OLTL Update Friday 10/7/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/7/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tina and Cord relive old memories together and kiss. Clint then walks in to see them and asks if he was interrupting anything. Noticing that they are been “seen’ they separate and Clint tells them he’s glad that they appear “confused”.

Tina’s dog goes chasing around unfound.

Viki is very worried about what might have happened to Todd.

Blair panics when it appears that Todd has slipped into unconsciousness and she has no medical care for him.

Jack goes to see Starr in jail and gloats to his sister that he's glad she’s in jail for helping original Todd escape from jail after he killed victor and shows her an article in the Sun that declares “Scarface is going down”.

When Blair urges Todd to awaken, he does and asks her what is the matter with her.

Viki talks to Natalie on the phone and shows her the article about Todd going down for murder and the fact that the police are to blame for that.

While Starr furiously protests to her brother that what he has written are lies, he reminds her that he is the new “editor in chief” of the Sun.

Viki declares to Natalie that her nephew Jack is completely out of control.

Jessica talks to Robert Ford at his home about the incriminating and shocking document she found in Tina’s purse. She shows him the DNA test that names John as Liam’s father instead of Brody, which could ruin Natalie’s future with Brody and give her reason to get back with John. They both wonder what it means, what should be done with it and why it would be found in Tina’s purse. When everybody is distracted, the dog goes to find baby Liam and they “have a conversation”.

When Clint asks Tina and Cord just what they were doing, she tells him that she is trying to find her dog and distraught. She also got an eyelash in her eye. And Cord is a gentleman. Cord looks away knowing his dad is angry with Tina and disappointed in his son. She then tells them she has to search for “David Vickers” reminding them that she found out that her dog is female and has run off and gotten pregnant before. When she leaves, Clint urges his son to tell him that he is not considering getting back with Tina.

While Jack talks to Starr in her jail cell, he tells her if he were her, he would not send her boyfriend to do her dirty work for her to let Todd get away with murder. She tells him that he does not know the first thing about journalism. Tomas has confessed. He tells her he knows it’s bogus and that their father is a coward. She protests that Irene tried to kill them all. She is the enemy. Their father took a bullet for them and she demands that Jack stops with this insane behavior and belief.

Blair remembers when she and Todd first got together many years ago. Realizing what has happened throughout the last 8 years of his life, she asks if he has bad memories that he’d like to get rid of. She tells him that if she had to get rid of the bad stuff, the good stuff would not be as meaningful. She then remembers when they broke up once and ready to dump one another for other people. He asks her if that’s a good memory or a bad memory. We then see the flashback where the two of them were in competition to see who the “most pathetic loser” is. She then reflects that when she started out that night, she felt completely alone. But after she ran into Todd, she did not.

Clint tells Cord that he does not want to think of his son falling for Tina.

Tina then goes to Viki’s office at the banner and tells her sister she has a story for her involving her dog missing. Viki is not happy to see her sister nor does she believe what Tina tells her about how it could not only help Tina find her dog but create Twitter following that could benefit Viki and help her sell her paper.

We then see the dog talking to baby Liam telling him she has news and it’s not good.

Robert tells Jessica she might be jumping the gun as they do not know if the document about Liam’s paternity test is fake. She tells him that her aunt Tina is notorious for scamming and playing games. But he tells her although he does not know the woman nor anything about her, what would she have to gain by messing with Liam’s paternity test. She tells him about all the possibilities of what it could mean to Tina and what it could mean for herself and/or Brody and/or Natalie and/or John regarding if it’s true or if it’s false.

Todd and Blair relive how they both hid their feelings for one another and how they found each other and fell in love many years ago.

Starr asks Jack if he is not aware that their dad has been shot. He tells her that that’s a nice try. First she sends her stupid boyfriend after him, now she tries to make him feel guilty. But he’s not falling for her trick. She tells him it’s not a trick. She happens to know that Todd went to settle a score with Irene since she promised to clear his name so he does not get falsely accused of murder if he did what she wanted. And she tried to kill him. And since he is the reason Todd got falsely accused in the first place and dependent upon Irene, if he dies, the blood will be on Jack’s hands.

Blair and Todd relive how they first danced around whether they should be together, get married, whether she was pregnant and obligated him or if she was after his money.

Tina reminds Viki that they are sisters. Viki tells her only when it suits Tina and asks her if she was Viki’s sister when Tess came out and Natalie almost got blown up in the basement. Tina reminds Viki that it happened years ago and wishes Viki would stop holding it against her. Vii reminds Tina that she (herself) is a mother first and foremost. Maybe Tina should realize that as TJ and Sara might appreciate that. Hearing that, Tina tells her sister that was a blow below the belt. Viki tells her sister she will never trust anything about her. Tina does not care about anything or anybody except her sister.

Cord protests to Clint that no matter how much he dislikes Tina, Clint needs to realize that Tina has given him two wonderful grandchildren. Clint tells Cord regardless, he needs to wake up and see that that woman is trouble and has ruined enough of his life. Cord protests to Clint that he and Viki have had their ups and downs not unlike what Cord and Tina had.

The dog then tells baby Liam that she has a secret for him involving that his dad is not Brody Lovett. It’s some guy named John McBain. IN response to that, baby Liam appears like he gets that message loud and clear and he smiles.

Jessica tells Robert she is not certain what to do if, in fact the document is true. He asks her why she would not want to run with it if it could, in fact, blow Brody and Natalie out of the water. He reminds her this is it. If she wants to get even with Natalie and Brody, this will do it. This is a bomb to drop that will ruin their marriage or their future together. Realizing that it appears that he wants to talk her out of it, she asks him why the truth should not come out. But they both realize that it is a pretty mean thing to do that would ruin many people’s lives.

Baby Liam tells the dog that Brody is the guy who is perfect for burping and playing with him and making him laugh. And why should he believe the words of some flea bitten mutt? The dog then tells him if he does not believe her, she can find the proof of it. She just has to find the paper and she will come back to show him.

Tina reminds Viki that she knows Viki looks down her nose upon her. She tells Viki she is wrong to think that Tina just came to town for Victor’s money. Viki asks her why else she would. Tina protests that she came there for Viki knowing that she must be in a tail spin after losing her brother and she needs Tina like Tina needs her.

In response to Cord telling him that his relationship with Tina is not unlike Clint’s with Viki, and the fact that Tina and Viki are sisters, Clint tells his son that Tina and Viki have nothing more in common than sharing DNA. Viki is not a slimy low life the way Tina is. But Cord reminds his dad that those two women have been very important in both of their lives and tells him he knows that Clint has also fallen for Viki very similarly to the way that Cord has fallen for Tina.

Blair and Todd relive when they had Starr together and how he proved himself to be a father. She tells him that he has not dreamed big enough for Starr because she’s going to surpass all of their wildest expectation.

Starr protests to Jack that because of him, their father is fatally hurt and could die and cannot even go to a hospital to get medical care after being shot because he could be arrested. Jack tells his sister he could care less. Todd deserves it because he’s a murderer. And he reminds Starr she needs to know what was on Shaun’s tape. At that point, she remembers that there is no way he would have of knowing what Shaun played on the tape for her, unless of course, Jack was listening in at the door. And maybe that is how he managed to convince the cops that he “knew” something.

Viki asks if Tina is not just there because of the disappearance of her dog. Tina admits to her sister she just got back from an “awkward moment” with Cord. Viki asks her what happened. Tina tells her that they kissed but before anything could happen, Viki will be happy to know that Clint came in the room and interrupted them.

Cord asks Clint if he would like another shot at another relationship with Viki. Clint demands that his son repeats what he just said and “clarifies” that he and Viki do very well in their lives by being apart. That is what Cord and Tina need to do. He tells his son that he is an intelligent man. But he has a “Tina” sized brain when it comes to that woman.

Tina tells Viki that Cord brings out the best in her. And that is what she wants. Viki affirms that that is what they all would like. Tina tells Viki that she wants to be a better person for Viki and for everybody. She realizes what a mess she has made in her life in the name of greed and stupidity and fame and fortune. But if Viki would ever consider giving her a chance, she will never again abandon her family or the people she loves.

Todd assesses to Blair that he knows he’s won Starr over but has yet to convince Jack not to hate him. They then relive how he abandoned Jack as a baby. Blair discovered how he took an innocent baby and endangered him simply out of jealousy of her relationship with Max Holden, the possibility that Max could be Jack’s father and so Todd could not raise another man’s child.

Starr puts two and two together to Jack by concluding that she now knows exactly how her brother knew the perfect story to tell the cops to get original Todd falsely accused of murder. He overheard Shaun’s tape. That’s how he did it.

Viki tells Tina that she is right. She realizes she has given both of her brothers countless second chances but has not done that for her sister. And that is not fair. So, she tells Tina, if Tina is willing to do her part, so is she. Hearing that, Tina tells her sister she’s so happy and asks if that means that Viki is going to put Tina’s dog on the front page. Viki’s response to that is no.

Clint tells Cord that he is afraid that his son has this terrible blind spot for that woman and needs to wake up.

When Tina is talking to Viki in the office, out of nowhere the dog comes to find her mommy. Tina picks her up, kisses her and cries with joy that her baby has come back. Viki tells Tina she’s happy for her and suggests that maybe she puts the dog in her carrier so she doesn’t get lost again. Tina tells Viki that’s a great idea. So she puts the dog in the purse and tells her this is the best day of her life.

Starr tells Jack that he needs to admit that he used what he overheard from Shaun’s tape to get their father falsely accused of murder. He tells her so what if he did. It’s not like anybody can prove it.

Todd and Blair talk about whether they believe in fairy tales. He tells her he still does. And we relive a scene, when they were ready to get married in a palace dressed like people in royalty. But she tells him she always thought that fairy tales were supposed to have a happy ending. In response to that, he tells her who said their fairy tale is over. And he kisses her.

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