OLTL Update Friday 10/21/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/21/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Cutter stands beside the unconscious Gigi/Stacy in her hospital bed, disappointed that it appears his “golden goose” (an offer from Rex and/or Clint) has flown away. But, he remembers, maybe she is his golden goose. He knows she must be worth something to somebody.

Rex is ready to pack up and get out of Clint’s office. Right then it appears security are trying yet failing to prevent Aubrey from entering the office to talk to him.

When Starr is attempting to get back into her house after getting released from jail, reporters will not leave her alone or let her get into her house.

Outside the courtroom, Blair asks Todd if he really intends to let Tomás take the rap for a murder he did not commit that Todd did. He cannot answer. But she tell shim that she has been falsely believing, ever since he came back, that maybe he’s turned into a better man. But she now knows that he is no better than Victor ever was.

Inside the courtroom, Téa tells Tomás that there are ways she can plead his case by saying he killed Irene out of self-defense. At least he won’t be locked away nor have to say good bye to her or Sebastian or Dani or Blair. He is not certain how to respond. Right then, the judge enters and announces that the people are about to announce their sentence against Tomás Delgado.

When it appears that security is ready to follow Rex out of Clint’s office, he tells the secretary she may no longer worry about the list. The security officer asks him what to do about Aubrey. He tells him she may stay and asks her what she wants. She tells him that she wanted to help him plan his sister’s wedding. He asks her why he should trust her remembering the stunt that her “brother” pulled.

Cutter concludes to unconscious Gigi/Stacy that he knows that Rex Balsam might be willing to go to the ends of the earth and fork over his life savings for “her”.

When Starr attempts to get into her home, the reporters demand to know how she could want to help or defend the very same father who molested her when she was a child. Hearing that, she is ready to physically attack them and tells them how dare they make up these vicious lies about her father. James is with her and demand that they get out or he will throw them out.

After Blair compares Todd to Victor, he walks away telling her this is the last time she will compare him to Victor. But she urges him to wait and asks if he was not the one to tell her that she should have been wise to the fact that Victor was an imposter. He tells her that he would not steal another man’s family and pull the stunts he has. She tells him that he would let another man go to jail for the crime he committed. If his justification was to stop his mother from killing his family, then he needs to tell that to Nora. But she knows he’s not going to do that since everybody knows that he and Nora have had some sort of “history”. But does that justify his letting a good man take the fall for him. Hearing that, he asks her if she’s ever stopped to think that were it not for this “good man” none of this would have happened. Tomás is the one who let Irene lock him up and let Victor steal his life. Why should he save Tomás? Blair replies because it’s the right thing to do.

Inside the courtroom, Téa reminds Tomás if he does not accept a plea, he will never see his son or his family again. He remains silent until the judge asks if they have had enough time to decide what to do. He then remembers Blair telling him that if he’s willing to throw everything away, then she must have never mattered to him. He then admits to the judge that there is something he would like to say.

Rex informs Aubrey, for the first time, that Cutter got a hold of a document that forced him to give everything back to Clint. Hearing that, she tells him she hopes he will not tell her that Cutter used it to force Rex to give up everything. He tells her no. Cutter offered to give it back to Clint in exchange for a “cut”. But Clint told him to go to hell. Hearing that, Aubrey is very surprised to hear that Clint had a chance to get back his family fortune but turned it down. They agree that it does not sound like Clint. Rex tells her it does not matter since his signature is forged. She, then, asks him why he’s giving everything back when he does not have to. Clint tells her that all it’s done is get him into trouble. He no longer wants Clint’s wealth. Hearing that, she tells him that that kind of “trouble” is what many people would die for. He tells her that the kind of greed he wanted not long ago lead him astray. He no longer wants or needs wealth. He’s now found out what matters to him. His family comes first. Hearing that, Aubrey remarks that she thinks it takes a lot of guts to give up what he is giving up.

Cutter concludes to unconscious Stacy/Gigi that whoever she is, since she looks just like Gigi, Rex will believe she’s the love of his life even if she’ s Stacy. And it doesn’t really matter if she’s lost her memory and does not remember who she is because he could just as easily believe she’s Gigi if she doesn’t remember. And what would she care? She can be anything he wants her to be and everything Rex needs her to be.

Cutter books a flight back to Llanview from his laptop in Stacy/Gig’s room while she remains unconscious. And he remarks the next time he books a flight, it will be first class. She will have what she wants. Rex will get the girl. And he will be rich. He then goes out the door.

Aubrey asks Rex what is up with Clint letting Rex and Shane live in his home. Was he medicated? He tells her that it’s not like it’s any skin off his backside since Clint can’t live there anyway. She tells him she’d like to plan a Halloween party as well as Natalie and Brody’s wedding. She tells him that Halloween is the one night when everybody gets to dress up and be someone else. Isn’t that everybody’s fantasy?

Stacy/Gigi awakens while alone in her room right after Cutter has left.

In the bathroom mirror, Todd observes Irene telling him that he and he alone chose to murder Victor in cold blood. He needs to stop making excuses and shifting blame. He has to admit to what he did and own it. He tells her he had no choice. Victor was going to come after him first chance he got. Irene then tells her son “that’s my boy”. He needs to believe he was justified and not listen to Blair if she argues. And if Tomás Delgado wants to go down for the crime, Todd needs to let him. Tomás can have his nobility. Todd will have his family. And everybody will live happily ever after. Todd replies everybody except Téa.

The judge then declares that she realizes the extenuating circumstances that faced Tomás. She realizes that Irene Manning was a threat to society and some might say he did everybody a favor. However, we do not take the law into our own hands in this country. We have a justice system in place. And it’s her duty to make certain that murder is not condoned. So she intends to sentence him to Statesville prison for a term of 20 years. And that is her final ruling. Everybody is devastated and very disappointed in Tomás.

Rick tells Starr that she has a tough job ahead of her. She likes James and the kid is very cute. But she has to focus on her career as a recording star and cannot look back feeling guilty. James then takes Hope upstairs and tells Starr he will find more pepper spray. Starr tells Rick she won’t’ be afraid to use it. He tells her that if she wants to succeed and be a star like Britney, she has to give up the things that could tie her down. She protests that she is not Britney. But Rick tells her she does not have a choice.

Starr is worried that the reporters will come back. He tells her the next time, they won’t be so nice. He won’t be afraid to smash their cameras. She tells him all she wanted to do was come home and put her arms around her little girl. He tells her she should have let him pack her up and take her home and be her personal body guard. She then tells him that her aunt Dorian keeps pepper spray in her room so she’s going to see if she can find it. Right then, the doorbell rings. James answers it and sees it’s Rick at the door and remarks to Starr that they need a bigger can of spray for what he sees before him.

Todd asks Blair if she can imagine what has happened to him at the hands of baker, Irene’s right-hand man. Hearing that, she tells him she’s sorry. He reminds her that his brain was fried for the better part of 10 years because of her boyfriend. She protests that Tomás did not realize until it was too late that he was working for the wrong people. But he did give it up. He’s tried to make amends and that is why he took the rap for Todd.

Inside the courtroom, Tomás informs the judge that he was given an opportunity, years ago, to serve his country. He gave up being with the people he loved and a promising career. He took this opportunity because he believed that he would be doing the greater good. And he seriously believed he could somehow make the world a better place for the family he loved so much. H chose to leave them behind. But the officials he worked for were not the right people and if he could go back and do things differently, he would make different decisions and trust his instincts and choose the people he loves. Téa then turns to her brother and tells him in that case, he may choose them now.

Blair tells Todd that if he admits that he acted in self-defense because of what Irene did, then they will have to take that into consideration. She tells him she knows he’s capable of a lot of things but knows he’s not capable of “that”. But right then, Todd remembers going to Victor’s home in the rain, raising the gun and shooting Victor in cold blood. Blair reminds Todd that Tomás is not aware of the damage he is doing to all the people who love him. Hearing that, Todd asks his ex-wife if she loves Tomás.

Rick, the porn producer, comes to the door to see Starr wearing a T-shirt that says to free her. James is ready to escort him out the door. Rick reminds him that James does not live there, so he can’t throw him out. Starr enters holding Hope and tells him that she can, however. Rick then reminds them that he is Star’s number one fan. He seems to have big plans for her “career” which involves losing the boyfriend and the kid.

Aubrey goes to talk to Rex at his office and tells him that she gave up grifting after she was with Joey and even after he dumped her. He tells her he would not be able to be doing this if it were not for Shane. She tells him that she wishes that Cutter could motivate instead of discourage her form living the honorable life. But, she reminds him, we can’t all be that lucky.

Cutter tells the unconscious Stacy/Gigi about his plan that while suffering from amnesia, she will be able to convince Rex that she is the real Gigi and he will not be the wiser. And if Cutter is involved in this, Rex might be willing to give up many things.

Todd tells Blair that his mind is made up. He’s finally gotten his life back and is not about to lose it to the guy who put him there in the first place. She then asks him if he thinks he can live with himself after putting Tomás in prison for a crime he did not commit. Todd tells Blair she’d be surprised. She observes him and looks shocked.

Inside the courtroom, Tomás tells the judge that his attorney and others have urged him to change his plea and want him to declare his innocence. And it may be because they don’t want to lose him. He does not want to lose them either. But he would not be worthy of them if he gives up one thing which is his honor. He cannot deny the things he’s done. It’s too late to take back what he’s already done. But he can now make it right.

Todd is then looking at himself in the mirror in the bathroom and declares that it’s what Tomás wants and what he wants. So why can’t he let it go. Right then, he sees Irene again, through the mirror who replies she does not know and asks him why he can’t let it go.

Gigi/Stacy awakens and wonders why she’s suddenly alone, revealing that she has some recollection of what Cutter was just telling her. She remembers his asking her if the name Morasco means anything to her.

While Aubrey talks to Rex about planning the Halloween party, she “goes back” and remembers something that she does not want to reveal form Halloweens past. He tells her he knows that Natalie loves Halloween so Aubrey may knock herself out. The only thing he does not want is cob webs in his hair. She tells him that’s great. She will go to work on it right away but asks how he plans to pay her. He tells her that he doubts that Clint will have any trouble springing for his daughter’s engagement party. She leaves and he packs still depressed and missing Gigi. Right then Aubrey runs into Cutter as she goes out the door, tells him she does not believe it and asks him if he’ snot done enough damage already.

Rick then admits to Starr that maybe he came on a bit too strong by threatening her. But he’s really excited about her talent. She tells him she knows he’s excited about himself making money. He tells her that she has a future that will not work with pushing Hope’s stroller to every rehearsal she goes to. There are plenty of hired people who can do that. She tells him she is not going to leave her child behind. He tells her ok. They can have a nanny accompany them on road tours. But he has to draw the line with the boyfriend. She needs to be mysterious and sexy and something people are interested in so she has to get rid of James.

In the bathroom, Irene’s ghost tells Todd that if he confesses, he will lose everything and he will only prove that he’s the same self-centered bastard they always knew he was who would kill his own brother. She tells him that he needs to stop listening to everybody and everything that tells him not to go through with this. Tomás Delgado chose Todd’s fate for 8 years and now Todd can choose his. Right then, Todd rushes into the courtroom right after the judge has pronounced Tomás’ sentence and demands they stop.

James overhears Rick telling Starr if she wants to make it in this business, she has to make the tough decisions. She tells him she will but she has to make her own decisions and not have him making decisions. James then enters the room and reminds Starr that Hope is waiting for her. Rick tells Starr that he has a video with a director who is very interested in working with Starr Manning. She tells Rick good bye and they get rid of him. James asks Starr if she wants that. Does she care about that meeting? Is this what she wants? When Rick gets outside, he meets with a photographer who has taken pictures of what appears to be his “embrace” with Starr while the reporters are harassing her. He pays the guy off and tells her he want shim to keep the heat up on Rick's client. If he can give Rick what he wants, he will pay him double. He concludes he will make Starr a star whether she wants it or not. Inside Starr hugs James and tells him all she wants is right there with him, her daughter, and her family and friends.

Cutter tells Aubrey he is on to her and knows she just wants to move in on Rex and take his money. She tells him that he does not know her. He’s going to fall on his face and he will lose. But he is confident that will not happen.

Gigi/Stacy gets on the computer and appears to want to find some things out.

Cutter goes to find Rex and asks him what if he told Rex he could bring Gigi back.

Todd tells the judge she needs to re-open her case. She tells him it’s too late. She’s already made her ruling. But Todd tells her that Tomás cannot go to jail for something he did not do. Tomás is lying and is covering for someone. The judge asks Todd who. Todd replies himself. He then remembers shooting Victor and admits that killing Irene is not all he’s done.

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