OLTL Update Monday 10/3/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/3/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie tells her mom that any hope of her and John getting back together died when he discovered that he was not Liam’s father. In response to that, Viki asks her daughtree (hypothetically) what if he was Liam’s father.

Right then, in the kitchen, Jessica notices that Tina left her purse on the floor where the dog jumped out of. She picks it up and discovers some very “noteworthy” documents and is able to see that John is Liam’s father and not Brody. Right then, Brody enters the kitchen.

Irene holds the gun on Todd at the docks. He hears a sound and asks her what that was. She replies that that sound was the sound of his family dying. They are all dead, she tells him, just like his mother promised.

Bo goes enters Victor’s home after there appears to have been an explosion. It looks like he’s “done something” and has gotten his clothes torn up and is lucky to be alive. But everybody inside is ok. Tomas enters and asks what just happened. Téa informs him that a bomb went off. Thank God Bo is ok and he has saved their lives, they all declare.

The new mayor goes to find John and tells him he must know that since the election is coming up, they cannot allow a double murder to happen. They must find Todd manning. She asks what he has found out. He replies that Jack has contacted the authorities about Todd murdering Victor. Hearing that, he remarks that “at least one” member of the town of Llanview is a law abiding citizen. She obviously wants Todd convicted for murder.

Viki tells Natalie that there are more issues involved here than just Liam’s paternity. She wonders if Natalie and John are really complete and over each other. Natalie then relives how she and John were going to get married and have their baby together. She remembers John carrying a stuffed bear and ready to be a dad when she met him at the airport when he believed that she was carrying his child. She had to keep the secret and did not want to ruin it. She cries while she concludes that it does not matter because John is done with her and Brody is ready to marry her and that’s what’s going to happen. Yet Viki knows that her daughter is in love with John. She has feelings for brody but not the same as she had for John and asks her daughter, point blank, if she would have feelings for Brody or consider marrying him and being over John if Brody were not Liam’s father.

In the kitchen, Brody tells Jessica he has a police warrant to look for her uncle. He has just escaped jail.

Irene holds the gun on Todd and tells him he needs to congratulate her because she’s inherited Victor’s fortune. She knows that his family wanted to steal what was rightfully hers. So she installed the bomb outside the house and set the timer. She recites bye bye to Blair, Téa, Starr and all the others. Todd then cries and panics and tells her that he knows they are alright. But she tells him his family is dead and he’s going to join them shortly. He lies on the ground and writhes.

Viki finds out that Natalie has had this reoccurring dream and it must be of some importance when she finds out that her daughter has discussed it with Rex. Natalie then admits that she's had a reoccurring dream that she awakens out of bed with Brody and sees some mail on the table that she goes to open from the hospital DNA lab. And she discovers that John is Liam’s father instead of Brody.

At that very moment, while Jessica is in the kitchen with that very document in her hands and Brody goes to do his “work” unaware of what she has just discovered, she is silent wondering what to do.

Bo and Todd’s family are determined to find Irene Manning and concerned where Todd is and what he is doing.

On the docks, Todd asks Irene how she could do something like letting him be raised by Peter Manning. She coldly replies that she realized she “made a mistake” but thought it would be good to give Peter some responsibility. In response to that, Todd asks her if she equates him to a cocker spaniel. At that point, they get into a struggle.

Alone, Jessica observes the document on the table and ocncludes that it looks official but so was the false one that Vimal found. When Brody returns, she asks if he’s found her uncle Todd. He tells her no but he did see Ryder. They both reflect that Ryder was meant to be his child with her and is growing and a good boy. Brody gets ready to go out the door. She then asks him to wait.

Natalie tells her mom she realizes now she should have told Brody the minute she found out the results of the DNA test. But it was not the right time when he was so excited about marrying Jessica and having Ryder with her. Viki concludes to her daughter that she has found that telling the truth, regardless of the situation, is always the best thing to do.

Bo tells Téa and Blair that maybe there are other ways that Todd and Starr could have protected the family from Irene besides what they did. They protest that he needs to think twice about arrested Starr but he tells them he cannot look the other way. Blair then asks if she can say good bye to her daughter. She hugs Starr and Starr whispers in her ear that she is pretty certain that her dad and Irene are at the docks. Bo takes Starr to the station. Alone in the house, Téa and Blair are ready to take action.

Todd then holds the gun on Irene and reminds her that she sent him off to her psychotic cousin and had her own son tortured and drugged and kept away from his family for 8 years. And how she’s killed his family. She tells him he’s going to hand her that gun. But he fires a shot and she falls to the ground.

Viki can see that Natalie still has feelings for John and realizes that her daughter has not had a peaceful moment since the wedding. Natalie tells her mom that is not entirely true. She is happy when she’s with her son. Viki reflects that Natalie is not ok knowing how she’s severed her relationship with her sister. And she tells Natalie that she supports her decision to marry Brody but asks her if she really believes she will be happy.

In the kitchen, Brody tells Jessica that she really needs to stop blaming Natalie and himself for everything. He tells her she’s not a kid anymore and it’s time to grow up. He leaves. She stares at the document still not certain what to do.

Viki tells Natalie it’s perfectly ok for her and Brody to be parents to baby Liam. Natalie tells her mom that there have been times this past year when she wanted to give up. Tess did what she did and the whole situation with Clint made her wonder. But then when she looked at her son and the fact that she’s getting closer to Brody, it gave her hope. She admits that she will always love John. Nothing will ever change that. She will never forget how much he meant to her. But it’s just a memory. What has happened has happened. And now she and Brody are moving on. Viki then tells her daughter she understands and is going to go home and talk to Jessica. She leaves.

Tomas asks Blair why Starr believes that her father is down at the docks. She tells him she does not know but would like his help in attempting to prevent Todd from doing something he may regret. He asks why she did not tell Bo. She tells him that Bo might not be able to do anything But maybe Tomas can do something because he worked with Irene and might be able to get through to her. He then agrees to do it and she is worried that he needs to be careful.

When Bo and John question Starr at the station, the mayor asks if they really believe that Irene planted the bomb and not Irene. Right then, Téa enters and tells her she hopes she did not hear the mayor questioning Ms. Manning without an attorney present. The mayor reminds Téa that Ms. Manning disarmed several officers and enabled a murderer to escape from custody. And right then, when Bo and John are able to talk and not be overheard, they conclude that they need to get to the docks to attempt to save Todd from Irene.

Right then, it appears Irene has passed out from the gun shot and might be dying. Todd sits up appearing bloody but looks like he is not fatally wounded.

At the station, the mayor reminds the Bo that as commissioner, he needs to realize that Starr is not a minor and is subject to the same consequences of the law as any adult and may very well have acted as a co-conspirator. Téa protests that she cannot go on her witch hunt of Starr and Todd although the mayor reminds Bo that he could be charged with failing to catch a convicted rapist and murderer and knows he is deliberately stalling in finding Todd.

Natalie is alone in her new house with Brody “envisioning” the document she keeps seeing in her dream that names John as Liam’s father instead of Brody.

Viki returns home to Jessica and tells her that with what has happened to her brother and all of what they both know of their family, that she can understand how hard it is to forgive. But she tells her daughter that she might want to consider what would happen if she lost the chance. Jessica then tells her mom she will “think about it”. Viki then concludes that she’s going to go up and see her grandson. As soon as Jessica is alone, she again opens up the document.

Blair goes to the station and privately talks to Téa about how they are going to save Starr and original Todd. Blair mentions that this would not be happening if her aunt Dorian was still the mayor. Téa suggests maybe they can get Viki to run for mayor against this new one who needs to be removed from her position. And right then, Blair informs Téa that she sent Tomas to go to the docks to find Todd.

Tomas finds Todd who informs him that Irene murdered his family. But Tomas assures him that Bo found the bomb and everybody is fine. At that point, Todd is ready to get up but has a problem with that. Tomas attempts to get him to stop bleeding and get him some medical care. They observe Irene unconscious on the ground. Todd is afraid that he could be charged with murder. Tomas assures him that it is self-defense. But Todd is worried that since everybody believes that he’s killed his brother, now that he’s killed the only person who can clear him, it might be all over for him. Right then, from not far away, they hear sirens.

At the station, Téa asks Blair why she sent Téa’s brother after that maniac, Irene. Blair reminds Téa that Tomas is trained and probably better qualified than anybody they know. And they need to save Todd. Doesn’t Téa want him to know Dani? Téa then agrees that Blair has a point but is worried about Tomas and Todd both.

Tomas and Todd hear the sirens and are worried. Tomas tells him maybe there is another way out of this.

Viki comes down the stairs to her kitchen after checking on Ryder. But she notices that Jessica is gone.

Jessica then goes to Natalie and Brody’s mutual home with the document in hand. Inside, Natalie concludes that it’s just as well she and John are through.

At the station, Téa asks Bo if there is any way he can help Starr get back to her child and acquitted. But before he can answer that, the mayor demands to know if he’s put the suspect into custody and asks if he’s giving Starr special treatment. Blair protests that her daughter is not getting special treatment when she’s in handcuffed. The mayor affirms that Starr is a convicted felon and she will not let Todd Manning’s daughter get a free pass.

John goes to find Tomas and asks him what has happened. Tomas replies that he finally killed Irene Manning.

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