OLTL Update Thursday 9/29/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/29/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Upstairs in Victor’s former home, Tina goes chasing and looking for her dog and not certain what to do with the fact that her mother has let Jack stay there but has thrown everybody else out. Downstairs, original Todd appears after hearing all that has happened. Tea demands to know how he got out of jail. And while he does not want to answer that, Starr stands behind the door unseen.

Clint stands up and notices his long lost son, Cordero (Cord Roberts, ex-husband of Tina). Cord tells his dad he hopes it’s not a crime to come and visit him. Clint hugs his son and welcomes him back.

Shane is alone and spooked remembering knocking Jack out in the rain outside the door of Victor’s house when Rex finds his son and asks if he’s ok.

Bo is on the phone to Nora but realizing he has to call her back when he discovers that his officers have been knocked out and on the floor by original Todd’s jail cell and that Todd has escaped.

Tina finds her little dog (a female dog whom she named David Vickers before finding out “she” was pregnant). And she notices that the dog has found something. And it just happens to be the medical records that name Natalie Banks, Brody Lovett and John McBain.

Cord tells his dad it will take more than a heart transplant to take him down. And he wishes he could have been there for that. He acknowledges that he and Kevin wanted to be there but their ornery old man told them to stay away. He tells Clint maybe if he’d been there for his dad, Clint would not have gotten in trouble. Clint assures his son that he’s going to be ok. Cord then tells his dad that B.E.'s in serious trouble and they must do something about Rex Balsam.

Rex asks Shane where he has been knowing his son has a secret and has not come home from school as he’d promised. Shane indicates that he is not ready to share what has happened.

Todd tells his family that he had to find a way to get out of jail in order to warn them all about his psycho mother who’s threatened to kill them all. And she told him she can find the missing gun at the docks for him but he needs to remember something that he cannot remember with the microchip. And she will kill everyone to get it. He tells them that he had to make sure they were all safe. But right then, Tea and Blair know it’s highly unlikely that he would have been able to get the police to let him out of jail. At that point, Starr confesses that she “kind of” busted her dad out.

Bo unties and ungags the officers that Starr and Todd knocked out and they tell him what happened.

Blair tells Starr that she could be in serious trouble and the cops could come in there at any minute and arrest her. She protests to her mom that she had no choice. Blair furiously demands that Todd tells her how he could put their daughter up to this. He protests that they both did what they had to do in order to save their lives. Right then, Jack comes down the stairs and is stunned to see original Todd in the living room.

Tina tells the little dog she needs to get off of her legal papers, yet the dog hides the papers so she cannot see what they are. She talks about the undesirable day she had. She came all the way to Llanview and nobody welcomed her. To top that off, she found out their psycho mother is alive and kicking and has taken all her money. So, she urges her dog to hand the paper over to her. But the dog stays on top of it.

Cord tells Clint that he and Kevin no longer have access to the business and Rex is not about to listen to them and doesn’t know how to run a business. Their market shares are falling and he wonders what is wrong with that guy.

Shane asks his dad why he can’t even take a walk. Rex tells him he can if he calls and asks him what is going on that he does not want to talk about. Shane does not talk when he remembers the night in the rain when he came up behind Jack, knocked him out and pointed the gun at Jack ready to shoot him when he was lying unconscious on the ground.

Jack demands to know why “this murderer” is not in jail. Starr furiously tells her brother he better stop this. Todd is there to save his life, shouldn’t be in jail in the first place and would not be if Jack had not lied and set him up.

Shane tells his father he has an “issue” with Jack. He assures Rex that Jack is not bothering him but he sits right beside him in class and Jack has apparently lied about original Todd killing Victor. Hearing that, Rex asks his son how he’d know that and why he is taking an interest in the murder investigation of Victor.

Jack affirms that he knows original Todd knocked him out and murdered his dad. Starr tells her brother she needs to know that “their” grandmother made a death threat to all of Todd’s family including him. Blair then asks Todd why he didn’t show the letter with the threat she wrote to the police. He answers that there “wasn’t exactly” anything to show. Starr tells them that Irene apparently wrote the note in disappearing ink. Blair asks Starr if she helped her dad to bust out of jail because of a note she did not even see from taking his word for it and asks Tea just how much trouble Starr is now in. Tea replies a lot.

Bo tells the officers they need to get out of there and put out an APB on both Todd and Starr Manning since they have both committed a serious crime.

When Jack hears that his sister is in trouble, he asks the others if they really believe that she is as brilliant as she thinks she is, knowing that she will go to jail and pay for what she did. She asks him if he really means because of what he did.

Shane protests to his dad that Jack lies about everything including that he is not responsible for what happened to Gigi and Shane brags like he’s so special because he’s going to catch his dad’s killer. Hearing that, Rex cannot figure out why his son feels he has to protest about Jack’s wrong doings. He believes that Jack could be lying about who killed Victor but Shane does not need to be concerned about Jack and a problem that has nothing to do with them. Shane then admits that he notices a statue of an angel and can envision his mom and can almost hear what she is saying to him. It’s like he’s not imagining it. She’s really there and talking to him.

Clint admits to Cord that Rex is going through a tough time involving his fiancé dying on the night they were supposed to get married. Cord tells his dad he knows that is how Clint got his heart and doesn’t want to be insensitive to Rex but Rex needs to listen to him and Kevin. He does not think Rex is cut out to run a business. He’s afraid that the company will be ruined. Clint then tells his son he should not be so distrusting of Rex. When Cord protests that Rex is a low life and Clint always saw him that way, Clint angrily tells him he better leave Clint’s son alone.

Starr protests to Blair, Tea and Viki that her dad did not “use” her for anything> she made her own decision and would make it again. Outside, Tina has her dog in her purse still unaware of the paper that the dog hid from her. She then goes into the room and is shocked to see Todd. Outside the house, Jack calls the police and tells them where they can find Todd Manning.

Original Todd asks Tina what she’s doing there after all this time. She tells him maybe he needs to answer that first. Why is he out of jail after murdering the twin brother they both never knew he had?

After Clint defends Rex, Cord asks if he missed something hearing Clint refer to Rex as his son. Does he no longer care about the company that Asa left to them? Why is he defending Rex? Clint tells Cord he must know that Rex is his brother. Cord then angrily asks his dad if he is oblivious to the fact that Rex took everything that was rightfully his. Clint reminds Cord that he could have let Cord have everything but he would have had to die in order for that to happen and would that make Cord happy? Cord demands to know what the hell kind of question that is. Right then, Bo busts through the door and welcomes his nephew back. But he can see there is tension between his brother and nephew.

Rex admits to Shane for the first time that he has been “seeing” Gigi. He didn’t tell his son because he was afraid Shane would think he’s really losing it. He tells Shane that he thought the waitress was Gigi and believes that she is sending him a message to not give up although he’s not certain as to what this all means. And he shows Shane something very relevant that the waitress left for him on paper on the table.

Bo informs Clint and cord that he found out that Todd manning has escaped from jail. And it also just so happens that Todd’s deranged mother has come back from the dead. So they all wonder if that might have something to do with Todd’s escape from jail.

When Tina goes inside and her purse is unattended with the dog in it, Jack discovers him and lets him go outside.

Tina tells Todd that they are brother and sister and need to stick together in order to claim their rightful inheritance that their mother stole from them. She then shows them all a ring that Irene apparently gave her in order to shut her up. Todd stares at it and somehow “remembers” it. We then see Todd with that very ring and it appears that is where he kept the microchip. He then declares that he remembers.

While at Viki’s and talking to Clint and Cord, Bo gets a call and finds out that Jack manning gave the cops a tip as to where Todd is. He asks his brother and nephew if they can believe that manning’s daughter helped him escape and his son turned him in. What a family, he remarks. He leaves. Cord tells his dad he guesses that their family has some issues too. He apologizes to his father for speaking ill of Rex realizing he is also Clint’s son and saved his life. But he wonders why Rex wants control of B.E. when he doesn’t seem to want to make the business a success.

Rex tells Shane that he was after revenge and obsessed about jack and Todd and their family. He wanted to take down Victor Lord’s company as well as Clint’s estate. But none of that made it any easier to live without Shane’s mom. He tells Shane that revenge is actually a pretty hollow feeling. Shane’s mom knew that and wouldn’t want them to be wasting their lives trying to get it. Even for her.

Jack is outside with the dog waiting for the cops to arrive outside Victor’s home. But we see a hidden digital clock on the ground that is ticking away.

Inside, Todd remembers there was something very significant about Tina’s ring. He grabs it but she won’t let him have it. They struggle until Viki demands she gives Todd the ring right now. Todd takes the ring and is ready to leave but Tea tells him he has to give her the ring. He tells her that he has to go find “mommy dearest” and give her what she wants so that she will clear his name. Viki asks her brother if he’s going to trust Irene’s word. The others don’t believe that she will find the gun for him but he tells them he has to do this. Tea warns him if he leaves now, he will only make things worse for himself. In response to that, he asks her what is new. Tina is discontented by having lost her ring and the fact that she has nowhere to stay since her flight is not going back until tomorrow. Nobody wants to help her have a place to stay until she milks sympathy from Viki when she mentions that her dog is also homeless. Viki angrily tells her sister she can stay with her. Jack is discontented that nobody wants to help him get original Todd in trouble for killing his dad.

Rex tells Shane that he’s not certain about many things. But he believes that Gigi is with them and watching them.

At Viki’s home, Clint tells Cord that he cannot speak for Rex but believes when he lost Gigi, he really suffered and has given up. Cord tells his dad he knows what Rex is going through and what it’s like to lose the woman one loves. He knows what it’s like to meet somebody you cannot let go of. And right then, on cue, Tina walks in the door and she and Cord stare at each other speechless.

Blair tells Tea that she will take Starr back to her home to hopefully buy them some time. And if the cops come by, Tea will hopefully be able to think of something. But as soon as Blair and Starr get out the door, Bo appears. And Jack declares that it’s “too late”. We then see the little dog outside unattended and the digital clock.

Todd goes to the docks calling for Irene but she is not there yet.

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