OLTL Update Monday 10/17/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/17/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Stacy is alone in her hospital bed, looking exactly like Gigi when she opens her eyes and appears to awaken.

Natalie goes to Rex’s home and he tells his sister he cannot believe that his son go this hands on a gun. He now will make Shane his number one priority. And he believes that is what Gigi meant when she said not to give up.

Rama finds Kim at The Spotted Pony reminding her that she stole the money from Rama for the plastic surgery. She may have mistakenly thought she was “safe” from Rama recognizing or finding her. But she is not. Rama tells her she wants the money back with interest.

At the station, Téa tells Bo that he has not heard hers’ and Todd’s request and she thinks it’s pretty reason able. He then asks to hear it. She tells him that Todd will come in after the charges have been dropped. In the other room, Shaun goes to find John and tells him that he has some important information about the murder investigation.

Alone at the cabin, Todd looks at a picture of Victor and asks his deceased brother if he could give him a clue who killed him. But right then, he hears someone enter and he sees Irene again.

Téa reminds Bo that they no longer have evidence that Todd shot Victor since it’s been proven that Jack lied. Bo reminds her that regardless, they cannot rule out that Todd did it and they have proof from Shaun Evan’s phone. Hearing that, Téa asks if the phone has Victor’s voice on it and tells Bo she wants to hear it.

John tells Shaun that apparently Jack Manning overheard the tape recording he played for Starr and used it to get Todd falsely accused. Shaun then informs John that he has some new evidence from when he spoke to Vimal Patel the previous night. Vimal informed him that he happens to know that the murder weapon is the kind that only the cops and military personnel have access to. He remarks to Bo that he believes there’s no way that one of “his boys” could be capable of murder.

At The Spotted Pony, Kim tells Rama that she has been working at this place making money and intends to pay her back. Rama does not believe that. But right then, Cutter appears and Kim tells Rama that her brother will tell her all about how Kim will soon be a very rich woman with the means to pay off all her debts. Yet, Cutter does not seem interested in that and tells them he has to do his civic duty by informing the police that “somebody” has committed a crime.

Dani tells Nate that she is worried about her father, Todd.

The ghost of Irene tells Todd she is not going anywhere. He tells her she is dead. She tells him as long as he draws breath, she is a part of him. He tells her no. there are people who care about him. Téa is going to make certain he does not go down for a murder he did not commit. The cops’ case is falling apart as they speak, he tells her and he will beat the charges. Hearing that, she smirks and tells her son that even if he does not go to prison, he will get what’s coming to him one way or another since he is a “guilty man”.

Cutter brings the cops and Kim smiles hoping they are not “real” cops although they tell her they are definitely not real. Kim then tells her brother this is not funny. Rama reminds her that she is under arrest. Hearing that, Kim protests that if this is about the handicapped sticker on her car, it’s valid when she does the pole dancing so that she can get into the place fast enough. But Cutter and Rama reveal to her that they have struck a deal to get her arrested.

Rex tells Natalie he’s done living in the past and intends to look forward. Things have to get better for himself, for Shane and for her also. He just knows it.

After Shaun leaves and Brody approaches John, he asks John what they discussed. John informs Brody that he got a tip on Victor Lord’s murder and John recalls to Brody that he overheard a confrontation between Brody and Vimal. And Shaun informed him that Vimal informed Shaun that he knew with certainty that a 9 millimeter just like the one Brody uses was used to shoot Victor. Brody protests to John that he must know that Vimal is lying and whacked. But John suggests that maybe they “go by the book”.

Dani and Nate watch a movie and she talks about how the “brainwashed guy” had the right to be happy. She remembers that her evil grandmother did that to her dad.

Irene’s ghost reminds Todd that he must know that he killed his own mother. He tells her he had no choice. She tells him she knows he “intended” to kill his brother. He admits that he seriously considered that but didn’t do it. She somehow remembers that Todd did have a “purpose” the night in question. We then see Todd walking in the rain outside Victor’s home with a gun.

Roxy goes looking for Echo at Rex’s home and demands she gets down there so that the two of them can talk about “that document”. But Echo is not there and Rex comes down the stairs and asks his mom “what document” she is talking about.

Kim protests to Cutter and Rama that she did not kill that customer that night and her brother knows. But Cutter is about to sell his sister down the river with Rama as a witness and the cops come and take her away.

Stacy (who looks just like Gigi) awakens and a nurse comes in very surprised to see that she is awake.

When Roxy discovers that Rex has “accidentally overheard” about a document that only she and Echo know about, Roxy bluffs to her son telling him it’s nothing important until he demands to know what is going on. She tells him it’s seething he would not be interested in involving a dye job that Echo has to sign a release of liability so that Roxy can’t get sued if Echo does not like what Roxy did to her hair. Rex then informs his mom that Natalie and Brody are moving in together although Roxy seems to know that that may not be “meant to be”.

At the station, Brody asks John if “this” is some sort of “pay back” because of Brody and Natalie’s union. John tells Brody that he needs to check his gun to see if it might be the murder weapon.

Bo lets Téa listen to the recording Shaun gave him of a phone conversation where Victor left a message for Shaun and then, all of a sudden, Victor demands to know what “someone” is doing in his home, and we hear a shot fired and nothing more.

John asks Brody if he’s “refusing to do this”. Natalie then enters, overhears and asks them what they are talking about. John then tells her that the murder weapon used to kill Victor was a 9 millimeter just like the one Brody has. Hearing that, she tells John it’s absurd to suspect Brody. But Brody pulls out his gun and tells John he may test it.

Irene ghost reminds Todd that it was raining the night in question and he overheard Victor inside his home, spied and listened in upon his brother and carried the gun with “intent”. We then see Todd discovering keys dropped on the ground in the rain. He then picked them up and unlocked the door. Irene’s ghost then tells him he needs to “let it all come back”.

When the cops get ready to take Kim away, she demands to know how her brother could do that to her. She reminds her that Rama was going to get him in big trouble if he did not give her up. So they had no choice. Kim protests that without her, nobody can take care of Stacy.

Roxy tells Rex that he needs to know that Brody is not right for Natalie. She doesn’t love him. She loves John. Hearing that, Rex protests that Natalie cannot stay with John knowing he does not love her. Roxy tells her son that she knows that John loves Natalie.

Brody remembers how devastated he was when he discovered that Liam is not his and is John’s. He tells John that he and Vimal were not arguing about Victor Lord. John then asks him exactly what they did argue about.

Irene’s ghost tells Todd she knows that he had motive to kill Victor because he took Todd’s home, family and identity. So Todd had to get it back. So what did he do? Todd tells her he went to Victor’s office and demanded his life back. She tells him she knows that Victor refused and left Todd with only one “option”.

Téa tells Bo that she will be ok once the murder charge is dropped. She knows that whoever Victor talked to the night in question, it was not Todd.

Natalie returns after testing the murder weapon and tells John sorry to “disappoint him”. But Brody’s gun has proven not to be the gun used to kill Victor.

Irene “reminds” Todd that he did, in fact, shoot and kill Victor as we see him entering Victor’s home with a gun in hand, soaking from the rain outside, confronting Victor and blowing him away.. He falls to the floor crying as he remembers that. His mother’s ghost then “nurtures” her son and tells him it must be good to get his memory back.

Nate asks Dani if they have a chance at getting back together. She reminds him that he has lied to her about so many things. He tells her that he wants a chance to prove that he is the guy she can trust and whom she deserves if she will let him.

At The Spotted Pony, Kim reminds Cutter she could have turned him in a long time ago but protected her brother. Stacy needs her although he tells her she’s not his problem. The cops take Kim away while she reminds Cutter if something happens to Stacy, it’s on his conscience although he smirks uncaring.

The doctor examines “Stacy’s” eyes.

Roxy informs Rex that although neither he nor Natalie are aware, John admitted that he is still in love with Natalie and is merely “giving up” on her because she’s with Brody and having his baby.

At the station, after John corners Natalie to tell him about “one secret” that she and Brody have, she reluctantly admits that they discussed suspicion that Brody killed Victor.

Todd tells Irene there is no evidence or anything that could “put” him at Victor’s house. He reminds him that he was “very careful”, wasn’t he? We then see him unlocking the door with the keys in the rain and getting into the house. He concludes that she brainwashed or forced him to do it but she reminds him she did not “make” him do anything he did not want to do.

Natalie admits to John that victor’s secretary came to the station and informed Natalie that she overheard Brody go to confront Victor. John asks what the secretary said she heard. Natalie does not want to answer but Brody admits that he did, in fact, tell Victor that if he did anything to threaten Brody or his family, he would kill Victor.

Todd protests that he did not kill his brother and tells Irene that is not something one blocks out. But she tells him that 8 years in captivity can do that to one’s memory. He tells her she does not know anything about him. She tells him she knows that he is the son of Victor Lord and must never forget it because nobody else will. Todd then appears to “shatter” the vision of Irene in his mind.

Dani tells Nate that if they get back together, maybe they need to go out on a date or take it slow. He tells her that slow is good. He then asks her if they should say “until next time”. She agrees and he goes out the door.

After Kim has been taken away, Cutter goes to see “Stacy” and is surprised that she has woken up. The doctor asks her if she can say who she is. But she does not answer.

Roxy protests to Rex that Brody is not the one for Natalie. John is. He protests to his mom that Brody could be the right man for his sister if she would give him half a chance. And that is what Natalie wants, he tells her, just like he wants to move on from Gigi. So Roxy needs to let Natalie “be happy”.

Téa then returns to a stunned and horrified Todd and asks him what on earth has happened while she was out.

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