OLTL Update Wednesday 10/12/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/12/11

Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jack talks to Victor Juniorís grave about what he should do when it comes to Todd. Shane walks up from behind him with a gun in his hand and an angry expression.

At Rexís house (Clintís old house) Echo discovers that someone has taken the gun from where she hid it in the flower pot. Rex asks why she lied to him about hiding it saying that he thought Echo told him he got rid of it.

Vicki walks into the living room to find Clint making a fire, Clint brings up Tina. Vicki says she has heard of what Tina was doing with Chord; Clint says that Chord has no sense.

Kim talks to Stacey who is still in the coma about how she has the money and can take care of herself and Stacey as soon as she gives the money back to Clint, Cutter then walks in telling Kim she is not going anywhere.

Aubrey at the bar talks to Bo about how she may have some information on who killed Victor Lord Junior. Bo asks what kind; Aubrey says that she may know where the gun that killed him is.

Cutter says he is at the hospital to visit to just see Kim. He picks up the picture of Stacy pre surgery (while being played by Crystal Hunt) then says that she was already pretty before the plastic surgery and asks if Stacey went to all the trouble just to look like Gigi so she could get Rex.

Echo says that she did get rid of the gun, Rex asks why Echo thought Rex used the gun to kill Victor Roxy says that, that is a good question. Echo then explains that they must find out who has the gun now.

Jack asks Shane what the hell he is doing.

Kim says that Stacey was nuts about Rex, and that maybe she shouldnít be talking about this if Cutter is all straight and narrow now. Cutter says donít worry about it. Kim says that she got Echo to give all the money back to Clint and says that Clint will defiantly love her.

Vicki asks why Chord would bring up Kimberly Andrews. Clint says that she is referring to the wrong ex-wife. Vicki then figures out that Chord meant her, and why he would be talking about her. Clint says Chord threw their relationship right in his face. Vicki asks if he was comparing her to Tina. Clint says yes because they had children just like they do. Vicki says that makes sense. Clint says that it is different because Vicki never sucked him in. Vicki finishes his sentence saying her sister did those things. Vicki says they should stay out of this. Clint agrees.

Cutter congratulates Kim for getting Echo and Roxy to give up the money. Kim gladly accepts the compliment. Kim offers him money, and wants Cutter to deliver the papers to Clint, and how she wants to have Stacey put up at the Llanview hospital but that it is not going to happen. Kim says that she could not be moved but now with the money she can get a doctor to wake Stacey up. Cutter says that is never going to happen.

Bo asks if the information Aubrey has is legit. Aubrey says that the information about the gun being turned in she did not actually hear on the news, and that Cutter had the gun and said he was going to turn it in but that canít be true because Bo does not have it. Bo asks why Cutter had the gun. (Flashback to when Aubrey and Cutter found the gun) Aubrey says that the gun was Rexís.

Rex asks again Echo took the gun. Roxy asks who else has access to the house. Rex says that the only other person then Roxy and Echo, is Shane.

Shane says he is standing there with a gun watching Jack talk to his dead father, and how no one knows who killed him. Jack says it was ďScarfaceĒ. Shane says that Jack did not see anything that night, because Shane is the one who hit him.

Clint says that Vicki walks away real well. Vicki asks if Kim is coming back. Clint says that Kim came because she has a friend who needs to pay some big medical bills. Vicki says she knows because Clint has told her already. Clint says that he wanted to have Kimís friend moved to the Llanview hospital, but Kim wouldnít allow it because she was to sick, Clint asks Vicki if she thinks this was all a setup. Vicki says what you think. Clint says that he originally thought that too but then he had Rex check it out. Vicki is shocked that Clint talked to Rex. Clint says that he came to talk to him and that Gigi supposedly sent him. Vicki says oh no, poor Rex and was shocked that he would help him at all especially because of what happened in the first place. (Flashback to when Rex came to talk to Clint) Clint explains that Rex says that Gigi is somehow connected to him

Kim says that she is giving Clint the money back, and that she already gave the gun back. Cutter says that he is not taking the money back to Rex or Clint but taking it for himself as it was his money first.

Bo says that Cutter thinks the gun was Rexís and how does he think that. Aubrey explains that Cutter bought a stuffed Porcupine (Morris) from Roxy and that a gun fell out of it and matched the description of the gun that is missing. Bo says that there are millions of guns like that, and where is the gun now. Aubrey says that Cutter still has it and is probably going to use it to black mail someone.

Rex runs down stairs and Roxy and Echo run in from separate parts of the house all saying that Shane is nowhere to be found. Echo says that Shane could never do this. Roxy then says they have to find the bullets the first being the one Rex shot Victor with Rex yells and explains that he did not shoot him. Echo asks then why is there a bullet missing from the gun.

Jack says that Shane does not have the guts to shoot him, Shane says that Jack is the reason Gigi is dead and that he will get revenge now. Jack explains that Shane does not have the guts. Shane says you want to find out, he then retells how he knocked Jack out the night Victor was shot, and how he almost shot Jack but didnít.

Rex says not to call the police. Roxy comes to the conclusion that Shane shot Victor.

Vicki says that she is happy Rex and Clint connected. Clint says he doubt he Rex will come back when it turned out that it was a big dead end, and that Kimís friend was well enough to get discharged so clearly Kim was lying. Vicki says she is sorry. Clint says it is ok and that it was not to see Kim but he could not start things back up with her seeing that she canít move into Vickiís house. Vicki laughs and says she does not see the judge being too thrilled about that and neither would she. Clint says he wants to spend his time with someone. Vicki explains that she is happy being alone. Clint says that it is time Vicki got back out there.

Cutter says he misses the house, Kim asks why he would do this if he has started over with Aubrey. Cutter says Aubrey dumped her because he never turned in the gun. Kim says she could tell Aubrey he did not take the gun. Cutter says forget it and that Cutter is a con man still.

Bo asks why Cutter would go after Echo or Roxy. Aubrey says that Cutter said she saw Roxy and Echo argue over the gun and that when he got home a gun just so happens to fall out. Aubrey says that Rex hated Victor and that the two hid the gun.

Echo has Rex swear he did not kill Victor. Rex says maybe he didnít, Echo says that, that answer was not going to work. Rex says that it was his gun and that he had a reason to. Roxy say that he just said he didnít. Echo explains that he didnít but he is just trying to make it look like he did so Shane does not get in trouble.

Shane says he wanted Jack dead, but he wanted to talk to him, Jack says that is bull why didnít Shane just shoot him when he could. Shane says donít you remember. (Flashback to the night of the murder, Shane sees Jacks Keys on the ground.) Jack pieces together what happened.

Roxy says anyone could have killed Victor. Echo says no we know that is not true. Rex says Shane killed Victor Lord.

Jack figures out that Shane killed Victor. Shane looks at Jack with a cold stare in his eyes.

Aubrey says that it is not good news for Bo. Bo says thank you for telling him about the gun, and does Aubrey know where it is. Aubrey says that she has no idea where Cutter is hiding it. Bo asks if it is ok to search Aubreyís room. She allows him. Bo asks where Cutter is now, she has no idea.

Kim says sorry that Cutter broke up With Aubrey but that they will get back together. Cutter says that everything is not going to work out and that if Kim does not give him the papers that he will tell everyone in Llanview about Stacey being alive and looking like Gigi.

Vicki is shocked that Clint would even suggest going back out. Clint asks why Vicki refuses to go out with anyone else. He asks if there is a reason why she does not want to ask anyone else out. Vicki says that she is fine and that she does not need any help, she then walks out of the room.

Shane says that Jack killing his mother made him kill Jacks father and that he canít just get away with it.

Roxy and Echo argue, Roxy does not think that Shane killed Victor; Echo however does and asks what Rex thinks. Rex says that Shane is different now, and that Shane has been showing signs for a while now. And that he probably took the gun again to go kill Jack.

Shane tells Jack to stop lying and that if he does not say that he killed Gigi that he will die as well.

Aubrey reads a book when Shaun walks in and asks for a drink, and asks if Cutter and Aubrey are still together. Aubrey says that they did but it did not work out because of certain things. Shaun asks how it felt doing the right thing. Aubrey says she doesnít know yet.

Kim is mad that Cutter is going to black mail her; she says it is not going to work. Cutter says what the town will do when they find out Stacey is back.

Vicki and Clint watch a movie; Vicki says that Clint deserves to watch it because he was nice to Rex. Clint says that he is still a rotten person when he went off on him. Vicki says he was given a good heart and that he is putting it to good use.

Cutter says that Kim did not see it when Gigi died, Kim says that Stacey did not do anything wrong. Cutter says that even if she did not Bo or Rex would get her put in Statesville.

Bo shows up at Rexís house.

Shane forces Jack to say he killed Gigi, Jack continues to say he does not know. Shane says he is not telling the truth, and what were Gigiís final words. Jack says he was not charged because he did not do it. Jack says he has no proof. Shane says he saw Gigi being unburied and that they can do it to Victor too. Jack again says he did not do it. Shane asks with the gun pointed to Jack is that your final answer.

Bo says he needs to talk to Rex, Echo, and Roxy, about the night Victor was shot. Rex says to call his lawyer while he is about to run out of the house. Echo tells Rex to tell the truth; Rex says that he is the one who killed Victor. Echo then tells him to tell the truth. Bo asks what is going on; he figures out that Shane has the gun.

Clint says that even though Rex took everything he owns, he still has the women Rex loved heart and that every day that is something to think about. Vicki says that it is. Clint says that he misses everything he once had but that everything now is pretty good as well. Vicki says yes it.

Shaun says the drink Aubrey made tasted good and that if Aubrey does the right thing she will be ok.

Kim asks what she will do to pay Staceyís bills. Cutter asks if she really loves her that much. Cutter asks if he has any idea if that is really Stacey could it be Gigi.

Rex says that he does not know what has gotten into Shane; he asks Bo what he will do.

Jack says he does not know what happened and that they both have parents who died. Shane says that it wonít work. Shane says that if he loved his father so much he can join him. And points the gun to Jacks heart.

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