OLTL Update Tuesday 10/11/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/11/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kim rushes to the private hospital and tells the mysterious person (Stacy? Gigi?) how she has accomplished just what she wants by getting Rex to sign over all of Clint’s wealth to him. She sounds like she is addressing an unconscious but “hopeful for getting better” Stacy. But we see the face of Gigi in the hospital bed.

At the cabin, Téa tells Todd she knows of one person who has perfect motive to kill Victor; Rex Balsam. Hearing that, Todd tells her he doubts that “Natalie’s idiot brother” could do it or have motive. But she reminds him that Rex’s fiancé died and he blames Jack as well as Victor for letting his son off the hook. Hearing that, Todd agrees that she may be right that Rex could have killed Victor.

Rex asks Shane what is up with him knowing that his son has some sort of secret.

Cutter is helping himself to food and acting casual while at Capricorn while Aubrey (her real name is Christine) is starting her new job there. She is suspicious that her boyfriend is up to his old schemes.

At the private hospital, Kim tells “Stacy” not to worry. She has her best friend’s back. She knows that the person who looks just like Gigi does not want anything to happen to Rex so Kim will at least keep him out of jail although, personally, she does not care what happens to Rex. Rex’s two moms have saved Rex, she has helped Clint get his money back and she can help Stacy. She admits it’s “not the perfect fairy tale”. But she will take it. She remarks that the nurses are not taking time to keep her friend looking beautiful. She puts lip gloss on a person who looks just like Gigi. She then relives what it was like to have lost Clint, become broke and found herself with no choice except to work as a stripper at the bar in Anchorage, KY. And she found Gigi Morasco visiting the place and demanded to know what she was doing there. She remarks to the woman who looks just like Gigi that she was forced not to keep it a secret and now, Cutter knows.

At Capricorn, Cutter asks Aubrey if she can arrange for him to get free drinks but she tells him no. She is now doing honest work. Bo then walks in. Aubrey greets him. He asks her if she’s seen Blair. She tells Bo that she apologizes and needs him to know she is cleaning up her act. He tells her that he would like to find out where Todd Manning is and that is why he needs to find and talk to Blair.

At the cabin, Téa goes looking for anti-biotics for Todd although Dorian didn’t prescribe any pain killers. He asks her if she believes that Rex is capable of killing someone. She tells him before Gigi’s death, she would have said no. But ever since, she’s seen the hollowest and coldest look in his eyes. She remembers herself and Blair going to Gigi’s funeral and noticed that Rex was furious knowing that they have both enabled Victor and Jack. And Rex has lost the person he loved most and that does something to a person.

Rex returns to find Echo and Roxy in his home and knows the two of them have had a secret. He demands they both tell him what has been going on while he was out. They all go into the living room. Right then, Shane come down the stairs and knows the three of them are having a private conversation.

Blair goes to find Jack standing by Victor’s grave. He protests that Starr deserves to be in jail because she broke “scar face” (original Todd) out of jail. Blair tells her son that his sister hates injustice. He tells her that Starr made up some story to “fix” this. Blair then admits to her son that she does not believe what he said. He asks her if she ever believed him and she confirms she did not and was lying when she said she did. She admits that she “believes in him” although she does not believe what he alleged to the cops and she is sorry. She tells him that she did what she thought she had to do in order to get him to talk to her. He then turns his head and appears cold and uncaring. She urges her son to know that this look he gives her scares her to death. She wishes he would not turn her away and refuse to talk to her. He asks her specifically what she is talking about. She replies that she is talking about what he did to Gigi Morasco.

Kim looks at a magazine of male models and is disappointed that her “friend” is non-responsive while in the hospital bed. We then see a flashback of Gigi appearing at The Spotted Pony, running into Kim, hearing Kim angry at her, not wanting to see her and telling her that she disrespected her sister, Kim’s best friend Stacy. Yet it appears that Gigi “is” Stacy. The woman who looks exactly like Gigi protests to Kim that she is not Gigi. She is Stacy. Kim then tells her she realizes that maybe she should have gotten it but assumed that she was Gigi because she looked just like her.

At Capricorn, Bo informs Aubrey who is bartending, that he needs to find Todd Manning. She then remembers Cutter hiding the mysterious gun in question inside the porcupine. She then tells Bo that it's odd because she heard from the media that a gun was turned in. he tells her she mustn’t believe what she hears. If a gun was turned into the police department, he would know about it. So, he confirms to her that “someone” is selling a load of bull. She then recalls that that means that Cutter has lied to her and is still keeping the gun in order to commit blackmail.

Rex then demands to know what the secret is between Roxy and Echo.

As soon as Téa convinces Todd that Rex might have killed Victor, he tells her he has to get out of there before Rex murders Jack. She assures him that Rex has a son Jack’s age and is not going to kill a kid. He wants to get up and do something. But she reminds him he is in no condition to go anywhere. And even if he could, there’s nowhere he can go. But he reminds her that if what she’s saying is true, his son is in danger. She tells him he is being paranoid. But he tells her he can’t just turn a blind eye and do nothing when Jack could be a target. She then tells Todd she is going to go and take care of some things and demands that he stays right where he is.

At Capricorn, after Bo has confirmed to Aubrey that nobody has turned in a gun to the police (as Cutter promised he would), he notices that she may not “be ok”. She doesn’t tell him anything and smiles. Bo gets up to leave. Right then, we see Cutter leisurely sitting and eating without a care. She walks over to him with a glass of beer in her hand. He notices her tells her he “knew she’d come through for him”. And tells her she may “beer him”. She angrily throws the beer in his face. Bo then gets a call from Téa and asks what he can do for her. She tells him he can find her husband’s killer. He tells her that they have an APB out on Todd Manning. And they know of no other suspects. She tells him what about Rex Balsam. He doesn’t want to believe it but she asks Bo if he is not mindful of the way Rex has been behaving since Gigi’s death. He tells her there is no evidence pointing to Rex and the issue involving the missing gun is irrelevant to Rex since he does not carry a gun. She asks him if he really believes Rex would not have access to a gun living in the Buchanan mansion.

Rex asks his two moms to come clean to him. They then realize that they have to spit it out so they admit that they “know” he killed Victor Lord. Jr. Right then, outside the room, Shane pulls a gun out of a plastic bag. And we see the flashback where he knocked Jack out in the rain outside Victor’s home the night in question.

Blair tells Jack that she agrees that the killer of Victor deserves to pay. But they both know it was not Todd. Jack needs to know that when it’s obvious somebody else knocked him out and killed his dad, he’s helping them get away with murder.

Kim relives running into Stacy living in Gigi’s body. Gigi was able to convince her of all of the secrets that only she and Stacy would know. Stacy then told her that she used to believe that Stacy would be the number one person to bond with since they are sisters. But she later realized that Kim is more of a sister than Gigi could ever be. And when “Gigi” offers to strip for a customer, she successfully convinces Kim that she is Stacy. Kim hugged and welcomed her back and they run off together. But Kim asked Stacy what is “up” with her looking just like Gigi. And “Stacy” replies that there’s no other way for her to take Gigi’s life.

After soaking Cutter with beer at Capricorn, Aubrey demands to know what he did with Rex’s gun that he promised to turn in to the police station. She informs him that commissioner Buchanan informed her that no gun was turned in. She demands to know if he has the gun. He replies that he does not but did not turn it into the cops. She asks who he gave the gun to.

Kim then talks to unconscious “Stacy” who looks just like Gigi an relives when they were reunited at the Spotted Pony and how “Stacy” told her that she had her baby and it appeared she died and as soon as her baby got adopted by Fish and his partner and Rex and Gigi believed she was gone, everybody forgot all about her. So she hid. Kim hugged her hearing hat knowing that she was hurt to find out that Rex and Gigi were still together and he did not want her.

At Capricorn, Aubrey tells Cutter that she does not believe a word he says. He has been making false promises for too long. It no longer mattes what he promises because he will always be a con artist and low life. He then reminds her that so was she and reminds her that her name is Christine. She tells him he’s right that she used to do the same things he’s done. But the difference is that she has the decency to hate herself for it and now wants to live an honorable life. She tells him they are through. When she gets home from work, he better move himself and all of his stuff out of their place.

Todd overhears as Téa reminds Bo on the phone that she could expose the fact that maybe his friendship with Rex Balsam prevents him from being impartial and doing his job. If he fails to catch a murderer because of personal reasons, it does not look good. He then reminds her that she is representing three fugitives and asks her if she’s heard any word on Todd. She reminds him that any words between herself and her client are confidential. He reminds her that she is an officer of the court. She tells him that if she talks to her client, she will “strongly encourage” him to talk to the cops and hopes that he will be questioning Mr. Balsam about his whereabouts the night of the murder. She confidently terminates her conversation with Bo. Todd tells her “way to go, Delgado”.

Echo tells Rex that she and Roxy did not want to suspect him but found the gun. He tells her that he had the gun in his possession but they should be able to see that it was not used. They tell him that one of the bullets was in fact fired. Hearing that, Rex replies not by him. Nobody knows what to say and do. And outside the room, we see Shane with the gun in his hand.

Kim observes unconscious Stacy looking just like Gig and tells her it’s still the best surgery she ever saw. We then see when they found each other at the Spotted Pony and “Stacy” telling her that she found the best plastic surgeon who’s worked on celebrities and people like Erica Kane. But, Kim is concerned that maybe Stacy’s plan to look like Gigi is that she hopes she will get Rex to love her. She reminds her that looking like Gigi won’t change the fact that Rex loves Gigi and not her. She tells Stacy she needs to realize she is more beautiful and more worthy of a man and does not need to copy her sister.

Aubrey tells Cutter that if they stay together, she will be working behind the bar with barely enough to pay her rent and realizing he is a con. She needs something that is honest and real and that is something he can never give her. She realizes she is no saint and has done some terrible things but is really honestly trying to do better. She tells him the only thing he can do now is leave. She then observes as he walks out the door.

Todd is in awe of how great Téa is as a lawyer. He asks her if she really could not tell that his brother was not himself. He wants to know what was really going on between her and victor and how things were different. She admits that she loved Victor very much. Even though he was not Todd, he was the love of her life and that is why she’s not going to rest until his killer is behind bars. He then asks her if she really believes that Bo will put a tail on Rex. And even if he does, will it be before or after Rex goes after Todd’s son? She tells Todd she knows that Rex really looks up to Bo and will be careful if he knows the cops are onto him and won’t go after Jack.

Jack asks Blair if she really cares about the only father he’s known. She tells him that Victor is not the only person who’s been there for him throughout the last 8 years. She has been there throughout his entire life, since he was born. She knows that the things he has done in the last year are eating him up. She is his mom. She asks if he really can live with that. He tells her he’s fine. She asks him if he really wants to live with the lies. Because he is the only person who can decide that. She cries and holds his face in his hands and tells him she is his mother and will always love him no matter what. She then leaves, afraid that she is not quite getting through to her son. Jack then stares at Victor Lord Jr.’s grave.

Rex tells his moms that even if he was so close to killing Victor Lord Jr. after Gigi died, he did not do it. Roxy tell shim after what Victor and Jack did to her grandson, she was tempted to end them also. Echo tells her son he must know that any jury would take that into consideration. They tell him they do not want to lose the only son they both have.

Right then, we see the flowers in the pot outside of the living room with the gun in the plastic bag.

Kim tells unconscious Stacy that after she gets what she needs, they will both be set for life. But right then, Cutter walks in and tells Kim she is not going anywhere.

Todd tells Téa she must know that since Rex Balsam and Bo are so chummy, it might prevent anything from happening. But she assures him, she will make sure that regardless of circumstances, Rex will pay.

Right then, at Capricorn, Bo is on his phone making calls about Rex. Aubrey then approaches him and tells him she might have some information that will be of interest to him.

Echo goes to find the gun in question but sees that it’s gone.

Jack then asks his deceased father what he is supposed to do. If his mom is right and original Todd did not kill him, he wishes his dad would tell him who did this to him. Right then, Shane walks up behind him with the gun in his hand.

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