that DNA makes no difference. There has to be some other reason why he could not love Rex the way he loved all of his other kids.

Cutter tells Rex he knows that he signed a document authorizing Clint to get everything back. But what Rex now needs to do is sign it over to Cutter instead. Then Cutter will tell him where Gigi is.

The Gigi lookalike (Stacy) sees the newspaper article about Gigi Morasco dying from carbon monoxide poisoning but wonders why nothing has been written about Stacy.

Rex is “reluctant” about signing over Clint’s wealth to Cutter. But Cutter asks him if pissing Clint off is not a small price to pay for getting Gigi back.

After the hearing is over, Tomas asks Blair where they stand in their relationship now that he’s free. Outside the courtroom, Todd asks Tea what she plans to do now. Not far away, Nora and the ADA enter. The judge instructs everybody to rise and announces that they now have a 2nd confession from Todd Manning. Nora smiles gleefully.

Clint admits to Viki that maybe he's been stubborn with his failure to accept Rex.. She tells him she thinks that it might be due to the fact that Bo was the first man to reach out to Rex. In response to that, he sounds somewhat resentful of the fact that his brother was the perfect father figure to his son.

Rex tells Cutter he is a sick piece of trash to think that Rex is falling for his scam about Gigi. Aubrey just forewarned him not long ago all about Cutter’s sick little plan involving Rex’s dead fiancé and hoping Aubrey can make the moves on him. But Cutter protests that he can prove that Gigi is not dead. He has a time and date stamp on the digital photo he took of her. He tells Rex he may have it checked out and shows him the photo on his phone.

Gigi/Stacy is alone in her hospital room remembering Cutter telling her that she was with her sister when she died. She then looks at the article and picture of Stacy and finds out that she also died. She then does not know what to do, who she is or what her future is.

Rex gets into a brawl with Cutter in the office.

When Bo is in his office, a cop informs him that he just got a call from Buchanan enterprises and thought Bo would like to know about this.

Nora reminds the judge that Mr. Delgado was seen at the scene of the crime with the murder weapon and has confessed. It may appear that she is wasting the court’s time. But the D.A.'s office had reason to believe he did it. Yet it’s very obvious that Todd shot Irene. Tea then steps up and tells the judge that there is proof that Todd acted in self-defense. Nora asks why, if Todd was innocent, did he run and hide from the cops? Tea answers the reason was because Irene threatened to murder his entire family. Nora argues that Mr. Manning did not act in self-defense but in a rage, knew he was guilty and so he fled. She tells the judge that is who Mr. Manning is; a vicious sociopath. In response to that, the judge remarks to Nora that it seems she has already convicted Mr. Manning in her mind. Tea adds that the D.A. is clearly biased against Tea’s client. But the judge reminds them it’s still Nora’s call to decide what to do and asks Nora if she intends to press charges against the defendant.

Bo goes to B.E. and pulls Rex off of a bloody Cutter and demands to know what is going on. Rex tells Bo that this worthless creep barged into his office with some story about Gigi being alive and wanted to get his hopes up by blackmailing him regarding Clint. Bo sides with Rex although Cutter protests that the cops need to arrest Rex for assaulting him. Bo tells Cutter he’s lucky Rex did not kill him for the abominable thing he had to do by using Rex’s dead fiancé in his scheme. Cutter leaves and Bo asks Rex if he’s ok.

In the courtroom, Nora admits that she recalls Mr. Manning saying that he not only killed Irene, he did something else. He then recalls blowing Victor away and admits that he did something unforgivable. Tea asks what he did that was unforgivable. After thinking a while, Todd replies he was going to let Tomas Delgado go to jail for a crime he did not commit. Nora asks Todd if that’s all he’s got. He asks her if she doesn’t think his willingness to let an innocent rot in jail is enough. He looks around and tells everybody he’s trying to reform his ways but realizes if Nora wants to put him away, that’s up to her. At that point, the judge concludes to Nora if she wants to take up more of the court’s time chasing after false charges, her office is opening itself up to a lot of trouble and possibly a whopping lawsuit that this city cannot afford. Nora then concludes to the judge that the commonwealth will not proceed with this matter. She then announces to Todd that he is free to go and they are adjourned. Tomas then calls to Todd and shakes his hand. Tea is not happy however and tells Todd he needs to find the man who really killed her husband. Todd walks away not happy. Blair calls to him but he ignores her.

Viki tells Clint that he was a wonderful father to all of his kid, even the ones that were not biologically his. He tells her that he doesn’t want to disappoint her and others when they see him become mean as a snake. But she smirks and tells him he needs to “get over it”. She smiles and tells him today she saw the man she married and the man she fell in love with years ago.

At B.E., Rex Replies to Bo that before that sick worthless Cutter came in there, he thought he was doing ok. Bo looks around and asks Rex if he’s packing. Rex replies yes. It’s kind of hard to tell. But yes, he is out of there. He informs Bo that he is giving all of Clint’s stuff back to him. And maybe Bo and his entire family should be happy since he’s found out he sucks as a corporate tycoon. So bowing out will save the entire family a lot of money. Bo asks Rex why he’s made this sudden decision. Rex replies that he realized that all he wanted to do was get revenge upon Jack for what he did to Shane and to Gigi. And as it turned out, it just made things worse. It’s not the life that he wants for himself or for Shane. Bo agrees. And, Rex tells him, with Victor Lord dead anyway, it doesn’t matter so he’s giving it all back. Bo tells Rex he’s proud of him. Rex asks if he’s surprised. Bo replies not really and asks if his brother treated Rex decently or like something on the bottom of his shoe. Rex replies actually Clint was pretty decent and offered to let Rex and Shane stay in his house when he didn’t have to. So, he thought about coming back to the office, packing, getting ready for a Halloween party for Shane and for Natalie and Brody. He was feeling ok until that worthless piece of dirt Cutter came in and pulled his little stunt. Bo then tells Rex that if he wants, Bo can arrest him for harassment and trespassing. Rex tells Bo the worst part of it is for a while, he actually believed Cutter about Gigi and was willing to go along with his plan.

Stacy/Gigi notices a picture of herself on the article about Gigi and declares that she is Gigi Morasco but how is that possible if she’s dead? She’s alive. She then reads about Gigi’s grieving fiancé Rex Balsam and son Shane. She is in awe that she has a son. She notices the picture of Rex and Shane.

Cutter goes to the Kentucky hospital hoping that he can get what he wants with Stacy/Gigi. But the nurse sees him and asks what happened to his face. He tells her he cut himself shaving. He then opens the door and appears stunned.

Bo tells Rex that when someone loses someone they love, it’s normal to want to get them back and do something irrational. Rex admits that he wanted her aback so bad.

Cutter then panics noticing that Stacy/Gigi has escaped from her room and demands to know where she went and why the nurses didn’t see her leave.

Tomas asks Blair if she’s ready to tell him where he stands. He replies that if it were up to him, he’d be chained to some prison bus. He did not care how she felt. He chose prison over a future with her. He asks her if she cannot admit that she loves him. She tells him to go to hell and storms out the door.

Tea tells Nora that she (Nora) wants to see Todd in jail so bad that she cannot control herself. The judge saw that. She tells her that Todd did what she had to do on the docks. Otherwise Irene would have killed his entire family. Justice was served. Nora tells Tea that Tea’s husband was gunned down in cold blood and the murderer is walking around free. Does she really believe that justice was served?

Todd goes to Victor’s grave and tells him he hates his guts and believes he deserved to die for taking everything from Todd. But, he tells his deceased brother, nobody deserves that. He asks Victor if he misses Tea, Blair, Viki and the children he thought was his. He tells him that for 8 years, he thought he’d never see them again. And Victor was pretty messed up. He guesses they have their mother to thank for this. She took away Todd’s life. And now he’s taken away Victor’s. He believes he’s killed his own brother and tells him he’s sorry and cries.

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