OLTL Update Wednesday 10/19/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/19/11


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica wishes she never found Liam’s paternity test. Ford asks what she plans to do. Jessica says that Brody is fine with the way things are. Brody shows up.

Blair walks into Todd/ Victor’s office to find Jack on the computer. Jack has plans to print another story about how Todd has killed Victor.

Starr and Dani play go fish in Starr’s jail cell. Dani says Téa has been lying for days. Starr says it must be a good thing.

Todd turns himself in, however the murder charge will only be dropped if Nora can believe Todd did not do it. So until Todd says it to Nora the charges remain.

Tina asks what would have happened if Clint had not walked in on them earlier. Cord demonstrates what would have happened, ending in the two of them kissing for a brief second. Natalie then walks in.

Jessica asks Brody what he is doing at the bar. Brody says for a drink and because John and him got into it. Jessica tells Ford it will never be easy to be around Brody.

Cord says that Natalie looks great. Tina says that Natalie looks great. Tina says that Vicki is at the Banner.

Blair tells Jack that he is not going to put a picture or Starr on the front page. Blair says that Jack should be in school and not here. Jack says his father would want him here. Blair says he would not want him putting pictures of Starr on it. Jack says he has work to do. Blair says that Jack could end up in jail if he does not tell the truth.

Dani asks Starr if because Jack lied that Todd will be out soon. Dani asks if they can keep them in jail.

Téa reminds Nora that Todd is innocent because there is no evidence against him. Nora says you believe that because you have to represent him, but Nora also had to represent him when Todd was on trial for Marti and he claimed he was innocent but he wasn’t, but she knows better now that he lies. Todd says he is innocent with a straight face and a flashback to him shooting Victor is shown.

Jack says that because Shane and Rex both were found innocent, it only leaves Todd. Blair says that Jack can go to prison. Jack says that she should be more worried about Starr and Tomás. Even though his story was not true, the ending is. Blair says that Starr is doing what she thinks is right and wonders if Jack is wrong. Jack asks Blair what if he is right what if Todd did kill Victor.

Téa tells Bo that this has gone on long enough and to make a decision. Nora says that for eight years Nora felt Todd was a different person, but he isn’t so everything that once happened still happened.

Starr says she will be allowed out tomorrow. Dani states the negative. Starr says that tomorrow is Dani’s eighteenth birthday. Dani says that Nate came over.

Tina says she is a great listener. Natalie must get home. Tina says she has something to say to Natalie.

Brody says that someone had to have told to John.

Jessica says Ford can drink in front of her. Jessica says that she still has no idea what to do and that Brody is in the dark about not being Liam’s father. Ford asks if she is sure about that.

Tina says she can see that Natalie is still upset over the incident a few years ago. Natalie says that how can she not be, Tina locked her in the basement. Tina says she feels terrible. Cord says for them to drop it. Tina wishes there was something she could do to make it up to Natalie. Natalie says there is nothing she could ever do. Tina says there is, she could plan Natalie’s wedding.

Dani says she is not dating Nate. Starr wants Dani to be careful; she says she is not judging people. Dani says that Nate did not want to do the porno. Starr asks if Dani forgives him.

Blair says that Téa and Starr think she is innocent. Jack says then why would Todd escape. Blair claims that Jack is never going to be able to do anything if he is in Jail, she says that it’s over and that everything Jack has done is what Todd did and that Victor would not be proud.

Nora drops the charges, but Todd is being put in court for escaping jail.

Tina says she would love to plan the wedding. Natalie says no. Tina says she will do anything.

Jessica says that no one knows who Liam’s father is. Jessica says that Brody is a good enough person to tell the truth.

Brody explains that he did not kill Victor and explains that he has taken lives again and threatens.

Natalie says that she and Jessica do not get along. Tina wants to know why. Natalie says they are not ready to be friends. Tina does not understand why. Natalie explains because she is marrying Jessica’s ex fiancé.

Brody says he was not going to say anything, and allows him to leave.

Starr says Tomás is in Statesville, and that she does not know if he did it.

Nora says she can send a doctor to Todd’s cell. Bo takes Todd to the cell on the way Jack comes in with Blair and sees Todd they both stair at one another.

Tina puts things together. Tina asks what about another friend. Natalie says she has no one else. Tina says she will be Natalie’s maid of honor.

Jessica says she should get home. Ford helps put Jessica’s coat on. They leave the bar. Brody is shown drinking.

Natalie says no. Tina wants to know why. Cord says to drop it. Tina says she will do everything. Natalie says ok. Tina says she hopes it will all work fine.

Dani asks if Starr needs anything. Starr says just to get out and for Dani to have fun on her birthday. Dani says she will be there then leaves.

Téa explains that Todd is free of the charges. Jack says that he does not remember Todd hitting him. Todd says thank you. Jack says he still does not believe him and that one day he will pay.

Natalie walks in on Brody. Natalie says she found a maid of honor.

Cord says that it was very nice of her to plan the wedding. Tina says she can do it. Cord says her heart is in the right place. Tina explains her heart has never changed. Cord says he has to say goodnight to Clint but wants to talk later.

Jessica says thanks for Ford walking her to the door. Jessica still does not know what she is going to do.

Dani finds Téa at the police station.

Jack says that what he said about seeing Todd was a lie.

Todd walks in on Starr and is put in a separate cell.

Jessica sits on the stairs and looks at the paternity test.

Brody and Natalie kiss. Brody looks at a picture of Liam.

Dani asks if they will reopen the murder case. Téa says she hopes so. The two say they love each other.

Téa wishes Dani a happy birthday.

Starr is happy that at least Todd won’t go down for a murder he did not commit. Todd assures "Shorty" he won’t.

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