OLTL Update Thursday 10/6/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/6/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica stares at the document that names John instead of Brody as Liam’s father. And she lights a match and looks like she’s ready to burn it in the fire place.

James and Robert are in their kitchen in the morning. James tells his brother that he is very concerned about Starr in jail. And he knows the only thing she needs is her dad out of prison although he knows he cannot give her that.

When Starr is in the jail cell, she asks the guard if he can find out if her dad is ok. But he seems as though he could care less about either of them and tells her very likely somebody has already finished her dad off. She yells and protests that they must do something. Tomas is not far away in an adjoining cell and tells the guard he must have more courtesy for Starr. He then tells her she mustn’t pay people that the guard any mind. They just want to get a rise out of her. But she asks Tomas how she knows it’s not true and her dad is not dead.

Todd awakens after Blair has removed the bullet and seems untrusting of her.

Téa is sleeping in her bed envisioning being there with Victor when Tina comes in and interrupts her. She informs Téa that she is looking for her dad who was in Téa’s room when they were downstairs reading Victor’s will. She tells Téa she thought that maybe the dog returned to the room. Téa tells Tina she has not seen the dog. Tina asks where the dog could be. She’s worried that something might have happened. And Tina admits that she remembers he “piece of paper” that the dog wanted to shred. In response to that, Téa asks Tina what piece of paper.

In Viki’s home, Cordero talks to Jessica about how long it’s been since they’ve seen each other. He remarks that he remembers what it’s like to have an infant when he sees Ryder and talks about remembering having kids with Tina. At that point, Jessica remembers that she first found the document in Tina’s purse. Cord talks to Jessica about how he’s done with Tina as Tina could care less about anybody. Jessica then remembers that it’s entirely possible that Tina might know about the document.

Tina tells Téa she’s sorry that Téa lost her husband. Téa tells Tina she’s sorry Tina lost her dog. Tina remarks that her dog has saved hers’ and many others’ lives. She found the bomb before the people could and prevented it from killing them all. She admits to Téa that she hates to admit this but is glad that her psycho mother is dead and has Téa’s brother to thank for it.

In the jail cell, Starr tells Tomas she hopes he does not get in trouble for shooting Irene and asks if he could please tell her what he might know about what happened to her dad.

Todd awakens to see Blair and she refreshes his memory to know that his mother dead. Todd tells her she’s dead because he killed her.

Tomas remembers noticing Todd with a gun in his hand standing over Irene’s dead body and does not know what to tell Starr when she demands to tell him what he saw or might know when he went to the docks and found them both.

Blair tells Todd that Tomas has confessed to the crime. But Todd tells her that does not matter. He did it and will go to prison for that. He then realizes that he needs medical care after being shot and is running a fever.

Cord tells Jessica she’s right that Tina has had more than her fair share of secrets when she tells him that it appears that Tina might “know” something. She does not want to let on to Cord what specifically she is talking about but wonders might happen if Tina or anyone knows the secret about Natalie’s paternity test. She does admit to her big brother, however, that she just got into a terrible fight with Natalie and is not a lot of fun to be with right now. He then assures her that he is there for her. She smiles and tells him that means a lot to her.

After finding out that Téa needs to represent not only Starr but her brother as well, Tina asks if she could possibly serve as a witness because she’d like to help Tomas after the great thing he did. She does ask Téa however, if anyone has seen or heard from Todd. Téa admits she really doesn’t know.

Blair attempts to take care of Todd and tells him that Dorian called in a prescription for an antibiotic that he has to take. She’s going to drive down to the pharmacy and get it so that he can rest. He then tells her that he needs to know how long she will be gone.

James informs Robert that he has a concern involving Starr’s brother Jack lying about seeing original Todd murder Victor when it’s obvious that he’s lying. Robert asks James if he’s really certain if Jack is lying or how he can prove it. James tells him that he got so close but needs to find a way to get original Todd acquitted for Starr. Robert then tells his younger brother that he understands all that James wants to do for Starr. But the best thing for Starr is to have James.

When Starr urges Tomas to tell her what he knows about Todd, he remembers Téa having Blair go to find him yet not knowing the outcome.

Todd asks Blair what Dorian said to her. And she thought that he might be septic. There could be an infection in his bloodstream so it’s urgent that they get the antibiotic. But he’s very concerned about preparing for the possibility that he could die and tells her he does not want to die alone. He wants to die with her by his side.

Téa gets up to represent Tomas at his arraignment. Noticing that, Tina asks her how she can do it noticing that she (herself) is a basket case. Yet Téa has lost her husband and her brother could be going up the river for murder and all that has happened to her. Yet she knows how to pull herself together and knows how to face the world. She remarks that Téa takes care of everybody and everything yet asks who takes care of her. Téa tells her she is fine. Tina tells her she wants her to remember that the two of them are family. They are sisters in law. So Téa needs to remember if she needs anything. Tina is there for her. Téa thanks her and hugs her and tells her she hopes she finds her dog. Tina tells her that as soon as she finds the piece of paper the dog stole, she will bring it back to Téa right away.

Jessica brings Ryder to see his dad and Robert Ford notices she has a black eye and asks what happened. She admits that she and Natalie got into a brawl. She admits to Robert she is kind of proud of herself to have put her sister in a neck brace yet knows that nothing is going to stop Natalie and Brody from walking down the aisle. Yet, she realizes that she always has another option.

Tina goes to Viki’s home and goes searching for her dog. Cord notices her and appears furious that she seems to be more concerned about the dog than about anything or anybody including their daughter almost getting killed.

James goes to see Starr and tells him that she’s very worried that something has happened to her dad. She does not know what that would be but knows that Tomas does.

Téa is on the phone telling a contact that she cannot accept what they have decided regarding both Starr’s and Tomas’ arraignment and bail. Blair then calls her from the house where she and Todd are and admits she is worried.

Robert asks baby Ryder if they should go to baby gymnastics with Jessica watching them attentively. She remarks that their son is growing and looks like his dad. Robert then remarks that ever since Ryder was very small, Jessica’s dad wanted to pass him off as Brody’s. Yet Robert somehow knows that that was not the case. He somehow knew that Ryder was his. And when the truth came out, it was the best thing that ever happened in his life. Hearing that, and realizing the terrible dilemma on her hands, Jessica demands that he stops.

Tina asks Cord if he’s ever stopped to think about how this has made her feel. She remembers all too well what it was like to watch Carlos Hesser tie Sara up and have them believing that she fell over that waterfall. They both remember a time when she was in danger and Cord was afraid she was dead.

In the jail cell, Starr tells James and Tomas that she knows that if Téa has urges her mom to go and find her dad, it can only mean that Todd is hurt. Hearing that, James demands that Tomas tells Starr what he knows about her dad.

Blair urges Téa to get to the place where she and Todd are. Téa tells her she’d like to but has to get to court to help both Starr and Tomas. Blair tells Téa she knows that Tomas did not do it. Todd made it very clear that Tomas did not kill Irene and Todd did. They both know that Tomas is sticking to his story regardless. And Téa promises to help with Todd’s medical care while she assures Blair if anyone can keep him alive, it’s Blair. Right then, Todd appears in and out of consciousness but can see it appears that Blair is crying. And he asks her if it’s because he’s going to die. Or is she crying because he’s going to live?

Tina reminds Cord about his “mis-doings” of getting involved with Kate Sanders when he thought she was dead. He tells her he did not know what to do. She reveals to him that the whole while, she envisioned being with him. She almost died while stranded on an island. But she fought to get back to him. And what happened when she came back? She found him ready to marry Kate. He then reminds her of the baby she brought to him at the wrong time. They then relive getting married, taking their vows, being in love and having their little girl, Sara. She looks at him adoringly. But he urges her to realize that when she had Sara, she wasn’t even sure that he was their daughter’s father.

Robert tells Jessica that he feels terrible to be so insensitive after all that has happened. But they can look on the bright side about how Ryder took them from enemies to friends. Yet he realizes that even though the two of them get along, it does not make things any better for her having lost Brody to Natalie. He is also surprised to find out that she went from a smack down with Natalie to suddenly acting nice to her and babysitting baby Liam. And he asks her what is going on regarding her situation with Brody and Natalie. She replies she really does not know how to answer that.

Tina tells Cord that they have always found their way back to each other because of that they had with each other and with their children. And isn’t all that matters is that they love each other?

James faces Tomas in the jail cell and tells him that Starr can take the truth. But what she cannot take is not knowing. Right then, Téa appears and Tomas tells his sister he’s glad she’s there because Starr wants to know what happened to her father. Téa then admits to Starr that she asked Tomas not to tell her that her father has been shot.

Blair is ready to take care of Todd and he asks why she is there. She tells him she is not about to let their kids lose their father. And he has 8 years to make up for to her. He faces her and admits that she’s got that right.

Blair declares to Todd all that he has meant to her.

Cord and Tina declare the love they once had that may have never gone away.

Jessica tells Robert that she has a real dilemma involving Natalie and Brody and shows him the document.

Starr demands that Téa tells Starr if her dad is going to live. But Téa is not certain what to say or do having to do the arraignment hearing and then go to help Blair with Todd. She leaves with her brother and James is there to assure Starr that she cannot give up hope.

Blair notices Todd slipping into unconsciousness and is very worried.

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