OLTL Update Thursday 10/20/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/20/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki is coaching Clint to walk up the stairs and it almost appears she is encouraging him to do “something else”.

While Rex is sitting at Clint’s desk suspecting nothing and ready to continue running the company, Roxy comes in and warns her son that he should not get too used to it because very soon he will have to give it up.

Cutter is ready to re-claim everything while he’s in unconscious “Stacy” (who looks just like Gigi’s) room.

The mayor comes to see Bo and demands to know why he dropped the charges against Todd for the murder of Victor.

While in the adjoining cell beside her dad, Starr is encouraged that everything will be alright. But he is not as confident. And it appears both Blair and Téa have their doubts.

Bo informs the mayor that he and the DA dropped the charges against Todd because of insufficient evidence. She protests that there was an eye witness. But he tells her that Jack manning’s story proved to be false and they have no reason to hold Todd.

Blair goes to see Tomás who is still in jail after taking the rap for killing Irene.

Téa represents Todd and Starr in arraignment court. Nora is the prosecutor who does not want to get them in terrible trouble regarding the circumstances but urges the judge not to drop the charges since they both held guards at gunpoint and somebody could have been killed. Téa protests that they acted in desperation to save lives from Irene who was going to blow them all up with a bomb outside the house. Nora tells the judge that since Starr has had no previous criminal record and was manipulated by her father, the commonwealth can drop charges against her if Todd serves 2 years in prison. Téa tells her absolutely not.

In the hospital room, “Stacy (who looks just like Gigi) tells Cutter that she would like to get her memory back but has no memories of anything. He admits he finds that very inconvenient since the sooner she remembers whom she is, the sooner he can get out of their and “collect”. She asks him who he is. He tells her he’s Cutter, a friend of a friend. She asks him if she remembers what he told her that he is her best friend’s brother. He tells her yes.

Clint gets a call from Cutter informing him that this is “his lucky day” because he has a document allegedly signed by Rex that gives everything back to Clint. He tells Viki that he is ready to overthrow Rex and this might be his only chance to get everything back. But she urges him to let things go when he and Rex are finally making progress. She tells him she seriously doubts that Rex really signed those papers if Cutter Wentworth would have them and everybody knows he is not to be trusted. And if Clint goes to battle with Rex, all it will do is make his heart more stressed. She urges Clint to please not call Rex and to drop it. But he does not listen and dials Rex.

While with Roxy, Rex’s phone rings, he can see that it’s Clint and asks him what he wants. He tells Rex he needs to see him. He can’t just make an appointment and come to see him because he’s on house arrest. So Rex needs to meet him at Viki’s. Rex asks what this is all about. Clint tells Rex he will see.

Bo tells the mayor he does not put politics before law enforcement and that her re-election is her problem. He has a murder to solve and does not have the time to help her with her “photo shoots”. She then tells him in that case, he is fired.

In the courtroom, Téa argues that she realizes that Mr. Manning put his daughter up to helping him escape from jail. But they must realize there were extenuating circumstances in that Todd feared for his family’s lives and they were in grave danger. So he had to take drastic actions. Nora argues that regardless, a felony has been committed. Téa tells the judge that they must take Todd’s history into account. He has been falsely imprisoned and kept away from his family for 8 years and the police have failed to protect him.

In Tomás’ jail cell, Blair asks him why he is taking the rap for something he did not do. But he tells her that Todd was locked up and tortured for 8 years because of him. And because of him, Irene has been a threat to society. So he can’t let this terrible thing happen to Todd. But she asks what about the two of them.

In court, when Téa refuses to accept Nora’s offer, Nora tells her in that case, what they will do is sentence Mr. Manning and let Starr go to trial for her crime and since she is of age, she will be tried as an adult. Hearing that, Todd tells Nora he won’t let that happen. If she wants to punish him, she may. But he won’t let her do that to his daughter.

Rex goes to see Clint and asks him what all of this is about. Clint tells him he was just made aware of a certain document. He shows Rex the document that he got from Cutter Wentworth. Viki asks Rex if he really did in fact sign this. Rex replies it doesn’t matter. He no longer wants anything that is not rightfully his. All he cares about is his son so Clint can have his wealth back. Hearing that, Clint asks Rex if he is really serious about giving back what he gave up Gigi’s heart to Clint so that he could have.

Cutter attempts to get “Stacy” out of her bed and tells her about Rex not realizing she has no clue whom Rex is.

Rex tells Clint that he no longer wants Clint’s company. He has been doing nasty and spiteful behaviors since Gigi died. He knows that she would not have approved of his bargaining with her heart or anything else he’s done. All he wants is to be there for his son. So he will arrange for Clint to move back to his house. He then asks Viki if it would be alright for himself and Shane to live in the carriage house and he can rent it from her. She tells him of course. He then goes out the door. But Clint asks him to wait.

The mayor tells Bo that she will accept his resignation letter on her desk no later than tomorrow. But he then reminds her that she just fired him so he’s not going to resign. He also reminds her that his approval rating his much higher than hers’. So good luck explaining to the voters how and why it was that she fired the commissioner they’ve known and respected for so many years.

The judge declares that he is sorry for the circumstances that forced Todd and Starr to do what they did. But they both must pay.

Blair asks Tomás if he says that he loves her then how could he do this to her? He tells her that it’s the last thing that he wants. But he tells her that he has to settle up with his conscience for all he’s done while working for the CIA. She asks him how he can throw his life away and allow himself to be locked up. He asks her if there is still a part of her who is in love with Todd. And is that not the reason why she asked him to go and save him from Irene. Starr and Todd come outside and tell the two of them that the charges against them have been dropped and they will just have to do community service. They might see the two of them picking up trash on the highway but other than that, Todd and Starr will be ok. Nora makes a comment about how Todd managed to manipulate his daughter once again. And Blair notices how Tomás’ life has been ruined while Todd has gotten away with what could have been deemed a serious crime.

Bo tells the mayor he knows she would miss him too much if she fired him.

Stacy (the Gigi lookalike) attempts to escape from her hospital room. But Cutter calls the nurse and tells her that this woman cannot go anywhere. They inject her full of sedatives although she protests that she needs to know who she is.

Clint admits to Rex that he cannot sell his house. It’s his family’s estate. And Rex is his family. Rex is his son and Shane is his grandson. So maybe all Rex needs to do is hand over his shares of the investments. He realizes that Rex is not good with business. But regardless, he wants his son and grandson in his life. So they can live in his home. Hearing that and realizing Clint’s home is not “his”, Rex tells Clint that he can hardly afford the rent. But Clint tells Rex that the house is his. Rex goes out the door. Alone with him, Viki cries and tells him how she is in awe about what he just did. He tells her that he does not want that poor kid to be troubled with another move and knows how inconvenient it is for him. She tells him it’s more than that. He has reached out to his son. He tells her there is one last thing he needs to do and gets on his phone to call Cutter. While in Stacy/Gigi’s room, Cutter asks Clint what is up. Clint tells him he may take his document and shove it. Realizing he may now be down and out, Cutter has another plan involving the woman with amnesia.

The mayor tells Bo that there was a time when that smile of his would have motivated her to let him have his way. But not anymore. So he either voluntarily resigns or she will fire him.

Blair asks Todd why it is that he is free and Tomás is not. Téa tells him it’s not too late for him to change his plea. Maybe he should forget her and his family. They’ve been without him for a long time. She wonders if he can walk away from Blair. Blair asks if Todd can, in good conscience, allow Tomás to be put away for a murder that he (Todd) committed.

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