OLTL Update Wednesday 9/28/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/28/11

Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica tells Natalie that she knows Brody is marrying Natalie.

Brody comes to Clint at the house to get his blessing to marry Natalie.

Victor Jr.’s will gives everything to Irene and nothing to his wife, Tea, or the children. They all question it.

Todd asks Starr to bust him out of jail so he can stop Irene from hurting the family.

Jessica sees Natalie’s large engagement ring and gets mad. Natalie attempts to regain friendship and sisterhood with Jessica.

Clint refuses to give his blessing to Brody, Brody refuses to leave until Clint approves. Natalie denies stealing Brody. Jessica tries to get the truth out of Natalie, and then tells her that Natalie obviously loves John, but he does not love her back.

Viki and the Mannings question the will. Irene claims she did not know Victor left her everything. Todd asks Starr to help him so no one gets hurt by Irene. Irene explains that Victor Sr.’s money should have been split between Todd and Victor Jr.. The Mannings tell Tina that there is no way anyone left her anything.

Todd convinces Starr to break him out. Viki tells Irene that the others will all fight against the will. Irene claims that Victor Jr. loved her and that is why she was in the will. Irene threatens Dani and Tea by saying “be careful what you wish for”. Starr decides to make it look like Todd has had a heart attack to distract the guards. The lawyer is going to give everything promised to Irene in the will that night as he has no say in what the will says. Irene willingly accepts it, Irene tells Tea and Dani they must move out as Irene now owns Victor JR’s house.

Starr has Todd fake a heart attack.

Clint questions Brody over why he would tear apart Natalie and Jessica just so he can marry Natalie. Natalie proclaims Brody and her baby are all a family, Jessica explains the entire family is not happy with the decision made. Jessica says Natalie only came to town to destroy the family and that she has succeeded. Natalie then claims that she wanted to be close to Jessica, she then says she is done with dealing with Jessica who she says makes her feel like nothing. Natalie claims that Jessica cannot take responsibilities. Natalie says Jessica enjoys being Tess and that everything she does as Tess makes her happy. Jessica then tells Natalie that she is trash and wishes she never found out she was related to her and her family.

Brody then claims that he could not handle Tess that is why he left Jessica, Clint then asks why he would go to Natalie, Brody then says that he loves Natalie because they have a child together Clint then claims he could have had one with Jessica as well, Jessica then reminds Natalie that the family did not like her. Natalie then gets back by saying that Jessica is not even Clint’s daughter.

Starr then attempts to get a guard to believe Todd is having a heart attack in his cell. Tea claims when she detests the will that everything will be given back to Victor Junior’s children and Tea. Irene then says that it is still hers until then so they have to leave. Irene then wants jack to stay because he was, an eye witness to Todd supposedly shooting Victor Jr. Blair hits Irene and tells her to stay away from jack.

When they discover that Todd is faking the heart attack, Starr takes a gun from a police officer and points it at the officers.

Tina then tries to help Irene and decides to take her side because she supposedly wants to get to know her mother. Tina claims to have warned Todd against marrying Blair. Tina asks Irene to make up all the years she was gone for her.

Jessica is mad over Natalie bringing up her father; both tell the other that it is not their fault of what happened to them. Jessica then says Clint will always be her father because he raised her at birth onwards.

Brody has a flashback of when he found out that it was not his baby. Brody tells Clint people change. Clint says the only way to prove that he does not want to hurt Jessica is to not marry Natalie.

Tina tells Irene she wants something to remember victor JR Irene agrees.

Starr then claims she will shoot, Todd is proud of her. Irene then gives Tina Victor Seniors ring; Tina wants to know what it is worth, Blair make sarcastic comments of how it is not what Tina wanted. Tina accepts the gift sadly. Irene allows Tea and Dani to stay the night. Irene then asks Viki if they can be friends again. Viki responds with “hell will freeze over first”, Irene then leaves her lasts words are to jack and are “your so like your father, will be in touch”.

Todd and Starr handcuff the cops to the cell bars then Starr throws the guns into another cell, Todd says they need the guns.

Tea contacts a judge, Tina wants the ring appraised. Dani leaves to be with destiny; Irene looks at her from a distance outside. Todd says he needs a gun to get rid of Irene.

Brody says he is getting married without the blessing, he then questions if Clint loves Natalie, he then tells Clint that he is been given a second chance with his heart and should allow others to be happy. Natalie then explains Mitch Lawrence was not her issue and that he almost killing everyone was Jessica’s fault, but she does not bring it up ever to Jessica. And then asks why it is ok for Jessica to almost kill her but not for Natalie and Brody to be happy. She then says she is glad to be rid of her.

 Clint gives Brody his blessing, but he does not approve of the wedding and will get revenge on Brody the moment that he hurts Natalie. Clint says he wants peace in his family Brody agrees.

Jessica then says she cannot believe Natalie is getting married; Natalie makes a comment on Jessica being Mitch’s insane daughter and always will be. Jessica hits Natalie; Natalie’s hits back they then get in a fist fight.

Irene asks one of her men if they got something and how she needs it because Todd did not do what he was told.

Tina is mad over just getting a ring, Viki tells Tina to stop whining and that Tina is un loyal, and that it is her fault Tess locked up Natalie in a basement. Tina claims it was a mistake and that she helped get Natalie back.

Jessica and Natalie continue to fight.

Viki says Natalie and Jessica can make up but that Viki was used by Tina. Tina says she does not know what her life was like because Viki chose not to.

Irene sets a bomb in front of the house hoping to kill them all so that no one can stop her from keeping everything in the will.

Clint sees someone who is not seen and says “oh dear god I can’t believe it’s you”

Brody then grabs Natalie off of Jessica; they both proclaim hate for one another.

Todd and Starr storm in victor’s house, seeing that everyone is fine he drops the subject so no one finds out about Irene. The bomb is then showed outside the house and it will go off in about an hour. 

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