OLTL Update Friday 10/14/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/14/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa is on the phone to Dani evading her daughter’s questions about whether she’s seen or heard from Todd. Todd overhears her and as why she lied to their daughter. Téa asks him if he wants Dani to become another accessory to murder. He asks her if he is still a suspect since the cops have questioned and considered Rex Balsam. She tells him that Rex is no longer a suspect as the cops let him go. Hearing that, Todd assumes he’s done for and there’s no hope that he can clear his name. But she tells him not necessarily. It appears they cops realize there is a hole in Jack’s story/

Rex awakens when Echo has pumpkin muffins for her son. He remarks that nothing says that one’s mom believes one is a murderer more than that. She tells him that this may be all hear fault. He tells her that very possibly he might have her to thank for this.

Kim talks to “Stacy” telling her that she must know how threatening Cutter is regarding those papers. But at least the two of them will get half.

Rama goes to find Cutter outside the hospital room.

Echo realizes she has some things to explain to Rex about how she and Roxy somehow “found” the gun when they tried to hide it. He tells her she may “try” him.

Dani goes outside the door and runs into Nate. He tells her he thought she’d be in school and was going to drop off a birthday present for her. Although he knows they are not together anymore, he wanted her to have it. At that point, she breaks down crying. He tells her that was not the reaction he was hoping for.

At the cabin, Téa informs Todd that Starr put two and two together and realized that Jack made up the perfect story to tell the cops which is a lie when he overheard that tape that Shaun played for her. But, unfortunately, there is still no evidence that proves it and Starr is still in jail.

Blair goes to the station and asks Bo what happened regarding the murder investigation. He informs her that Shane Morasco confessed that it was he who knocked Jack out but it is still unknown who killed Victor.

Echo remembers Kim threatening her and knows she now has to admit to Rex that in order to recover the gun to clear both him and Shane, she has had to sign all of what is now Rex's over to Clint. She looks all around at the luxurious home and possessions and admits to her son that “it’s a long story”.

Kim tells unconscious Stacy that they won’t get as much as she’d hoped. But since she “helped” Cutter he will have to share “some” with her. Yet she admits how disappointed she is that her brother always gets what he wants.

Rama tells Cutter that he is going to tell her where his sister is so that she can get all the money back from that surgically altered bitch. He tells her he would like to help her but does not know where the “real” Aubrey (known as Kim) is. But she knows he is lying. We then see a flashback of Rama going to the Spotted Pony looking for Aubrey but not finding her. Yet she did notice Cutter standing over a dead body and caught him red handed. She then asks Cutter if she has now “refreshed his memory” as to where his sister is. He then tells her maybe he does know where Kim is. She asks him where that would be. He tells her he cannot just let her run there and confront his sister. She then tells him that he must not remember the details” of the night they both must remember. We see the dead body on the floor and Rama reminds him that she could get him in big trouble if he does not tell her where his sister is.

Inside the room, Kim wants to make Stacy look nice with makeup and tells her she knows that Stacy is not crazy about Cutter but must know that he will come through because he must.

At Rex’s, Shane gets up and admits that he’s overslept. Rex tells his son he need not get to school today and make take the day off. Echo leaves her son and grandson alone to talk. Rex tells his son he need not apologize because he’s been going through something very terrible all by himself. But, Rex now knows that his son took the gun and went to knock Jack out with the intent to kill Victor so why didn’t he tell his father?>

At the station, Bo implies to Blair that he finds it odd that neither she nor Téa nor anybody who is “close” to Todd has seen or heard from him.

At the cabin, Téa assures Todd that while Blair is not bound by attorney-client privilege when questioned by the cops, she can. He tells her that regardless of that, he is worried that he is up the creek.

Bo indicates that he has to do his job regarding the fact that Starr is in jail and needs to get out. And she could help her daughter as well as Tomás if “someone” would just urge Todd to turn himself in.

Dani tells Nate that she is not crying because of the birthday present. That was really nice of him. It’s because before he gave her the present, she had not even thought about her birthday. Nobody in her family has remembered. Her father is dead. Her other father is getting charged with murder, on the run and may be dying. Her sister is in jail along with her uncle. And the worst part of all of it is her mom is lying to her. She bets that her real dad is hiding and nobody will tell her where he is.

Todd and Téa are alone in the cabin.

At the station, Blair pulls out her cell phone to call Téa who urges her to please tell her that Rex Balsam has become a suspect so that Todd no longer has to stay on the run. Blair replies not even close.

Kim tells unconscious Stacy that she knows Stacy has feelings for Rex Balsam but she (Kim) does not like him anymore than Kim likes Cutter. Outside, Cutter reminds Rama that when she found him standing over a dead body and being able to use that against him, he was able to “motivate” her by letting her morally upright husband know that she used to work as a stripper. She tells him she still has no problem going to the police and knows her husband and his family will probably applaud her for turning in a murder. In the other room, Kim reminds Stacy that the two of them were grifters who would slip some guy a Mickey and then take his money. We then see them with the dead man in question. And Kim admits that “one night” it went straight to hell. Cutter was observing Kim giving a guy “too much” drug and knowing that he poisoned the guy. Kim tells Stacy that she “trusted her brother within reason”. They were both in trouble and having to “help” each other involving the death of the customer that night at The Spotted Pony which could get them both charged with murder. Cutter then tells Rama (currently) that he’s not going to let her hold this against him for the rest of his life. She asks what he intends to do. Kill her?

Nate tells Dani that her mom is one of the smartest people he knows. And if she is not telling Dani something, there must be a good reason. It might be to protect her. He tells her that he realizes that his present may not be enough to forget what is going on. But it might take her mind off it for just a while.

Rex realizes that Shane suspects him of killing Victor Lord and asks his son why. Shane replies that he has heard that Todd Manning did not do it. Also when he knocked Jack out, then took him to the hospital and came home, he hid the gun and went straight to bed. He couldn’t sleep. And that’s when he saw his dad walk in tracking mud in the rain and thought he might be lying about visiting Gigi’s grave.

Téa informs Todd that last night, Shane pulled a gun on Jack. Todd is worried and wonders if that might mean that Shane shot Victor and intends to kill Jack. She tells him that they have not found the murderer but the cops don’t buy Jack’s story. He asks if that clears him. She tells him it’s not that simple since he has motive and is a fugitive. The cops do not have evidence regarding anybody else so they think he did it.

Kim tells unconscious Stacy that her snotty sister died but luckily gave Clint her heart. She promises to make Stacy look as good as she did before. But they must first get her out of there. Right then, she gets a call from echo telling her she is calling about “that document”.

Cutter tells Rama he’s not going to kill her. He has an easier way to get what he wants. He has an idea that will kill a lot of birds with one stone.

Echo tells Kim that although they had a deal where she gives Echo the gun in exchange for giving Clint back his money, it’s no longer valid since the gun Kim hid for her is not the one in question.

Téa tells Todd that she is not doing what she is doing to help him. She’s doing it for her husband, Victor.

Dani tells Nate she wants to be alone. He gets up to leave. But she then invites him to stay and watch the movie with her.

Téa tells Todd she is going to make certain that the cops do not track him nor waste their time when they need to be finding her husband’s real killer.

Blair indicates to Bo that she wants to know what he is going to do about Shane Morasco. Knowing that Shane has threatened her son with a gun, she wants to know if Bo is going to charge him with that.

Rex tells Shane he realizes that since Gigi has been gone, he has not been there for his son. He has been so obsessed with revenge, he put it before his son. But from now on, they have each other’s backs. Shane then asks his dad if he’s going to go jail for holding the gun on Jack Manning.

At the station, Blair tells Bo she knows that he considers Rex and Shane family and wants to give them special treatment. And she believes that if Shane had intent to kill her son something has to be done. He tells her he realizes that. But if it all comes out, then Jack will get in trouble and charged with lying to the cops and obstruction of justice. And he asks Blair if that is what she wants.

Rex tells Shane he does not know exactly what will happen regarding his pulling a gun on jack. But he promises to be there for him. He admits that he may never be as good as Shane’s mom but will give it his best shot. He then picks up a picture of Gigi. And he admits to his son that he has been chasing a ghost.

On the phone, Echo tells Kim that their agreement is null and void since the only reason she was desperate to hide the gun is because she thought her son used it but she now knows differently. Kim reminds Echo that is not her problem. Echo again tells Kim she either gives Echo what she wants or she will track Kim down and take it. Kim then informs her that she is wasting her time. Kim no longer has the document. She gave it to “someone else”.

Cutter then asks Rama if she’s going to call the police and get them all in trouble. Or is she going to use the far saner approach?

Kim then tells unconscious Stacy that she realizes that Stacy cares about Rex and doesn’t want him screwed over. But she promises that as soon as Stacy gets better, they will all be on easy street.

Téa tells Todd if he did not kill Victor and neither did Rex, then she needs to find out who really did. He then tells her they can do that together

Bo tells Blair that he thinks it might be best for Jack to forget all about Shane Morasco and recant his statement about what he thought he saw the night Victor got killed. She asks if her son will get in trouble. Bo tells her that since Jack was knocked out and may not have remembered, he might have a way not to be charged with lying. Blair listens and tells Bo she’d really like to do the right thing. Blair leaves. Téa enters and tells Bo that Todd is ready to turn himself in. But she and her client are going to need something in return.

Alone in the cabin, Todd observes a picture of Victor and asks his twin brother who killed him and should he not know who killed his twin. And right then, it appears he may be getting his answer.

Echo is on the phone to Roxy informing her that she contacted Kim and heard that Kim no longer has the document but would not tell her where she got it.

Right then, Rama comes face to face with Kim (the real Aubrey) and tells her she’s there to settle a score.

Rex tells Gigi he knows that she does not want him or Shane to give up on each other. They will never forget her.

Right then we see unconscious “Stacy” who looks just like Gigi open her eyes while alone in the hospital room.

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