OLTL Update Tuesday 10/18/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/18/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the station, John asks Brody just what was involved in his confrontation with Victor. Just what did Victor threaten to destroy that made Brody resort to drastic measures? In response to that, Brody does not know how to answer that question.

Tina returns to Viki’s home wither dog and announces the good news to Jessica that she has been found. Jessica is less than enthused but wants to know that Tina might know or intend to do with the “piece of paper”. In response to that, Tina asks what piece of paper, which “perplexes” Jessica.

At the Kentucky hospital, the “Gigi lookalike” who is supposed to be Stacy with plastic surgery awakens and is asked her name but it appears she cannot answer.

Bo admits to Nora that the gun that was found may not connect Todd Manning to the murder. So it may mean that they do not have a case.

Todd is lying on the floor of the cabin remembering that he pointed the gun at Victor declaring that Victor has taken his life so he will take Victor’s life.

At Capricorn, Aubrey finds Rex and admits to him that she did hear that his two moms were trying to hide the gun that they thought he may have used to murder Victor. Rex does not appear worried when he tells her it’s a moot point since he did not kill Victor. But he asks how she got involved in this and how she would know about the gun. She tells him she found out through Cutter.

Cutter hides behind the door and overhears the doctors and nurses asking the Gigi look alike who she is and where she is. She does not reveal her name but hasn’t a clue why she would be in Anchorage, KY.

Robert Ford goes to Viki’s house with baby Ryder looking for Jessica. Cord answers the door and demands to know who he is. Robert tries to be cordial and introduce himself but Cord does not want to welcome him.

Inside Viki’ living room, Jessica asks Tina what is up with the document. Tina admits she really does not know but found it at Victor’s home.

At the station, Brody admits to John that he got into Victor’s face because of Marty Saybrooke who tried to kill Natalie. Natalie asks John what the problem is as he should know that the gun was not a match to the one Brody uses. But John appears to have his suspicion.

Nora tells Bo that they must have information connecting Todd to the murder of Victor. He did threaten Victor in public. She relives her negative history with Todd but admits she’s overheard that original Todd is “kinder and gentler” than the Todd they’ve known all these years who is really Victor. Bo tells Nora as much as he does not want to admit it, she will have to cut Todd loose.

Téa returns to Todd and sees he is burning up with a fever. He does not want to go to the hospital. But she tells him that he can now. Bo is not happy but realizes he does not have a case against Todd. Nora will have no choice except to drop the case since there is no longer any evidence against him. But he asks her what if there is. She asks what he means. What kind of evidence could there be? He tells her that there is always “somebody” who wants to get him in trouble. She tells him that she now knows that even if they have yet to find the murder weapon that could save him, the prosecution has the burden of proof that he is guilty. He asks her “what if” they find the gun somewhere. Hearing that, she asks him why he’d be worried about that as it can only help his case even more.

Nora tells Bo that she realizes there’s not much she can do if Todd can’t get convicted and asks if Téa has considered encouraging Todd to turn himself in. And they both know that the mayor wants them to build a case and go after Todd yet they cannot. She reminds him that the mayor can’t do much to her since she’s an elected official. But she can get rid of Bo in a heartbeat.

At Capricorn, Aubrey shares with Rex that since she has met Joey, she has been encouraged to live the honest life. She realizes that she intended to scam Joey but fell in love with him. He wants to know more about her situation where she had to “let somebody go”. She tell shim that there’s no point in talking about her situation because it’s nothing compared to what he is going through. But he tells her that he knows the feeling all too well about “having to get over someone” regarding his own having to get over Gigi.

Cutter overhears outside the door while the nurse asks him what has happened to “Ms. Andrews” who has been there every day but is strangely not there today. He replies that Ms. Andrews is “in dispose”. Inside the room, it appears the Gigi lookalike is getting better but does not remember who she is or where she is.

Outside Viki’s home, Cord tells Robert Ford if he ever hurts Jessica again, what Cord’s dad did to Robert will look like fun.

Inside, Jessica questions Tina about what she might know regarding the document that was found in the purse where she kept her dog. Tina is only concerned about the dog and admits she knows nothing about the document.

At the station, John needs to know the “real reason” why Brody threatened Victor. Brody hesitates but then admits to John that it’s about Liam. It’s all about Liam. John asks if he thinks that Victor was that focused on Brody’s son. Brody tells John no. He (John) is focused on Liam and doesn’t seem to realize that he’s Brody’s and that Natalie and Ryder are Brody’s family. John needs to wake up, Brody tells him. Natalie overhears not knowing what to say or do.

Robert gets inside Viki's home and brings baby Ryder to Jessica with Cord watching over him. Tina is courteous to Robert and remarks what a cutie the baby is. Jessica appears to not want Robert to rush off and to feel welcome to stay. She finds out that he’s going to a concert and asks if he already has or wants a date.

At Capricorn, Rex tells Aubrey that he regrets the behavior he’s done since Gigi has been gone and that he has neglected Shane. If she knew, Rex is afraid, she’d jump out of her grave.

When Cutter is alone and unseen he goes into “Stacy’s” room and she demands to know who she is and if she knows him. He tells her his name is Cutter. She demands to know who she is. He asks her if the name Morasco rings a bell.

Rex tells Aubrey that Shane is his 14 year old son who is smart and talented and a great kid. His birthday is coming up soon. Rex does not know how to plan his son’s part but knows he has to do something. She listens intently and sounds like she would like to meet Shane and help Rex with Shane’s next birthday party.

At the cabin, Téa tells Todd that she finds it very odd that he was ready to get out of there in a heartbeat and risk all consequences right before she left. Now she’s telling him it’s safe to get back to Llanview and he’s afraid to do so.

Bo tells Nora that maybe he should not be afraid of the mayor firing him. If she wants to, let her do it. They relive how, many years ago, the mayor was seeing Bo and was not happy that he turned him down for Nora. He kisses Nora and she is laughs with him about how they are meant for each other.

Téa asks Todd just what is going on. He admits to her that he is afraid he’s going a little crazy. She then assures him that he won’t get charged with murder. She can make sure it doesn’t happen. But he has to turn himself in ASAP. The sooner he does that, the sooner they can find her husband’s killer. But he tells her they are not going anywhere and there is something he has to tell her.

Nora tells Bo that even if they can’t hold Todd for killing Victor, they can for his killing Irene. But he reminds her that Tomás Delgado confessed to that. She asks him if he believes that Todd killed his brother.

Téa tells Todd he must reveal to her what is going on reminding him that she is his lawyer and what he tells her is confidential. He then tells her that Victor was her husband. Then he showed up and had motive to kill him. At first she believed he did just that and now she somehow believes him. She asks him what he is getting at. He replies to her that he wanted to tell her he is sorry.

The “Gigi look alike” demands that Cutter tells her what is going on. He tells her that she was “in a room with a carbon monoxide leak”. Not remembering anything, she asks him if she was alone. He tells her no. her sister was there. She seems to remember nothing about that or her sister or anything else. He tells her he’s sorry to have to tell her but her sister died.

Aubrey tells Rex that she realizes that people have good reason not to like her. She came to Llanview to scam the Buchanan’s money. Hearing that, he tells her that she need not feel guilty because he was once a con artist.

Jessica tells Robert she would really like to go with him and believes they could have a lot of fun and does not want him to have to go by himself. He seems hesitant and Cord does not approve. But Tina tells them she will take care of the baby and they need not worry about anything. She holds baby Ryder and smiles and know that the baby is in good hands with herself and Cord. They go off. Alone, Cord asks her what has come over her. She tells him she wants to do the right thing. He always brings out the “best” in her.

Brody tells John that he is a stubborn jerk who drove Natalie away and has no business taking that out on the two of them.

The Gigi lookalike (presumed to be Stacy) remembers nothing and is hysterical to find out that her sister is dead, that she remembers nothing and her life is a blank. At that point, the medical staff demands that Cutter gets out to let her rest and inject her with a sedative.

At Capricorn, Aubrey is very intrigued and surprised to find out that Rex used to be a scam artist. She asks how he got himself reformed. He replies that he met Bo Buchanan. That motivated him to get straight. Without the guidance of Bo, he’d still be a lying, thieving low life little punk.

Bo tells Nora she needs to know that at any minute, Téa is going to walk through that door with Todd. So if Nora’s going to make her move, she needs to do it now.

Téa asks Todd just what he is sorry for. He replies for a lot of things. She tells him he must “pick one”. He tells her he’s sorry that he asked her to represent him. She was grieving and it wasn’t the right time. She tells him she knows he’s a rude incentive jerk who knew how to manipulate her so what is new. But now, they have to get to the station and asks him why he is stalling.

Cord holds baby Ryder and Tina tells him that this little one is adorable. They need to read him a bed time story and she wants to educate herself with Dr. Spock. He then remembers that she was really great with their children when they were Ryder’s age. She admits that she misses having an infant in the house.

Jessica goes with Robert to Capricorn and she discusses with him how it’s so odd that Tina had the incriminating document right in the purse where she kept her dog. And she comes up with all of the possible theories for whether Tina or anyone else might want to use it against John or Brody or someone.

After Brody confronts him, John can tell that he is hiding something.

At the Kentucky hospital, Cutter persuades the doctor to let him stay alone with the Gigi look alike. But she is asleep and cannot talk to him. He tells her that the document that Kim had to sign over to him is going to make him a very wealthy man. But not if he’s stuck there. So she needs to wake up and tell him who she really is.

Rex tells Aubrey that she got rid of Cutter and got a real job and can get her life straightened around just like he did. She tells him she’d like another job being his party planner for Shane’s birthday party and for Natalie and Brody’s wedding. He tells her she’s hired and seems encouraged to work with her.

Tina asks Cord what he thinks might have happened if Clint had not walked in upon then before they kissed. He wants to show her and kisses her when they are alone.

Brody confronts John. Téa and Todd enter the station and ask if Bo is there.

At Capricorn, Jessica tells Robert she wished she never saw the results of that stupid test. He tells her that she did and asks what she plans to do. Is she going to reveal to Natalie and Brody that he is not Liam’s father and John is.

Nora asks Bo if he honestly thinks that Todd Manning is going to show up and trust them. If that happens, she won’t’ believe it. Right then, Téa knocks on the door and tells Bo and Nora that she has persuaded her client to turn himself in exchange for them dropping the charges against him. Hearing that, Nora tells her that depends upon one thing. And goes up to Todd and tells him she wants him to look her in the eye and tell her he did not kill his brother.

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