OLTL Update Thursday 10/13/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/13/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Right by Victor Lord Jr’s grave, Shane pulls a gun on Jack and demands that he confesses everything about how he and his friend lured Shane’s mom into the basement and she died. Jack protest that he did not do it. But Shane demands that he admits it right now to Shane’s mom.

At the private hospital, Cutter finds Kim standing over the bed of unconscious Stacy who looks just like Gigi. And he tells his sister she needs to realize that she does not know that that is not Gigi instead of Stacy.

Jessica is alone in her home when John comes to the door.

At the police station, brody is determined to find Todd Manning but Natalie wants to get home to their baby.

Blair is knocking on the door to the cabin where Todd is hiding when Téa sneaks up on her. They argue out how to give the secret knock. But as soon as they get inside the door, they discover that Todd is gone.

At the gravesite, Jack tells Shane that he is going to jail for holding the gun o hi and wouldn’t dare to shoot him. Shane tells Jack that so will he after the truth comes out that he killed Shane’s mom. When jack tells Shane he knows that Shane does not have the guts to shoot him and he bets the gun is not even loaded, Shane fires a shot.

Rama and Vimal go to Capricorn to see Aubrey and ask her for Rama’s favorite drink. But they notice that Aubrey is upset and ask her what is up. She tells them that she and Cutter broke up.

Kim protests to Cutter that no matter what he says, she knows that this is “her girl”. He then tells her that if this is in face, Stacy, then why is she in this bed?

At Capricorn, Vimal tells Aubrey maybe it’s for the best that she’s done with Cuttter. But she goes off alone with Aubrey. Alone, Vimal picks up the article that Todd Manning has gotten charged with the murder of Victor. He stares at it spooked and remembering overhearing Brody threatening Todd. Right then, Shaun enters and asks Vimal if something is wrong.

At the station, brody reveals to Natalie that he knows that Todd was furious with Victor and with his mother and had perfect motive to kill them both. And they ID’d Irene’s blood at the scene. And Jack knew the perfect information. But Natalie has her doubts and knows that jack is lying.

Jack is afraid that he's been shot when Shane fires a shot. Shane is ready to do it again and not miss this time. But before he has a chance to go through with it, Rex and Bo appear and urge Shane not to do it.

Rama sits with Aubrey and asks her to tell her all the details of what that scum Cutter Wentworth has done to her. Aubrey admits to her friend that she used to be just as low of a human being than he is. But Rama assures her hat she knows that Aubrey is getting her act together and deserves better than somebody like Cutter. She then assumes that it must be that he was cheating on her with another woman. Aubrey tells her know. It was a gun they found in a porcupine that Cutter found at a flea market. He used it against Rex Balsam to blackmail and con him although he promised her he would not. So, she now knows that Cutter will never change.

Kim tells Cutter the story of when she found Stacy again. But something caused them to get separated and by the time she went after Stacy, it was too late.

At Capricorn, Shaun tells Vimal that he knows that Victor had his issues. But, he tells him once one gets to know Victor, he was not such a bad guy. Shaun got to know him and develop rapports with him and hopes that if his brother killed him, justice will be served. But as soon as Vimal hears that, he indicates he may have his doubts.

Brody talks to Natalie and remembers his conversation with Vimal coming to see him telling him that he knows that Victor Lord has threatened to expose his secret about Brody’s not being Liam’s father. So Brody had perfect motive to kill Victor. And Vimal asks him, point blank, did he kill Victor.

John goes to see Jessica and asks her if there is anything she’d like to tell him regarding the murder investigation of Victor. Little does he knows that she has a secret about something but it’s not regarding that.

Blair informs Téa that she once again tried and failed to get through to Jack. Yet her son is hell bent upon seeing his father fry for something he did not do. So Todd’s fate is in Jack’s hands.

When Bo and rex find Shane and jack by the gravesite, Jack tells them they must do something since Shane is going to shoot him. Shane won’t put the gun down. But Rex urges his son to know that revenge is not the way and he has to put down the gun. He asks him if he thinks his mom would want this. She would not. She wants them all alive and well. But that won’t happen if he goes through with this. So he urges Shane to put down the gun. At that point, Shane does it and Rex holds his son in his arms.

When Vimal avoids Shaun regarding the belief that original Todd must have killed victor, Shaun asks him if he knows of anything that proves otherwise. Does he know of another suspect?

Rama asks Aubrey if the gun belongs to Rex Balsam who killed Victor and Cuter was going to use it against him. Aubrey tells her that is what Cutter assumed. Rama then recalls Cutter’s low life sister who stole her money to get plastic surgery. When she gets her hands on that bitch, she will hurt her.

Kim tells Cutter that she discovered that Stacy appeared to have passed out and she also noticed Gigi on the floor and dead.

Bo and Rex take both Shane and Jack to the station. Brody and Natalie meet them at the door when Bo asks Natalie to take the gun and look for evidence to see if it’s the same one that was used to kill victor.

Téa tells Blair that maybe Jack needs some serious professional help and maybe some face time with Todd. Blair agrees. Téa then reveals to Blair that there is another viable suspect for the cops besides Todd although the cops don’t want to admit to it. Blair asks who that would be. Téa reveals it’s rex Balsam.

At the station, rex tells bo that he and Shane will not talk without a lawyer present. But Shane tells them that he is not going to let his dad take the rap for murder for him. He is ready to confess.

As soon as Rama finds to that Aubrey has seen Cutter’s sister, she demands to know where she may be. Aubrey informs her that she now goes by the name of Kimberly. She’s not sure where she went. And, she informs Rama, one thing that amazed her is she found out that Cutter’s sister used to be married to Aubrey’s ex father in law. Rama admits that she is out for blood with Kim,

Cutter concludes that Kim found both Stacy and Gigi near death but she let Gigi die. She tells him that she could not carry nor save the lives of two people. She was able to hide from Rex. She knew it would be very complicated and she would be in trouble with the cops. So she kept Stacy at the hospital in Cherryville and then moved her to this hospital and she can now confirm that this is 100% Stacy.

At the station, Shane insists that he must confess to the cops. Bo asks why he did not tell him about the gun. Shane admits that he notified that his dad kept the gun in the safe of Clint’s home. So he took it, swiped a car and went to Jack’s house. He wanted to make Jack and his dad pay for what they did. We then see Jack attempting to get into the house in the rain and Shane coming up behind him and knocking him out. Bo asks what happened next. Shane replies that he stood over him with a gun and was ready to shoot and kill him. But he could not do it. Rex tells his son he did the right thing and his mom would be proud. Bo asks Shane what happened then.

At Capricorn, Vimal asks Shaun if eh said that a 9 millimeter handgun was used to shoot Victor Lord and remembers that that is the standard type of rifle for the LPD? Shaun replies yes and asks if he’s implying that a cop could have shot him. Vimal remembers Brody threatening to kill him if he ratted him out and revealing that he is skilled with police and Navy SEAL training and specifically mentioning that very type of gun.

When john goes to talk to Jessica and baby Ryder fusses, he holds her and Jessica remarks that he is good with babies. She asks him if he’s heard the news that Natalie and Brody are engaged. They both admit that it was not what either of them wanted. But they both must move on. He gives Ryder back to her and thanks her for telling him what she knew. Yet she has not told him the very crucial secret she does know. He gets up to leave.

Bo asks Shane what he did after he knocked jack out. Did he go inside? Did he see Victor Lord? He asks him if he did in fact shoot Victor.

After Téa informs Blair that she confronted Bo about how the cops need to consider Rex, Blair asks how bo took that and asks if he’s going to do what she wants given that he sees rex as a son. Téa tells her that for that very reason, she intends to use that as a reason why Bo would not be impartial regarding his relationship with rex. Blair tells Téa that it’s very possible that Rex would have used the gun to kill Victor since he’s moved into Clint’s home and would have access to guns and the fact that Rex blames victor for what happened to Gigi.

At the hospital, Cutter informs Kim that what he’s now concluded is that maybe Stacy and herself worked to kill Gigi and had motives for that. He tells her that he can keep them both from going down for murder if they “give him what he wants”.

Right then, at Capricorn, Aubrey tells Rama that she has ways of “making Cutter talk” about secrets involving his sister and other things.

Bo asks Shane what he remembers happening after he knocked Jack out. We see the flashback of Shane dragging Jack into the car and taking him to the hospital so he does not die and reflects that Jack killed his mom and he saved Jack’s life. Rex tells his son he couldn’t be prouder of him and it’s time for them to go. But Bo still needs to know why it was that the gun was fired and asks Shane if he’s sure he did not use it to shoot Victor. Right then, we see Brody not far away looking suspicious as he overhears the conversation.

At Capricorn, after Rama hears that Cutter has disappointed and hurt Aubrey, she vows to get his and his sisters’ heads on a platter and angrily gets up to leave. Aubrey asks her just what she plans to do.

When Cutter tells Kim how easily he can have both her and Stacy charged with the murder of Gigi, he tells her what she can give him is the document that gives everything back to Clint and let him have it instead. He then goes outside the room and gets a call from Rama who tells him they have some unfinished business.

Jessica concludes that she was so tempted to spill the beans to John about the secret but that she could not do that to John.

At the station, brody is wondering what to do when he overhears the cops asking Shane what he knows about the gun being fired. Shane replies to Bo that he never used a gun before so took a practice shot in the yard once. Right then, Natalie enters and reveals that she’s proven that this is not the gun used to kill Victor. Bo then concludes that it means that Shane is not a suspect. Hearing that, Jack tells him he already needs to know that “scar face” killed Victor. But Bo tells jack he knows he’s lying and he instructs Brody to take Jack home. Brody remembers being confronted by Vimal and overhears Bo confirming to John that they are now back to square one realizing that anybody could have done it.

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