OLTL Update Wednesday 10/5/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/5/11

Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica contemplates telling Natalie that John is the father of her baby and not Brody while she watches Natalie’s baby.

John goes to Blair’s house to find Sam still up. He asks Sam for help tracking down Todd.

Starr asks James if he can help her.

Natalie talks to Brody on the phone at the police station about how Tomas’s story will not hold up.

Téa tries to convince Tomas to tell the truth so he is not arrested.

Blair finds Todd passed out on the floor of Viki’s cottage and starts crying. Blair asks the passed out Todd if Irene killed him. She then touches his face to find him wake up.

John comes into Blair’s house and asks Sam if he knows where Todd is hiding; he then asks if Todd really killed Victor Junior. Sam gives John a silly band that Victor Junior used to own.

Jessica still questions if she should tell the truth because if she does not say something someone will.   Brody then walks in tells Jessica that Irene is dead and that Tomas has been arrested.

Téa tries to get the truth of out of Todd, Natalie then walks in and Téa asks if John has found Todd.

Back at Blair’s house John accepts Sam’s gift and a sleepy Jack walks in, and asks why John is there. John explains that he is looking for Todd, Jack is mad he has not been caught.

Starr explains to her boyfriend of why she had to help Todd escape Starr tries to make a plan to get Jack to admit the truth, and she knows what to do.

Blair is relieved to know Todd is still alive after assuming he was dead. Todd explains that Irene shot him; Blair explains that Tomas told where he was. Blair then asks why Todd would call her, Todd says “Because you’re the one Blair, you’re the one; you’re the one who cares about me.” Blair does not take it as a compliment and then gets mad because it is Todd’s fault Starr is in jail. Todd explains that he had no choice or everyone would have died. Todd then tells Blair not to call anyone for help, Todd tells Blair that he will just be arrested if she calls anyone, and that Irene threw the only thing that could get him out of this has been thrown in the water. She then explains that if he dies on her that it is his own dam fault.

Stars tells James, her boyfriend, that she is afraid that something will happen to Todd. She then thanks James for doing this for her Todd. James then tells Starr that he is only doing this for her and not for Todd because he loves her. They then both kiss he then leaves the prison.

Jack tells Sam that he has to go to bed, and tells Sam to never talk to John again, Sam says you are supposed to talk to them, Jack says not to John you’re not. Jack asks why he is looking for Todd. John tells him if he sees anything to call him.

Blair gets a first aid kit; Todd says this is not how he planned the reunion. Blair tries to get Todd undressed to heal his shot wound, Todd is shown to be in terrible pane. Natalie tell Téa that she has no news on Todd and no evidence, Téa explains as Tomas’s lawyer she has the right to know any leads in the cases, Natalie then remembers something, that the blood found at the crime scene was most likely not Irene’s or Tomas’s. Natalie tries to get Tomas to tell them about Todd’s involvement so they can know for sure.

Brody thanks Jessica for helping watching Natalie’s baby; Jessica explains that he is her blood and would do anything for him just like her own baby. Brody says in a perfect world they would all be happy again, Jessica says “I don’t think that can ever happen”.

Brody says that he knows this is not what anyone wanted and reminds Jessica of how they were going to get married a year ago. Brody then asks if Jessica will make peace with Natalie. Jessica says Brody looks happy, Brody says he is. Jessica remembers of when they first met and how he was sad. He says with Jessica’s child he just had to accept it was not his but now with Liam he is happy because he is the father. Jessica just looks at Brody sad.

Téa says Natalie does not believe him, and how when the blood comes back and it is Todd’s that it is obvious Irene shot him. And proof that Todd shot Irene and not Tomas. She does not understand why Tomas would do this. Tomas explains that Todd needs to get a break and if it looks like Todd shot Irene then he will never have his family and be in jail forever.

Blair cleans up the shot wound, Todd passes out again and wakes back up and starts talking about how even though he is alive he is still not back, he talks about going to hell.

James comes to talk to Jack, James lies about Todd being back in jail and the gun being found and how it will be proven Todd did not kill Victor JR. and how Jack lied about Todd killing victor Junior.

Téa understands that Tomas wants to help Todd but does not understand why, John then walks in. John tells Tomas to tell the truth and Tomas says that he is.

Blair tries to tell Todd that he can’t die, and how if he dies Starr will be devastated, she then tells Todd she is calling a doctor. Todd tells her that the only way she is calling a doctor is if it is a doctor who would never turn him in. Blair then does just that and calls Dorian. Blair tells Dorian it is an emergency and that she needs to know how to fix a bullet wound. Todd states he wants a real doctor. Blair explains what has happened to Dorian over the phone.

Natalie tells John that it is Todd’s blood at the crime scene. John asks Tomas about it. Tomas still insists that it is his blood. John has Tomas put into custody.

Jack asks why he should be afraid of the cops, James tells him that he is only there to help him and that he knows he lied and that soon the cops will know and that he will tell them he was confused and mad or whatever because if he does not he will be arrested.

Starr asks an officer if he has any updates he says he would not tell her because he was one of the officers that they stood up. The officer tells Starr that neither her nor Todd will ever get out of jail.

Blair still on the phone with Dorian. Blair looks at Todd’s arm and says there is no exit wound; Blair says she is going to take the bullet out herself. Blair gets situated to perform the operation. She gives Todd a pen to bite on while she does the operation.

John plans to get the truth out of Tomas before morning which he tells Natalie as they walk down a hallway. He apologizes for having Natalie come in.

Brody puts the baby back in his crib. He tells Jessica that he hopes one day she can be happy for him, Jessica tells Brody that she is truly happy for him, she says she knows what it is like to be alone. She is happy Liam makes him happy, and that she never wants Brody to be sad.

Natalie notices the silly band on John's hand, Natalie asks how he got it. John says from Sam and Natalie tells John she always knew he would be good with kids. She walks off.

James says he will go to the station with Jack to confess, Jack then turns up the TV to hear that Todd has still not been caught. Jack figures out that Starr got James to trick Jack into telling the truth.

Star asks Téa why Tomas is in jail, and then asks where Todd is, Téa explains Blair has it under control.

Blair continues the operation. Todd now appears to be passed out and the bullet is out of his arm. Blair makes Dorian promise not to tell anyone about this. Blair brushes Todd’s face with her hand, Todd is awake again and happy. Todd says if he is alive in the morning, he will thank her. Todd does not want Blair to leave him.

Jessica finally decides to go home. Brody says thank you, and Natalie walks in. The three talk about Todd. Natalie says thanks for watching Liam. Natalie asks why Brody is happy, and Brody says because he thinks it is all over.

Jessica asks herself what she will do.

Jack forces James out. James explains that Jack has to tell the truth and that Todd is his father. If he does nothing, then he will end up in jail.

Téa says she is going to get Starr out and Starr wants her dad back. Tomas says he is fine and refuses to tell Téa. Téa tells Tomas not to tell Starr that Todd has been shot.

Blair tries to leave, but Todd tries to get her to stay. He says that he does not want her to leave. Blair says she will stay as long as Todd needs her.

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