OLTL Update Friday 9/30/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/30/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica returns home depressed and puts an ice pack on her eye after her altercation with Natalie in Angel Square Park.

Brody takes Natalie back to their mutual home after taking her to the emergency room and asks her what happened to cause this. She tells him it was the fact that the two of them are engaged.

At Viki’s home, when Cord Roberts comes to visit his dad, Clint and acknowledges what it’s like to never get over one’s first love, Tina returns and they are shocked to come face to face with one another. But he does not appear shocked in a good way and demands to know what she is doing there.

Right then, unknown to Tina, her little dog is roaming around outside Victor’s home after Jack let him out. Bo comes after he gets the call from Jack but Todd is already gone.

Todd goes to the docks ready to meet Irene and calls to her but she is not there.

Natalie tells Brody that she ran into Jessica and was not comfortable but tried as hard as she could not to throw the fact that she and Brody are engaged, in Jessica’s face. Brody tells her there must have been more than that. Natalie admits that Jessica told her that she has no right to be part of the family. And she kind of snapped and said something to Jessica that hit below the belt.

Jessica is alone in Viki’s kitchen with the ice pack on her face alone and remembering Natalie reminding her she better not tell Natalie that she (Natalie) is not a part of the family and reminding her that their dad is not even Jessica’s father. Mitch Laurence is.

Tina appears to want to run into Cord’s arms and he furiously tells her how dare she get the mistaken idea that he will welcome her after all she’s done. She demands to know what he is talking about. Viki and Clint both silently listen to his reminding her that Natalie almost got blown up in a basement because of her need for jewels and she refused to report Tess. She tells him he doesn’t know everything and attempts to explain that she did not know Natalie was there until her little dog led her down there and does he now know what that would mean for both her and her dog.

Right then, the dog notices the digital device outside victor’s home where it appears Irene might have planted a ticking time bomb. Inside, Bo tells all the people who don’t want Todd arrested that he knows that he escaped from prison and has headed there. He informs them that Jack reported him. But they truthfully tell him that Todd is not there and they do not know where he went. Bo asks if they know whose car he took. Jack assumes it would be Starr’s. Tea attempts to explain to Bo that Irene wrote him letter threatening to have his entire family killed and he went there to save their lives.

At the docks, Todd finds Irene and tells her that he now knows that Victor Jr. had the chip in his hands all the while and did not know it until she took it. He tells her that he knows all about the secret chip and had to wrestle it away from Tina. She asks if he has seen it then where is it.

Cord angrily tells Tina he knows she has no excuse and justification for all she has done. But Viki and Clint leave them alone to talk in the room. He asks her if she can explain how her greed almost got their daughter killed. Outside in the other room, Clint tells Viki it’s obvious that Tina would show up out of nowhere right before the reading of her brother’s will. Viki remarks that it was not to Tina’s advantage when the will alleges that Irene gets everything and not a cent goes to anybody else.

On the docks, Todd tells Irene before he gives her the microchip, he needs her to prove that he did not kill his brother. She then replies fair enough and pulls out the gun.

Natalie admits to Brody that for a long time, she resented the fact that she and Jessica were twins and she had to find out about that for the first time in her life as an adult, knowing that Jessica grew up with the wealth and honor and she did not. She admits that she does kind of, once again, feel like an outsider. But she doesn’t tell him the reason why.

Right then, Jessica is alone in the kitchen remembering Natalie telling her that she is Mitch Laurence’s psycho daughter.

Cord does not want to hear any of Tina’s protests about what she did or blaming others or talking about her “boyfriend”, Cain Rogan. She tells him that she would have never met this guy were it not for her dog.

While nobody knows where Todd has gone but Starr is present and accounted for at Victor’s home, Bo faces her and tells her that they need to address the fact that she helped her father escape from jail.

On the docks, Todd is able to tell that the gun that Irene shows him is not the one that he gave to Louie on the docks that can clear him of murder charges. And she confirms that he’s correct.

Brody tells Natalie that he wants more than anything to be with her and Liam. But he doesn’t want her to lose her family because of him. She tells him that Jessica brought up some points that are undeniable like that she and Jessica will never reconcile and that although her mom may not admit it and appears courteous, she does not approve of their getting married and Clint made it clear that he does not. He then tells her that he went to talk to Clint and got his blessing.

Viki and Clint go into the kitchen to see that Jessica got a black eye from Natalie. Jessica tells her parents she did not want to get them involved in this and they all must face the fact that Natalie and Brody are engaged although nobody else gives a damn about them. And she admits to her mom that she started the fight with Natalie by trying to strangle her sister. Hearing that, Viki frantically tells her daughter that she is determined to go and find Natalie and do whatever she can do to not let her daughters relationship to be ruined like hers’ with Tina.

Again, we see the digital device that Tina’s dog seems to know something about.

At the docks, Irene tells Todd that she did what she did to him 8 years ago because she could not let him take everything that was rightfully hers’ and Victor’s.

At Victor’s home, Jack tells Starr he does not buy that Irene was going to have them killed. She did not appear violent to him and he believes that “scar face” just told her that in order to bust him out of jail and he fell for it.

Todd tells his mother that she is a monster to have left him with Peter Manning and to have had him tortured for 8 years. She murdered his brother and now she has killed Louie whom she didn’t even know and tried to help him. He tells her if the microchip means so much to her, she can “have” it. And he throws it into the river and she screams.

Clint wants to make sure that Jessica is ok while Viki leaves to find Natalie. He tells his daughter he has to tell her something and she’s not going to like it however. He then informs him that Brody came over for a second time to ask for his blessing to marry Natalie. She assumes that he sent Brody packing but he admits that he gave in and gave him his blessing assuming it would help his two daughters to reconcile.

When Natalie finds out that Brody succeeded in getting Clint’s blessing, he tells her that he was able to convince Clint that doing so much enable her and Jessica to make some peace. He then tells her she just needs to give it some time and know that sooner or later her family will come around. At that point, Viki is at the door. She comes inside to see her daughter in a neck brace. She tells them both that she guesses congratulations are in order as well as some aspirin but asks them how this could happen. Brody tells her he realizes that he may not have given her much reason to like him but he and Natalie love each other and want to raise their son and he wants everything to be ok. But Viki indicates that accomplishing that might be easier said than done.

Tina indicates to Cord that maybe she has a “bond” with the dog that has made up for the loss of something else in her life. She right then, discovers that the dog is gone after all this time.

We then see the dog running up to the door of Victor’s home and barking so that they will let him in. Inside, they are all distracted while Jack tells Starr he believes that original Todd made it up that Irene threatened to kill them. Bo then asks Starr if she has any evidence of the death threat but she admits that it was written in invisible ink but she protests she knows that her dad is telling the truth. Bo asks her how Irene would have gotten the gun. Starr admits she does not know but Irene won’t give it to Todd until he gives her the microchip.

Irene is devastated after her son has thrown the microchip in the river and acknowledges that it was all she had. She then pulls out her gun and shoots him.

Tina is frantically looking for the dog and afraid and Cord attempts to play his “role” by trying to assure her her dog will be ok.

Natalie admits to Viki that now that she’s found out that she is marrying Jessica’s former fiancé, it appears they may all see her as an “outcast” in the family. Viki assures her daughter that she does not believe that but asks her if she really wants to marry her sister’s fiancé. Natalie tells her mom she just wants to find a little bit if happiness and believes she has it with Brody. But she now knows her dad is mad at her and she’s lost her sister. And she asks her mom if she’s going to lose her too.

Jessica asks Clint if he will “always be her dad”. Clint tells his daughter of course and asks where this is coming from. Tina then enters the kitchen. Jessica is not happy to see her remembering when Tina was last there. Tina rushes to look for her dog.

The dog continues to bark at the digital device outside Victor’s home in the bushes.

Inside, all the others argue. Bo reminds them that Starr is an adult and took a weapon from an armed guard to help a prisoner escape from jail. So he places her under arrest.

After Irene shoots Todd, she tells him he must realize that the microchip is the only thing keeping him alive. So, she guesses she will just have to finish the job.

Tea and Blair urge Bo not to arrest Starr and Tea is ready to represent her. Blair then instructs Jack to go back to her home. They then hear the dog barking and wonder why Tina did not take him with her when she left. And they then see the dog appearing to want to tell them something while he/she runs to the bushes.

Tina panics looking for her dog. Cord helps her look but cannot find the dog. Tina is crying and being the “damsel in distress” expecting Cord to play chivalry.

Todd tells Irene before she shoots, she has to ask herself one question; Would Todd Manning throw the last microchip in the river? Maybe he’s lying and that’s not the real microchip and if she kills him she will never know. But she tells him that his family has just died when she hears a “sound”.

Viki assures Natalie that she will never lose her mother, but she wonders if Natalie is really over John McBain. But Natalie declares to her mom that any hope she and John had of getting back together died when he found out he was not Liam’s father.

Jessica comes across Tina’s bag that she left on the floor when the dog jumped out. She sees a document that shocks her. It reveals the names of Natalie, Brody, and John.

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