OLTL Update Monday 10/10/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/10/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex goes to Gigi’s grave and urges her to tell him what he keeps hearing from her when she keeps saying to him: “Don’t give up.”

Meanwhile, Kim is in the private clinic telling “somebody” that she has finally managed to save the hospital some money by taking her off the ventilator.

Meanwhile, Roxy is with Echo in Rex’s (formerly Clint’s) home and tells her they have some serious problems on their hands involving the fact that Rex could get charged with the murder of Victor Lord. They both know that the gun is missing and Kim or anybody can use it against them whenever they want. But Echo protests that it’s unlikely that will happen. They already found another suspect. And she shows Roxy the article in the Sun (written by Jack) naming original Todd as the killer. Right then, Echo gets a call form Kim

At the jail cell where Starr has been sent, she tells Jack she has now been able to put two and two together to conclude that he lied about seeing original Todd killing Victor. He tells her that unless somebody finds the gun, it can’t be proven. But she tells him she does not need to find the gun since she’s just heard him confess.

Blair and Todd are alone at the cabin and ready to kiss. Téa rushes in frantically and assuming that Todd is ready to die and in desperate need of her help. But she sees them and asks if she is interrupting something.

Starr tells Jack that he has just confessed to her that he knew the perfect lie to tell the cops. She has proof even if he denies it. She tells her brother he needs to know that original Todd is their father and is bleeding to death because of Jack. Hearing that, he asks her how that’s his fault. She tells him were it not for his lie, Todd would not be in there nor have to risk his life nor would she have had to bust him out of jail, which is the reason she’s locked up. So, she tells her brother, he better go to the cops right now and tell them that Todd is innocent.

When Téa walks in on Blair and Todd in the cabin, Blair attempts to explain that she was just trying to keep him awake so that he does not fall into unconsciousness. Téa has Todd’s anti biotics from the pharmacy but is angry at hi with no sense of human for his jokes. Blair then asks Téa what is going on with Starr and Tomás. Téa tells her that Starr is very worried about her father and Tomás did not get out on bail because he confessed to killing Irene. Hearing that, Blair demands to know why he did that.

Jack tells Starr he is not going to do what she wants and she is the criminal. A guard brings Tomás back to his cell and she demands to talk to the commissioner. The guard asks her if she’s causing trouble again and calls her a little bitch. Tomás then tells him he better not talk to Starr like that.

Echo shows Roxy the article in the son and tells her that it’s unlikely the cops will go after Rex when they are busy looking for Todd Manning. But Roxy is afraid it won’t be as simple as that.

Kim is talking to her unconscious friend in the hospital with a plan.

Rex is talking to Gigi’s grave when Delfina finds him. She tells him she has been attending a book club and asks if he’s having a little chat. She tells him he looks depressed. He then asks her if she can ask Gigi about this mysterious note he found from the Buenos Dias when he saw the waitress that looked like Gigi.

After Téa informs her that Tomás took the rap for Todd, Blair declares it’s all her fault. She sent him out there to look for Todd and save him. And it seems the world has to be turned upside down because of Todd. Todd then laughs about how he did not ask the guy to take the rap for him and remarks it’s cute when Blair gets angry. Blair tells him to shut up and asks Téa the verdict for getting Starr acquitted. Téa admits, grimly, that the mayor appears to want to convict both Todd and Starr.

Starr urges the guard to let her talk to the commissioner but he does not care about her and seems to side with Jack who wants to get both her and Todd in trouble. Only Tomás, in the adjoining cell wants to help her. Jack faces Tomás and tells him he knows that “scar face” killed his dad and he has no clue why Tomás took the rap for him but it’s Tomás’s problem.

Roxy tells Echo that she knows it may not take much for the cops to go after Rex knowing how he hated Victor Lord. But Echo protests that everybody hated victor Lord. Roxy reminds her that not everybody had a fiancé that got killed by Victor’s son. The cops have motive on rex and she’s afraid if they find the gun, Rex is toast.

At Gigi’s gravesite, Delfina sits beside Rex and calls to Gigi but it appears that Gigi is not responding. She then demands that if Gigi is there, that Gigi gives her a sign. Right then we see a hand knock over the picture of Kim and Stacy at the private hospital.

Blair tells Todd that Starr is in trouble for helping him. She gets up to go check on Blair. Téa follows her out the door and they both realize that even if they’d like to give Todd up, they cannot or they will be an accessory to murder.

Roxy then urges Echo to get the gun from Kim before it’s too late. And right then, out of nowhere Kim enters. They demand to know how she got in there. She reminds them that she used to be “the lady of the house” and asks them what they have decided. She asks if they’ve persuaded Rex to give Clint back his financial property. Roxy assumes that there’s no way that can be done. But Echo is confident and informs them that Clint has everything back so Kim has no incentive to hold anything over Rex.

At Gigi’s gravesite, Delfina tries but fails and gives up on finding Gigi. But rex urges her to keep trying and asks her to go back to the day when Jack Manning and his sick little friend locked Gigi in the basement.

Jack then goes to Victor’s grave and urges his dad to know that he had to do what he had to do as he could not let “scar face” get away with what he wants to believe he did.

Blair goes to see Starr in jail. She then asks her mom what about Tomás as she wonders why Tomás has not gotten arraigned. Blair replies that it’s hard for one to accomplish that when they’ve confessed to murder. Hearing that, Starr asks why Tomás would have done that. Blair faces Tomás and tells him that is what she’d like to know.

Téa tells Todd she’s tired of it all being about him. She’d like to spend time with their daughter. Hearing that, he tells her in that case, he will go and turn himself in. In response to that, she tells him that might not be a bad idea.

Rex urges Delfina to take him back in time. But she remembers when he and Gigi and Bo and others went back to 1968 and tells him it can only happen once every 20 years so he now has to wait until 2018. But she seems to know something. Rex then turns to Gig’s grave and talks about how no one understands how the two of them had it all.

Kim tells Echo and Roxy that she knows that this will be a lot for Rex to give up. But echo tells her that it’s not really Rex’s style to have all of Clint’s wealth. Kim asks why she should take their word for it. Echo tells her that her son just wants to stay out of jail and raise his kid and does no care if he has to change his zip code. At that point, Kim happily rushes out the door realizing that she has gotten what she wants. Alone with Echo, Roxy asks her how on earth she got Rex to sign those papers. Echo tells her he did not. She did.

When Blair goes to see Starr, Starr tells her mom what she’s figured out from what Jack all but revealed to her. He must have overheard the tape that Shaun played for her that made it sound as though original Todd killed Victor. So Jack knew the perfect story to make up for the cops. Hearing that, Blair asks her daughter if she is really sure of this. Starr tells her mom absolutely. Jack is the reason Todd is in jail and why he’s on the run right now. And if they don’t get Jack to come clean, it could mean that Todd will never be able to come home.

Todd tells Téa that he did not get her brother to take the rap for him. She tells him she’s not sure she can believe him. He tells her that he will turn himself in under one condition. She tells him he is in no position to set any conditions. He tells her if she can say she believes him, he will turn himself in. She tells him he needs to grow up and stop asking for things like that. But he tells her she knows as well as he did that Jack has lied. She tells him she realizes that he did not do it. So even if it’s impossible to prove that he did not, they need to find out who did do it.

Alone with Todd in the cabin, Téa tells Todd she’s sorry about his misfortune with Irene. He makes jokes and tells her maybe they need to make a list of all the people in the town who hated her husband. She tells him if she’s supposed to give him a free pass because his mother was a bitch, he does not get to bad mouth her dead husband. She loves him, she tells Todd. She then cries. He tells her if it’s any consolation nobody liked him either. She reflects that she remembers the last time she was in this very place it was with victor. They were in a huge fight over his unreasonable behavior toward Dani and Starr. He got so angry, she thought he was going to kill someone. She hated him and that over the top reaction of anything that he thought was a threat to his kids. But, she realizes, that was not Victor. That was Todd.

At the jail, Starr tells her mom she has to see if she can get through to Jack. Blair tells her daughter she has already tried and failed with that. But Starr tells her she has a much better chance than Starr has with Jack. She tells her mom that they now know that it was from overhearing her conversation with Shaun that gave him the perfect lie to tell the cops. And if she can prove that then it’s all over. Blair then agrees to do what Starr asks her to do and is worried about her daughter not having a warm sweater in the cold cell. She then faces Tomás and tells him it’s all her fault that he’ stuck in there because she asked him to find and save Todd. She cries and tells him she does not want him to sacrifice himself and his future and the two of them together. So, she urges him to change his plea. He then concludes to her that she has to go and find Jack and persuade him to admit he was lying. And then all of this will be over.

Jack observes Delfina going away from the gravesite after talking to Rex. He has overheard her telling him that that no good teenage boy who killed Gigi is going to feel guilty for what happened to Gigi as well as in regards to something else. And the truth will come out. And Jack looks worried and suspicious.

Téa concludes to Todd that she knows he loves his kids. Victor was similar but different in that he got violent regarding his daughter’s sexuality and threatened their boyfriends. And regarding Jack and the bullying, Victor was terrified that Jack would turn into him. Hearing that, Todd clarifies to her that she means he was afraid jack would turn into him since he (himself) killed Marty. Téa cries and tells Todd she thinks that victor was afraid the truth would someday come out. That was shy he was so possessive and went to so many extremes. Todd then tells her he knows that Victor pulled strings to keep jack out of prison when Jack was the cause of Gigi Morasco’s death.

Gigi relives his history since he found Gigi a few years ago and when they declared that they are going to get married. He tells her he’s afraid he let her go.

Téa asks Todd if he knows how Jack has been bullying Gigi’s son. He tells her he knows that Jack set a trap for Shane but Gigi went instead to get locked inside a basement and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Yet Victor paid off Jack’s friend to take the rap for him and lie for Jack. They agree that it’s reprehensible that Jack got away with this and did to have to face the consequences for what he did. That poor family, she reflects. And at that point, she concludes, she may now know who killed Victor.

Starr sits alone in her cell and observes the guards walking past her. As soon as she and Tomás are alone, she asks him if he’s going to do what her mom asked by changing his plea. He does not want to answer. She tells him she really appreciates his helping her dad beat the charges for killing his mother. But maybe if he gets out of prison and clears his name, he can help Todd get cleared of the false charges of killing Victor.

As soon as Jack is alone by Victor’s grave, he protests that that crazy lady (Delfina) was wrong. He does not feel guilty and he won’t change his story. He protests that “scar face” had it coming and nobody’s going to make him change his story. Right then, Blair appears and calls to her son.

Téa then concludes to Todd that she knows he did not kill Victor but somebody did. And now she has considered for the first time, a perfect suspect. She knows of one person who wanted Victor dead more than he did. Rex Balsam

Roxy and Echo prepare for Rex to sign over his bank accounts but Roxy is afraid that Rex will know what he did. But Echo is not worried knowing that the gun will be gone and Rex will never know. Rex then walks in and asks them what they are talking about not having him know.

Kim is ready to get her friend back. But she notices something “odd” while in the private hospital room.

Delfina asks Gigi why she won’t talk to her and as what the story is and can sense that for some reason Gig is not responding.

Kim looks at the picture of herself and Stacy. And she reflects that they both look very different now, don’t they? Right then, we see the unconscious person in the hospital bed. It’s Gigi.

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